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Packers 2013 Schedule: Opponents, Dates and Times Released

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Packers 2013 Schedule: Opponents, Dates and Times Released

The NFL released the 2013 regular-season schedule for all 32 teams Tuesday night.

Here is the schedule the Green Bay Packers will face next season:

Week Date Opponent Time (CST) TV
1 9/8 at San Francisco 49ers  3:25  FOX
2 9/15 Washington Redskins  12:00  FOX
3 9/22 at Cincinnati Bengals  12:00  FOX
5 10/6 Detroit Lions  12:00  FOX
6 10/13 at Baltimore Ravens  12:00  FOX
7 10/20 Cleveland Browns  3:25  CBS
8 10/27 at Minnesota Vikings  7:20  NBC
9 11/4 Chicago Bears  7:40  ESPN
10 11/10 Philadelphia Eagles  12:00  FOX
11 11/17 at New York Giants  7:20  NBC
12 11/24 Minnesota Vikings  12:00  FOX
13 11/28 at Detroit Lions  11:30  FOX
14 12/8 Atlanta Falcons  7:20  NBC
15 12/15 at Dallas Cowboys  3:25  FOX
16 12/22 Pittsburgh Steelers  3:25  CBS
17 12/29 at Chicago Bears  12:00  FOX


Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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denniseckersly's picture

Would have much rather faced the skins and 49ers in December (when the league has caught up to this read-option b.s. gimmick). And a bye in week 4? Garbage.

Evan's picture

Like facing the Skins early. Hoping RGIII won't be ready.

denniseckersly's picture

That's a good point actually

Barutan Seijin's picture

Seems like it would make more sense to have cold-weather, outdoor teams like the Packers to have the off week later than week 4. It's easier on the old bones to sit through an early season game than one later on.

Evan's picture

Hate the early bye. Like the no back-to-back away games.

aussiepacker's picture

Yeah no back to back away games is pretty cool and pretty strange how do they work out the schedule?

jeremy's picture

The NFL really needs to only have by weeks between 6 and 11. Bye week in week 4 is almost worse than no bye week at all.

I think this is the toughest schedule I have ever seen. The NFL doesn't even try to make it fair. They just want ratings and money.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Christ man... Should they even play?

jeremy's picture

Of course they should play. At least when they get to the playoffs they will be hardened.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Damn skippy.

Derek in CO's picture

Nobody likes a bye that early but GB has been very fortunate the last five years of having later byes. it was about due.

Randy's picture

Tough schedule

Jeremy's picture

Tough schedule yes and crap bye week.

Cole's picture

This schedule is brutal. I told my wife as much and she said: "Good, they need to grow some balls." Couldn't agree more.

Kevin Van Gheem's picture

Playing MN and Detroit 4 days apart is extremely brutal too. Early bye week stinks. Overall, I would say this is going to be one tough schedule.

Alex's picture

I like having to go against the read option early. Niners gonna try the same thing they did in the playoffs and it wont work (hoefully) with a whole offseason of prepping for it.

Tarynfor12's picture


Walty's picture


jack in jersey city's picture

could there be a worse week to have a bye? jeez

Mojo's picture

I hear MM is looking at the time after the Thanksgiving game as a mini-bye - if that's any consolation.

cow42's picture

i know you guys will get all over me and my 49'ers "love" but playing them week1 is the worst possible scenario.

Harbaugh with a whole offseason to get ready... yikes.

That game will be an absolute slaughter.

I have absolutely zero confidence in the Packers' coaching staff being able to put a winning plan together for that matchup.

Also - the 49'ers' clearly superior roster will most likely be at full strength.

3 score game.

i'm seeing 6-10.
4 wins in the division plus Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
that is one horrendous schedule.

time to start the Jadeveon Clowney watch!

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

go away

Jay's picture

We'll see. Long time between now and then.

And seriously, Clowney watch? :eyeroll:

Evan's picture

I see 12-4 as realistic.

@ SF - L
Wash - W
@ Cin - W
Det - W
@ Bal - W
Cle - W
@ Min - L
Chi - W
Phi - W
@ NYG - L
Min - W
@ Det - L
Atl - W
@ Dal - W
Pit - W
@ Chi - W

Maybe they lost @ Chi or vs Atl. Maybe they win @Det or @Min. But 10-6 to 12-4 is totally doable.

Jay's picture

This is a tough schedule. Being honest and objective, I have no idea how this season will turn out. But each season is vastly different than the one before, so who knows.

ohenry78's picture

Agree that it looks tough on paper. That is the beauty of the NFL though -- teams are rarely as good or bad as they are projected to be, with a few exceptions. That could end up being an extremely doable schedule once the games are played.

That said, based on last year it does look rough. But here is a question -- Clowney is projected as a top 3 pick right now. Does Cow really think 6-10 will net a top 3 pick? What a derp.

redlights's picture

You sure know how to get replies!

GB will likely have a new DE; OLB; and S starting. How will Harbaugh know how to gameplan?

I see somewhere between 8-8 and 12-4 w/AR; 4 wins less w/o, depending on how many games he would miss. Let's hope zero.

jim's picture

sit down

denniseckersly's picture

Sooooo... Cowboys alternate between AFC and NFC Opponent every year for thanksgiving. Since 2007, Lions alternate between AFC Opponent and Green Bay every year for thanksgiving.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Read option = Dom, you have 5 months, no excuses. I have faith he will have the troops prepared. Oh, I hope Mike has the O a little more 'peppy' in the opener this year.

Early bye = maybe it will be a good thing... Like a steaming locomotive rolling down the tracks... No break in uncle 'Mo'.

Thanksgiving = Win.

Hopefully week 17 offers a chance to end duh bares season!

Could be worse... Doable schedule. This is the time of year for optimism.


Bruce E's picture

A bye week in #4..??? Are you kidding me??

What a load of garbage.!!!!

Bruce E's picture

Question...Is the Skins game a "Milwaukee"

game ??? These games are not mentioned..

Any one know what games are??? Thanks.

Tarynfor12's picture

Brutal Schedule?????

Chicago is a sweep as is Minn and a split with Det...5-1
Bal=W lost too much
Gia=L tough game always there
AT= lean win

11-5/10-6 Division winner..playoffs

Those of you crying about the schedule being brutal are only getting your excuses ready early...Ala Dave Dameshek...."SHAME"

Evan's picture

Basically on the same page. But Dallas and Pitt don't scare me at all.

Tarynfor12's picture

Not scared really,just figure 5 loses and they come from them then elsewhere.

Evan's picture

Knowing this team, they'll end up beating SF but losing to Cleveland.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Not a bit.

cow42's picture

split w/ chi and min
beat det twice

SF - L won't be close
Was - L they will run for over 250 against this def
Cin - L the more physical team wins
Bal - L that team still has more playmakers than the Packers
NYG - L we've seen this movie before. #12 gets sacked 6 times
Cle - W
Phi - L the Packer coaching staff vs a unique offense... yeah, that oughta' go real well.
Atl - L they have a better roster. ryan throws for 400 and 4
Dal - L even the Cowboys have more difference makers... Romo, Austin, Bryant, Witten, Lee, Ratliff, Spencer, Ware
Pit - W

2 share owner's picture

I have a question for CHTV. How long are you guys going to let this troll keep trolling? Acme Packing Co actually has a great site over there, that gives a shit about shit about its readers and posters, they do not allow trolls and have a set of rules in place and ensure they are followed. Pretty soon it will be just you and Cow, Brian.

Chad Toporski's picture

Free speech?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


cow42's picture

why does thinking that the Packers are regressing talent-wise while at the same time facing the most difficult schedule i have ever seen make me a "troll".

i just don't understand.

i think the Packers are in for a VERY long/difficult season.

are you really looking for everyone to think the same way?

there are people who's opinions may differ from yours.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I believe you were referring to:

"3. No blatant, obvious, or inflammatory trolling. Please have your opinions, and we encourage you to share them. However, repeating the same things over and over again to incite flame wars or frustration in the community is not welcome. Continuing this will first earn you an informal warning in the comments section, then a formal warning, then a full ban if it continues."

The following would sum up "this" situation up:
" repeating the same things over and over again to incite flame wars or frustration in the community is not welcome."

2 share owner's picture

Thanks Fitz, this is exactly to which I am referring.

Chad Toporski's picture

All you have to do is ignore him. He has the right to post here like anyone else. I don't think I've ever seen cow personally attack anyone, make threats, or erupt in vulgar language.

If you can't scroll past his post without reading it, then either you have no self control or you are a masochist. It should be obvious by now what is going to come from his keyboard.

2 share owner's picture

@chad, I suggest you do the same with my posts then. But it's ok for you to call someone a masochist and say they have no self control. this is laughable and calling someone a Troll, who is obviously a troll is hardly name calling. I never once said he did not at this point and time have the right to post what he wants. But what is wrong with letting my opinion be known?

2 share owner's picture

Also @ Chad, what threats did I make? Oh and saying shit is hardly vulgar. Well at least to me it isn't. If it is to you, I apologize and will no longer use that word.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That's exactly what I do... You will not see me respond to it/he. Haven't in some time, idk why it/he feels it necessary to comment on my posts, but I surely don't on its/his.

It/he... What's the proper way to address a troll?

Chad Toporski's picture

Whoa... calm down, man. I wasn't saying you did any of those things. My point was simply that cow has as much right to post here as the next guy. Being annoying is no cause for censorship, no matter how other websites operate. Unless he's done those things I've listed, then there's no reason to keep him from posting.

And for the record, I never said you shouldn't be posting or that you have no right to voice your opinion. I'm simply engaging in dialogue here. We can discuss things even if we disagree with each other, yes?

Point Packer's picture

"SF – L won’t be close
Was – L they will run for over 250 against this def
Cin – L the more physical team wins
Bal – L that team still has more playmakers than the Packers
NYG – L we’ve seen this movie before. #12 gets sacked 6 times
Cle – W
Phi – L the Packer coaching staff vs a unique offense… yeah, that oughta’ go real well.
Atl – L they have a better roster. ryan throws for 400 and 4
Dal – L even the Cowboys have more difference makers… Romo, Austin, Bryant, Witten, Lee, Ratliff, Spencer, Ware
Pit – W"

I just "copy and saved" this and will be pasting it repeatedly on this blog throughout the season. Looking forward to shoving it in your face.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Sooo, we're starting 2-8? Does anybody actually believe that? I mean, really, even Kaepernick's ball washer can't really believe that...

But people "like" "the new" it/him... What a joke. Nothing about that turd has changed, he's still hating on the GBP, but somehow people "like" the new him. I find it rather humorous actually. I was late to the party ( thanks Smack!), but it's so blatantly evident that it/he is pure troll that anybody taking it/he serious or replying/arguing with it/he makes me smile...

I took a couple weeks off this place, glad I did. Reminded myself there's a lot of good GBP sites out there. Not a knock on CHTV, just a fact... Alternatives are nice!

cow42's picture

"ball washer"... funny.

can't stand him, actually... because he's good... make that great... and he'll be preventing the Packers from reaching the SB for a very long time.

laugh all you want - but i think he's a hall of fame type player.

there is nothing on the football field that he can't do.

cow42's picture

OR - when i'm right, you'll never post it and we'll never see it again and you'll hope no one remembers you said you would be "repeatedly pasting it on this blog".

hey - i don't want them to go 6-10.
i actually do hope you get to rub this in my face all season.

i just don't think we should expect this year's draft picks to fill the gaping holes on the roster.


there are legitimate concerns about each and every one of those positions. a couple rookies and 2nd year guys are not gonna change that.

can't have that many holes and expect to be a playoff team.

not with that schedule.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

The GREEN BAY PACKERS will win week 1. Write that shit down. From coaches to players... The Pack knows they need to rectify that li'l niner situation... And they will.

PadLevel's picture

I believe in the coaches, but we just don't have the talent to match up with the 49ers. Unless Kaep totally messes up, and Rodgers has one of his 6 TD performances I don't see us really challenging them. At this point, Packers can beat average to good teams, but not elite teams like 49ers and the Giants

BrianD's picture

Thanks for reminding me! We didn't beat the Texans last year right? There's no way we could have won that game.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

The no playoff (2012) Giants are elite? Pack beat the Giants in 2010 and 2011 in regular season.

cow42's picture

what on earth would give you faith in these coaches?

game planning? HA!
play calling? HA HA!
in game adjustments? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Bishop and Perry... The niners don't run on us like they did with those two in there, I really believe that.

This whole notion that there is some great talent disparity between the two clubs just baffles me. The biggest difference between the two teams rosters over the course of last year was health. The niners had very few games lost by starters due to injury, the Pack... not so much. As long as we don't lose our 2nd best defender this preseason, again, or any other key contributers, we should be at full strength come week 1 ... And we will win.

jim's picture

same here... those two should hammer that running game

cow42's picture

"The GREEN BAY PACKERS will win week 1. Write that shit down. "

i've written it down.

they have no chance.

on the road vs a team with a better roster and a better coaching staff.

49'ers will score 50... WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN!

cow42's picture

can see this coming a mile away...

Capers spends all offseason figuring out how to stop kprnk from running for a bajillion yards... and then he'll come out and throw for 300+ and 2+.

jmac34's picture

so he is going to do something that he has only done once in his career against the 11th best pass defense. ok

Bugeater's picture

Maybe SF scores 50, but then GB scores 56.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

For us out-of-towners we have a pretty good run from game 8 game 14...5 out of 7 on national TV. So great to see them from my living room if I don't want to go to the bar.

(As if that ever happens)

Beep's picture

That's the first thing I check, instead of who we play and when, rather how many nationally televised games am I going to get to watch at home. And then what are the chances that the Redskins or the NFC East (I'm in DC) are on an opposite channels or times.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Are you telling me you don't have Sunday Ticket? For shame. For shame.

BrianD's picture

I feel for the players. I hope they love traveling back and forth every week instead of remaining at home for a couple weeks at a time.

Viscapackers's picture

Interesting that we go Sunday night, Monday night, Noon, Sunday night. Three of our primetime games in a 4 week span. Now that everyone has NFL Network, no games on the NFL Network.

Mojo's picture

19 & 0

marquee's picture

Average score 52-0

California Cheesehead's picture

Week 3 against Cincy, the AFC Central(North), Atlanta, NYG, and Philly. Reminds me of '92. Hopefully better than 9-7.

al's picture

12-4 ic

Lucky953's picture

Nobody beats the Green Bay Packers 3x in a row! Too much pride, too much talent. No need to run scared. 12-4

TommyG's picture

When I saw the opponents list I thought we were looking at a six win season. Somehow seeing the actual schedule has me far more optimistic. I think we are looking at a 10-6 season, and that is with last years performance. If our D improves and the offense can stay as successful as they have been then a 12 win season isn't out of the question.

dilligaff's picture

Packers could be 0-3 to start the season unless Matthews can play both sides of the field at the same time

A-rodg's Mustache's picture

I will be in Green Bay for the skins game on 9/15 and In bmore for the game on 10/13. CANT WAIT!!!

It is time!

...Im with cow about the Niners until proven different.

I do see 10-6 and playoffs.

lezzzzz gOOOOO!!!

2 share owner's picture

Your with Cow? its not what he says its how he says it. Hes clearly a troll and a Niner fan, and not a classy one at that. I'm heading over to Acme Pacing to cool down and talk to some Packer fans not Niner fans. If I wanted to talk to other teams fans I would go to

A-rodg's Mustache's picture

oh geez man, Im not "with" cow per se. More just alike in our thinking.

He may be a troll, but the facts are the facts. The niners in their current state(without a single game played) are better than the packers in their current state. just watch the tape. And I am No Freaking Niner FAn!
I bleed green and sneeze gold, my dog?; last name lambeau, first name curly.

I SERIOUSLY HOPE that I (and Cow, And most pundits) am wrong but it is up to the packers to prove it on opening day. and honestly in week 2 as well. I live in Ashburn va, about 4 blocks from redskins park. Most current and former Redskins Players work out at my gym.(Randle El, Chris Samules, Lorenzo Alexander, Chris wilson, Josh Wilson, Corey Lichtenstiger, Josh Morgan,and Kendrick Golston just to name the ones I saw yesterday) The skins will be NO JOKE this year. It pains me to say. week2 will be no cake walk with or without Griff. (No one who has talked to him calls him rg3)

BTW-- 10-6 should be a no brainer for this team if MM gets his head out his ass.

2 share owner's picture

Point taken A-rodg, but I think most of us here know how good the 49ers are. It kinda goes without saying, especially cause this is a Packers site. I am all for giving other teams their do man, but come on.....I would not go on any other teams message boards and call down their teams as bad as Cow, a so called fan does on here day in and day out. I am definitely not one for blind optomism, but when you are blindly shitting on the Packers on a Packers site for Packer fans, it just doesn't sit well with me.

cow42's picture

i'm not 9'ers fan.
i'm just jealous of their roster.
and their coaching staff.

WisconsInExile's picture

Exactly: cow = 49'ers fan.

Derek in CO's picture

I'm kind of glad we play at SF right away. Although I doubt we'd win, I want to see what the coaches have decided to do against Kaepernick. It will tell us alot. And I bet they sign a read option QB for off season work/training camp to work on it.

marquee's picture

Shite we field.a.punt pack wins that game 49ers ill tell you what to do with the 49ers outside contain

jim's picture

it is a tough schedule, but i like what i see. packers will be getting bulaga back, and, hopefully sherrod, and perry. that is three first round picks that missed a significant part of last season. throw in bishop, and things are looking up a lot. mc carthy says that it is the time between the rookie year and the second year that young players grow... look what that offers the pack: hayward, daniels, manning, moses, and harris, as well as house coming off his injuries. if we measure the pack by what they looked like with all their injuries, it is time to get out a new measuring stick and see what potential they have. i am not betting against them. i am all in. pack will be in the hunt...and hungry.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Wait, what? Some key players will be back from injury? Young players may make a jump with a full offseason under their belts? Christ man, it's as if some people intentionally forget about such things... How convenient.

We're on the same page Jim. I'm far from scared about any team... If we're healthy... Bring our A game... We will be all that any team can handle. The more I think about this 'tough schedule' the more I like it, iron sharpens iron, should be ready for postseason play, and if we're not (again) heads should roll, because there will not be a viable excuse after going through that schedule.

marquee's picture

EExcept for the ohioans every game is a marquee game wow

Morgan Mundane's picture

I posted way before the schedule that based on the holes the team must fill, lack of a lot of early draft picks and only 8 total, our nemesis in the NFC North all getting healthy with top free agents and picking ahead of us throughout the rounds, this team could be 6-10 next year.
Now the schedule is out and its brutal. The away games are against the best teams in football. Some of the home games as well. Looking at the schedule and being honest and considering the talent of our opponents I have the Pack, if they are lucky, going 8-8 and that's being kind.
We just don't have the defensive players to match up with these teams. Even in our own division anymore.

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