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Packers: 19 Rams: 7

By Category

Packers: 19 Rams: 7

Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Jermichael Finley

The Bad

The Bad

D.J. Williams, Vince Young, Lane Taylor

The Bad

The Bad

Brandon Smith



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Tundrabum's picture

The Ugly: 66,000 seats, 660 Rams fans

Jack's picture

Let's hope the newly minted season ticket holders at Lambeau Field don't sell their seats to opposing teams' fans for Christmas cash.

TommyG's picture

Let's hope the same for the legacy holders as well.

Ma Linger's picture

So our d backs are struggling and its game two. Gee I'm shocked. If anyone stayed up and saw the Seattle game last night they manhandled Denver, a super bowl favorite.
The D backs were 6'1 6'2, powerful tacklers, strong hands and were on the backs of receivers all night lone, no separation.
Looking at the talent on that team, the Packers are not in the same league. I would bet a car that the Packers have more late round draft picks playing for them than Seattle, if they have any?
I still say, its the draft stupid!
The Pack under TT is always a giant work in progress, unfortunately still in mid season.

hayward4president's picture

Half our dbacks aren't even playing yet......duh?

California Cheesehead's picture


keeley2's picture

Spot on about Ma Linger - There was a Minneapolis radio personality a few years back (now deceased) who made a living out of creating on-air characters who were voiced by the creator (Steve Cannon). Ma Linger was one of those characters. So yes, you've been outed MA!

Johnny's picture

I wonder where John Schneider learned the tricks of the trade?

Ruppert's picture

August 18th is way too early to write off the Pack.

The smart people wait until Labor Day.

4thand1's picture

Guess where Seattle picked from? Top 10 because they sucked for years. Packers are as deep at CB as anyone. Pre-season doom and gloom as usual.

Evan's picture

I just cant help myself when it comes to Linger's moronic trolling.

Richard Sherman, one of those powerful tackling DBs youre lusting after, was a 5th round draft pick. As was Kam Chancellor. Browner was undrafted. But I'm sure you know that.

If you wanna use the Seahawks DBs to troll, I suggest arguing that they've been a lot better than TT in finding late round talent.

BZ in BA's picture

Good points.

TommyG's picture

Now Evan, no need to bring facts and stats to a troll.

Evan's picture

I know, I know. But Ma Linger really is one of my favorites. His contention that only Ted plays late-round draft picks is just so idiotic that I can't help myself.

Montana Joe's picture

You forgot my man Jolly under the good list. Created turnovers, disrupted the backfield, stuffed the run. It is a different D-line when he is in there. Cheap contract too.

Bearmeat's picture

Other than the obvious ones that Aaron already covered:

Good: Brian Bostick showed up well.

Bad: Perry is not rushing the QB like we all hoped. And Mike Neal in coverage.

Ugly: The Packers kicking situation. TT, get on the phone with Dan Carpenter! Like, yesterday.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't get the bad in the kicking situation. Crosby made all of his FG's and Giorgio missed 1 of his.

Bearmeat's picture

history is not on crosbys side..

RC Packer Fan's picture

maybe in general, but for Saturday nights game, I don't agree...
Crosby was good Saturday night. He made all of his kicks including one that was blocked, which just shows his leg strength.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't get the Young in the bad category. He wasn't perfect but he did have a TD throw that wasn't ruled a TD. I put my DVR to good use, and went through it slowly, he had both feet down, and control of the ball before he went out of bounds. If McCarthy challenges that its a for sure TD. Perfect throw by Young.
Overall I thought it was much improved compared to the week before.

Fish . Crane's picture

Bad: Putting Young in Bad

I read this but I never like it...two bad categories are depressing.

Why not Good, Bad, and hmm? A gray area.

cheesewhizzer's picture

I thought Johnny Jolly made a couple of game changing plays. I would put him in the good. I thought Micah Hyde and Eddie Lacy for rookies were outstanding. I saw Brandon Smith in three plays that would warrent cutting him immediately. These were plays that could have lost us a regular season game. Ma Linger is most likely a troll from Seattle or one of our North Division foes trying to stir the pot. Ignore him, he's not worthy of a response.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Aaron Rodgers definitely belongs in the Good category. Although he almost might as well be in his own category.
The one play that still has me going 'wow' is his fake handoff pass to Finley that fooled everyone.
His ability to get the ball off that fast and hit Finley in stride is simply amazing.
I really wish though he could/would have saved that play for the 49ers.

Stroh's picture

That was a sight adjustment by both Rodgers and Finley. That wasn't a designed play. It was a situation where Rodgers and Finley both recognized a blitz? and that the play called wouldn't work and the best way to beat it was a quick strike to Finley right behind the LB. Goes to show how much Finley and Rodgers are on the same page. Both saw and read the same thing and adjusted accordingly to create a big play.

themasterfake's picture

Now that the play action - in 10 plays with Lacy- has proven to work...wait till you see the ball skills of number 12.

He'll be fooling a lot of camera people...

dawg's picture

The offensive line has no BAD?

Imagine if Lacy had an OL. ?

TommyG's picture

We don't have to imagine as he had a great one at Bama.

Nononsense's picture

OL? Lacy don't need no stinking OL!

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