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Packers 10 Vikings 23: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 10 Vikings 23: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers had their roughest day in a long time on Sunday, dropping to the Minnesota Vikings, 23-10.  The scene was U.S. Bank Stadium, which will host Super Bowl LII and this game seemed to have an air of "we'll be back" for the Packers.

Early in the game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was lost to a broken collarbone and he could be lost for the remainder of the season.  Much like we did in 2013, we'll all be hinging on weekly updates on Rodgers' progress and as he heals.

It was an ugly day all around so on to the day's best and worst.

Game Balls

Blake Martinez

Martinez was one of few bright spots for the Packers in this game.  He finished with 11 tackles and nearly had an interception.  The Packers defense has not tackled well this season and certainly didn't in this game, save for Martinez.  He's really shined so far this season and has become an unexpected bright spot on a young defense.

Jordy Nelson

I keep asking this every week: what will this team do without Jordy Nelson some day?  Nelson stepped up and led the team with six catches and became a security blanket for Brett Hundley after Rodgers went down.  Nelson has been as steadfast as they come in the 10 seasons he's been with the team.  He will, once again, need to do the same the rest of the way in 2017.

Clay Matthews

Matthews returned a fumble deep into scoring territory and had two quarterback hits on the day.  Matthews clearly isn't as explosive as he once was but he's clearly still able to disrupt and make big plays when they're in front of him.  

Kenny Clark

Clark had a tackle for a loss and caused the fumble that Matthews recovered.  Clark's stats won't ever jump off the page but he has really made a nice jump from his rookie season.  Paired with Mike Daniels, the two should continue to fortify the middle of the Packers defense this season.

Lame Calls

This Entire Game

Let's be honest, I could single out individual players and events, but there were so many things that went wrong that this entire thing gets a collective "thumbs down".  Below are notes on specific players and plays

  • Losing Aaron Rodgers is the Packers' and Packers fans' worst nightmare.  It happened in 2013 and we're in it all over again now.  Many harped on the hit by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr that caused the injury, but we've also seen worse and far more egregious.  Barr could have and should have held up but remember, he has to play for the Vikings all season long.  He is being punished every week.  Barr left the game with a concussion and I'll leave that there without comment
  • Brett Hundley threw three interceptions so I can't praise the young man too much for stepping in for a future Hall of Fame quarterback on the road, but the Packers are in much better shape with Hundley than they found themselves four years ago when Rodgers was lost.  It remains to be seen if a full week of prep will help Hundley settle in and keep the offense afloat long enough to stay in games.  We all have to hope so
  • Mike McCarthy has ended the speculation about who the starting quarterback is by naming Hundley in his post game press conference.  The Packers are going with the third-year guy over an outside veteran.  I can understand pointing to the success that this or that quarterback has had in the past but it doesn't necessarily translate from one situation (or team) to another in a clean fashion.  Tony Romo or Colin Kaepernick aren't walking through that door anytime soon
  • Injuries, injuries, injuries.  At this point, they're just becoming a formality.  Besides Rodgers, the Packers also saw Bryan Bulaga, Lane Taylor, David Bakhtiari and Quinten Rollins leave and not return in this game.  Ty Montgomery left but did return.  The Packers are getting decimated by injuries to the point where it's easier to list players who are healthy.  That's never a good spot to be in.  With the bye week coming in two weeks, the Packers have to hope that most of their key guys can return sooner than later
  • Martellus Bennett dropping that ball on the Rodgers injury play only added to the pain of the moment.  Bennett hasn't been anything close to what the Packers and their fans hoped for when he was added to the roster.  We keep hoping that the next game is the one where he breaks out and finds his form but it seems like that just may not be in the cards
  • Tackling issues are once again a thing in Green Bay.  This just never seems to get cleaned up or improve to the point where the Green Bay defense can take a step and become one of the better in the league.  The good news is that guys are getting to the ball.  The bad news is that the ball carrier shakes them off with a simple, single move.  That won't get a defense off the field quickly
  • The Packers are at home for the next two games with the bye week thrown in.  At the very least home-field may provide a boost to this team that could use a win with Hundley behind center.  Just something to give them confidence that they can win with him running the offense




Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Lphill's picture

Maybe Rodgers will learn now to get rid of the ball , he clearly saw the defender coming at him.

KenEllis's picture

Rodgers is now an old QB. He'll turn 35 when he returns to the field next season.

His running/scrambling ways have led to serious injuries 3 of the past 5 seasons.

The best QB I've ever see play the position, but if he wants to last like Manning and Brady he is going to have to get rid of the ball and stop taking shots like they did/do.

Nick Perry's picture

Well maybe his GM should stop cutting his best O-Linemen a few days before the start of a season and stop LOW BALLING his 2nd best OL with an offer that was flat out ridiculous. Christ this season with that O-Line at any time he didn't have time period.

mrtundra's picture

The ball was long gone when Barr nailed Rodgers. Barr should be the one under scrutiny here for being at least two steps away from Rodgers after Rodgers threw the ball and still deciding to nail Rodgers when the play was downfield. Where were the officials on this play? I thought they were supposed to protect the QBs.

rdent's picture

I would like to know what the assignments were on that play. I watched the replay over and over and it is difficult to blame anyone.It appears Bennett came across from the left trailed by #54. He ran in front of Barr but who knows if Bennett was suppose to chip Barr or not. After Bennett ran past #55 the LB had a free run at Rodgers untouched and took it. With all the hits ARod had took up to that point it's surprising it didn't happen sooner. Just unfortunate.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls -
Clark, Martinez.

Those are really the only positives I can come up with.

Lame Calls -


As if losing Rodgers wasn't enough, by the end of the game we were without 3/5ths of our starting OL. Losing Rollins also really didn't help, as they were already without House and King and Burnett.

So... By the end of yesterdays game we were without the best QB in the league and arguably the best player in the league. Our 3 OL starters 2 of which are pro bowl level players, and arguably Taylor is an emerging pro bowl potential player. Both starting CB's, and Safety.
7 starters. either didn't play or didn't finish the game.

But it doesn't matter. Rodgers is the team. Without him. This is a completely different team.
At this time I'm not ready to throw the towel in on the season. I think Hundley will be good, but he was thrown into a hard spot yesterday. Playing at Minnesota against that defense, without 3/5ths of your OL and barely played before. Give him a week working with the starters in practice, I think we will see a different and better Hundley. He has some good skills, and I think we will see McCarthy changing the offense to fit his skills.
But the key is the OL. Can't play with 3 backup's to their backups...

Nick Perry's picture

It's not like Spriggs, Murphy, or Barclay were any better. The Packers have absolutely no depth on the O-Line, before or after all the injuries. I have to ask myself if keeping Tretter wouldn't have been the better move too. Lindsey has been shaky at best these last few weeks.

Hundley was thrown into a tough spot yesterday and I'm sure he'll do better after a week of practice and hopefully some healthy O-Linemen. BUT we're all about to see just how much Rodgers improvises each week to make this offense work. HE makes McCarthy look good. The Packers are able to run the SAME offense every single year without much change because of Rodgers improvises so much. Just look at the week before against Dallas on the final drive. The run down the sideline. The run play to Jones. The Packers are relevant for one reason....Aaron Rodgers.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think I'd go that far. I don't believe they are a 4-12 team without ARod. I think ARod is good for 8ish wins by himself per year. That's insane.

But that would put 2011 at 7-1, 2012 at 3-5, 2014 at 4-4. 2015 at 2-8. 2016 at 2-8.

So maybe they're a 6-10 team without him. But here's the thing: Teams that lose their elite QB don't compete. 2 examples in the last 30 years: 93 9ers and the 16 Pats. And the latter was only for 4 games.

There are 2 ways to win in the NFL: Defense, running game and try to out pass people. The latter way is best, but the former works too. And you have to set up your roster and salary cap accordingly. Plus, it's a lot easier to get big hits early in the draft.

GB is set up to win with ARod. Holding management and coaching accountable for a clock not working correctly without it's biggest cog isn't entirely fair IMO.

dobber's picture

You forgot when Manning blew out his neck in 20-whatever. That Colts team won, what, 3 games?

Packers will have to reinvent themselves over the next couple weeks. It's time to put 2 TEs on the field, block a little bit, and see whether you can run the ball or audible out of it when you get 9-man boxes. Badgers, anyone? We might be down on Bennett right now, but this is where he's going to have to show his blocking acumen. Hundley won't succeed unless you get him a chance by either blocking straight up (not likely) or by loading up at the line.

Nick Perry's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

Spriggs, Murphy and Barclay are better then Ulrich John and McCray. While McCray has played pretty decent those guys are better.

Linsley is fine as our starter. If you noticed when he has struggled it was when he is playing next to Patrick or McCray. Playing next to Taylor vs Patrick or McCray is a huge difference.

I just would like to know what teams are supposed to do when they lose their top 5 OT's at the same time?

Rodgers changes the offense, hell the team. He is the best player in the league no question.
McCarthy is still a great offensive mind and coach. He will have Hundley ready. Hundley has barely played and got thrown into a bad situation. But honestly without 3 of our top 5 OL playing its going to be tough for even Rodgers to win.

With a healthy team, MY team, OUR team is still very good with or without Rodgers. The problem is they aren't healthy. Their BEST players are hurt and not playing. Bakhtiari a pro bowl player, Bulaga a pro bowl player both out. Taylor an emerging pro bowl type of player went out. They were without both starting CB's, and Burnett who is probably their most important/versatile defensive player. Burnett was rated as the 24th best CB and he plays S/ILB. Montgomery is playing with broken ribs.

Yes Rodgers is the difference. But they have players that can still play. I'm not throwing in the towel yet. Right now we have no idea how long Rodgers will be out. If he can come back, I'm doing what I can to win every week.

billybobton's picture

nice post, appreciate the thought and time it took
unfortunately you are wrong
by the metrics GB had the best OL in football this year
but it was not due to the OL it was due to AROD with some assistance from the coaches
Bulaga was not remotely close to all pro level - ever - even if you highlight a few consecutive games

the entire OL collapsed yesterday without AROD next week will be a jail break it is not an exageration to say AROD added a letter grade to each and every player on the offense

and as his absence shows he was a big part of what ever limited success the D had as well, without AROD forcing teams to score points they go MARTY BALL and our D has no answer

MN has a seriously bad offense and they were down two quarterbacks, their best WR and best RB and they dominated our D

Nick Perry's picture


Nick Perry's picture

Hmm it posted like 4 times..I must be on to something!

Nick Perry's picture

Quadruple post... Jezzzz

Nick Perry's picture

double post

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...Spriggs is a BUM, a bust is too kind. Murphy might be a little better but not much. Did you not watch the preseason? Those were guys who were cut before week one giving them the blues.

Sorry but I'm tired of blowing sunshine out my butt when it comes to Thompson. This "TEAM" has gotten worse each year the last 3 and Thompson is the reason. Wasted draft picks, letting guys walk and signing others for way too much.

Building a team is hard I get that. But Thompson has had MORE than enough time to get it right and he's failed. How many times have I posted the data, the facts about Thompson's last few draft classes yet people continue to make the same excuses over and over.

Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. They managed to turn their defense around by doing two things. Getting rid of LeBeau and his 90's defense and drafting well. Capers should have been gone long ago and if MM couldn't do it then Thompson needed to talk to MM and make sure he could.

dobber's picture

"It's not like Spriggs, Murphy, or Barclay were any better. The Packers have absolutely no depth on the O-Line, before or after all the injuries. I have to ask myself if keeping Tretter wouldn't have been the better move too. Lindsey has been shaky at best these last few weeks."

In April, when key moves were made, they felt good about their OL and so did the rest of us. Spriggs was a 2nd rounder who was at least OK when asked to fill a couple roles on game day last year. There was no reason to think he would look overmatched in camp. Murphy was someone people liked as a potential RT/RG...and he was at least OK at times when asked to step in. Nobody likes Barclay but his mom, but he could get in the way a little bit at the three interior OL positions.

Nobody has enough depth to go 10+ players deep on their OL and still be good. Nobody. Maybe then, if TT went out and traded for some failing OT who was drafted early but underachieved and couldn't keep a job (ahem, Detroit...Tennessee) things would be better? WHY would those guys be any better? Those are the guys they'd get. And they would've had to trade for FOUR of them by this point to actually try to be solvent.

Oh...and Tretter hurt his knee...on schedule. I think he was inactive yesterday for Cleveland.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Tretter was un-signable unless GB promised him the starting OC spot. This was a foregone conclusion. I see little evidence to support the notion that Linsley could play OG.

baldski's picture

I agree. Green Bay's OL cast offs are starters for other teams, ala Newhouse and that Italian fellow I can't remember the name of ...

dobber's picture

Breno Giacomeni

Bearmeat's picture

We've gone from the Super Bowl as the ceiling to hoping that the defense can get healthy and be above average and that Hundley can be above average too.

10-6 is now the ceiling for this team. We all have to hope Hundley can get us to the playoffs as a #3-4 or WC seed, and that ARod can come back then. That said though - do you remember how rusty ARod was and how unhinged the O was as a result in the 2 games he did play at the end of the year in 2013? Bottom line: this seasons super bowl aspirations are over, folks.

All that said, while this sucks, it's not the end of the world. If Hundley proves he can be above average, we WILL get 2 1st round picks from someone for him. Or (and I hesitate to even say it) if he's great.... No. I won't say that.

And if the team flops its way to a 6-10 record? Capers FINALLY gets fired and TT has GOT to retire at that point. Jordy is old. CM3 is old. Burnett is getting there. ARod is getting there, but has several elite years left in him. But that's really it. The long term outlook for this era is still really good. We just don't know if we'll get another Lombardi.

Oh, and EFF the Vikings.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't put a ceiling on this team, nor do I put a floor. Rodgers masks issues for the team. The injuries are the biggest issue though. This team still has talent. They have weapons on offense. A backup QB that can get them the ball. They have players on defense that can make plays.

This is the remaining schedule. Saints (H), Bye, Lions (H), Bears (A), Ravens (H), Steelers (A), Buccaneers (H), Browns (A), Panthers (A), Vikings (H), Lions (A).
I honestly don't feel any of those games are guaranteed losses. I'm not saying they will be wins either, I'm just saying I think they can be in each of the games.

I'm not throwing in the towel on the super bowl until I know if Rodgers can or can't come back. If Rodgers can come back the last week of the year that would be 11 weeks. Packers were 5-2 when Rodgers went out in 2013. They are 4-2 this year. The games I listed above can be winnable with Hundley.

Thats a great point with Hundley too. If he plays well its going to be a win -win for us. We will get multiple high picks and we will have a winning season.

Bearmeat's picture


See my comment above for a response. GBs roster and salary cap is set up to win with an elite QB. The 93 49ers and 08 and 16 Pats are the ONLY examples of teams that thrived without their elite level QB. The 08 Pats missed the playoffs and the 16 Pats were only for 4 games. The 93 49ers found out that Steve Young was, well, Steve Young.

And come on, RC. Take off the green and gold goggles. You're a smart football mind. Tell me, what have you seen from our defense since 2010 that says it can be the leading unit??? It can't. IF healthy, it MIGHT scratch out a top 10 ranking - but that'd be stretching it. I just don't think our roster is good enough, nor our management good enough, to weather that storm. Unless Hundley ends up being great - which the odds are obviously against.

I don't think we will go 5-11, like the Colts did with Manning out. That roster was truly awful. But if I had to wager, I'd guess we miss the playoffs. Of course, that's my head talking, not my heart. I will be cheering like crazy and hoping for the best every week.

Can I say again, EFF the Vikings???

RCPackerFan's picture

I will never take off the Green and Gold glasses. This is my team, through and through... That being said I'm realistic. In 2013 the Packers went 2-4-1 without Rodgers. That was with QB's not as good as Hundley.

Honestly, I think our defense this year is a top 15-10 defense when healthy. Problem is they haven't been healthy.
Clark has become a rock in the middle of the DL. Daniels is getting back healthy. Mathews has been very good and Perry has played well as well. Brooks has been hurt but when he has played has played well.
King is our best CB and was out. House our 2nd best CB has missed virtually the whole time back with GB. Burnett our most versatile defensive player is out.
Martinez has become a great ILB.

The problem with this roster is they aren't healthy. If healthy, this roster is very good. We would not have been talking about Super Bowl if it wasn't. But you can't have the number of injuries the Packers have and stay competitive.

So you don't think Hundley can win more then 1 game the rest of the season?

I agree, EFF the Vikings...

Bearmeat's picture


This is my team, through and through, as well. In one sense, I always hope for the best with GB. But that doesn't mean I don't call a spade a spade. You can still be a fan and be objective - while screaming your lungs out on Sunday afternoons. :)

But to answer your question, yes, I think Hundley can win more than 1 game the rest of the year. But let's be honest, if Hundley were starting from the beginning of the year, this team is 1-5 right now. Their only win would be over the Bears. That's where I'm getting 6-10 from.

They have a 4-2 head start. If Hundley can get them to 8-8, I'd view that as a success. I don't think 8-8 will get them to the playoffs, and unless ARod can play (and somehow not be rusty), I don't think our roster, even when fully healthy, can win in the playoffs. Our defense is NOT a shut down unit and it won't be this year. We just don't have the quality personnel across the board. Same with a running game. Might be effective, won't be dominant. Unless Hundley is great. Chances are against it, but it is possible.

Every game from here on out will be a struggle. I'd be surprised if we won more than 4 of them remaining. My personal guess will be 7-9. But you don't know how it will turn out, so you root like hell and hope for the best. At some point post Thanksgiving, if we're out of it, it will be time to see what the rooks can do.

RCPackerFan's picture

Bearmeat -
I know what your saying. I yell a lot on Sunday's too... Mostly at the refs. And I had a lot of those too on Sunday.

Wilde and Tausch had a poll on how many games you expect Hundley to win. I put 4-5 on that. But that really depends on the health of the OL. They can't continue to play their 10th, 11th, and 12th best OL. Rodgers made up for that, Hundley won't be able to.

The defense i think can be a good one, the problem is they have not been healthy. This game for example. They were without both starting CB's. Their most versatile DB. One of their pass rushers. The defense while not great, played well enough to win the game. They had some bad PI calls go against them which extended drives and had that horrible missed non catch on 3rd down which gave Minnesota a first down.

Every game will be a struggle. They have been so far. The injuries have turned this team into a shell of itself. The OL is a disaster.

If we are out of it by December, I hope they do play more younger guys to see what they can do. Bring up a guy like Michael Clark and see what he can give us.

I'm not saying we will be 12-4. But I think they could get to 10-6. They are 4-2 now, that means they would have to go 6-4 the rest of the way. With the teams they are playing, I think its possible. That being said, they very well could end up 7-9.
I do think with the weapons we have, and the talent on defense that we do have, that we will be better then that.

badaxed's picture

This is not baseball where you bring prospects up from the minors. In fact they are currently playing third string guys now. No quarterback is safe behind this line. Look for lots of moving pockets and roll outs along with quick short passes (Aikeman: "I am sick of these short passes by the packers). well get used to it because that line could not protect anyone period! no amount of MM coaching, haranguing , cajoling or "cleaning up" can change talent. Best they can do is get in the way for two seconds.

billybobton's picture

leaving the queens aside you are overlooking that Daniels and Clark could be a dominant 3 man DL....but our coaches rarely use that because our CBs are so bad, and our IN LBs are so bad

we get by with this against bad teams, or we did when bad teams had to outscore AROD

as the queens showed bad offense will hold the ball and outscore GB without AROd, the talent on O is just not good enough and has not been for years

Tarynfor12's picture

" If Hundley proves he can be above average, we WILL get 2 1st round picks from someone for him."

If he had any where near that chance, some teams would have been making offers for him already, since as is always said.....they no more than us and with QB deficiency, any rumors or real offers for him would have come to light.
Getting two 1st rd picks is utterly ridiculous, one would be a miracle, getting a 2nd would be a jackpot and a 3-4 would be a take without hesitation. Especially with what will likely be witnessed the rest of the season.
Could I be wrong, yes, will I be wrong, absolutely not. : )

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Agreed 100%

Bearmeat's picture

OK Taryn,

Normally, I just ignore your more specious posts. But I'm calling you out here. You are W.R.O.N.G. about the state of QB play in the NFL. It's such a HUGE advantage to have a top 10 signal caller that teams will (and have) overpay for one they think could fit that mold.

Let's go back through the list shall we? Just off the top of my head since 2008. These QBs were ALL 1st round picks or signed very large FA deals. And ALL of them were risky. If Hundley shows he can play well for 8 games he WILL net GB 2 1st rounders.

Seahawks with Flynn
Vikings with Bradford
Vikings with Ponder
Bears with Cutler
Titans with Locker
Bills with EJ Manuel
Bears with Trubisky
Redskins with RG3
Chiefs with Mahomes
Texans with Watson
Dolphins with Tanny
Jags with Bortles
Jags with Henne
Texans with Osweiler
Jets with Sanchez

And that list took me all of 1 minute to compile. If I did research, I could compile more.

PS: You were wrong about Perry too, you look wrong about Fackrell, and you still won't admit it, so I don't expect anything else out of you here. Just know that everyone else sees the truth. :)

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Bearmeat, I'm not an expert on Evaluating Talent, but I've seen quite a bit in my time. I enjoy reading your posts. I agree with some & disagree with others. While I hope you are Right here, I have to disagree with you on this one. If Hundley was as Good as you say, Miami would have been beating down our Doors to get him. They took Cutler & they Hate him. I have friends in Miami. I know the situation. This is the 1st time in years, that Miami Has or Had a Chance to beat out Brady. They were willing to do almost anything for a QB that could help them. They paid Cutler $10 Million Dollars to come out of Retirement. Don't you think that if Hundley was as Good as you say, they would have come calling. I'd say if we get 2 1st Round Draft choices for him, It would be almost equivalent to the John Hadel trade of years ago.

I'm not sure if Don Majikowski is before your time or not. I Bet his whole Career at Virginia. He was 3rd string when he came to GB. When he got his chance to play in the Preseason, He Just Shined!! You could just see he was Head & Shoulders above the rest. I don't see that with Hundley. I think he has Talent, but Not 2 1st Round Draft Choices, Not even 1.

Obviously, if by chance he has a Great Season things change. I don't see that happening with what is left of GB. Just My Opinion.

Tarynfor12's picture

Nice LVT, but the retort will be Miami wanted an established QB and not a someone's backup even if that guy is worth, in kool-aid land, two 1st rd picks and that established QB has been a loser for nearly his whole established career.
Some want to sign Kaepernick which that in itself says much about the lack of true value in Hundley or even the Romo seekers, as though the injured Oline players excuse will miraculously disappear for either of the two latter but will be in full mode for the failure of Hundley.
: )

Bearmeat's picture

(rolls eyes)

Taryn, you are abso-fricken-lutely ridiculous. You refuse to acknowledge that you are ever wrong and you refuse to admit that you might be incorrect in the future.

Time for the "Cow" treatment from me. Go look up Proverbs 9:8. You no longer exist. Your comments will be scrolled over on my end and not read. Ever. I don't have time for foolishness. Have a nice day, Fredo. :)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Two good ones from this thread: "specious" and "Proverbs 9:8". Both filed away :)

Bearmeat's picture


I do have a doctorate. Granted, it's in music... so I like to sound smrt, but I'm not required to be smrt when it comes to football ;)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Can't wait to drop that Bible verse of some relatives of mine...

Tarynfor12's picture

Whatever, but you just said above in a comment, this team would likely be 1-5 had Hundley started the season after trying to say he's worth two 1st rd picks.
Talk about a broken talent meter.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tarynfor12, If they sign Kaepernick, I'm all done with GB Football. I gave Bennett a second chance. I'm pretty much done with him.

Nearly had a Decent Week. The Refs Screwed me Royally on the Jets Over 47 1/2. Did you see it? I didn't, but all the announcers said it was a TD Catch. That would have made the game 48. That cost me $300

Finwiz's picture

I agree with you on Kaepernick, but I will be absolutely SHOCKED if they sign him. This is completely outside of TT's character to bring a player like that into the locker room. As much as I don't think Hundley will ever garner 2 1st round picks, I think it's equally unlikely Kaepernick gets signed by the Packers. Less than 5% on either happening, and closer to 0 than 5% on Craper-nick.

Tarynfor12's picture

That was a bad beat LVT....I guess what they were implying is he lost control of the ball a micro second before he touched the pylon and got possession back out of bounds in the end zone area thus making it a touchback.
But we live and die by the replay and the eyes if the decider whether good or bad and glasses on or off....only they know how decisions of this micro get done.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think you and I disagree here as much as you seem to think LVT.

All I'm saying is that IF Hundley guides this team to a winning season, it WILL be because he has played top 15 QB football. And that WILL net a HUGE haul of draft picks.

If Hundley is mediocre, I'm not sure this team is better than 6-10 over a 16 game span. And then Hundley will either get traded from GB this offseason for something like a 4th rounder or maybe a 3rd. Or after next offseason, he'll be allowed to walk and will get a mid level FA from someone else to compete for a starting job with another mid level to below average QB.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Bearmeat, I try to get along with most of the fans on this Post, even though I have different opinions about some of the players. You're sort of agreeing with what I said to you. Obviously if Hundley goes 12 - 4, he would command a Haul of picks, as you put it. That's not going to happen. If he has a Winning Season 9-7, which I don't see either, he would be looked at but not worth more than a #3 at best. He'd have to Damn near get us to the Promiseland to get us 2 1st rounders. Maybe I misread your original post. In all Honesty, if we had a Leader who knew anything about Football, he would have put him on the market Last Year. I guess he looked good in the preseason last year, according to what I read on this post. Being in Las Vegas, I haven't seen him play. What I have seen, Has Not been very good. It may not be his fault, but as I said, when Don Majikowski got his chance, "He Shined", & he didn't have much of a team in front of him either. I don't see that in Hundley.

Bearmeat's picture

I remember the Majik man. Hundley has more tools than Don did. Whether or not he'll be as successful, I don't know. That's what we're about to find out.

I guess where we disagree is on what it would take to get a haul of picks for BH. I think 9-7 and averaging 25 PPG with a wild card birth would get us at least one 1st rounder from someone. Not because Hundley is the next HOF QB, but because of the way the game is weighted in the NFL today. Having a top 15 QB is a bonus, and having a top 7-8 is a HUGE advantage.

There's a LOT of bad QBing going on in the NFL and about 10 teams are screwed every year before the year starts because of it. All it takes is one buyer.

Finwiz's picture

I disagree with you - I think Majkowski had more talent than Hundley.
I'm pretty surprised at that comment, and I'm not sure what you are seeing that rest of us are not. I actually thought Taysom Hill had more talent than Hundley, but they weren't going to spend time developing a 27 year old QB after having put all that time into him. Hill moved the team every time he came in during preseason.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, I agree with you Completely. I also liked Taysom Hill. I'm not saying Hundley doesn't have talent, but He's No Don Majakowski. Not in my book. Besides Star, Favre, & Rodgers, there are 2 GB QB's that don't get enough credit. One is Don Majikowski, & the other I just cant think of his name. He was the QB in that High Scoring Washington game. He had Braces on both knees & beat Tampa Bay with 6 inch's of snow on the field. That's where the saying came from, "Throw McCay in Tampa Bay. My memory is really getting Bad. Both those QB's were Great QB's without any teams around them. They both deserve a lot more Credit than they get.

One more QB I really thought was Good, but I must have been wrong, because he never materialized, was Don Horn. Do you Remember him. I'll bet Since'61 remembers Don Horn. Was I wrong On him? Wasn't he a Good QB?

dobber's picture

Lynn Dickey

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

dobber, You are Correct!! Lynn Dickey was a Great QB with Bad Legs.

Tundraboy's picture


Finwiz's picture

I remember Don Horn. He was a relatively highly regarded draft choice (1967) brought in to be a backup to Starr, but never lived up to the billing. After that we suffered through Jerry Tagge, Scott Hunter, and others, before the ill-fated John Hadl trade.

Since '61's picture

Let's not forget the immortal Jim Del Gaizo! Thanks, Since '61

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, I'm pretty sure he was the 1st GB QB to throw for more than 300 yards in a game. I wonder how that could be looked up. Wasn't he Traded to Denver, & somehow figured into the John Brockington Trade, or am I wrong on that?

Tundraboy's picture

I kind of liked Tagge.

Since '61's picture

LVT - last game of the '68 season. The Packers dynasty was over and they were playing the Bears to close out the season. Don Horn threw 4 TD passes and on the last one which came in the 4th quarter the Packers pulled ahead 28 - 27. The Bears were driving for a late game winning FG but Nitschke intercepted a pass to preserve the Packer victory and they finished their first season without Coach Lombardi 6-7-1. They lost 4 games that year by 3 points or less. Starr missed half of the season, playing only 28 out of 56 quarters. Lombardi was still the GM but he failed to sign a decent place kicker who could have saved those 4 losses. Then he went off to the Redskins. As for Don Horn he was traded to the Broncos and never really had much of an NFL career. Thanks, Since '61

Bearmeat's picture

What I'm seeing is athleticism and the ability to beat starting CBs with backup WRs in training camp. MM has been very high on Hundley for a very long time. While MM has his faults, I don't think that knowing good QB play is one of them.

Maybe I'm not giving Majik man enough credit though. I remember 89 well. I remember he was ok to maybe slightly above average the rest of his time with GB until Mr. Favre came along. I also remember (and this is off the top of my head), but wasn't Majik pretty small and thought to have a below average arm but good accuracy?

Hundley has all the measurables. Now we get to see if he's got "it." If the team gets somewhat healthy.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Bearmeat, No Majik wasn't small. He had 800 screws eventually put in his ankle. He was a Mobile QB. He may have had a Bad Elbow at the end, but was Better than Favre when they pulled him in favor of Favre. If you go on youTube, you can listen to Majik after he was out of Football contemplate having his foot cut off, he had so much pain. The 3rd string Qb, "There Goes My Memory Again" The guy with all the College Records, I think from Brigum Young. He was smaller, but both at the time were better than Favre. Can't think of his name? Help me out? Majik was offered the Back Up Role, but turned it down.

Majik & Favre had the same Feelings for one another as Favre & AR & did when Favre had to leave GB. Sometime later they made up. Sometime after that, Majik said "If he knew Favre was going to play 16 years in GB, he would have Never Left. Who was the 3rd QB, he was Pretty Good.

Since '61's picture

LVT - I think that you are thinking of Blair Kiel as the 3rd QB. However, I don't think he made the final 53 in '92. He was on the PS if I remember correctly. Kiel was the #2 Qb behind Majkowski in '91. Thanks, Since '61

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Since'61, It was Ty Dentmer. I thought he was a Pretty good QB. I know he holds a lot of College records.

Bearmeat's picture

I think it was Hasselbeck... or was that later?

Finwiz's picture

The Packers will NEVER get 2 FIRST round draft picks for Hundley. Not a chance in this world. Mark that one down, and get back to me in a year.

I'd even go so far as to say it's highly unlikely they will get one first round pick in a trade for Hundley. You guys are overestimating the talent of the Packers just because it's your team. They will be very lucky to be 500 with Hundley. Very lucky.

Finwiz's picture


Bearmeat's picture

Look at what Osweiler just signed not 2 years ago with Houston. Hundley is MILES better than Brock. Right now.

Chances are against it - I agree. But IF Hundley can keep this team from imploding over the final 10 games (because we know our weaknesses on D and in the running game aren't going to magically turn to strengths), then he will have brought his stock to impossible heights in the QB starved league.

If GB finishes 6-10, yeah. He'll net a 3rd. Maybe. But if he shows moxie in crunch time, accuracy, athleticism and smarts and gets GB to the playoffs with this defense... 2 1st rounders could happen.

Tarynfor12's picture

Your all over the place like a severely drunk driver.
Please get sober and stick to one lane.
I worry for you. : )

dobber's picture


Finwiz's picture

It's relatively telling this is what we're reduced to discussing, but I'd be willing to put money on the two 1st rounders. I'd say the probability of that happening are less than 5%. He needs to have a winning record and get them to the playoffs. Have you seen this defense play? They came in averaging 22.6 points allowed per game ( going by memory), and gave up 23 to a crap QB with no wide outs. Even if Hundley played lights out, a notch below Rodgers, it still probably won't be good enough. The injuries are staggeringly laughable. Somebody is doing something way wrong with strength and conditioning up there, and heads need to roll big time.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah. In order to even give Hundley a chance, the team needs to get healthy. That isn't a given. But IF it does, then Hundley has a chance. I'd give it a 25% shot.

I wouldn't put money on getting 2 1sts either. But it is possible. And, when looking at this crap sandwich, this is one possible good thing.

Johnblood27's picture

Lets talk about how much we can get for Rodgers after Hundley goes 8-2 the rest of the way and leads us to a SB victory?

Bearmeat's picture

That's what I was afraid someone would say.

1. The odds are VERY much against that.
2. I'm not even going to talk about it until it happens. We already went through it with BF.

Nick Perry's picture

Wow in a single play the Packers season is probably a "Lame Ball".

carusotrap's picture

I'm willing to give Hundley some time to work with game plans that fit him. By the end he was actually seeing the field and doing some stuff. Problem is, he has no chance - none - if they don't put an O-line in front of him. "Ted Thompson? Paging a Mr. Thompson? Could you step away from watching film on juniors at DIII colleges and pick up the white courtesy phone."

I wish yesterday that, when Hundley came in, the play calling had shifted to something suited to his mobility - roll outs, QB draw, etc. But I understand why the entire team, coaches included, were more than a little shell-shocked.

As for the injuries, my human brain keeps saying, "that's football." (My Neanderthal brain wants to blame strength & conditioning and training staff, but human brain is winning the argument for now )

Nick Perry's picture

Even if Thompson was able to step away from watching juniors at DIII colleges we won't know about it because he refuses to talk to ANYBODY once the season starts.

dobber's picture

OK...the question I have for people is: why would you invest any deeper in a team that isn't going anywhere? Why would you throw draft capital or players away for players when you KNOW you don't have a team that's going to be in the equation at the end?

I say that because the people who are asking TT to go out and find players are also the ones howling at the moon over the Packers being a 2-win team without #12. Get some consistency in your arguments, folks.

One thing that will happen is that TT will have to go find a third QB. Callahan promoted? Maybe. I think it's unlikely that TT will go get a kid off someone else's PS because you have to put that kid on your 53. If you're going to do that, you might as well use Callahan because he knows the O. I'll be honest, signing one of the mobile, journeyman QBs out there (I'm not naming any names, but there are a couple) to the 53 and leaving Callahan on the PS might not be the worst thing in the world. A QB who is good with his legs might be necessary with this OL situation...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If AR isn't coming back this season, I think you should more strictly follow your own suggestion and not invest any more money or draft capital in acquiring players, Dobber. That means roll with Hundley and Callahan, and don't both to find a third QB. If one of them gets hurt, only then should we grab a QB off another team's PS. That means do not acquire any journeyman QBs (OK,maybe for vet min). That means I would end my bid to add a guy like DRC, as well.

If the doctors say the outlook is for AR to return in 8 weeks, maybe look for a journeyman QB, though I doubt there is one better than Hundley will be with some prep and reps. If it is 9 or 10 weeks, things get dicier. [Edited for spelling: Bubba the cat was helping me type again.]

dobber's picture

My point is that they're going to want 3 QBs from here on. It's TTs way to overcompensate, and they'll try to have options. The journeyman QBs out there won't be pricey, and they'll be one-year deals. A journeyman QB is likely to pick up the offense faster than someone off another team's PS, if needed, but Hundley is the man until either he's carted off the field or proves he can't do it. MM isn't going to say anything in his post-game comments about getting another QB because he doesn't make personnel decisions and doesn't pull the purse-strings. At 4-2, all isn't lost, but there's no margin for error and a lot of these guys are going to have to play much better...and get healthy.

But I agree on no to DRC and Bowman.

Go, Bubba!

flackcatcher's picture

I am sad to say that Rodgers is done for the season. The break is on his right side, his throwing side. I hope that this is the only injury he had on that play. That makes three position groups wiped out, down to fourth string and players I have never heard of. I guess the football Gods are making up for last year. Seriously, this is a league wide problem that the owners better get their behinds in gear to deal with.

RCPackerFan's picture

I like Hundley. He has some really good skills. But i agree with you on the OL. I'm not sure how well Vick or any other Mobile QB would do with that OL.
Problem is who does Thompson call? This late in the season, any available free agents, are available for a reason. So do you try to trade for someone? Ok, who do you trade for that could come in and be an upgrade over what they have, and how much will it cost to get him?

They really are in a no win situation. Basically yesterday they finished the game without 6 of their top 8 OL from going into the season. Bakhtiari, Bulaga, Taylor, Barclay, Spriggs, Murphy.

I get wanting to blame someone for the injuries. But honestly, most of it is bad luck.

dobber's picture

Hundley won a lot of games in college. He's got arm talent and he's athletic. I think he's not going winless the rest of the way, as some have suggested.

The question is: does he have enough brain talent and patience to win 5 games? I figure 5 games will keep the Packers on the edge of the playoff picture and will give him enough good vibes to earn solid picks in trade prior to the draft. Some might say that just running up a bunch of yards and TDs will be enough, but he's going to have to lead and win games to get the big return. Honestly, that's what I'm looking for at this stage. If he can do this AND carry this team into the playoffs?

RCPackerFan's picture

Hunley is very talented. He just has no experience playing. And little practice time with the starters.

I believe he has the brain talent. Just inexperienced. He knows the offense, and is 3 years into it.

I believe we will see McCarthy change the offense to fit his skills. Perhaps simplify the offense to suite him. The current offense is set up to revolve around Rodgers. Without Rodgers McCarthy will change it to fit Hundley. We still have very talented weapons. Adams, Nelson, Cobb, Allison, Bennett, Kendricks, Montgomery, Jones. All of our weapons are still there.
The only good thing with the Rodgers injury is it happened before the bye week. This gives them an extra week to help the team. This may mean it gives Rodgers a chance to come back without missing 1 extra game. This also means that it gives McCarthy and Hundley an extra week to prepare Hundley as the starter.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

If McCarthy can't win with Hundley he has very little shot of winning with anyone who is going to be available at any price. Then, we'll all know how much credit ARodg takes between the two of them.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree!

But honestly, how many QB's could win behind McCray as your LT. Patrick LG, John RT?

Considering our Starting OL was supposed to be Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Evans, Bulaga its in really bad shape. Even compared to what our backup OL was supposed to be. Spriggs, Patrick, Barclay, McCray, Murphy.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

dobber, You need to explain something to me. I'm looking at the Big Picture. I'm sure most Will Not Agree here, but Why do the GB Packers want to Win 5 more games? What is that going to do for us? You & others here must think AR is coming back this year, & if we make it into the playoff's, He will get us to the SB. Is that it? Do you really believe that? It looks to me that you're going All In that Hundley is going to get us at least a #1 Draft Choice, Hopefully from the Browns. What if that doesn't happen, & we wind up 8 - 8, or even 9 - 7. Maybe we make the Playoff's & go Nowhere. WE pick 20th if were lucky, & probably 25th. What do we get there. I still doubt we'll get a #1 for Hundley, maybe if we are really lucky a #2. We don't find a Franchise Player, QB? there. I'd much rather have one of the top 4 picks next year. I honestly don't want AR back this year. It's what's Best for GB, if you think AR can play another 4 yr's. He's too Valuable to bring back. I'm sure GB knows that. I hope they do. Send him to Hawaii & tell him to RELAX & come back next year. I hate to say this, but most here seem spoiled. The Health of AR, & the next 3 years are what's Important for AR, & GB. Chalk this year up to a Bad Dream. Just my opinion!!

Savage57's picture

Kind of makes you reconsider the value of a guy who could stack 250 starts without injury.

A lot of folks who've spent a lot of time bagging on Favre forgot how nice it was to look up every Sunday and see #4 under center.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Savage57, I was & still am a Brett Favre fan. He did something I've seen No other QB do. He learned early on in his Career to throw the Ball & Turn His Back to the Rushers. That's what kept him Healthy. That's the one thing I wish AR would have picked up from Brett. He never did. Brett had the Luxury of Chad Clifton & Mark Tausher for a long time Protecting his sides. AR has Never had that. He's always had to worry about his Left & his Right. With Winters at Center, & the Guards he had, I would say even though AR has had a few Good OL's, Brett had Better one's. That's why he stayed as Healthy as he did. Our Leader doesn't seem to think AR needs that. Even with all the OL's injury's, in all these years, The "GUY"running the show has NEVER REPLACED Clifton & Tausher, & proceeded to succeed in Ripping Apart the OL that we had.

stockholder's picture

Guys it's time to move on from A-Rod. Everyone knew it was going to happen with this offensive line. Hundley is a durable QB and will do a good job. MM will teach him that his turn overs must stop. This season is on the Defense. They must step up and keep these games close. Something they have not been able to do since 2010. MM is the best coach in the NFL. He's not going to give up. So we shouldn't either. Support MM. Winners don't cry! And we all believed we could get to the super-bowl this year. So the biggest test for the packers is; ARE they Soft. Weak minded, and little kids that cry when their hurt. At some point all the great QBs in the game went down. It's Hundley's time. Suck up the Boo hoo and play dirty. Team after team has taken shots at our players. It's time to dish it out and show the NFL, the packers are more than A-Rod.

dobber's picture

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO!!!

stockholder's picture

Like most people now days. You don't know your history.

dobber's picture

It's a movie line...roll with it, friend!

Klincker's picture


I get you dobber ;)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think Stockholder got it, too. Credit to him for writing it with a "straight face." Thumbs up.

Since '61's picture

Yet another cookie for Dobber!

Johnblood27's picture

Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son...

Dean Wormer

It has worked for me!

Handsback's picture

Hundley had many voices approving of his QB skills during the pre-seasons. Now he has a chance to shine as Rodgers is gone for the year. Frankly, with the starting Oline, he had a chance. With who they have left to start, I have my doubts. Wouldn't be surprised to see MM do a lot of roll-outs and quick drops, because it will take a few games for the new Oline to get on the same page and up to speed playing against starters.

This may be worst year of injuries I have ever seen even excluding Rodgers broken collarbone. So out of their10 best Oline guys....the Packers have lost 6. That is just unheard of in any situation. On defense, they are now down to their last CBs available.

This is a cluster you know what and the only good to come out of it will be to see who will emerge as the next diamonds in the rough.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Stockholder -MM is the best coach in the NFL??? you are delirious. AR is the only reason he's still in GB. As far as Huntley the jury is still out but not impressed so far. He's the back with 2 years learning the system. Should not come in and throw 3 picks.

The play calling was horrendous. 8-8 at best this year. Unless AR comes back mid December then 10-6.

stockholder's picture

No other coach has had as many key injuries, and loses to free Agency, as MM has. Not to mention Favre. I'm not delirious. The guy keeps on coming up with a plan. A-Rod is the reason TT has not Retired. How many All-pros has TT given him. I'm looking at 10 - 6 now. Still good enough to make the playoffs. Remember the hit on Adams, and now A-Rod. Not to mention a few other concussions. The cheap shots are being dealt. The packers must show they are not going to take this lying down.

al bundy's picture

I till say Ted pays no attending ones past injury history when drafting. Harrisn Smith is a bone crushing tackler and yet I think he's missed 5 games in last five seasons playing on art turf no less.
Pack have no one like that. Did is never hurt but never tackles either.

nostradanus's picture

Now we will see what kind of coach McCarthy is without a HOF QB to cover his mistakes, he is a below average coach and this will prove it. Dom Capers should have been shown the door 5 years ago. Without Rodgers this team has nothing, no running game, no passing game, no Defense and a Kicking game full of missed extra points and shanked Punts. On the bright side they do play Cleveland so maybe one more win 5 & 11.

Tundraboy's picture

On one hand I believe Hundley can hold the fort and then some. On the other hand, no O line, MM, DC and a defense that even when healthy can not stop anyone, when it counts, cover the middle let alone tackle.....

I'll be surprised if they do, but hope the team as a whole finds an attitude. This team needs to stop being soft and puts a stop to other teams, especially the Vikings teeing off on our players.

dobber's picture

"I'll be surprised if they do, but hope the team as a whole finds an attitude. This team needs to stop being soft and puts a stop to other teams, especially the Vikings teeing off on our players."

I agree. They've got a couple "enforcers" in the secondary in Jones and Brice. I'm not saying anything dirty, but let's ratchet it up a few notches. The personality of this team needs to change. They'll need to be grinders from here on out to get to 8-8 and grinders don't play passive. One of my criticisms of MM is that he tends to be too "gentlemanly" in how he approaches his team...would rather run a little cool than a little hot. Fire it up, baby.

dobber's picture

Game Balls to Vogel and Crosby...the only Packers not invited to the party in the little tent.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Vogel was invited to the little tent, but it turns out he can't walk in a straight line either. He just kept veering away from his intended destination.

croatpackfan's picture


Well, my first reaction was that Packers will be happy if they got conditional 7th pick for Brett Hundley...

Then I started to think
1. Game plan was made for Aaron, not Brett;

2. Brett is Brett, not Aaron;

3. Brett had to run for his life;

4. I put only one INT on Brett, but that was also incredible play by opponent player - that happens sometimes and you can not do a thing about it...

5. Cudos for Mike McCarthy to admit that he made mistake by not changing the play calling to adapt as much as he can to Brett. He did the simpliest thing and that was mistake - he tried to run the ball on the one of the best run D in the league. And that was in the situation when Vikinga were not affraid of passing game... Also, not to forget, that OL was composed by 4th and 5th stringers...

6. I think it was situation where they might just check what they have in Devante Mays. Game was lost anyhow...

Also, I'm glad that Brett showed confidence on his press conference. His explanation for strugling are valid.

I will hold up my grade on Brett untill game against Lion is finished.

Now, injuries...

There are teams which has worse situation than Packers, but Packers did lost the Man. Person wh brings calm and confidence. Person who made excellent players incredible players, very good players excellent and good players very good players...
Now, we need Packers excellent players to play at that level week in and week out...

One thing brings some addtional hope. We all knows that bone needs time to heal - remember how many were sure that Ty will missing at least 4 weeks - he is back in 2. I think they are using new cure - osteogrow - that help bones to heal twice faster than usual. If you want to know more, just put the name of the cure in google and read!

al bundy's picture

1 Vikes kicked half our asses, pack picked the other half. Rogers exposed this team for what it is: so so defense, avg run game, piss poor tackling and no coverage skills.
2. Rollins hurt again, bulaga, Montgomery, Taylor, house, Burnett.
3. Coaching the pets of Ted. Start Monty when you have a 100 yd plus running back on the bench. Playing a washed up has been in Bennet when you have a fast young fleet of foot guy, on the bench.
4. Drafting stupid people: Rollins, Hawkins, others are dumb asses. Can't coach dumb asses.
5. King out again, what three concussions since training camp?
This is a last place team without Rogers. The guy who beat us was the Vikes third stringer.

RCPackerFan's picture


Why you don't drink in the A.M.

4thand1's picture

he starts in the A.M. and drinks all day.

4zone's picture

If we don't get Burnett and King back Breeze is gonna torch us.

dobber's picture

Brooks, Burnett and King were DNPs all last week. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't play against the Saints. House might make it back, which is something.

Normally I would hang my hat on the fact that Brees, and the Saints offense in general, hasn't been good away from the Superdome, outside and on grass. Frankly, though, they're playing pretty well right now and handled Carolina at their place.

Packers are going to have to get guys back quick and grind to get this one.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm praying for cold this weekend. Brutal unseasonable cold, win and sleat.

Pauly's picture

Now with Hundley,, will Hundley be able to scramble enough to find an open slow WR like AR could? NO!!
Maybe think outside of the box,,,,
Sit Montgomery and Cobb.
Start WR Davis and Janis (find out who's best) to use some speed stretch the field with Jordy in slot and TEs.

Use RBs Jones and Mays to pound it. Stretching the defensive field in both directions, on the ground and with deep receivers.
All to help Hundley have some time to find Jordy and TEs underneath with quick passes.

TT go get Tayson Hill back as 3rd QB. Has talent, scheme knowhow. Only got hurt because he rushed for 2800 yds in 37 games with 75 yd average.

dobber's picture

Hill's not available...on the Saints' 53, not the PS.

idgafkurt's picture

Lame Calls:
Pete Doughtery (and a host of other beat writers) for writing trash like this:

Amazing people are already throwing in the towel. Hundley will be markedly better with a week of prep, being at home and playing the Saints D.

Get a W next week, get to the bye, get healthy and they'll be sitting 5-2 in position to make a playoff run.

Ustabeayooper's picture

Take the rest of the season one game at a time. A lot of crap happens to every team throughout the season. Focus on beating NO this week and don't worry about the rest of the schedule. Hundley will be fine. Quit worrying about how many draft picks he may or may not garner. He was drafted to play QB for this scenario. They spent over two years working with him and he knows the system better than any other QB available. Remember that we didn't really know how good Rodgers was until there was no #4. I already like his attitude and the coach's commitment. He's no Rodgers but he'll be better than most of the naysayers think.

Since '61's picture

Game Ball to Kenny Clark for causing the fumble which led to CM3s long fumble return and eventually a TD pass from Hundley to Davonte. Game Balls to Martinez who tipped the pass which was picked by Randall.
Lame Calls: I have 3 lame calls on one play.
1.Bennett dropped (again) Rodgers perfectly thrown pass which would have resulted in a first down.
2. Barr's hit on Rodgers which was technically legal but an unnecessary cheap shot since Barr could have pulled up.
3. Rodger's injury on the play.
Lame calls to the deluge of other Packers injured during the game.
Lame call to the OL as they did not do much to help Hundley out.

As for the Hundley discussion earlier in this post, remember that Aaron Rodgers went 6 - 10 in his first season as a starter with essentially the same team that went 13 - 3 the prior season with Brett Favre. Therefore in terms of managing expectations can we reasonably expect Brett Hundley to play better than Aaron Rodgers in his first season of starting for the Packers? If our injured players return maybe. The best case scenario is that we get healthy for the bye and go from there. As for this week against the Saints maybe we get back King and Taylor. Beyond that who knows. If we're healthy we have a shot (slim) to get to 10-6. Otherwise we're looking at 6-10 or 7-9. Thanks, Since '61

A Pickled Packer's picture

I don't care how McCarthy gets Hundley ready, if he insists on passing the ball, the poor kid is gonna get slammed. The pocket will collapse in 3 seconds, he'll feel the heat and start throwing interceptions. I just don't think he's ready yet. He's from UCLA and when do UCLA, UCLA when the smog clears, and the smog hasn't cleared. Mark this down, Hundley will get hurt and Callahan gets thrown in there and starts winning games by eluding defenders with the roll out and using our 4 RB's, pounding the ball. It's our only hope I think.

William Brauer's picture

Really disappointed to see them use Montgomery with bad ribs. Ditto pushing Baktiari and his hamstring. Now he's out for how many more weeks. It soesn't matter now but what a crappy bottom of the draft for Thompson. Let's hope we get someone else making the picks in "18. Can't wait to say goodbye to Dom Capers. His "schemes" fool no one.

dobber's picture

Ultimately the players have to be in on those decisions. They're usually ready to play long before the doctors say they are.

4thand1's picture

MM is supposed to be this great QB guru. There are rookie QB's playing right now. Brett Osshitler is on a team. Hundley has been here for 3 years. He knows the system and is smart. Most people in here were saying they were glad we had a capable backup in case of this. We'll find out against the Saints, I'm giving him a pass for being thrown into the fire, a hostile loud crowd, and up against a very good defense. It would be great to see a few thousand #7 jerseys in the crowd on Sunday. Get behind our new starting QB, if he stinks it up, then chuck him. He deserves a few games.

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"The Bears still suck!"
"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "