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Our Long Cheesehead Nation Nightmare Is Over

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Our Long Cheesehead Nation Nightmare Is Over

Much to discuss and dissect over the coming months. When will Bob Sanders be fired? WILL he be fired? (It's not a sure thing) What about Mike Stock. Will Thompson be a major player in free agency? (I doubt it) Will he trade down several times in the draft? (Count on it.) Will he make a play for Albert Haynesworth? (Back to doubtful again) And on and on...

But before we get there, I'd like to say a final word on the 2008 Green Bay Packers. Namely, I'd like to say 'goodbye' to 4th Quarter collapses. I'd like to say 'goodbye' to not having a running game. I'd like to say a big, fat 'sayonara' to the fullback dive. (OK, OK, that one is a joke) and I'd like to say 'see-ya!' to holding onto a horrible punter nine weeks too long. There were a litany of problems, some the fault of the players, some the fault of the coaches, some the fault of the General Manager.

Goodbye to all that. Roll-on 2009. The draft is in 117 days.

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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

So Brett goes in the tank the last 5 games of the season and Mangini, who named his child after Brett, loses his job. Man, this season just keeps getting weirder. Was it Mangini's leadership or Brett getting older and regressing? Probably some of both, but I find it interesting that Chad Pennington comes out of this the hero. And, after listening to the Jets PC, it's clear they are going to make a big push to bring Brett back. I'll bet they interview Mooch as part of that process. Stay tuned

Paul's picture

My first gut reaction is that Brett is just plain washed-up, but perhaps he could throw together one more good (complete) year if he actually goes through all of the off-season conditioning. Either way, I'm glad the Packers made the decision they did. Rodgers had a very good year, and was playing just as well in week 17 as he was in week 1.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

The fullback dive is like the cowbell. You can never have enough.

Ron La Canne's picture

Andrew, you made me spill my coffee. Mooch! This is a song I'm glad to tune out.

packeraaron's picture

McCarthy's got a fever and the only remedy is: More fullback dive!

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

That's what I meant in an earlier post - a normal offseason where we know what we have going into next year. The Jets are about to walk a slippery slope that we know very well. Good luck with that Jets.

Oh, and someone needs to get that cowbell skit off the web and superimpose McCarthy's face over Christopher Walken and the other coach's faces over the band members re the fullback dive. That would be one hilarious video (that's a double dog dare to you youngsters who don't get caught up in stuff like copyright - go get 'em!)

IPBprez's picture

Coach Mac? Repeat after me....

Crossing Route ... Crossing Route .... Crossing Route!

I am glad to hear that Rodgers and most of the Team is doing a Majik Man in the offseason, staying in Green Bay. March would probably be a great time to catch a pool game or two with DD & da guys!

Will TT go for someone in Free Agency?
Good question, but most likely not. The Contract comes up in 2010, so it's crap shoot on who would want to lock something down now, or wait for Jerry Jones money after 2009.

Will Trader Ted flip to the 2nd round, swapping the #9 pick for a few more?
Normally, I would say yes. As long as he can get something close to what Dallas gave away. But, this time, the answer is a big NO. We need to find a Left Guard of the Future; and we need to find acceptable replacements for both Tackles (luv 'em ta death, they done good, now hit the recliners). Cliffy is done, guys.. He's been every bit a Ken Ruettgers for us. Finding another Mike Wahle (???) That's the key! Protect your QB, and we win games. Get an OLC who knows how to mold these guys, first. Tauscher is UFA, but I also think he's done, unless for some reason he has bills to pay. He should sit down and be proud of what he accomplished, especially being a true Cheesehead from birth. That don't happen too often, ya know!

I posted elsewhere and maybe even here, but it can't be said enough .... Scott Wells is not Frankie (gimme a donut)Winters; he's not even a Mike Flanagan! We had better games when Jason Spitz was in there. Have we ever tried Wells in there as Guard?

I wanna see some Coaches with spit brought into Lambeau ... I'm tired of the coffee breaks we saw this year.

Mr.Man's picture
Haynesworth is apparently already working on an extension with the Titans. Good teams don't let their great players leave. Period.

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