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Opposition Research Is Up

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Opposition Research Is Up

Holly does her usual brilliant job over at The Other 31. Be sure to check it out.

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Glorious80s's picture

Hope the Packers do bring it all Sunday. Can't make any assumptions about next week or the playoffs. These are the SB champions and prideful, as Holly points out very well. It will be a test of GB's ability to handle the playoff teams. GB probably has to run the table to be sure of a playoff spot. Besides, PA native MM wants this one.

phillip's picture

Rest in peace Chris Henry. Troubled kid who was in the midst of turning his life around. Lombardi said it best, its not the kids today are wrong, they lack the leadership to show them whats right.

Oppy's picture

Holly, interesting column this week. Your warm-n-fuzzies for the Steelers is readily apparent! Interesting departure, great read as always.
Now, I'll be the cold-and-heartless guy. Re: Chris Henry:
I don't wish pain and suffering on anyone, but I'm growing tired of the NFL wash-job on the few complete jerks that make the headlines. Chris Henry is a guy who has gotten in trouble over and over again through college and his entire pro career. Just because he hasn't gotten in trouble in almost 8 months doesn't mean he turned a new leaf. Just because his team mates said he was a changed man doesn't mean it was true, either- What are they supposed to say? The guy was in the midst of a 'Domestic Dispute' in which he jumped into the bed of his fleeing fiancee's truck. I'm not saying he was at fault or the aggressor, but I'm just saying that's not normal behavior, and since most people go their whole lives without getting in trouble with the police, a man going 8 months without incident a life-changing turnaround does not make. And every time some talking head says that these troubled guys deserve to play in the NFL because "everyone deserves a second chance" and "America loves the underdog story"(Like the Mike Vick thing, no pun intended), it is a statement to children (and adults) everywhere that you can do whatever you want without long term consequence.. Just say your sorry when you get caught, and you can continue to live the good life. Felons lose some of their basic rights as Americans after serving time and "Paying their debt" (often, voting and right to bear arms), but society somehow believes they still deserve the privilege of playing in the NFL for millions or dollars? Mularky.
As for Lombardi's quote, screw that. A very out-of-character statement from the man who above else held people responsible for their own actions. For every Chris Henry, there's a Ray Rice or Donald Driver, two guys who also had rough lives without proper role models, but didn't turn to a life of poor mistakes and criminal behavior. (to be fair, DD apparently did sell drugs for a time to make money to survive as a youth when homeless..that said, it was not something he condoned or continued.)
Again, I don't wish or want for Henry's death, but I will not canonize the man's life nor herald his passing as a some great loss. I hope his children are taken care of.

Phillip's picture

There isnt much in Oppys' comment i disagree with, however, to lead a life like his, will warrant trouble. The reason I feel for the guy, is i know what its like. It is not a story for all, it is a story for people who have trouble expressing themselves. Where does that come from? Your supposed to learn it, where? Not even politicians, people on TV, neighbors are correct. Unfortunately these are the only people to learn from. Everyone has there faults and hate breeds hate, vicariously trouble shall breed and continue.

I should/cant blame you for your response but i will ask you be a little more open minded. A wise man said that quote, when he was talking about hippies and draft card burning, perhaps something more important then one kids life. His open mindedness made him an enviable man, if he was around today and there were more like him who could stand up to the plate instead of bitch of how things SHOULD be we may have a little more progress. At the very least a few more role models.

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