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How Packers Should Handle Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

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How Packers Should Handle Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

When it comes to the Green Bay Packers and contract extensions, much of the focus is on Aaron Rodgers. As it should be. However, his contract is just one expiring in the next two years that the Packers will be forced to deal with.
Of course, Rodgers is the most important domino. It’s hard for Green Bay to do business until they know the parameters of his deal. So that needs to get done and it doesn’t take a genius to know the Packers should do it sooner rather than later.
Rodgers seems to want it and the team does too. But in terms of some other important players, things are much less clear.
One player that comes to mind instantly is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. The 2014 first-round pick, who made the Pro Bowl following the 2016 season, once seemed like a cornerstone piece. Yet, last season, despite putting up three interceptions, he just didn’t seem like the same player.
Now, Green Bay needs to make a decision about his future and if the team doesn’t play its cards rights, it could lose a potentially valuable asset.
Certainly, many are already advocating for Clinton-Dix to go at the end of the season. After his play in 2017, it’s understandable. His strange absence in OTAs also didn’t help. He claims it wasn’t about money, but reading between the lines, it was.
There definitely seems to be some tension between Clinton-Dix and the team. Yet, if he returns to his old way, that would likely dissipate fairly quickly. It could also lead to an early-season contract extension, something the Packers should definitely consider.
Obviously, Green Bay would like to take as much time as possible to evaluate whether Clinton-Dix deserves a new deal. Unfortunately, if the Packers wait too long, they might miss the boat.
Suppose Clinton-Dix has an All-Pro kind of season or at least has another Pro-Bowl year, which he is more than capable of doing, think about how much the price tag will go up? And if he senses that, with free agency on the horizon, Green Bay might not stand a chance.
The open market can be a tantalizing thing for a player and once good players get to it, they usually don’t come back. The Packers have had good luck with getting deals done with big-name guys like Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga, but few players actually take less money to stay and Green Bay can’t count on that.
What the Packers should do is get something done with Rodgers. Then, evaluate Clinton-Dix early in the year and if he looks like his old self, get a deal done. Without him, Josh Jones and Kentrell Brice would be the top guys at safety, which would certainly mean a high-priced free agent or an early-round pick would be on the horizon for 2019.
That’s why keeping Clinton-Dix makes sense. He needs to earn his contract extension with his play on the field, however, if he returns to form in September and October, Green Bay should strike while the iron is hot. 
Don’t wait until Clinton-Dix prices himself out of Green Bay. If he plays poorly or is inconsistent, let him walk. Yet, if he looks like the guy he was during his first three seasons, the Packers should lock him up and for their own sake, they shouldn’t wait too long. 


Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Spock's picture

Chris, you need to take down the "Now" repeat article. Here's my comment on that.
Wait and see. After last year he's got more to prove. The big question is will he play well after he gets more money and his comments about that didn't encourage me. The coaches seem to like him way more than the fans.

Bure9620's picture

I disagree, HHCD may not get a big pay day on the open market. The open market currenty has 3 safeties that are still jobless, good ones too. Kenny Vaccaro, Tre Boston, and Eric Reid all played well last year and are STILL FAs. Teams are devaluing the postion and focusing on cover corners. They are looking for younger players at safety, Josh Jones, Kentrell Brice, Marwin Evans. Even with a Pro Bowl year, HHCD may not get "paid." In fact, his $6 million option price tag is likely better than what those FAs mentioned earlier will get. Morgan Burnett too, his total with signing bonus this year is $2.4 mil. Very Steeler friendly deal. If in Vegas, I would bet HHCD is not a Packer in '19.

TheVOR's picture

Ya, you're dead nuts on this one. The dude isn't even a guy I'd consider blue chip at this point, he has to have a huge season to earn a contract. I think I understand the mans reasoning for why he feels we saw the drop off last year, and lets face it the DC should have been changed after the 2011 season, but the man will have no excuses under Pettine. He'll either excel to blue chip can't miss contract status, or he won't, but I'd never pay the guy based on anything up to this point. He's hardly Leroy Butler or a Nick Collins, Cam Chancellor kind of impact guy. He has to have a big season. It's hardly like he's not currently be paid fairly in the 5th year option.

SterlingSharpe's picture

HaHa has a crappy attitude, which we don't like in Green Bay. He's closer to Damarious Randall than, say, Tramon Williams or Mike Daniels.

Make Haha play out the full last year of his contract.

carlos's picture

I don’t think he wants to be in Green Bay.

Coldworld's picture

We need to see him play in the Pettine era. Until we do we will not know if we have the HHCD of last year or the previous one.

Given the shambles of last year’s secondary, it could very well be that he will thrive. If so, we would be nuts to let him walk given his youth, experience and the fact that he has played at a very high standard in the past.

So I say wait and make a decision in the first half of the season.

Nick Perry's picture

I completely agree Coldworld...We have to see what he does in Pettines system. BUT there's no point in opening a checkbook for him even if he looks like the 2016 version. I have a feeling Vaccaro, Reid, or Boston would thrive in Pettines system too.

Hey, if he wants to play with best QB in the NFL. Certainly a top 5 offense in the NFL by 2019, AND an above average to very good defense in 2019 he'll sign. If not we'll spank his ass wherever he decides to go.

Bure9620's picture

Good point Coldwar, will he play center field? Help King or the rookies in a bracket over the top? Play cover 2 or cover 3? From what I recall Jim Leonard said Pettine puts more on the safteys plate as far as play recognition than other players. Will be interesting to see how Pettine deploys Haha

Handsback's picture

I don't know what the coaches think about HHCD, but after three games last year he wasn't the same playmaker he had been in previous years. Is Capers or the system to blame? I have no idea, he just seemed to be going through the motions not looking at making plays. I'm pretty sure of one thing.....Pettine will get his attention if he thinks HHCD is under-performing. So it will be worth watching him this year.

ShanghaiKid's picture

My two cents on the matter, is that Dix was expecting to get paid after 2016. The Packers exercised his 5th year option, which he took exception to, and played not to get hurt last year. (That’s what my eyes told me) Bottom line, he needs to play better for him to get paid, which is only going to help GB win games.

Archie's picture

IMHO, the fact HHCD made the Pro Bowl in 2016 was a miscarriage of justice. And I think we all agree that he committed the cardinal sin of just going through the motions in 2017. W/o a contract beyond 2018, does anyone really thing this guy is going to perform well in 2018?! If so, I've got some swampland you might like.

No, HHCD has cooked his goose in GB. If he were to play like a true Pro Bowler in 2018, he would want a king's ransom to bypass free agency. Who would trust this guy to give him that?

In my estimation, he should have been the DB traded to CLE, not D. Randall. Randall will be a far better S in CLE than HHCD will be in GB.

Very unlikely Pettine will allow HHCD to get away with not giving max effort. Defense won't be whole till we have a talented and try hard type in that position and I strongly doubt HHCD is that guy. Heck, new DC, new system and $6MM and what does HHCD decide to do? Not show up at OTAs. Can anyone defend this guy? Not me, I'm done with him.

The TKstinator's picture

You could very well be right. I can’t blame his “decline” on Capers’ system since he had been playing in it his whole career in GB.
Eager to see how he does under Pettine. But like many others have noted, a great season might price himself out of GB’s range, and after last year’s suspected attitude problem, I doubt GB would break the bank anyway. Guys like that can’t be trusted.

carlos's picture

Good point Shang...I’d rather have one of the free agents. Not so much Ried. Maybe spelled his name wrong. Really liked HaHa in his first years. Not so sure I’d want him back. Hope I’m wrong.

PatrickGB's picture

Agree with most of the posters here. Adopt a wait and see attitude. My guess is that it was Capers system that frustrated HHCD. Now he is playing for his next contract and in a better system. My hope and expectation is that we see an improved player.

stockholder's picture

I don't agree with waiting. I think that was TTs biggest mistake. You wait, you OVER- PAY! They see kids come out every draft to know if HHCD has lost a step or two. The evaluations on HHCD should tell them Fair Market Value. You only get black mailed by an agent waiting. Feelings get hurt. Talk is cheap. I would lock up HHCD before A-Rod. HHCD is not on the bubble. He's still young. It's time to STOP the Games in negotiating.

lucky953's picture

Right...or let him go and be All-Pro somewhere else like Hayward and Hyde.

Lare's picture

If HHCD has a bad attitude and was loafing last year on the field, his teammates certainly know it. Rewarding that kind of behavior with an early new contract is not setting a good example for the rest of the team.

If HHCD earns a new contract, then pay him. But I don't think last year's performance earned him one yet.

Ferrari Driver's picture


I feel caution is warranted with Clinton-Dix because of marginal play on the field and concerns about his attitude recently.

I would rather the Packers evaluate both aspects this season and if he improves neither, let him walk. If he earns a good contract, pay the man.

croatpackfan's picture

Aaaaaaaah, I need to say just 2 words to all of you - Davante Adams!

And I will tell you in the future - "I told you!"

Do you ever hear the word "PATIENCE" and do you know what that word means?

stockholder's picture

A top ten Safety in 2018 will make 8,500,000 plus. (Morgan Burnett 4.7 mil. the avg.+.) Once A-Rod gets his new contract. Cobb, HHCD, Mathews, etc. will get Crumbs and leave. Not to mention a player getting cut for "cap reasons." They wouldn't have taken the 5 th year option on HHCD if they didn't want him. Patience was TTs game. And getting draft picks. But it didn't get him back to the Super-Bowl. Who do you replace HHCD with. Remember Sharper,Robinson, Hyde all got better with age. I think the Packers can't afford to keep spending #1 picks in the secondary. Signing HHCD now is a smart move.

Bure9620's picture

Stockholder, Burnett is $4.7 guranteed total, actually this year is $2.4, very backloaded team friendly deal....

dblbogey's picture

Davante was very good by his 3rd year, without an 'attitude". This is HHCD's fifth year. Patience?

stockholder's picture

Forget drop Adams. Very Good is a 1000 yd. WR. Were talking HHCD here. I remember people with attitudes. Conrad Dobbler, Dick Butkis, Mean joe Green, Jack Tatum, Irvin, etc. It made them the best. And I guarantee you, Minnesota will be all over HHCD. Patience should only be used in seeing if he can still run.

croatpackfan's picture

It doesn't matter what year you are talking about (3rd or 4th). Davante was no pro-bowler, like Ha-Ha was, so one down year and you are already willing to cut the player.

What is the most ridiculous fact is that no one of you knows what happened and why Ha-Ha had down year. But still all of you posses all the knowledge in the world to know Ha-Ha does not deserve to play for Packers...


porupack's picture

HHCD criticism is too harsh. He played well enough, but the whole backfield was very disfunctional under capers, with little consistency caused in some big part by injuries. But there were poor schemes and mis-fitting players. Ruining DRandall, and after even having to start a rookie after letting hayward go are poor coaching/leadership. That should end the discussion re; HHCD.

People who don't care, don't speak up. So when players speak up, fans overly criticize: e.g., ARodgers and HHCD, Lang and JSItton. You want puppies to lick up to the coaches who have failed to do their coaching and strategizing jobs?

Treat HHCD well and take care of your players, and people tend to respond well. HHCD doesn't have the diva traits. He wants to win as much as anyone if the team has a shot.

Coaches, Pettine now, have the responsibility to lead, prepare and get every player to that is where the first criticism should go: It was Capers who rarely had the team ready.
This is Pettine's early test:
1) get into HHCD with some love, respect but accountability as well.
2) coach the young CBs and have them ready
3) Get Wilderson/Clark/Daniels to be leaders on the D. and hold HHCD, as well as others to account.
4) Get some schemes especially in early season that are clear and bring max results per player skills.

Cohesion, accountability and results will take care of any concern about HHCD.

Lare's picture

Say what you want, but good players play well regardless the circumstances and players around them. HHCD didn't play well last season.

Rak47's picture

If were being real about it we truly don't know whether injury or illness played a role in his performance last year or not. What concerns me with HHCD and throws up red flags is how he mailed it in against Detroit and skipped camp this spring. No matter what anyone on here says those are serious cause for concern from the Packers front office.

porupack's picture

NO, with respect to you Lare; good players don't often play well in disfunction and poor schemes that don't utilize their skills. Many good players have tanked after going to another team and system.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree and am inclined to give Dix a pass given his Bama roots ,but everything is now positioned for him to succeed, so succeed he must. As for the recent past, let's face it, that was as weak a pro bowl season as one could have, so he has a LOT to show before he should receive any big contract. As others have pointed out, there are a lot talented safeties to be found.

Oppy's picture

My personal thoughts on Ha-Ha's 2017 season is simply that there were factors that affected his performance that the fan base does not know, and the Packers (team, front office, and Ha-Ha) aren't divulging.

The only signs of dissatisfaction with HHCD's 2017 campaign are from the fan base. Was he playing through an injury that was never listed? Was he being asked to play ultra conservatively to help cover other elements in the defense that were struggling to handle their own assignment? It's entirely possible HaHa was just garbage last season because he fell off, isn't the real deal, or he's lazy.. but I would expect to have heard a comment here or there from other players or hints from MM or assistants that the level of play needed to rise. Since there has been none of that, I have to believe HaHa in some way, shape or form had his back against the wall last season.

Lare's picture

Players, coaches and management will rarely comment on current players under contract that aren't doing their job or who are a locker room problem. Cases in point, Damarious Randall and Josh Sitton.

We'll see fairly soon during training camp what the Packer's feelings are on HHCD.

Oppy's picture

Lare, while there are definitely things kept in house, this team isn't afraid to call out those who are out of line, either.

Mike McCarthy on Damarius Randall: He needs to clean his own house.

Mike McCarthy on Josh Sitton: He's got opinions. My job to coach, his job to play LG

Mike McCarthy on Eddie Lacy: He's got a lot of work to do. Can't play at that weight. Offseason wasn't good enough.

Mike McCarthy on Mike Daniels talking S%^T and then getting stupid penalties: needs to put his nose down. No more talking.

Joe Whitt Jr.: Too many qoutes about players needing to perform better to count, lol

And those are just the coaches. Last year in particular, there was a lot of finger pointing going on by the players on defense, but one guy that wasn't singled out, for whatever reason, was HaHa. Packers don't talk about personal issues typically, but they don't necessarily shy away from kicking a player in the butt who is under performing due to motivation.

Again, it's entirely possible they aren't thrilled with him, but I feel as though we would have heard something about it in some form. I thought it was telling that we heard nothing until HaHa himself stated that he wasn't happy with his performance in 2017.

Spock's picture

Oppy, Agree with your comment. That's why I said that the coaches seemed to like Dix better than the fans. Who knows what went on 'behind the scenes' last year? MM has always given positive comments on Ha-Ha.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Oppy... great post!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That is all possible. However, I hardly would expect Brice, Whitehead, Jones, or Evans to suggest that there isn't much ahead of them.

Barnacle's picture

Do NOT trust HHCD with a guaranteed contract. He has an attitude and only tries hard when he feels like it.

Oppy's picture

Somehow, your auto-correct must have swapped in "HHCD" when you meant to type "CMIII"

dobber's picture

Who ever said they were going to give HHCD a guaranteed contract?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Are we doing semantics? Technically, HHCD has a 100% fully guaranteed contract for 2018. GB already gave him a guaranteed contract.

dobber's picture

Granted. The 5th year option is its own animal.

...but in the context of the discussion of an extension/resign...?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Okay. I just read into Barnacle's comment the understanding that we should not pony up a bunch of guaranteed money, not that HHCD's whole contract would be fully guaranteed.

I wrote for years that GB should never ever give B.J. Raji a bunch of guaranteed money because I thought sooner or later it would be an albatross.

I am leaning towards re-signing him for substantial money. I sure would like to see lots of any guaranteed money come off the contract in the first two seasons. That is, I'd like to see roster bonuses in year one and two, and not as large of a signing bonus as GB typically has used. The market is soft for safeties, IDK why, so I expect some difficulty in reaching a meeting of the minds as to his fair market value. I'd also like to see how he plays for part of this season first. I have no interest in HHCD at $9M or $10M AAV unless something in the safety market changes. I think 2016 is about as well as he can play, and that was a year that had some safeties have down years. I don't see a lot of upside.

Barnacle's picture

Dobber, I said I hope they do not give HHCD a guarenteed contract. I did not suggest that anyone said they would. However, the Packers frequently give guaranteed contracts including a big one last year to Adams. One more concussion and that one may look bad.

Barnacle's picture

Dobber, I said I hope they do not give HHCD a guarenteed contract. I did not suggest that anyone said they would. However, the Packers frequently give guaranteed contracts including a big one last year to Adams. One more concussion and that one may look bad.

porupack's picture

this is imagination at its worst. Nothing to back up this 'attitude' thing. I'm a fan of HHCD and the packers and give benefit of the doubt, unless there is clear track record of underperformance and poor effort. The case against HHCD is ridiculous at this point and disappointing to hear this from such a fan base.

Lphill's picture

Bye bye Ha Ha

stockholder's picture

The loss of HHCD will be astronomical. The penalty is missing the super-bowl again.

Duke Divine's picture

He certainly plays a lot of snaps. Stays healthy. No excuse for the tentative play last year. I do recall him calling out Dynamic Dom when Sam Shields was cut by the team. Maybe MP at DC will be just what he needed to become more aggressive and more consistent....Maybe.. I'l buy anybody a beer that can show me a highlight of Haha actually high pointing a ball and picking it on a great break rather than just basket catching a shitty over throw. ... show me

TheBigCheeze's picture

BAD ATTITUDE.....CUT HIS SORRY //A//S//S//..........

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


1. Play is up and down.
2. Attitude is unknown to fans.
3. Effort is questionable.
4. Market for FS is soft. Will it remain so?
5. Not much behind him.
6. Fair amount of FA safeties next season.
7. HHCD does a lot right off the field.

[Landon Collins, Joyner, Thomas, Kareem Jackson (30), Mathieu, Shead (30), Conte, Reggie Nelson (34 - best days might be in the past.]

We could sign Tre Boston cheap for this year (he'd be excellent depth) with an option bonus or escalators that GB could exercise at bigger numbers for 2019 and beyond if he plays well. That probably would not sit well with HHCD. I assume Boston is waiting to see if a starting FS gets hurt or suspended for the bulk of the 2018 season so he can sign for starting money.

Oppy's picture

HaHa had a down year in 2017, no question.

I have no idea where "HaHa has a bad attitude", or "HaHa is a character risk" or "HaHa will shut it down once he gets paid" came from. Honestly, I think there's packers fans out there who just like to find new ways to vent their disappointment when a player doesn't play well. Maybe it's a form of justification for their anger.

stockholder's picture

I think they are thinking he's suppose to be better than Nick Collins. It took Nick Collins a few years too. HHCD was a top 100 player pick in 2017 and he's # 100 in 2018 by his peers. Not to mention All-pro. Even so, it will take 7 INTs before the doubters shut- up. And then the stats won't matter, only the Cap hit.

porupack's picture

Well said stockholder. Instead of objectively critiquing HHCD down year, they start down the nebulous, ethereal world of 'attitude'. Can't understand such a fan that can't give a little benefit of doubt considering all the (justified) bitching about Capers and the injuries, and the TT retrofitting hybrid players such as DRandall, etc. Add injuries and result is high instability and some downright dysfunction.
Sheesh, we got a new DC and how about letting Pettine and HHCD work things into the season before such comments as we see. I am fully behind HHCD, and getting a deal done pre- or early season.

croatpackfan's picture

TGR I really respects your knowledge and posts, but this is crap. So, basically what you say is that you objects Ha-Ha
1. Play is up and down - without any info about his responsibility...
2. Attitude is unknown to fans - it is the hardest fault, because Ha-Ha usually do not share with reporters (and consequently fans) his thoughts about football, team, tactics, his attitude, teammates, etc. But the main problem is Ha-Ha do not do pep-talk to the public... "Face palm"
3. Effort is questionable - I admit more than several times it looks like Ha-Ha came to late to the location of the play, but again, we do not know what he was ordered to play!
4. Market for FS is soft. Will it remain so? - why should we care about that? If he shows that he is liability, that is his problem, not Packers...
5. Not much behind him - well one pro-bowl season is behind him...
6. Fair amount of FA safeties next season - again, that is his concern, not us...
7. HHCD does a lot right off the field - oh, but he still do not show us any pep-talk... I believe in acts not words, so if he talks nicely and what fans likes to hear, I do not care. That must be shown in the act not in the mouth...

That is how I see situation. And, yes, I really believe to Packers Personnel Department more than I believe fans judgement...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Fair enough, Croat! My post was actually me trying to be neutral, more or less a house opinion. My gut is mildly less favorable to him because every time I read his quotes, I am left scratching my head as to what he meant.

As for trusting the Packer's Personnel Department, they have not rendered their opinion. If and when they extend HHCD, and for how much, then those actions (or inaction) will speak volumes.

croatpackfan's picture

On this I agree completely...

dobber's picture

"We could sign Tre Boston cheap for this year (he'd be excellent depth)...."

I agree: I like the idea of bringing in one of these higher-end FA FS on a one-year deal at the start of camp. Those guys aren't going to want to sit out 2018. Let that player and HHCD duke it out for an extension.

Besides, based on recent history, I think we all expect they're going to need another starter-quality safety at some point this season. That's the kind of signing that will make BG look really smart in the long run...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This quote is almost unintelligible. I can read it one way if I like HHCD and another if I don't like him. Actually, that seems to be a pattern to HHCD quotes.

"At the end of the day you have to think of it as a business. Me personally? I thought he [Martelluys Bennett] quit on us. I don't fault him, but I did think he quit on us. He let us down — as a teammate. For a guy that came in, of his caliber, his leadership quote-unquote, I expected more from him. I held him to a higher standard, me personally. But he handled it the way he wanted to handle it."

This one is fairly straight-forward, though I do not understand how you don't fault someone who quit on the team.

"It isn’t the defensive coordinator. I’m a baller. Put me in the position to make plays, I’m going to make plays. Give me an opportunity, I’m going to take advantage of those opportunities. Dom was fine. Dom didn’t do me no harm. I love playing for Dom. Whoever they bring in here next, it’s about me adapting to that person."

So, putting it all together I'd infer that the scheme, while perhaps necessary due to personnel issues, didn't suit his skills. I am not too clear on whether he thinks he played well given the nature of the scheme or not, but he hopes that the new DC's scheme will suit him better and he will bounce back. There isn't anything wrong with that once the meaning (or one possible meaning) is disinterred.

Spock's picture

TGR, The one quote you haven't posted (and I don't have that in front of me, lol) is where he said he would have been in GB for the voluntary work IF HE WAS BEING EARNING A BONUS for it, so he chose to stay away. That didn't sound like someone grieving a loss to me and I think can only be interpreted one way. That is the quote that disturbs me.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Me too. I googled for quotes, and that was one of the ones I was looking for, but it didn't come up immediately, and I got lazy and didn't persevere.

Spock's picture

Jonathan, Thanks for finding the quote. Honestly, If HHCD hadn't put in that last line, I'd have been 100% on board with his reason(s) for staying at home. Why he chose to put in that line is beyond me. Hey, I'm not a HHCD hater. He's young and maybe really, really, bad at expressing his feelings. Maybe he's just (refreshingly) honest about how he feels in the moment, but that line just didn't sit well with me after having gone through a very contentious situation after my father died and my 'evil' sister basically trying to throw my other sister and the rest of the family under the bus for money. I guess that may have influenced my comments. Truthfully, I'm hoping Dix just had a down year and will come back fired up for the season. But-----his not being there for valuable information/time with his teammates has me a bit 'skittish' about him. As a Packers fan I hope he has a pro bowl season! -And as other poster have said maybe he just needs Pettine to get him fired up. If that's the case, then Pettine would almost certainly keep that fire going if an extension happens. :)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agreed. Over and over we saw HHCD lined up 20 full yards away from the line of scrimmage, and drop back even farther upon the snapping of the ball (and when dropping back he often closed the middle). That is easily correctable, but it continued, so I conclude that is where and what the DC wanted. So I don't think HHCD was doing anything wrong in terms of assignments. 20 plus yards is a lot of real estate to cover to go make a play on the ball, especially if the opponent is attacking either boundary and he is bailing at the snap between the hashmarks.

I will just wait and see how he does. I don't buy the death of his Godmother as an excuse for all three sessions, even if they are voluntary. HHCD will probably have bonuses in his next contract if it is with GB, so we won't see what he does if a God-Uncle or one of the God-neighbors passes away and he has no bonus money. [I am wondering if Corey got this joke/reference?]

Tundraboy's picture

Most sensible post so far. We'll see soon enough.

Barnacle's picture

Jonathan quotes a quitter and gets a bunch of “likes”? It must be the “Clinton” effect.

4EVER's picture


MITM's picture

I dont care what the stats say last year - Aaron Rouse may have put very similar numbers up in a season, didnt he have 2 picks in a game one year? And he wasnt good. yea yea I know he was a strong safety im just using him as an example. And i dont know how Ha Ha made even 80 tackles considering how disinterested he looked the majority of the season hustling or attempting to make one. I still think he is talented enough to bounce back and look like the player we need him to be, but as a fan during a season that was tough enough - he really left a bad taste in my mouth with his effort.

Unrelated/related statement. Damarious Randall has been switched to free safety by the Browns, i dont think im the only one who was disappointed to see him go. Im aware that he was a problem and although i was disappointed i cant knock him being shown the door. That being said, I will be keeping an eye on him all season in comparison to Ha Ha. Call me crazy, but I think Randall will be the better center fielder of the 2, perhaps the better safety period. Hope im wrong

Oppy's picture

Don't fall into Barry Sanders syndrome. It's water under the bridge, MITM.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Getting Aaron Rodgers signed to a long term extension is more of a priority than HHCD right now. Once Rodgers is signed then concentrate on HHCD. Then wait and see what kind of season he has. The Packers can not adopt a wait and see attitude with Rodgers. There are some talented players taken in this years draft alone that can be coached and ready to play as the season progresses. Plus the Packers have veteran players and younger experienced players ready to go. There are always players available in FA that can play at the same level as HHCD. There will be no players like Rodgers in FA to choose from. The earlier Rodgers can be signed the less distraction it will become. HHCD needs to play better than he did last year for sure. If he doesn't there is plenty of talent waiting to step up and fill the void should HHCD not be a Packer in 2019. At this point in time it's better to wait and see. Go! Pack! Go!

DD's picture

Many great points and ma y words. Simple. Play to get paid on the field. Performance, results.

4EVER's picture

Dix has never wanted to be in GB, hence he's gone. I personally will not miss him.

Barnacle's picture

I agree. It is interesting to hear fans opinions.

The parakeets with long winded quotes are underwhelming.

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"The Bears still suck!"