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No Way The Packers Tag Flynn Without A Deal In Place

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No Way The Packers Tag Flynn Without A Deal In Place

Shortly after word got out that Jermichael Finley had signed a two year deal, speculation began regarding what Ted Thompson would do with the Franchise Tag, if anything. The obvious scenario that Packers fans have been quick to latch onto is the possibility of the Packers franchising quarterback Matt Flynn, trading him for a barrel full of draft picks, and heading into the draft in April with an extra first round pick.

Time to slow down.

There are several hurdles the Packers need to clear before getting close to something even resembling the scenario above.

First of all, there is the not-inconsiderable issue of the money involved in placing the Franchise Tag on a quarterback. Flynn would be due $14 million once he signed his tender, which he would do in a heartbeat. If the Packers want to tag and trade Flynn, they need to have a deal in place first.

Yes, that would require tampering to take place.

Welcome to the NFL Combine.

This week in Indianapolis is pretty much a Tamperingpalooza, with every team able to talk every other team in any number of places in any number of ways. Hey, look over there, it's Mike Shanahan chatting with Jerry Jones in the hotel bar. Well what do you know, that's Jerry Reese talking with Kevin Colbert off to the side. There's a pro personnel guy from Team A talking with a guy from the front office of Team B. And so on and so forth. Obviously, not every conversation is about football business - but you can bet many of them are.

If Ted Thompson or someone on his staff runs into, either by accident or by design, Jeff Irleand and/or Joe Philbin this week, you can bet they'll talk about Matt Flynn. If Thompson runs into Pete Carroll or John Schneider, you can bet they'll talk about Matt Flynn.

You get the idea.

There is no way Ted Thompson places the Franchise Tag on Matt Flynn without having an agreement in palace to trade him first. None. Yes, the practice of tagging and trading is "frowned upon" by the NFLPA - but it is not against any rule. If Thompson finds a suitor (or more to the point, more than one) who he trusts (key point there) and is willing to give him what he considers value for Flynn's services then, and only then, will he tag Flynn.

So when/if you see the headline "Packers place Franchise Tag on Matt Flynn" rest assured it will be followed shortly by "Packers trade Flynn."

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baboons's picture

I'm at a loss why any team <b>would</b> agree to a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more" deal. It's in their best interests to just say "no thanks" until Flynn leaves under FA.

What am I missing?

bearflash's picture

If a team trades for Flynn they have exclusive negotiating rights with him, whereas letting him test the waters means you have to compete with every interested team

Andyman's picture

Only thing I can think would be they don't want to overpay for him in FA - they'd rather only work against themselves in working a deal out than 31 other teams.

jmac34's picture

It insures Matt goes to their team instead of someone else's

Mojo's picture

Right, if you're in the Matt Flynn business, you don't want to take the chance of anyone else corralling him.

I have another question regarding the Flynn tag. Would it bother any of the CHTV posters if the Packers successfully pulled off this deal, knowing its frowned upon. From the leagues standpoint the franchise was meant for a team to retain valuable players. From the unions vantage point; other players suffer because Flynn is not maximizing his FA potential(although that might not be the case). Are there any "ethical" considerations here?

dullgeek's picture

Ok, but the same teams who would be competing as suitors of Matt Flynn in free agency are going to be competing in trade negotiations with the Packers. How does this improve a suitor's position by negotiating with the Packers rather than Flynn?

Mojo's picture

Let's say two teams are equal in Flynn's mind and could offer nearly identical packages. Also, Flynn considers choosing between the two in terms of a coin-flip - 50/50. Now lets say team one really really wants Flynn. What could they do to increase the chance of getting him. They could go to GB and tell GB to franchise Flynn, trade him to them (under the terms Flynn felt created a 50/50 situation.) But because team one has a higher draft pick to offer the Pack, the Pack would lean towards them. Thus, although dealing directly with Flynn created a 50/50 situation, dealing with the Pack created a near 100% chance of getting Flynn.

Brian's picture

I still can't see them doing it - seems too risky as if trade partner drops out, Packers get the salary hit.
Likely get a 2nd rounder for Flynn in a trade - if he walks, signs big contract and does ok - would we not get a 3rd round comp pick anyway?
Lots of Ifs but safer route.

FITZCORE1252&#039;s EVO's picture

I thought the highest a compensatory pick could be was a 4th rounder. Could be wrong, maybe it is the 3rd.

FITZCORE1252&#039;s EVO's picture

Yep, you're right.

CSS's picture

Great read by Greg Cossell (NFL films) on Flynn:

The process will be interesting. I wonder what regard the league holds for Flynn vs. Packer fans perception. The next few months will be telling. Only takes one team....

dullgeek's picture

Whoa! Tampering? Of all the tag&amp;trade deals that have happened in the past, I assumed a deal was in place before they happened. I didn't realize that in order to get that, the teams had to violate the tampering rules.

Just for clarification, what are the specific tampering rules that they'd be violating?

Evan's picture

I believe tampering is if a team talks to a player who is under contract with another team.

In this case, it would just be two GMs talking about a trade - no tampering.

Shawn's picture

It's not tampering if GB gives permission for Flynn to seek a trade.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"So when/if you see the headline "Packers place Franchise Tag on Matt Flynn" rest assured it will be followed shortly by "Packers trade Flynn.""

Has this short time in Indy made you forget who your audience is? We know this, C'mon man! Smartest fans in the league... aside from yours truly.

Just get a pic with Claytons' ponytail already and call it a day! I know it's not there, but it's so much cooler when seeing him on TV to imagine there's a 4' long rat-tail back there... lol. And if you run into him, let him know I appreciate his weekly 4:00 spot with Calabro on 850 AM Seattle. The Pack comes up surprisingly often!


SpiderPack's picture

I see the offseason version of CHTV blog includes info on "Shit I Already Knew." And Philbin, McCarthy, and Thompson are as close as they come, not to mention Sherman in there as well. They've all walked through every possible scenario well b4 now. Flynn may not go to Miami but if they tag &amp; trade him to the Dolphins, no way the deal is not rock solid. It'll be cool to see &amp; cheer for Flynn somewhere new, no matter where it is. Not sure I see them giving up #8 for him though.

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