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No Veteran QB For the Packers?

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No Veteran QB For the Packers?

Adam Schein over at FOX Sports reports (hat tip: Railbird) that Green Bay Packer Head Coach Mike McCarthy (I love S.E.O.) has indicated that the Packers are in no way in the market for a veteran quarterback to add to the roster. The Packers are more than comfortable heading into the season with an amazingly young stable of quarterbacks, no doubt the youngest in the league. I'll just say that while it makes me nervous, at this point I see little to argue about. Thompson has his way, and having the Iron Man of the NFL retire from his team has allowed him to extend his philosophy to the quarterback position. Simply get as much young, quality talent as possible at the position in question and watch it develop. Of course, some might argue that with a team that was one bad throw away from the Super Bowl, the time to win is now. But Thompson has always and will continue to take the long view, allowing his players to mature and improve, without a 'selling-out for a championship' as it were.

Thompson's way has proven itself at some positions (defensive line, wide receiver) and has provided less than stellar results at others (offensive guard, nickel back). The one thing that makes me nervous is the importance of the quarterback position in relation to all others. If Rodgers gets hurt, and Brohm is playing, you can kiss the season goodbye. I mean GOOD BYE. Unless, of course, Thompson makes that call to Favre.... can you imagine the Sports Center soap opera that would be?

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Keith's picture

No vet would be a better option or know the system better than Favre, so I think it would be pointless to take up a roster spot with a veteran QB when you could just call Favre.

Basically, I see there being 3 scenarios: 2 where Ted's decision would be easy and a 3rd where the decision would be quite difficult.

If we're halfway through the season and we're playing well and Aaron goes down, that's a scenario where you should bring in Brett.

However, if we're halfway through and we're struggling/mediocre, it probably makes more sense to just go with Brohm and see what we have there.

The more difficult decision would be: what would Ted do if Rodgers goes down for the season in the second half of the Monday night game? At this point you would have no idea about the direction of the team, but Brohm likely wouldn't be ready to play by then and neither would Flynn. Should he bring in Favre? Should he just start Brohm/Flynn? It would be a really tough call.

PackerAaron's picture

And since Rodgers' current consecutive quarters started streak is at two... ;)

I completely agree with your points Keith. Just nervous about your last scenario, esp in light of Mr. Glass....

Keith's picture

Most definitely. It's what is keeping from getting his jersey. Although, my buddy who is a Lions fan told me that we have the best two QBs in division, which I think is more of an indictment on the division than a compliment for our QBs.

Keith's picture

You know what would be an interesting question? "Which Packer's jersey are you going to purchase to replace your Brett Favre jersey?"

Now, I know you would get a lot of "I'll still wear #4's jersey" or "no one will ever replace Brett" answers. But you know what I mean.

Personally, I have no idea. At least we're not lacking for candidates: Hawk, Jennings, Driver, Barnett, Bigby, Rodgers, Kampman, etc.

When you think about it, the whole "the Packers all of a sudden lost their identity angle" media story kind of has a point. For example, who will ESPN bill as the main player for MNF? As in _________ and the Packers take on Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. I would guess they would go the Aaron Rodgers route... something to the effect of "Aaron Rodgers, the first QB to start under center in GB other than Brett Favre in 16 years takes on..."

Joe's picture

Under no circumstances should they bring Farve back. I love the guy and he would most certainly win more games than anyone else available if Rodgers goes down but it is time to move on. Even if Brohm were absolutly terrribel replacing an injured Rodgers we need to find that out. We can't keep going back to Brett as a security blanket it only hurts us in the long run at this point.

PackerAaron's picture

Could not agree more Joe.

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