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No Update on Datone Jones' Sprained Ankle Yet

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No Update on Datone Jones' Sprained Ankle Yet

On Friday evening after the Green Bay Packers' 17-0 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the preseason opener, head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that first round draft choice Datone Jones had suffered a sprained ankle.

One day later, McCarthy offered no update or timeline for return, saying only that the rookie defensive lineman would be undergoing more testing on his injured ankle Saturday afternoon.

The Packers have the day off on Sunday before returning to the practice field for a review session sans pads on Monday.


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thedon's picture

There he probably goes for the rest of the preseason. Just hoping that's the worst of it

nick perry's picture

Yup, if it was good news we'd have knew something by now. More tests tomorrow normally means he's gone for weeks.

Stroh's picture

See I don't see it that way. No news means they are testing him yet, nothing more. It doesn't mean its automatically bad news! Guess it depends on your mindset... Pessimist you, optimist Stroh.

Nick Perry's picture

Not really at all, I'm really quite the optimist. You don't find it concerning he didn't come back out after halftime? You know to be with teammates? With MM it seems if its no big deal we find out right away. Maybe with the meetings MM was in all day and the day off today, we'll hear tomorrow it's just a mild bruise or sprain. Pack could use some news like that. I find it ironic that you would call someone a pessimist you don't know, especially when I read on APC there's actually a poll to let you back on the site after being banned. Please don't suggest you know what my mindset is. I'm speculating, just like anyone else here. Unless of coarse you have a direct line to M.M., then please share.

Stroh's picture

No not at all. Once he went out w/ the injury I figured his nite was done if for no other reason than as a precaution. They always do that in the preseason. A guy has almost any injury and his nite is done. If it were a regular season game and he didn't return I would be concerned. In the preseason there's a lot of guys that need reps, so why bother risking making an injury worse, especially to your 1st rd pick? No reason he should have gone back out there... None that I can think of.

We already know its a sprain, but to which ligaments in the ankle is the only question. Hell an ACL tear is technically a sprain.

Stroh's picture

Who gives a shit about APC! I was banned cuz I called the new site design gay! And the site mgr who was gay took offense! But you didn't know that did you? No you just jumped to an incorrect conclusion! Oh and Weidass is the one who trolled for arguments all the time, didn't know that either did you?! You weren't ever there so nice job jumping to incorrect assumptions!

Stroh's picture

BTW I don't even want to get back on APC. I told NorthStarr and BDU that I appreciate their support but I don't even want to be there! Not worth the aggravation.

Stroh's picture

Hear your talking about me behind my back on APC! Way to show all that low class pansy shit. Next time you got something to say about me, be a F'in Man and say it in person! Don't be a puzzy and run around behind my back, packsurdaddy.

trvs's picture

This picture looks awful...

I have a bad feeling he's done. wtf.

Robbie Henges's picture

If there was any good news we'd have heard it by now

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

No news is good news? Maybe? That's what I'm going with.

Nononsense's picture

Even if they came out and said he'll be back in two weeks, would you believe it?

Might as well just double whatever timetable they give us.

pooch's picture

jesus h christ high sprain 4-6 weeks out,Perry as last year all over,you dont futher test if its only mild sprain

Fish . Crane's picture

Jones is facing the last hurdle

Evan's picture

So many chicken littles...

steven's picture

Hey for you guys have twitter? Packer10825

lebowski's picture

Just so fed up.

GBPDAN's picture

I agree, more tests is not a good sign....wah! [email protected]#kin believable. He lasted one play! One play in preseason! Hope he makes the opener

So lets see...Packers first and second rd draft picks not playing last night..DJones, Lacey, Hayward' Neal , Nelson, Balaga, Sherrard, Worthy, was Cobb a 2 or 3rd rd? Of course perry missed most of last year andlets dont forget Harrold..jennings was a 2nd, hes gone. Was there any 1st or 2nd rounders, that the pack drafted in the last 4years playing last night?

Stroh's picture

Guess we better cut him. Dat One is injury prone. Hell even Sherrod lasted longer and everyone wants him gone too!

nick perry's picture

Seems you're the one who trolls around and looks for a argument. I had made a simple comment on something. You started your name calling like you always do. Time and again I've watched you attack people and lower yourself to name calling, just like my 5 year old son. Who the F are you, other than the Homophobic you clearly come across as. I've actually paid you compliments from time to time but clearly your true colors have come to light. It was my understanding from the article, they ACTUALLY took a poll whether or not to let you back on. That sounds a little more serious than you make it out to be. As far as talking behind your back, I shared with those at APC what you really thought of them. Save the name calling too. There's younger people on these sites that read your trash. Be a man, clean it up. I'm not going to stoop to your level with name calling and the misspelling of words that are meant to say something else. Yup, you're a optimist alright. But hey, thanks for sharing. I love to start my days with a laugh and your hilarious!!!

Stroh's picture

Raji and Matthews drafted in '09. Don't know if your counting that year. Otherwise...
Bulaga and Neal in '10
Sherrod and Cobb in '11
Perry, Worthy and Hayward in '12
Jones and Lacy in '13

Holy shit!! Of all of them only Perry was on the field Fri.

jeremy's picture

As long as it is not "bruised"...

steven's picture

Cobb was a second rounder. He was the last pick of round to. I remember because after the draft he proclaimed that he would of waited the entire draft if he knew he was going to be a packer

dawg's picture

Dammit! I think we are all getting BRAINWASHED!

Lucky953's picture

Definitely man. We've been jinxed, hexed, and cursed. No doubt about it. And yet, despite the negative, jealous, voodoo hatred we have to endure, we shall still prevail. 10-6, win the division, get healthy in the playoffs and fly into the SB under the radar once again.

bigfog's picture

Wilde was on Homer and Thunder this morning, and while there's an embargo on info until practice is over, he seemed to indicate that Jones was out there and practicing in some capacity. Let's hope for good news.

Evan's picture

That contradicts what he (and others) said on twitter. Jones was at practice, but just standing on the sidelines, I guess.

McCarthy said he'd miss a few days this week. Doesn't seem to be a big deal. Glad everyone lost their shit these last couple of days.

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