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No Hesitation From McCarthy Or Rodgers

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No Hesitation From McCarthy Or Rodgers

Mike McCarthy is running out of things to say about Aaron Rodgers.

Allow me, coach.

After throwing what can only be described as his worst pass of the season, an interception to a Giants linebacker, Chase Blackburn, that was signed earlier this week, after watching his receivers drop six perfectly thrown balls, after watching his defense withered in the face of a big moment - after all of that transpired, Rodgers simply engineered the signature offensive drive of the Packers season up to this point.

As Rodgers said after the game, the first play, a pass to tight end Jermichael Finley that barely missed the outstretched hand of Giants linebacker Jacquian Williams, was the most important. Mike Holmgren always said the initial first down is always the toughest, and thereby most important, to get in a 2 minute drill situation. Finley getting upfield after the catch helped immensely as well, obviously.

Then, with pressure coming up the middle from the Giants, with two defenders practically in his lap, Rodgers laid out a perfect pass for Jordy Nelson up the left sideline that clearly took the wind out of the Giants sails. It was an adjustment made at the line between Rodgers and Nelson and it was nearly identical to the big throw up the left sideline at Lambeau during the opening drive back in Week One against the Saints. The key to that play from the receiver's standpoint is to make your move on the defensive back (which happened to be ex-Packer Will Blackmon) and then to get upfield while leaving enough room for the quarterback to throw the ball over the defensive back. Nelson ran an exquisite route,  leaving the perfect amount of space between himself and the sideline for Rodgers to fit a perfect pass and lead him out of bounds to stop the clock.

Then, seemingly without any sense of panic, Rodgers ran two plays, the first of which lost a yard when he hit running back Brandon Saine underneath the Giants coverage. The second, which the Packers ran without any real sense of panic, was a quick out from the slot position by Greg Jennings that gained 18 yards and set up Mason Crosby's winning kick.

No worries. No pressure. No big deal.

It seems like another lifetime ago when Packers fans were arguing about how McCarthy and Rodgers couldn't win close games.

This same coach and quarterback faced each other on the sideline prior to that final drive and, Rodgers admitted afterward, the quarterback expected the head coach and playcaller to "call a draw play," play it safe and see if they could get a first down or two.

Instead, McCarthy called the play and said, 'Let's go.'

No hesitation. No second-guessing. McCarthy instructed his rookie returner not to take the ball out of the endzone because he wanted to save as much time as he could for his offense to go get the victory. No pussyfooting around with draws and screens hoping to pick up a cheap first down. McCarthy was in it to win it.

As are the Packers.

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Mel's picture

Funny thing is I'm getting spoiled. I turned off the Badger game cause I thought they were going to be crushed. I might slip in to a great depression if the Packers lose this year!!! All in all AROD is the best QB case closed!!!

Roy's picture

In the NFL the norm is to lose 2 of 3 road
games. During the 18 game streak, the PACK
has won 12 of 18 0n the road. I have never
heard nor seen any comments from experts
on this doubly fantastic feat.

lebowski's picture

That's incredible.

mark's picture

Instructing Cobb to take a knee was not only smart from a time standpoint, but the rookie has been shaky when it comes to ball security. Sometimes during returns he seems to pull his head down and bull rush the pile if a hole isn't there. Plus, with the game on the line and the crowd buzzing, his nerves might've been jacked up a notch. I have a lot of faith in Cobb, but in this specific situation, I felt this was a great call from McCarthy: just get the ball to #12.

NoWayJose's picture

This. I think this was definitely the unsaid component of the decision. Cobb's great, but with the game on the line, you go with the MVP and eliminate the variable of the rookie who has made a few mistakes.

fish/crane's picture

When we eventually lose a game....I expect and hope it will be at the hands of this aggressive sword that has beaten so many- it's the only way for this streak to end one hopes.

CSS's picture

McCarthy's sentiment of, 'let's go' can't simply be limited to this moment in this game. Part of this is no doubt good timing, but McCarthy really set the tone for the remainder of the year by calmly expecting this offense to march down the field when it mattered most. Everybody responded, not just Rodgers.

This type of response couldn't have come at a better time (week 13) at this point in the season. Feels like the spark for this offense to fire on all cylinders and crescendo through the playoffs.

Anybody else feel like this offense is about to lay waste to teams for 4 consecutive quarters now?

Idiot Fan's picture

I swear, that last drive was #12 channeling his inner Inigo Montoya: "Why are you smiling?" "Because I know something you do not know..... not left handed..."

Bohj's picture

"To The Pain!!" Raydaaas.

Bohj's picture

The last few games I've noticed on third down situations where we can get the first down in the red zone, we have gone with the homerun to the endzone and it is paying off bigtime. This last example was to Jennings. Love the confidence.

Martin's picture

"Yesterday was the first time the Packers have played in a game where they were tied in the 4th quarter since last years NFC Championship game."
that game wasn't tied in the last quarter

packeraaron's picture

You are, of course, correct. I thought it was 14 all at one point, but it wasn't.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Last drive = goosebumps. Literally.

Hate to bring him into this, but does anybody think burt would not have thrown a pick there?


redlights's picture

-3 !!

denniseckersly's picture

Packers were never tied or trailing in the 4th quarter of last years NFC championship game...... or for any playoff game for that matter. I think you must mean the last game of the regular season.

PackersRS's picture

A lot of QBs can make that last throw to Nelson. Some QBs can make the adjustement necessary to make that throw.

Very few QBs in the history of the game can do both, with 3 defensive players in his face.

I've already said this, best QB I've ever seen.

JJ in CO's picture

Bears lose,
Detroit heading to New Orleans,
2 game lead on SF for homefield...
I think lack of true pressure to win this game played a big factor in MM being so aggressive on that final drive

Pack66's picture

Total Bullshit..the FIX was in...the NFL is a joke!

Other FIXES in the NFL....



Rodgers is an average QB with GREAT WR's...the best in the NFL...What a joke the NFL has become....


Ruppert's picture


NoWayJose's picture

How convincing.
But if Elway's first super bowl win was fixed, then at least the Packers are owed one!

fish/crane's picture

Since we are talking NFL Entertainment...Roulon Jones 1989 anyone?

packeraaron's picture

Lonnie! You're back! And you're as idiotic as ever! Welcome back.

PackersRS's picture


It's a christmas miracle!!!

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Thought you were dead.... Now I'm kinda disappointed.

Did your mom ground you from the computer or something?

Merry Fitzmas JJ

CSS's picture

Skip Bayless sock puppet?

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