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No Chance? Hardly.

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No Chance? Hardly.

I have to admit, I am shocked at the way Packer fans have already declared Sunday's game over and done, with the result being a huge blowout win for the Cowboys.

Look. I get it. Everyone is upset. The last two weeks are enough to take the wind out of anyone's sails. But the Packers are still a talented team - albeit with flaws. The Cowboys are no bastion of perfection, believe you me. This is the same team that needed overtime to beat the Chiefs, for God's sake. They are beatable. Yes, their lines are bigger and stronger than the Packers. Does that mean we just call off the game? HELL no. It means that McCarthy and Capers find a way to get things done. It's only their professional viability they're coaching for...

So - enough with the doom and gloom. They'll be more than enough time for that (believe me) later. For the next five days, you've got to believe, with all your being, that McCarthy and the Packers are getting ready to shock the football world.

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jack's picture

i'll have whatever you're smoking my friend!

Chitown Packfan's picture

If the Packers find a way to win Sunday, the doomsday clock on Mccarthy may slow down a bit.

Asshalo's picture

Two blow-outs at home against the Cowboys in consecutive years would certainly cement the present state of sucking. Now that I think of it Green Bay has had a lot of incredibly disappointing outings at home during the Mike McCarthy regime. Blow-out shut-outs against the bears and Patriots in 2006. Take your pick in 2008. And Favre's homecoming win...

Logan's picture

Think back the past two years we played thecowboys we can not beat them even at our best(07). Now were at our worst, there's no chance In hell. McCarthy era is over in green bay. Let's throw some money cowhers way and hopefully he will bite at it.

IronMan's picture

Believe in McCarthy? Not so much.

packeraaron's picture

Believe in the Packers, IronMan.

AdamInEngland's picture

Sorry Aaron, but the Kansas game was a month ago. Since then they have beaten Atlanta, Seattle and had an important divisional win in Philly. GB have beaten two pathetic teams, lost to another one and had a heart-wrenching divisional defeat.

PackersRS's picture

I pretty pinky believe that all is right in the world! Yipee! Michael Jackson is back, and he's a little white girl! Anyone who doesn't agree is just being ignorants...

McLardy is a decent coach, Capers will suddenly turn this Defense into a Juggernaut, and we'll suddenly play like we should've been playing and win against a though team, which we haven't done since 2007! YAY!
I'll cheer for the Pack, as I allways do, win or lose. But I'm not gonna set myself for something that has A LOT MORE chance of not happening than happening. I lost the faith in this management, and this team. If they can win me back (not that it matters, for them or for anyone), then I'll be my "joyful" self again. And for that to happen, there'll need to be a playoff victory for the Green Bay Packers.

Bernard Shuford's picture

Oh, good grief. Now you're smoking something synthetic, that's all I can say. Dude, we just got our tails handed to us on a platter by the freaking BUCS!!!! You expect me to have any hope at ALL of taking the 'Boys??? Dadjim.


Mr. Optimistic's picture

They're going to have to convince me that they really are that talented. O-line talent? I don't see any. No pass rush, even when they blitz, the greatest receiver corps can't get open against Tampa, the sacks, the kicking game... Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, face it, it is a duck.

packeraaron's picture

Bernard - you're saying exactly what Cowboy fans were saying after the Boys lost to the Giants. The Giants, who have now lost 4 in a row. Anything can happen my friend. Anything.

WoodyG's picture

Seems like you're backtracking abit from your most recent blogs........ Could it be that an intellectual analysis is as important as an emotional analysis of the state of the Packers at this point?..... There are too many examples in the NFL past of teams 'lighting it up' when all seems futile...... If/when the Pack loses their 7th game of the season will I allow my emotional being to control my every thought regarding the state of the Packers...... Isn't that the definition of fan?

RockinRodgers's picture

How do we stop Ware? I think we need to start Breno.

Bad Knees's picture

What I saw Sunday were players performing their responsibilities (as defined by the coaches) to the best of their abilities. What I did not see were players playing to win. They did not try to make plays they were just...playing not to make mistakes (ie putting in time and going through the motions).

Bernard Shuford's picture

Okay, Aaron, we'll hope for "anything", then. :)

jack's picture

i know where this new found optimism is coming from: the packers have signed guard stanley daniels to the practice squad! :0

Bearmeat's picture

Aaron I am normally an optimist regarding my beloved Packers, but I have NO faith in MM's ability to hold this team together. At the end of the year, TT and MM should be gone, or it'll be another year or two of BAD Packers football.

Cowgirls 38 - Pack 21

Shootz's picture

To quote the great LeRoy Butler: "Anytime you have No. 12 in there, you have a chance. I still think he’s a great quarterback - not a good one - and the future is bright for the Green Bay Packers. That lets me know they have a chance against the Dallas Cowboys. But I think the Cowboys are going to be like the big guy and we’re the little pipsqueak on the block and they’re bigger and faster and more physical than the Packers. But if Aaron plays well, they have a chance." Plus, you know, stranger things have happened.

BoxStuffer's picture

I'm right with you Aaron. We've still got a legit shot in this game. Remember, these Cowboys are coached by Wade Phillips, and few things put me more at ease than seeing Wade Phillips on the other sideline.

bleedsgreen's picture

I really admire your incitement to optimism. It is impressive and if the Pack pulls it off, you will be serve as a noble prophet.

But that said, I can't shake the feeling that it's like a bit of the Peter Pan strategy to resuscitate Tinker Bell, i.e. "Clap Louder!!!"
I want to, I do, but my hands are too damn sore and Tinkerbell just keeps on staying dead.

Like others, I'll hope for the best and wear my G and give kudos to hard-fought efforts.... but even faith needs a bit of ground to take root, and with ol' Mr. "We'll clean it up" in charge, that ground has all eroded away.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

About anything is possible in the NFL but I haven't found that lamp with a Genie in it yet... (HW, I did find a wrinkled up rough draft of TT & MM end of season resignation... anything less than a winning season should send them on their way... to many bad decisions have put us where we are for 'real').

e.g. 'Fans' are not driven just by emotion but also I.Q.

foundinidaho's picture

Mikey Mac couldn't shock someone with a cattle prod.

I will be hopeful. But, I will be realistic.

nerdmann's picture

They have a chance. Dallas has been a jinx for us for over a decade now. Sort of like the Queens have become now.
Normally I'd think they could pull it out with all the flukiness that's been going against them, that maybe they'd rebound and have some flukes go their way.
But I just don't see it. The team won't give up. They'll show in spurts that they CAN beat the Cowboys. But they won't.
If they do, it'll be more that the Cowboys self destructed like we do. Then again, Brad Jones could be an upgrade over Kampy at OLB.

cow42's picture

21 - 17 Packers.
With :16 on the clock, Rodgers plunges over the goal line from 1/2 yard out.
Season turns.
Rest of the way they beat the '9ers, the seahawks, the bears, the lions and 1 out of ravens,steelers, cardinals (who are resting because they have their division wrapped).
10 wins
Alas - the 'queens rest everyone (with home field secured) against the giants week 17 and ny grabs the last playoff spot.
Book it.

certifiedhonkytonker's picture

Aaron, I'm with you. GO PACK.

afrenchpackersfan's picture

I think it is preferable to draw a clear line between what is influenced by our supporter's side and what is dictated by our brain (or intelligence).
We all want the Pack win that game and we all would be damn happy if they win. But it is not intellectualy honest to say that the Packers has good or average chance to win that one....

greenbaypackerbob's picture


From a scientific point of view:
It's 'science' fiction.

From religious point of view:
It's a 'leap of faith'

From a philosophic point of view:
It's 'Romanticism'

From a realist point of view:
It's 'surreal'

From an evolutionary point of view:
Given 14 billion years, 'it might happen'

From a statistician point of view:
Odds are against you on every front

From a Divine point of view:
All things are possible

Choose whatever poison you like this season and shout yahoo...Go Pack Go -

or help put this team back on track to make good decisions for football by dealing with the facts (dang, they're stubborn)."NO CHANCE" - that's the chance we have of beating Dallas if we remain in our current state.


Keith's picture

"It means that McCarthy and Capers find a way to get things done."


And if they do it would be the first time all season.


*Runs away from the hyperbole police.*

Glorious80s's picture

The Pack won't win with the current strategy. TB managed to get pressure with four linemen, shut off the long game and the short passing (see GBPG). AR will get killed behind the current line trying to pass.
The only thing I can see has any chance is if they go with a multiple running, attack, like three, against the Dallas line. Bring in a TE or FB to block and pound away at their line, repeatedly. AR will have to keep on the move and hand off or toss to one of the running backs behind the line or keep the ball if there is an open lane. Everyone else blocks or otherwise engages/annoys a defender.
Make them believe in the committment to the running game and if the runners are successful in breaking through, weave in some passing. Don't need a great running back, three to five yards per carry will do.
AR will have to draw them off sides with cadences, deceptions, etc. He's the guy they'll be after.
The defense will have to do the same on the Cowboys offensive line and hope to contain their scoring until the offense gets it going.
Nothing too complicated, just straight ahead stuff.
It's counterintuitive, but AR will have no time to pass against that line.

bucky's picture

In theory, Aaron is right: the Packers have a chance to beat anyone they play the rest of the year. I think there is sufficient talent right now on the club to do that. However, that's in the abstract. In practice, I think the Packers are one step away from a complete meltdown.

I'd have more confidence in this team if I could look at them and determine a coherent strategy and approach, but I can't. Instead, we run the West Coast offense but we declined to keep an RB who could reliably catch the ball out of the backfield (remedied, to a degree, by the recent signing of Ahman Green). We keep 3 fullbacks- primarily to ensure that we keep a bulldozer run blocker- and then refuse to run the football, even when the wind is gusting and the line is opening holes. We play musical chairs with the offensive line, plugging guys into various slots like a high school kid hooking up his first stereo.

I don't know where the fault lies here- whether it's Thompson, or McCarthy, a disconnect between the two, or some combination of these- but what I've seen is an organization that lurches from crisis to crisis without no clear plan as to how to win football games. And so, while I think it's certainly possible that the team can turn it around this week and start a run, I haven't seen anything from the current organization that gives me any confidence that this will happen. All I have is blind hope. Maybe that's enough.

packsmack's picture

Do the Packers have a chance? Sure. Of course they do. But the fact of the matter is, the Cowboys are a better team, have better coaches, and have an owner who, despite his annoying love for attention, also pulls no punches when it comes to his desire to field a winner. The Packers could, and might, win this game. But that would fix nothing. The Packers are NOT going to make the playoffs this season, and are destined for a very disappointing season. There is no way around that. I just wish I could somehow fast-forward to the day of the draft, because I don't want to have to suffer through all of this inevitable hand-wringing I'm going to do.

mopak65's picture

Who the hell are you kidding?! The Packer players are sending a message to the Packer coaching staff - the Cowshits are on the rise and what better message to send to the Packers coaches, TT & MURPHY than a loss to Dallas at Lambeau by the GB players: THAT SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!! Packer secondary will be BURNED my Miles Austin because GB secondary IS OVER RATED!! Packer fans will be subjected to another bitter pill to swallow with a loss to the COWSHITS!
C'mon everyone, this season is over after the COWPUKES win this game - damn, you know it i is!!

WoodyG's picture

Ahhh......... mopak65....... can your crystal ball at least give us a score so we all can make a killing on our betting lines ?...... Gotta love those people who profess to know the future......

nerdmann's picture

The Packers do tend to play to the level of their opponents. They will tend to play better against better teams.
Here's the REAL jinx: If I get up in time to listen to the entire pregame show, they'll win. When I don't pay attention, they lose and play poorly!
I'll be up early this week. I promise!

PACKERS's picture

This is what I'm talking about :). Last week was last week, and anything can happen in football. Go get em!!!!!!!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!! :)

I don't know much about the Cowboys, but it looks like we might have to worry about their receivers a little.

I have a feeling that this game will be won or lost with the lines. A-Rod is about to set a record for sacks in a season, and that is not what we want the future of our franchise to be doing. Protection from the offensive line I'd critical in this game.

At the same time, it may be even more important to get some pressure from the Defensive line. If we can Get to Romo, we might stand a chance.

Ruppert's picture

It's not that I don't WANT the Packers to win Sunday. It's not that I won't be terribly upset if they lose to the Cowboys, no matter how far in advance we all see it coming.
It's all about that old phrase that goes something like "If we ignore history, it will only repeat itself." Week after week, McCarthy ignores history and it keeps on repeating itself. And I don't see him suddenly paying attention to history against Dallas.

mopak65's picture

@WoodyG - C'mon man, do you really think the Pack is going to beat Dallas??!! Just what have the Packers shown that they have the ability to beat the Cowpricks? It doesn't take a "crystal ball" to see the OBVIOUS my good friend. Don't get me wrong - I WANT the Pack to win but lets face it, since the opener against Chicago in which the Packers truly struggled and only due to Cutler's mistakes where they able to attain victory it has not been a stellar season so far. Jees, they were lucky to beat St. Louis even if the final score APPEARS the Packers were the dominate team - but as a realist we know they weren't. There are problems in GB and I think the players are starting to show their displeasure on the field of play. You call it my "crystal ball" but its more like a GUT REACTION and a realism that a lot of Packer fans don't want to admit but know its true - just how big does the elephant in the room have to be?

nerdmann's picture

If the Packers would have shown up in the first half against the Queens, they would have won that game.
We CAN beat good teams. It's just that we let down/get sloppy/ugly, whatever you want to call it.
Can we play an entire 60 minutes?

Mr. Optimistic's picture

Nerd, that's just how bad teams play. If they get the breaks, if the bounces go their way, if they find some motivation, if they show up... But they don't. (Most of the time, anyway.) The good teams give themselves a margin of error through superior play.

WoodyG's picture

The season is still a 16-game season.... To base the final eight games on the first eight games (only) is folly & usually results in one backtracking to justify earlier comments...... Do I need to list all the historical evidence that supports this possibility? ...... Gut-reaction .... Crystal Ball..... Use any term you like......... Unless you picked TB to beat the Pack last Sunday, you have no idea what will happen this Sunday.

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