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NFL Teams Cutting Employee Pay Should Be Ashamed

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NFL Teams Cutting Employee Pay Should Be Ashamed

Sometimes, a post just writes itself.

Dan Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reported this morning that the NFL is, surprisingly, ahead of its 2010 pace for selling season tickets.

Which makes the trend of NFL teams cutting employee's salaries and forcing unpaid leave on non-football staff all the more unconscionable.

I'll make this short and sweet.

No NFL owner is in any way shape or form losing money at the moment. No NFL owner should be asking non-football staff to take a pay cut or putting them on furloughs.

Mark Murphy and the Packers have it right - they understand they may need to make cuts, but won't do so until games are missed and revenue is truly affected. Unlike teams like the Dolphins or Jets, who are collecting season ticket money - and still cutting employee salaries.

Here's hoping that Kaplan's headline shames nudges more teams to do the right thing, much like the Ravens recently did by reversing their previously reported cuts.

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WoodyG's picture

You're drawing the conclusion that workloads of non-football staff will only be reduced once games are missed .... You can't just look at games missed as a barometer .... You have to also include any off-season activities that are missed .....

No OTAs, mandatory mini-camps, rehabbing players or contract signings can directly affect a non-football staff member ....

You seem to be talking about another 'entitlement program' ..... "I didn't cause this lock-out so don't penalize me even though my workload has been substantially reduced." .....

Having said that ..... I also believe (at this point) that many of these cuts are more symbolic than anything else .... But that should be no surprise .... This whole ordeal has been based on symbolism from day 1 ..... That's a big part of the problem .....

packeraaron's picture

"You seem to be talking about another ‘entitlement program’ ….. “I didn’t cause this lock-out so don’t penalize me even though my workload has been substantially reduced."

The workloads of NON-football staff has not been substantially reduced, at least not the people at various teams I've spoken to.

WoodyG's picture

There are 32 teams & hundreds of unique circumstances ..... I've been through several work stoppages in my life & eventually every single person is affected in reduced hours & reduced earned income .....

Right or wrong ..... That's just the way it is .....

If you're looking to pinpoint innocent 'collateral damage' because of this lockout, start contacting local 'Mom & Pop' businesses whose existence is directly tied to the NFL ... I.E. ---- that 25 chair diner 3 blocks from Lambeau whose survival is based on OTAs, mini-camps & TC ....

bomdad's picture

You dont get it Aaron. A business should NEVER be in the red. Its irresponsible. Have you learned nothing from the financial crises of the past decade? The players took the TV contract "war chest" that the owners negotiated to keep cash flow going during negotiations. Blame the judges that feel NFL players are more important than these employees.

Dont give the collection of season ticket money as earned income. Are tickets refundable when games are missed?

packeraaron's picture

"You dont get it Aaron."

You're right - if by "it" you mean your point of view.

Jer's picture

This is what it's really about isn't it? The owners got their hands caught in the cookie jar with the TV deals and now they're trying to build up that war chest another way.

I don't see how you can blame the judges, though. The owners were clearly in violation of the CBA when they negotiated TV contracts that benifitted them at the expense of the players. The language in the CBA forbidding that couldn't be any more clear.

A judge can't just ignore the law because he's worried about other people's jobs.

Chad Toporski's picture

"Blame the judges that feel NFL players are more important than these employees."

Say what???

If the judges favor with the owners, that means the lockout continues indefinitely. That means no games until a deal is done. That means a decrease in revenue...

Which means non-football employees are going to get laid off and/or their pay reduces.

I'm not saying which way the judges should decide, but when it comes to these employess, a ruling in favor of the lockout is bad for them.

ZeroTolerance's picture

There's no place like home ... There's no place like home ...

PackersRS's picture


DaveK's picture

The 'income' they are getting from season ticket sales may have to be refunded. Not every team can afford to pay staff full time without the absolute promise of future income. It's not like they can go back to staff in September and ask for a refund because the season is now cancelled. Also, some of the teams (like the Jets) have said they will refund the pay cuts if no games are missed. Some teams are just asking for furloughs which amounts to a two week unpaid vacation. You seem too quick to make a judgement on these teams.

Jon's picture

The TV contracts are negotiated between the networks and the NFL... NOT the players or the players union.... the ONLY compensation that the players are intitled to (in my opinion) is the contract that they sign with the team that they play for...

Jon's picture

and of course a cut of their jersey and signature/photo sales..

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