NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami-FL

Kamren Kinchens - Miami-FL


Position: Safety

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 203 lbs

Year: Junior

Hometown: Miami, FL

Experience: 3L




40yd dash: 4.65s

Broad jump: 9’2”

Vertical: 35”

3-cone: N/A

20yd. Shuttle: N/A

Bench Press: N/A


Career Notes: 


The hometown kid, Kinchens, started his time at the U in impressive fashion during the Fall of 2021. As a true freshman, he played in all 12 of Miami’s matchups and started the final five games of the season. He racked up 44 tackles, with 25 of them being solo tackles, and forced four pass breakups. Coming into the season as a four-star prospect, the Miami native put the ACC on notice.


In 2022, his sophomore campaign saw him start all 12 games with the Hurricanes. In those games, he logged 59 tackles and 6 interceptions. One of those picks came against one of this year’s draft darlings in Drake Maye of North Carolina (a projected top 3 overall pick in his own rite). He even had a 99-yard interception for a touchdown against ACC rival Georgia Tech. Having made a huge splash in his second year, Kinchens earned his way onto the All-ACC First Team and the Associated Press’s All America First Team. 


In 2023, Kinchens produced more of the same success he did the previous two years, earning another All-ACC First Team bid in the process. He racked up 59 tackles again and plucked a team-high five interceptions for the Hurricanes. Throughout the 2023 season he was seen as the consensus top safety in the 2023 draft. As of January 2024, following his announcement to enter the draft, he still tops many big boards at the safety position.


Injury Report: 


Kinchens missed two games in 2023 after taking a hit to his upper body in Week 2 that left him immobilized. He had to be carted off the field. Kinchens was away for only two games and returned to action in Week 5.


Career Stats:




Man Coverage 2.75/5.0: Man coverage was not Kinchens’s strong suit, but it was also not a point of emphasis for the Miami defense. Miami’s defensive strategy leaned heavily on zones, so Kinchens didn’t find himself in many 1:1 situations. When he was in man coverage, the deep safety support always seemed to hover away from his side, so he played this coverage very conservatively. In these spots, he would played over the top of receivers, quickly closing out after passes were released to make tackles. He gave up a handful of completions one-on-one to tight ends in Miami’s game against Louisville in 2023, but he was always quick behind them to make tackles or to force a tight window for a throw. Man coverage was not his strong suit, but he was by no means a liability.


Zone Coverage 3.75/5.0: Zone coverage was the strength of Kinchens’s game. Miami always had him covering the larger part of the field in two-deep coverage, and they almost exclusively had him cover the deep middle & single-high safety spots when play calls included those coverages. He was so reliable, almost robotic, in his positioning pre- and post- snap, and took away deep concepts consistently. As the leader of Miami’s defense, he communicated constantly and could frequently be seen calling for switches with James Williams and the rest of the secondary. One of the most impressive plays of his season came with 1:39 left in a tied game against Clemson on 3rd and 10. After Miami spent the whole 4th quarter attacking receivers’ bodies in pass defense, Kinchens laid off of his pass assignment on a wheel route, stayed home at the first-down line, and anticipated where his assignment’s route was going (a wheel route to the sidelines) and got a hand on the pass, almost picking the ball off on Clemson’s side of the field. He occasionally bit on mid-level routes in quarters coverage and gave up open route concepts, but he was in position far more than he was in the wrong spot.


Against the Run 3.25/5.0: Even from the deep-middle position, 12-15 yards off the line of scrimmage at the start of most plays, Kinchens still made his presence felt in the run game. Because he was indispensable in zone coverage, he wasn’t lined up for many opportunities to get tackles for loss or stuff guys at the line of scrimmage, but he was a reliable clean-up man when runs broke past the second level and consistently flew to the ball to help with assisted tackles when runs got past the line of scrimmage. Kinchens showed the strength to take down any ballcarrier in college football, but missed some easy tackle opportunities that would make me scratch my head. Sometimes he took inaccurate angles to ballcarriers and sometimes he just had poor leverage or technique and flat-out missed tackles, but he brought down far more runners than he let slip past.


Speed/Quickness 3.0/5.0: Kinchens’s speed was nothing to write home about, but he played much faster than the 4.65 he ran at the combine. He could keep up with everyone that played against him, only getting burned after taking an unsalvageable angle or after having to completely flip his hips. His agility was also more than serviceable as he could change direction fluidly to adapt his pursuit angles in the run game. He also showed physical quickness along with his quick-thinking in zone coverage to drift one way post-snap, then quickly recover to the opposite direction if he needed.


Impact Play Ability 3.0/5.0: Kinchens’s impact was in his savvy and reliability. The impact plays he made more than any were the plays where he would take away deep concepts or prevent a key conversion for the opposing offense. Of course, he had crucial interceptions, like one against Louisville that helped Miami stay in a game in which they couldn’t get anything going. He also had incredible highlights like his 99-yard pick six against Georgia Tech in 2022. But his biggest impact doesn’t show up on a highlight reel, it shows up in all-22 film.


Summary: Kinchens is primed to be the next pesky safety that NFL offenses will dread preparing for, because there isn’t much of a weakness in his game to exploit (unless you count his speed compared to Tyreek Hill, which would be a weakness of everyone’s game including possibly Thanos and the son of God). Kinchens showed himself to be an intelligent, communicative, instinctive safety with the guts to mix it up in the box against lineman in the run game. Over the top, he was as reliable a deep middle safety as there was in college football. His game forced quarterbacks to think more and receivers to break off routes at awkward times and spots on the field. His tackling ability prevented explosive plays for Miami’s defense, and his coverage bought their offense possessions. I have some concerns about some of his missed tackles, and I wouldn’t put him on an island as a nickel, but as a free safety who’s going to fly down and help in run coverage, he would be an asset to any NFL defense.


Overall Grade 3.15/5.0


If drafted by the Packers:


That level of savvy and discipline he shows makes Kinchens an exciting piece on a defense that has struggled against quarterbacks all season. It seems like all year Green Bay fans have heard Head coach Matt LaFleur DC and Joe Barry talk ad nauseum about communication issues and understandings about defensive assignments. If Kinchens is on the field for Green Bay next year, I would be comfortable saying he would help stem the tide with his willingness to communicate and his understanding of coverages. Given the struggles that the Packers have had this year with leaving intermediate routes open and giving up painful 3rd downs, I almost want to pray the Packers reach for Kinchens at 25. However, given the talent likely to be available at offensive line in this first round, it’s hard to hope that the Packers pass up an Amarius Mims or Graham Barton.


Ideally, Kinchens would arrive to the Packers after a trade back later in the first or if he falls to them early in the second round. With Minnesota’s star safety, Tyler Nubin, being so highly touted and the margin appearing to shrink between Kinchens and Nubin, Green Bay may want to wait on the Hurricane product after shoring up another area of need—especially after the McKinney signing. That said, if Green Bay reached on Kinchens in the first right where they’re at, I would be very excited to see what he would bring to the locker room, the field, and this fan base.







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splitpea1's picture

January 05, 2024 at 11:24 am

Outstanding write-up here! We're in agreement with Mims and Fuaga. But safety is also such an impending need that I would also be happy with either Kinchens or Dejean.

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Leatherhead's picture

January 05, 2024 at 03:46 pm

Kinchens has been a staple of my simulations. On any given play, half of your defenders are DBs, and they do get injured, so you need plenty. And of course, you're going to be tasked with guarding some pretty difficult people, so you can't rely on Day 3 /UDFA rookies for 100% of the snaps. You've got to have some talent back there, too.

However, I also believe that CBs are more valuable than Safety, and that's where I'd look first. Assuming we're drafting somewhere around #23, we'll have a shot at this guy. He'll be on the shortlist. The really short list.

I like taking defense with the first pick. We haven't taken an Olineman with our first pick in a long time....Bulaga? Sherrod? I'd be happy if we got two good OL, and two good RB (to replace Dillon/Jones) on Day 2. I really think think that if we protect Love and give him help, we're going to score a lot of points.

-1 points
Tundraboy's picture

January 05, 2024 at 05:02 pm

Tempting because we desperately need a safety like him, but OL, or a game wrecking DL has to be our first priority. Trenches first.

-1 points
LLCHESTY's picture

January 05, 2024 at 07:24 pm

Playmaker with range. 'Nuff said.

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PeteK's picture

January 06, 2024 at 09:34 am

Drafting a top S is a priority, thanks for info.

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golfpacker1's picture

January 07, 2024 at 11:13 am

I agree that the Packers should draft a top safety because it is the top need for us, but not at the expense of the #19 pick. Thats too rich for this years safeties. GB should trade back if possible, to late in the first or early 2nd. That will probably get us another 2nd rounder plus a later pick. Nubin or Bullock will still be available, and the extra picks will let us fill 6 or 7 needs this year or allow us to double up on positions of need. We can rebuild the Safety and RB position groups like we did TE and WR. While saving $$ at those positions.

Maybe we should sign a veteran safety as well. It seems like there are always good free agent safeties available for lower dollars. Taylor Rapp is a good example. A 2nd round pick and 4 years of good production only got him a $2 million contract from the Bills. Too bad we missed on that, what a steal. The top ones make big bucks but the second tier guys are reasonable, and they don't need to learn the position. They are ready from day one.

Later draft pick Safeties I like are Jaden Hicks-Wash St, Tykee Smith-Georgia, Malachi Moore-Alabama, and both the Ohio State guys, Proctor and Latham. Maybe a sleeper in Jaylon Carlies-Missouri.

If Savage is cheap, Like $2 million or less, we could bring him back. But I think we can do better for the same or a little more. Taylor Rapp is available again.

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stockholder's picture

January 07, 2024 at 11:57 am

Right- Don't pay Savage though. Take the comp.
Nubin is Late rd. 1 - His Size is what you want.
Projection is 4.5 speed.
I don't see us changing the scheme.
Bigger is better at safety.
Nubin is the best solid tackler.
He should hold up more than any Safety.
The other guy you take is DeJean .
Stay above 6'.
Little guys don't hold up, He's 5'11, especially on TEs.

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stockholder's picture

January 07, 2024 at 12:15 pm

If there is doubt with any pick anywhere.
Take an OL.
This guy is Savage 2.0. No Thank you.
Dejean is the next Great Safety.

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golfpacker1's picture

January 07, 2024 at 07:09 pm

Hey Stock, Nubin is my favorite and I always take him with my 1st pick after trading back. He always seems to be around up until #36 in the mocks. What a bonus if we could trade back to the end of round one, get 2 more picks and still pick our new safety Nubin. That would be a great start to the draft. with the extra pick we could double up at safety or maybe pick a new WR1. Xavier Leggette or Johnny Wilson.

Hey first things first. CONGRATULATIONS GREEN BAY PACKERS for making the playoffs!!! Lets surprise somebody. WE are very scary right now.

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