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New Year's Resolutions for Every Packers Player

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New Year's Resolutions for Every Packers Player

The players didn't ask for them, but they're getting them anyway: New Year's resolutions.

These are suggestions for every player on the Packers roster to make them better, whether they end up playing for the Packers in the future or not.

Happy New Year from Cheesehead TV!


Aaron Rodgers––Remember that inner time clock, to get rid of the football before taking a shot and risk missing another long stretch of games.

Matt Flynn––Rest that bothersome elbow, and when you're done with that, work on pulling the trigger. Don't second guess yourself. Hesitation will only allow the defender to catch up to your targeted receiver.

Scott Tolzien––Soak up every minute of Mike McCarthy's offseason quarterback school and take advantage of Aaron Rodgers as a mentor.

Seneca Wallace––Embrace the role as mentor to younger quarterbacks.

Running Backs

Eddie Lacy––Get that ankle right. Everything else will take care of itself.

James Starks––Do whatever you did in 2013 to stay healthy.

John Kuhn––Run over defenders. Don't try to juke them.

Johnathan Franklin––Ball security. Fumbling the football will only land you in the coach's doghouse.

DuJuan Harris––Rehab that injured knee. You'll have no shortage of competition for playing time next year.

Khalil Bell––Make yourself valuable in every way possible, even on special teams.

Orwin Smith––Learn the nuances of a pro-style offense. It's a whole lot different from the triple-option at Georgia Tech.

Wide Receiver

Jordy Nelson––Stay hungry. You were on the doorstep of becoming a Pro Bowler this year. Make it next year.

Randall Cobb––Stake your claim as the most-versatile player in the NFL, whether it's as a receiver, running back or returner.

James Jones––You're turning 30 next year. Taking care of your body and taking preventative measures starts becoming important to prolong your career.

Jarrett Boykin––Don't settle on being pigeon-holed as a possession receiver. You're still young enough to diversify your game.

Myles White––Learn from Randall Cobb what it takes to be an effective slot receiver.

Chris Harper––Take a cue from Aaron Rodgers what it's like to play with a chip on your shoulder. You've already been cut from two teams your rookie year. Don't let there be a third.

Kevin Dorsey––Prove to the organization why they invested a draft pick into you.

Alex Gillett––Allow your knowledge of being a quarterback be a help, not a hindrance.

Sedderick Cunningham––Take advantage of what it was like to be around an NFL team for an entire season, even if it was being on injured reserve.

Tight End

Jermichael Finley––Stay positive no matter what happens. There's more to life than football.

Andrew Quarless––Another year removed from a devastating knee injury, get back to where you were as a blocker before the injury.

Ryan Taylor––Become a reliable receiver. Opportunities will be few and far between and when they come, don't let them slip away.

Brandon Bostick––Become a serviceable blocker. It's the difference between playing 10 snaps a game and 30-plus snaps a game.

Jake Stoneburner––Don't gain a reputation as a penalty waiting to happen.

Offensive Line

David Bakhtiari––Your feet are fine. Now work on the strength it takes to prevent giving up ground in pass protection and getting push in the run game.

Josh Sitton––Sell your soul devil if that's what it takes to make the Pro Bowl. You deserved it.

Evan Dietrich-Smith––Master the reach block like your predecessor, Scott Wells.

T.J. Lang––Gain consistency. When you're on top of your game, you play like a Pro Bowler. Problem is, you're not always on top of your game.

Don Barclay––Refine your technique. Quick edge rushers are your bane. Practice against Clay Matthews.

Bryan Bulaga––Right side, left side, whatever the coaches want you to do, embrace it and own it.

Derek Sherrod––You took the first step by coming back and being active. The next step is to become a factor.

Marshall Newhouse––Develop a mean streak. Your game relies too much on finesse.

Lane Taylor––You're a mauler, now work on quickness. NFL players are fast, and you must stay in front of them.

J.C. Tretter––Live, eat and breathe what it's like to be a center. The transition won't be easy.

Greg Van Roten––Become the most versatile player on the offensive line, whether it's center, guard or tackle.

Garth Gerhart––Let your knowledge of the Packers be what sets you apart from new challengers.

Aaron Adams and Andrew Tiller––Take what you've learned on the practice squad and build off it.

Defensive Line

B.J. Raji––The talent is there. Kindle the fire inside of you.

Ryan Pickett––Accept being a role player. You've been a great team player, but if you want to continue playing at 35, you must accept that your snaps will be reduced.

Datone Jones––Hit the weights like nobody's business. You need to be more than just a third-down pass rusher.

Mike Daniels––Expand your repertoire and become a three-down player.

Jerel Worthy––Don't rely on quickness alone. The Packers need more than just situational pass rushers.

C.J. Wilson––Work on improving as a pass rusher. You don't need to have 10 sacks a year, but it would be nice to be more than just a run-stop specialist.

Josh Boyd––Get ready for an expanded role. Based on which free agents leave, you could be in line for increased playing time. Stay in shape.

Johnny Jolly––Stay on the straight and narrow. You've come a long way. If football isn't part of your future, don't let it impact your personal life.

Outside linebackers

Clay Matthews––Drink some milk. Heal that broken bone. Then put the injuries behind you and get back to doing what you do best.

Nick Perry––Get past the foot problems then work on fulfilling the physical freak of nature your Combine numbers suggested you'd be.

Mike Neal––Become accustomed to playing in space. Now that you're an outside linebacker, mobility is the key issue.

Andy Mulumba––Grow as a pass rusher. You did well defending the run, now work on having a complete game.

Nate Palmer––Become a factor in at least one phase of the game, either as a run stuffer, pass rusher or on special teams. Nothing stood out in 2013.

Inside Linebacker

A.J. Hawk––Keep doing what you did to drop weight and become more agile in 2013.

Brad Jones––Maintain lane integrity and cut down on the missed tackles.

Jamari Lattimore––Become disciplined. The raw talent is there.

Rob Francois––Sell yourself as the invaluable backup veteran presence that adds help on special teams.

Sam Barrington––Strive to be more than just a special teams player.

Victor Aiyewa––Build off of what you did on special teams in 2013. Your contributions were not insignificant.


Tramon Williams––Eliminate so many penalties from your game. Only two NFL players were penalized for more yards.

Sam Shields––Don't put yourself in positions where you have to play catch-up.

Casey Hayward––Put the hamstring problems in the rearview mirror and become a fierce run defender, because the coverage part of your game is already good.

Micah Hyde––Study NFL wide receivers and the routes they run. You're dependable, now become a playmaker.

Davon House––Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Grab the interceptions, make the tackle.

Jarrett Bush––Go an entire season without having a penalty on special teams.

James Nixon––Don't let your speed define you as a player.

Jumal Rolle and Antonio Dennard––Don't let the NFL become too big for you. It's a big jump in competition from Catawba and Langston respectively.


Morgan Burnett––You're being paid like a playmaker and leader, now become one. Zero interceptions are not acceptable.

M.D. Jennings––Add strength without sacrificing speed.

Sean Richardson––Work on your range. If you're a deep safety, you have to get from the hashes to the sideline faster.

Chris Banjo––Become the type of special teams player that's too valuable to cut.

Special Teams

Mason Crosby––Stay inspired and motivated. Don't regress.

Tim Masthay––After having a career-low number of punts downed inside the 20, get that number back up.

Brett Goode––Drop the weight and work on speed. It's a new NFL in which long snappers are hardly asked to block any more.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Taco's picture

Brian Carriveau--Keep writing great articles for CHTV, tweeting Packer gold, and hosting entertaining podcasts. Your Pro Bowl selection is imminent.

Mojo's picture

One thing I did notice in the Chicago game was that Rodgers was unafraid to hold the ball. Just about the same as pre-injury. They weren't kidding when they said he'd play the same game. Only concession came on the one running play he had where he got down in a hurry to protect himself.

Can't figure out Raji. We'll see who else is willing to pay more than $8mil for what he does. DATONE falls into the same category. Great measurables, but little production.

I think with a reasonable amount of injuries next year the offense is going to be fantastic. I'd love to see a Lacy, Starks, Harris and Franklin backfield rotation. Combine that with a healthy Buluga, Sherrod and Tretter and this should be a dynamic offense. Just need to add another receiving prospect either outside or TE depending on what happens with J.Jones.

There are some plusses from this years roster I didn't expect much from at the start of the year. Boykins, Bahk, Hyde, Daniels all seem to be ascending players.

Obviously need help on D. Just draft the best defensive player available and see what sticks.

Happy New Year everyone.

Nerd's picture

I wonder if Alex Gillett could play some TE here down the stretch.

As for Shields, I think he's trying to bait the QBs. He knows he has catch up speed, he's trying to make it seem like his guy is open, so he can close on the ball. imo.

packsmack25's picture

Well, yeah, he was tutored by Charles Woodson, the king of baiting QBs.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Gillett is way to small to become a TE.

yeah, Shields does bait sometimes and sometimes it looks like he is supposed to have help over the top, so I don't blame all of the plays made against him on him. But there are times he does need to stay with his man better.

Bert's picture

For BJ Raji - Sign a huge contract with the Vikings, keep eating and play with little effort. In other words just keep doing what you're doing now only do it in Minnesota.

Lou's picture

Careful what you wish for, the same thing happened in reverse with Gilbert Brown and he became a key piece in the Packers 96 Super Bowl win. It was hard to believe the Vikings didn't put him on a diet and on the 53 after where they drafted him.

packerswest's picture


Lou's picture

Thanks for the entertaining New Year's list, Happy New Year to you.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Great Article Brian. I pretty much agree with everything you said here.

jeremy's picture

Mike McCarthy - Stop getting fixated on plays you think should be working and call the plays that are working. Be multiple in your sets, running 10 and 11 90% of the time is too predictable.

Dom Capers - Stop expecting that your players should have learned your more complex coverage schemes by now and run what your guys can actually execute. Charles and Nick are gone.

"If only we could step out of our own shoes and learn what everyone else already knows about us."

Pack 12's picture

Mike McCarthy - Learn to trust your running game specially on third and short.

BJ Raji - Start playing with some fire in your belly instead of with a dozen cheese burgers.

Defensive Backs - Learn how to tackle. If Lombardi was alive he would be screaming "everybody grabbing. Grab, grab, grab".

JJB's picture

Happy New Year. I guess the Badgers def wanted to be like the Packers today

RunAndHyde's picture

I couldn't agree more about Stoneburner....every freakin time he's in theres a flag.

Phatgzus's picture

Not quite the same thing, the Vikings cut Big Gilbert.

Phatgzus's picture

Unless Clay's drinkin' straight from the utter, milk ain't gonna help. A solid diet of bone meal, on the other hand, would work wonders.

Nerd's picture

He needs bone marrow. Bone broths, that type of thing. Lots of collagen, tons of minerals and essential nutrients.

Nourish kidney yin to support bone. Nourish liver yin to support joints and sinews.

WKUPackFan's picture

Brian. Thanks for all the great articles in 2013. I think your analysis on the Neal transition is the best article I've read all year.

I'm not that high on EDS's play, but it's obvious that he's a leader out there and he's accountable. If he can master getting to the linebackers on run plays, the center position could be solidified for a while.

Wagszilla's picture

"DuJuan Harris – You’ll have no shortage of competition for playing time next year."

That's a funny way of saying "Guaranteed #2 RB".

Point Packer's picture

Not the way Starks is playing.

Evan's picture

Free agent. I'd be surprised if he came back. I'd imagine he'll get a better opportunity elsewhere.

Randall's picture

To Josh Sitton: DO NOT listen to Brian's advice, a trip to Hawaii and recognition is not worth selling your soul.

Stroh's picture

Datone Jones... How bout a wish to train in the offseason w/ Justin Smith. Exactly the same size and play the same position. No reason physically why Datone can't turn into a Justin Smith clone. Just hitting the weights isn't gonna get it done. Gotta take your training to the extreme, a la Justin Smith. Step it up son! We want to see a much different and very new improved version in yr 2 and 3. DL typically take a couple yrs, but he needs to step to the plate. And while your at it Datone, Take Jerel Worthy w/ you!

Point Packer's picture

And Nick Perry.

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