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Nelson Reveals PUP Placement Due To New Knee Injury

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Nelson Reveals PUP Placement Due To New Knee Injury

So it's not the ACL keeping Jordy off the practice field. 

Great. I'll be over here freaking out if anyone needs me. 

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Packer_Pete's picture

and there we go again...

WinUSA's picture

The fact that this was a non contact injury does NOT bode well. Some players NEVER recoup from this injury and/or return to their former capabilities.

AP was an anomaly.

All the chatter about which receivers are gong to be cut I suspect will soon be moot when it becomes obvious that we have been fed PR releases as to Nelson and Montgomery's condition.

It was only weeks ago that Nelson was saying that he could have played in the SB if we would have made it to the big party.

Now all of a sudden the Packers are saying: "his recovery is ahead of schedule..."

Now it is because he "TWEEKED his knee"

What the hell is a TWEEK???? Anybody???

Now it shouldn't take a turnip to figure out something stinks in Green Bay...and it isn't Limburger cheese.

Packer_Pete's picture

double post - ughhh. edited.

Packer_Pete's picture

I tweaked my knee twice in my life. The first time I tore an ACL. The 2nd time it would've been an ACL again I assume but that was already gone in that knee, so instead I tore both meniscii... Now I'm neither a doctor nor a professional athlete, but if one tweeks their knee and as a result cannot practice, then it has to be a strain or a sprain at the very least, if not a full tear of something...
but hey, no reason to freak out or panic. We have a quasi pro-bowl player waiting to take over, and his name is Dropvante Adams...
Maybe he can set a new record in drops for a starting WR. At least something he is good at...

Tarynfor12's picture

Agree....the vast majority of things being said from players, coaches etc, is what they believe the fans want to hear.
A splinter becomes a cut, the cut becomes a gash, the gash becomes near amputation.
He'll miss a game, had a set back, out 4 weeks, on injured reserve.
Waiting for the Nick Perry wasn't really completely healthy for first time deflection....just saying. : )

WinUSA's picture

The individuals who disliked your comment Taryn.... refuse to question what they hear from McCarthy, the players themselves, the paid Packer press, etc.... It's blind loyalty to the green or gold ... if a comment isn't just peachy...then in their minds its for me...good post!

Tarynfor12's picture

It's immaterial for me at this point. I get dislikes for the simple reason as posting a comment even when agreeing. I will stay vigilant in trying to get the homer blind to see some light of reality of some players but denial is a strong opponent and a good test of will. : )

Clay the 1st's picture

Win, he tweaked the other knee, not the ACL repaired one. Happens a lot from overcompensating during rehab.

As Aaron says, "R E L A X"

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

What I said yesterday, I can see 6 or 7 WR it seems things might not be as good as I once thought.

DrealynWilliams's picture


*Falls out of chair*

RCPackerFan's picture

holding out hope, its nothing major....

al bundy's picture

Montgomery is also a big lie. Im a pro when it comes to ankle injuries. The only way he can still be out is torn ligaments. Any other type your talking several months. Torn ligaments can be problematic. Iread and beleive its true, you never get back 100 percent strength with major ankle injury, thus as with me, they recur easily.

EdsLaces's picture


Nick Perry's picture

"The only way he can still be out is torn ligaments. Any other type your talking several months."

He's been out several months. He had 2 setbacks last year trying to get ready to come back and play before the finally shut him down and performing SURGERY. I would imagine it takes some time to recover from any kind of ankle surgery. He was placed on IR just before Christmas last year and had Surgery about a week later so he's still in the "Several Months" category isn't he?

Point Packer's picture

Abby just made the team.

pooch's picture

Well guess Jordy is all done.Packer injuries always start out "out for 2-4 weeks when in reality 3-6 months

Tundraboy's picture

Yes Im freaking out. Why,? Because its the modern day Packers. When does it ever turn out to be nothing for us.

stockholder's picture

Relax. It's just a little arthritis. You guys have just crossed over into the twi-light zone. Relax.

holmesmd's picture

Our players are made of friggin glass! How the hell do you get hurt running around in pajamas?! You seriously can't make this stuff up. Perhaps they need some testosterone boosters or something. We have a team full of damn pansies!:(

John Galt III's picture

The Packers have an above average incidence of injuries. The way to fix this is to look at what teams do that have low incidences of injuries. I have never, ever seen many articles about how to keep our team healthy, though I have read many articles about how other teams do this.

We change strength coaches all the time. What we may need is a "health" coach.

Eventually, the Packers will change their mindset about this. One doesn't know when.

If you believe I am wrong then our excess injuries are not a problem. I don't believe that nor do many other people here.

dobber's picture

It is what it is. Five preseason games and plenty of practices to many does he really need? No reason to speed him back if he's not ready...whether it's his repaired knee or the other.

Until we're getting to the 4th and 5th preseason game and he's still not practicing, I'm not going to get too worked up over it.

Point Packer's picture

Should have grabbed Greg Jennings before he retired. Not.

On that front, what a lifeless career old Craig Jennings had after leaving the Pack. Haven't seen him in any more TV shows or Old Spice commercials. Did next to nothing in MN and then absolutely nothing in Miami.

mrtundra's picture

We will never forget you, Craig!

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