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Neal, Poppinga, Most Likely Done for the Season

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Neal, Poppinga, Most Likely Done for the Season

The hits just keep on coming for the Green Bay Packers.

Bob McGinn reports that Mike Neal's shoulder injury and Brady Poppinga's knee injury, may land them on Injured Reserve:

Rookie defensive end Mike Neal of the Green Bay Packers has a serious shoulder injury and probably will miss the rest of the season.The Packers haven't made known the type or extent of Neal's injury, but sources said it didn't look good for him to return this season.

It's possible that Neal could be placed on injured reserve Saturday if the club, as expected, needs a roster spot in order to activate cornerback Al Harris from the physically unable to perform list.

Linebacker Brady Poppinga, who underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday, also is a candidate for season-ending injured reserve.

Backing up this report is Jen Lada of Fox 6 who recently spent a good deal of time with Neal and, presumably, members of the training staff for a piece she did on the hyperbaric chamber Neal has been using since his early season rib injury.

After McGinn's headline "Neal may miss rest of year", started to appear on Twitter, Lada posted this to her Twitter account:

I've been led to believe the same.

The loss of Neal, while seemingly minor considering how little the rookie has played this year, could play a big part in the Packers' fortunes on defense, especially later in the season. One of the biggest issues facing the defensive line last year was the amount of snaps the likes of Cullen Jenkins and then-starter Johnny Jolly were asked to play. The personnel has already started to feel the effects of a shortened rotation, with BJ Raji asked to play almost every defensive snap last week against the Dolphins. The dropoff is noticeable from Neal to fellow rookie C.J Wilson and second year man Jarius Wynn.

The loss of Poppinga is mitigated by the presumed return of Clay Matthews from a hamstring injury. The Packers have been rotating between Brad Jones, Frank Zombo and Brady Poppinga at outside linebacker. Rookie Robert Francois had a two-series audition during the Dolphins game and then did not see the field again from scrimmage.

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FITZCORE1252's picture



nerdmann's picture

Un-F'ing real. At least Poppinga's injured.

DAWG's picture

Do not drink the water in GB--Crazy. Neal, another Justin Harrel?-great. Say it ain't so, NOT pile on Popps?

davyjones's picture

It'll take another 2 years of total inactivity to call Neal another Justin Harrell. It's maybe a little premature for that comparison.

MarkinMadison's picture

The comparison is just off. Neal had a relatively clean history at Purdue, and played tons of snaps. Harrell came in as damaged goods. Back problems like Harrell has had also tend to be life-long and difficult to rehab. There is no reason to think that Neal shoulder will become a chronic problem.

DAWG's picture

Neal had a shoulder injury in 08, and missed 5 games

frosty's picture

While we're making ridiculous comparisons, can we also say that Morgan Burnett is the next Bob Sanders?

Nononsense's picture

Unreal this is getting out of hand.

IR is getting crowded.

Ryan Grant
Nick Barnett
Jermichael Finley
Morgan Burnett
Justin Harrel
Derrick Martin
Mike Neal
Brady Poppinga
Johnny Jolly (Suspended)

Missed Time or games with injuries

Al Harris
Atari Bigby
Clay Matthews
Donald Lee
Ryan Pickett
Brad Jones
Brandon Chillar
Mark Tauscher

Other injuries w/little or no missed time.

Aaron Rodgers
Donald Driver
Charles Woodson
Cullen Jenkins
AJ Hawk
Chad Clifton

Still with all these injuries this team hasn't lost a game by more than 3 points, thats as much positive spin as I can put on it..

Bearmeat's picture

Even more - you can certainly make the argument that they beat themselves in the 3 games they've lost. This season is desperate, yes, but not over with... even w/all the injuries.

Dale Zawada's picture

This really pisses me off to no end!

ZeroTolerance's picture

Just when I was looking at the 53 and seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. Eight players to IR in six games. At this rate street FA will be starting everywhere by seasons end. It's 6:30 AM and I reaching for a cold one.

Wiscokid's picture

Get me one while you're up.

FITZCORE1252's picture

me too

Chad's picture

Not Neal!!!


Lumpy Gravy's picture

Literally the same words came out of my mouth as I clicked this link.

JohnRehor's picture

Packers have been relatively healthy for years. It had to catch up some time. But this is getting F-ing ridiculous!

nerdmann's picture

You mean like in 2008? This is two out of three seasons, "lost."

RickyBobby's picture

gonna see a lot more nickel?

i'd rather have more lbs and/or corners on the field while jenkins, raji, and pickett spell eachother than rotating wilson or wynn in there (they suck).

i can't wait 'til harris is up to speed. wood'll be able to get back to that nickel spot where he did so much damage last year. harris' return actually gives us our 3rd best pass rusher back (woodson) behind mathews and jenkins.


jack in jersey city's picture

this is f-ing INSANE!

zub a dub's picture

Given these kinds of injuries, the only trade for a starter type player (if you want to call him that) was the Packs 7th round pick for a safety we cut.

This is not good for the Packers, Vikings may have an easy time Sunday Night.

DAWG's picture

Timing sucks

Ron LC's picture

Either they are drafting injury prone players or conditioning has got to be called into question. The other teams are facing the same level of violence as the Packers. And, no I don't believe in luck. Something is different.

lars's picture

Yea, it must be the trainers (roll-eyes).

ONeill's picture

There is such a thing as bad luck, but after awhile you have to admit that this an issue which is affecting our team unlike any other in the league. I think some questions need to be asked regarding our conditioning.

Steve R's picture

Another linebacker down. . . anyone hear just how bad Spencer Havner's hammy is? We may need to give him a call.

thepretzelhead's picture

Can't wait for that 18 game regular season so we can see Dave Roller back in uniform.

Bad Knees's picture

When the medical staff's emphasis is on rehab, you have injuries.

When the medical staff's emphasis is on prevention, you have fewer and less severe injuries.

During the season the conditioning staff and medical personnel are the most important staff support to the team. Does anyone EVER question what they do? NEVER, they are always given a free pass.

The result being...lots of preventable injuries.

lars's picture

Another yo yo post. So, if only Al Harris had somehow been prevented from injuring his knee. Or, Barnett his wrist. Or, Burnett his knee, or the trainers had somehow prevented the defender from (deliberately?) jumping on Grant's legs during the tackle that hurt him or the trainer had sent an invisible shield to protect Picket from getting his ankle rolled.

The only "preventable injury was Justin Harrell as he is ALWAYS hurt and is only being carried each year because TT can't admit his mistake.

Bad Knees's picture

If I were McCarthy I would be "bitching like hell" to management about the medical and conditioning staff performance.


When they do a poor job, he does not have players, the team loses, he is held accountable and loses his job.

Happens all the time. Anyone remember a coach by the name of Sherman? He was a winner with healthy players, and lost his job when the players were injured.

ONeill's picture

Sherman lost his job because he was a terrible GM.

Bad Knees's picture

A prevention doc notices small musculoskeletal irregularities and corrects them before they become large injuries needing rehab. (PREVENTION)

The rehab doc doesn't have the training and experience for identifying and correcting small musculoskeletal irregularities, ignores them. When placed under stress from practice, weight training or game activities the body fails and now you have a major injury needing rehab.

Any dork can identify a major injury, you don't need a medical degree.

lebowski's picture

go Badgers.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Wiscokid's picture

Badgers 31 Stinkeyes 30 W00000000000!

Ron LC's picture

Iowa punter - 60.5 Gross - 50.5 Net. Are you watching TT?

fish's picture

That's gonna suck for Neal, a guy who already has a million things running through his mind and takes out his free time aggressions in the weight room. With a bum shoulder that leaves you with just Abs, lower back and Legs to work out.

zub a dub's picture

During the draft I have to say I said a few bad words when the Pack picked Neal in the second round, boy was I wrong. This really hurts an already deplete defense going into our toughest part of the Packer's season.

IMO with a good defensive line with 4 starters could really go far if they ever get a rhythm going. Just look what Mr. White and company did and how valuable that defensive line was.

This maybe the final blow for the Packers, just too much to over come at this point.

The only good news is that their are not 5 or 6 NFC team that look better than everone else, with a little luck the Pack may still make some noise this year. Any other season and Pack would not have a chance.

BECAUSE OF THIS CRAZY YEAR, THE PACKERS STILL HAVE A CHANCE. How much of a chance will be determined Sunday Night.

packersplanet's picture

Yo Ted,
I'm not the biggest, strongest, or fastest guy but I'm fackin ready. Give me helmet TT!

KurtMc's picture

Saddly, the loss of so many players give Mcfarty another excuse & another year to waste our teams talent!

Chris's picture

Anyone have that video of Aaron Rodgers walking off the field and nonchalantly giving Charles Woodson a hand shake right before he picked off a pass. If anyone has that clip or can find it please post it because I need something sexy to watch.

NickGBP's picture

If you need something "sexy" to watch I'm sure you can find something better than that on the internet.

pete's picture

Will Clay Matthews and atari bigbi and al harris be playing today?

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