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Neal Goes Down With Knee Injury

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Neal Goes Down With Knee Injury

Letting Cullen Jenkins walk in free agency was not a popular move among the Green Bay Packers fan base.

If this afternoon's knee injury to Mike Neal ends up being serious, Packer fans will no doubt start a very loud chorus of "I told you so."

Neal went down during an individual drill, without contact, clutching at his knee. After lying on the ground for several minutes, being attended to by trainers, Neal was able to get up and walk off the field on his own, albiet with a slight limp, on his way into the Hutson Center.

In Neal's absence,  C.J. Wilson and Jarius Wynn split Neal's reps during a drill with the nickel defense.

After practice, head coach Mike McCarthy termed the injury a "knee sprain" and said they would know tomorrow.

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RockinRodgers's picture

Oh Shit.

packeraaron's picture

That about covers it.

BC_Cab's picture

Whoa, last month on Twitter you reminded me how many games they won last year without Neal and Jenkins (when hurt)…tell me you still believe!! :)

packeraaron's picture

I do! I am just predicting the backlash... ;)

tony's picture

Sounds like a sprain to me. They hurt like a bitch if you've never had one, but you can walk on it after.

NoWayJose's picture

He went down in an individual drill, "without contact." Oh boy. That's not what you want to hear....

Bearmeat's picture

Not gonna say "I told you so" oh wait... just did.

Should have signed Cullen to 1-2 yr contract..

CSS's picture

Could easily be nothing, but the fact that they're waiting to do any imaging until tomorrow tells me there's currently swelling. If the swelling is fluid thats very, very bad.

Nerdmann's picture

“I can’t even explain how it happened. My leg got caught and I landed kind of awkward. I tried to get up and they told me to stay down. There’s just fluid in my knee now.”

Is there a form of swelling that does not involve fluid?

CSS's picture

Technically, all swelling is some type of fluid. A strained muscle will respond by collecting water to protect itself, that's why you swell after sustained strain.

The bad swelling is blood and particulate matter that's basically exploded tissue following a tear or partial tear of connective tissue like a ligament.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Son of a whore.


Mojo's picture

Crap to the nth degree.

PackersRS's picture

Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright...

Jake's picture

Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn.

Mojo's picture

Not considered for resigning.

Not allowed to attend the WH ceremony.

Get used to the Cullen Jenkins curse.

Danny Boy's picture

Justin Harrell is probably still available.

Mojo's picture

Don't laugh DannyBoy it's a real possibility. Also, Lawrence Guy might just have made the roster.

CounterPoint's picture

In McCarthy-speak, today's "knee sprain" ALWAYS becomes tomorrow's "torn ACL"

So bummed for Mike.

packeraaron's picture

Our one sliver of hope is he didn't use the word "severe"...

Chip Soup's picture

I think "significant" is the other one to watch out for from MM. More time for the shoulder to heal, just hope it's not a whole year more.

ibleedgrnngold's picture

yea significant is MMspeak for season ending

Zeke's picture

It's just a flesh wound!

Arnison's picture

Oh boy, fingers crossed for Neal.

Bigfog's picture

Time to drink :(

archie's picture

Ted's is now kicking himself for allowing A-Rod to influence his decision to keep J. Jones. His formula allowed for Cobb to take Jones' place. This money was needed for Cullen Jenkins or another proven D. Lineman...Now, he has one too many receivers for Rodgers and one too few D. Lineman for Capers.... STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF TED!!

Ruppert's picture

So you're suggesting that TT wasn't going to re-sign James Jones, but was going to sign Cullen instead until Rodgers basically made him do it the way he did? I see.

PackerBacker's picture

Sorry man, but there's no way that TT changed what he wanted to do just because Rodgers said something. Dude's a cool operator. Stone cold.

packeraaron's picture

Agreed PackerBacker.

PkrNboro's picture

Hope this situation is not like Leslie McDonald's of the UNC Tar Heels...
...he thought he was fine, too.

Turns out: he had a slight ACL tear...resulting in a not-so-slight ACL reconstruction.

AJKUHN's picture

Nothing is f#cked dude.

packeraaron's picture


Jake's picture

Just read on espn that apparently Neal said nothing is torn and it was just inflammation...

packeraaron's picture

Yes, they had that on JSOnline as well. Until I hear/read it from the team, I will be nervous. Last year, Brad Jones was on our live show on Tuesday night telling us he was fine - the next day he was placed in IR. You just never know until the team makes it official.

Jake's picture

This is very true...

Ruppert's picture

Speaking of the live show, when is the next live one? I don't recall if you ever did it during the preseason or not. Sorry if this has been written, but I've been busy as of late.

packeraaron's picture

Tomorrow night :)

Ruppert's picture

Thanks for the reply, Aaron. Sadly, I won't be joining you tomorrow night as I will be working. I'll look for the podcast, though. Have fun.

fish's picture

We need like 15 more to match last year

bryce's picture


asshalo's picture

If he does go on IR, people can expect the Justin Harrell comparisons to come out. He's such an intriguing talent. Not that Neal's career would be anywhere near over, but god, what a nightmare.

They were already pushing the envelope with the amount of snaps they gave Raji last year. I hate to see him have to do that again on a noticeably worse defensive line. With Neal out sporadically, they can step-up, but for the year? They're already counting on him for pass rush and with the diminished depth, the already sketchy run defense would probably get worse. No reason to write off the defense as being dominate though, because if any team has proven the next man up theory, it's this one.

Here's hoping it's a sprain and he only has to miss some some August football. Clay Matthews did alright without it the last two years.

Nerdmann's picture

If Neal gets IR'd, TT does something.

asshalo's picture

Indeed good sir-- never underestimate Ted Thompson on the waiver wire.

channel Don Hutson's picture

While I love Neal as a potentially great all around D-end, I'm haunted by the concern that he is maybe greatness made vs. greatness born. His story is of being a gym animal, building his bulk and strength thru intense weight work. That makes you wonder whether his body's basic support structure, bones and ligaments, are up to the rigors of the ongoing insult of a great pro d-lineman's life? Hopefully this is a minor strain that allows him to rest thru the next couple weeks and emerge fresher and stronger for the real grind.

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