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Nagler's Take On the Final 53

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Nagler's Take On the Final 53

As I said last year, this is not what I think the Packers will do, it's what I would do:


  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Matt Flynn


  1. Ryan Grant
  2. Brandon Jackson
  3. Kregg Lumpkin


  1. Korey Hall
  2. John Kuhn


  1. Jermichael Finley
  2. Donald Lee
  3. Spencer Havner
  4. Andrew Quarless


  1. Greg Jennings
  2. Donald Driver
  3. James Jones
  4. Jordy Nelson
  5. Brett Swain


  1. Chad Clifton
  2. Daryn Colledge
  3. Scott Wells
  4. Josh Sitton
  5. Mark Tauscher
  6. Jason Spitz
  7. T.J. Lang
  8. Bryan Bulaga
  9. Evan Dietrich-Smith
  10. Marshall Newhouse


  1. Ryan Pickett
  2. BJ Raji
  3. Cullen Jenkins
  4. Mike Neal
  5. Justin Harrell
  6. Jarius Wynn


  1. Nick Barnett
  2. AJ Hawk
  3. Desmond Bishop
  4. Brandon Chillar


  1. Clay Matthews
  2. Brad Jones
  3. Brady Poppinga
  4. Frank Zombo


  1. Charles Woodson
  2. Tramon Williams
  3. Brandon Underwood
  4. Pat Lee
  5. Sam Shields
  6. Jarret Bush


  1. Nick Collins
  2. Morgan Burnett
  3. Derrick Martin
  4. Charlie Peprah


  1. Mason Crosby
  2. Tim Masthay
  3. Brett Goode

Practice Squad:

  1. Graham Harrell
  2. Tom Crabtree
  3. Charles Dillon
  4. C.J. Wilson
  5. Anthony Levine
  6. Robert Francois
  7. Chastin West
  8. D.J. Clark

Have at it.

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Bogmon's picture

You don't think they might wanna stash Chery on the Practice squad, huh?

I'm not sure what I think of West...and I believe whatever TE gets cut loose ends up on another team. Just my feeling there.

packeraaron's picture

West is the better overall player. Sure, Chery got that blinding speed, but not much else. Who knows though. They may think he just needs some time. It wouldn't shock me one way or the other.

c.d. angeli's picture

Chery looks like a deer in headlights all he time. It just doesn't strike me as a good sign.

Chris's picture

Swain seems hobbled...not sure he'll make it in his condition. Does that mean Blackmon is cut on your roster?

packeraaron's picture

It does indeed. I would reach some kind of settlement with him and let him go.

dilligaff's picture

That safety position looks weak when you see it in print, we lose Collins to an injury and the ____ will hit the fan.

I still think Quin Johnson's pancaking ability in the wet and cold elements in Nov and Dec will be a difference maker, particularly if the Pack gets home field advantage in the playoffs

packeraaron's picture

Worst position on the roster. Thompson has got to do something there...

wgbeethree's picture

You ALMOST nailed it IMO. Keep Quinn Johnson and cut Kregg Lumpkin and it would be the roster I'd keep. The Johnson-Kuhn backfeild holds much more potential to actually be used than Lumpkin does as they could be used in the "4 minute", goalline or short yardage offense. Lumpkin is just simply NOT one of the "53 best players" IMO and there is nothing that he brings to the field where he is better than Grant, BJax and Kuhn. (Legit question) Is there any scenario where you would actually want Lumpkin on the field over any of the other backs?

jeremy's picture

I think it's a good looking roster, except who returns kicks? Williams and Jackson? I have the feeling they wouldn't want to risk Williams there right now.

packeraaron's picture

Nelson on punts and B-Jax on KR.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

John Kuhn > Quinn Johnson > Korey Hall.

Hall barely played in the preseason, is a ST demon but can't run and can barely catch out of the backfield. Plus he always gets injured and misses 2-3 games each season. If I were TT, he'd be gone...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Man, I strongly disagree with your take on Hall's hands. From what I've seen since he's been here he's BY FAR got the best hands of the 3. BY FAR.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

More than once I've seen Hall just drop that little sideline swing pass that hits him right in the hands. Kuhn? Never. Kuhn's clearly the better, starting FB, and he can carry the ball, too (although the 1-yard Kuhn TD plunges need to be scaled back a bit).

I'll also say that Kuhn and Hall are basically the same guy/body type, while QJ is more of a "power" lead blocker. I think having both of those guys would provide some diversity. Kuhn and Hall would provide the same style of blocking.

It was also interesting to see Crabtree in the backfield as a FB (yes, I know they've done that before with Havner and Donald Lee). They're trying to find reasons to keep him...

michaelcainlaw's picture

That's a good Lookin' 53. For some reason I really hope Newhouse, Q. Johnson and CJ Wilson make the roster. Ted is a magician this time of year.

packsmack25's picture

Yeah he magically kept 3 FB last year and dumped Anthony Smith, who he later tried to claim. And he magically let Meredith go so he could keep Giacomini....

Max (ukpackersfan)'s picture

And where's Anthony Smith now...? Cut by us, then cut by the Rams, now with Jacksonville (for how long though?). Meredith is a backup tackle with the lowly Bills (who also claimed TT cut Brian Brohm, who's also doing ever so awful in Buffalo)... I don't see your point.

Oppy's picture

He magically cut Anthony Smith who was magically dumped by his previous team with no offer sheet; Anthony Smith magically did not even sniff the field for the St. Louis Rams (who picked him up after he was magically dumped by the Packers), even though they had the NFL's roster most magically devoid of talent.

He also didn't magically "let" Meredith go, they Magically signed Meredith to the practice squad. Anyone with magical eyes on Meredith during last years training camp could magically see Meredith was no where near ready to be on a magical roster. a PS Player can be offered contracts by other teams to join their 53-man roster. The team who has rights to the player cannot stop them from signing on to another team's active roster. It is magically the player's decision. MAgically.

Gripe, gripe, gripe. MAgically, the Packers have a magically difficult task ahead of them to magically trim down a very magically talented roster. When is the last time so many tough decisions had to be made at so many positions? I'd say that means someone has worked some magic, somewhere along the line.

backslash's picture

That response was magical.

packsmack25's picture

So the fact that he later tried to claim Anthony Smith means nothing? Yeah right.

As for Meredith, I'm sure he would have been a lot better with a year in the system doing nothing like Giacomini, but he wasn't. He WAS cut. Just because he was on the PS for a brief period doesn't mean he wasn't let go.

You're damn right I'm gonna gripe, as some people thing to think TT is unable to make mistakes. He's no more a "magician" than any other GMs, and when he makes mistakes, I'll call him on them. Sorry if that ruffles your feathers. All I know is that Hall was kept as a FB last year and made exactly ZERO impact, whereas our ridiculously thin secondary had something called Matt Giordano playing in the playoffs instead of Anthony Smith, who would have at least known the system well.

I love TT, but the guy still makes mistakes. He's human. Let's not paint this picture that every cut he makes is gonna be correct, because that's just ignorant.

packsmack25's picture

Ugh, "seem to think." Effing edit button.....

Oppy's picture

You've chosen to take issue with the cutting of Meredith, who was _COMPLETE GARBAGE_ in training camp. COMPLETE. GARBAGE. He made Alan Barbre look like an all-pro.

You've also chosen to take issue with Anthony Smith, who hasn't seen a football field on gameday since.

This isn't about TT making mistakes, this is about a need to complain about something. Not keeping Jamon Meredith on the active roster was by no means a mistake, He was not (and still might not be) ready for NFL play. Regardless of TT attempting to re-sign Smith, he didn't get on the field elsewhere- in St. Louis, no less.

Listen, just because you don't like the fact a poster lauded TT with the term "Magical" and you deem that over-zealous and unjustified, doesn't mean you're just being fair and calling out TT when he makes a mistake.. Especially when two of the three things you list certainly can not be considered mistakes at the time or even now; and the third (keeping three FBs), while unconventional, might just pay dividends if we keep two of them this year and receive compensation from a trade of the odd-man out. Some teams only keep 4 WR's, does that mean Swain was a mistake worth complaining about? The Packers typically only keep 2 QB's.. Another huge blunder?

Jeesh. Yeah, I'm calling your post a nit-picky gripe. I tend to like you and respect your posts, but if you consider these three things calling TT out for mistakes, I guess I'm calling you out for your gripe-for-the-sake-of-griping post.

packsmack25's picture

Agree to disagree Oppy. Jamon Meredith is now the 6th man for the Bills offensive line. Giacomini won't be on anyone's short list.

As for Anthony Smith, he was thrown into a 4-3 scheme at the last minute after playing in a 3-4 his whole career, of course he was gonna have a hard time. He still would have beat the hell out of Giordano or Martin.

That said, I don't CARE that he made the mistakes. He's still a great GM. I'd rather him blow a couple of cuts than sign Albert Haynesworth or something like that. The mistakes he makes are minor annoyances rather than catastrophic failures, which is why I love the guy. All I was saying was that he's no less prone to making a couple of bad decisions about the 50th-53rd players on the team than anyone else.

Of course, those last 4 guys to make the cut probably have a lot to do with coaches input too, so I shouldn't put the cuts solely at TT's feet.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Jersey Al's picture

I don't believe in magic...

Franklin Hillside's picture

Harry Potter just died because of that statement, Al.

Tarynfor12's picture

Is not believing in LUCK the same as not believing in Magic?

PackerT's picture

What is this infatuation with Jamon Meredith? He is playing with which is probably the worst team in the NFL..BIG DEAL!....even today he wouldnt crack the Packers lineup. Seeing a player cut by the Pack and going to play for a bad team is not impressive.

Oppy's picture

Ditto Anthony Smith- except he didn't even play for the lousy team that picked him up. See magical rant above.

JohnRehor's picture

Assume Spitz is traded: who do you add to replace him on the 53?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sure is nice not to see Breno or Alan on that list. Now if we could just do something about Jarrett. That kid has a horseshoe up his ass. I see no other viable explanation as to how he's still around. Horseshoe. Up. Ass.


sammer's picture

When Harris is reactivated, Bush is toast. Yet another reason to look forward to Al's return.

Black Hawk's picture

Jarrett should have been gone last year. We can all bank on it that Ted is working the phone lines these next couple of days to either add more draft picks and / or a quality vet.

bomdad's picture

Spitz, Lee, and picks to Cleveland for Cribbs!

lebowski's picture

I like the way you think.

thepretzelhead's picture


hyperRevue's picture

Remind me again when the deadline for roster cuts is?

I really have no idea what they will do or should do. It seems as if Lumpkin, Johnson, Swain and Crabtree and all fighting for 1 spot and I'll be damned if I know who the Pack should keep.

My gut tells me to keep Johnson and Crabtree (since Swain's knee is unreliable and Finley is essentially a 5th wideout anyway).

Pkrjones's picture

Roster cut-down to 53 deadline is Sat. 9/4, 3PM CDT.

I think, prior to deadline TT trades Spitz to Oakland (4th rounder) and D. Lee to Buffalo (6th, conditional to 5th based on PT).

Johnson sticks and Hall is out at FB.

Bush or Swain is gone if TT finds a DB/WR/PR on the wires (Shipley-CIN, Syd'Quan Thompson-Den, or ???).

Mel's picture

You have to keep the sluge hammer around!!! They way he blows up middle linbackers is a thing of beauty!!!!
If you can't figure it out that would be quinn johnson!!!

hyperRevue's picture

Patrick Crayton is making noise in Dallas. I vaguely remember him as a punt returner, but don't remember whether he was any good. They need oline help.

CounterPoint's picture

Your 53 is pretty close to what I would do with two changes.

Lumpkin looked good last night, but I don't think 3 HBs are needed on this team when they hardly run anyway, Kuhn is around for emergency work, and Starks should be available mid-season.

Spitz and EDS are basically the same guy, so keeping both doesn't make sense.

With Lumpkin and Spitz gone, I'd add Obi and Blackmon to the roster.

I'd love to find a way to keep Crabtree and/or Q. Johnson too, but can't decide how to make it work (maybe try to sneak Newhouse through to the practice squad for one spot?)

northnsouth's picture

Does anyone think that Swain might have potetial as a returner?

Jacob's picture

Yeah i do

FITZCORE1252's picture

Def worth a look.

Black Hawk's picture

I'd give the return job to Swain, last night he reminded me of a younger version of Wes Welker.

Irish Cheesehead's picture

I say we keep Masthay as our punter, make Bryan our Special Teams coach, and cut Slocum.

MarkinMadison's picture

Blackmon and Bush to New Jersey for Reevis. ;-)

MarkinMadison's picture

ESPN reports Steelers return man Arnaz Battle on the bubble because of performances by two rookies (Emmanual Sanders and Tony Brown). Jacques Reeves, a seven-year CB for Houston and Dallas, was cut Friday. Could be a nickel if there are no questions re his 2009 leg fracture.

LACheez's picture

Rhodes scholar myron rolle was just cut by the titans...could be worth looking into TT!

PackerFan4Life's picture

just heard will blackmon was released but cant find a link to substantiate it

LACheez's picture

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