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My Way too Early Unofficial Green Bay Packers 53 Man Roster

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My Way too Early Unofficial Green Bay Packers 53 Man Roster

With the Packers voluntary workouts and rookie minicamp in the books and OTA's and mandatory minicamp on the horizon, I thought I would give you all my first 53 man roster projection.  There are obviously many factors that will contribute to the week 1 roster for the Packers first game in Chicago, but this first "mock" 53 man roster is how I see the offseason position battles shaking out when all the dust settles.  

Without further ado here is the Green Bay Packers 2019 Opening Day Roster:

Offense: 24


Quarterback (2):

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Tim Boyle


Fullback (0):

*I see the Packers using a lot of 3 tight end sets where they will put the third tight end in the backfield which will end up satisfying the fullback position and saving a roster spot.


Tight End (4):

1. Jimmy Graham

2.  Marcedes Lewis

3. Jace Sternberger

4. Robert Tonyan


Wide Receiver (6):

1. Davante Adams

2. Geronimo Allison

3. Marquez Valdes-Scantling

4. Equanimous St. Brown

5. Jake Kumerow

6. J'Mon Moore


Running Backs (3):

1. Aaron Jones

2. Jamaal Williams

3. Dexter Williams


Offensive Line (9):

1. Corey Linsley

2. Lane Taylor

3. David Bakhtiari

4. Elgton Jenkins

5. Brian Bulaga

6. Billy Turner

7. Lucas Patrick

8. Justin McCray

9. Cole Madison


Defense: 25


Defensive Line (6):

1. Kenny Clark

2. Dean Lowry

3. Mike Daniels

4. Kingsley Keke

5. Tyler Lancaster

6. James Looney


Linebackers (9):

1. Za'Darius Smith

2. Preston Smith

3. Rashan Gary

4. Kyler Fackrell

5. Oren Burks

6. Blake Martinez

7. Kendall Donnerson

8. Reggie Gilbert

9. Ty Summers


Cornerbacks (6):

1. Jaire Alexander

2. Tramon Williams

3. Joshua Jackson

4. Kevin King

5. Ka'Dar Hollman

6. Tony Brown


Safties (4): 

1. Adrian Amos

2. Darnell Savage

3. Raven Greene

4. Josh Jones


Special Teams: (4)

Punter (1): JK Scott

Kicker (1): Mason Crosby

Long Snapper (1): Hunter Bradley

Returner (1): Trevor Davis


Roster Commentary: 

1. All of the players who were in the crosshairs of being released to free up cap space survive roster cuts:  There's just way too much value in players like Mike Daniels, Brian Bulaga, Tramon Williams, and Mason Crosby to release them with 1 year remaining on their contracts.  As it is currently constructed, the Packers still have enough cap space to add a veteran player or two if the need arises or a game-changing player if one becomes available. Until either off those things happens, these players safely make the Packers 53.

2. The DeShone Kizer trade was a disaster:  It is time to pull the band-aid off of the cut and part ways with DeShone Kizer and develop Tim Boyle or look for a veteran backup quarterback.  Kizer has shown glimpses in the preseason against teams 50th-70th ranked players on the depth chart, but has done nothing but turn the ball over when under the bright lights playing against starting defensive units.

3. The Packers finally part ways with Jason Spriggs:  This will finally be the year the Packers admit the decision to trade up and draft Jason Spriggs was an unmitigated disaster.  There's no way around it, Spriggs was a complete bust and with the talent at the offensive line position being the deepest it has been in years, the time to cut Spriggs has finally arrived.

4. The only reason J'Mon Moore makes this roster is because it would cost the Packers over $300,000 in cap space to cut him:  I think it was pretty clear after last season that J'Mon Moore has a very high chance of becoming a bust.  It was clear early on that drops were going to plague him throughout the season and he really never got out of his own way.  If the Packers don't end up needing the extra cap space to sign players, I would strongly encourage them to move on from J'Mon Moore if he has another offseason battling drops.  

5. The Packers Cut Montravius Adams:  Adams has yet to live up to his third round bill and the depth on the defensive line is plentiful.  Unless Adams steals the show in training camp, I see this boiling down to a numbers game.  Gutekunst could look to trade Adams early in training camp if he has some value, but otherwise, I see him being on the outside looking in.  

Sound Off:

Let me know your opinions on the initial construction of the Packers 53 man roster.  Tell me your favorite players, your sleepers to make the team, and the players you think will be cut.  As always, I look forward to the debate and discussion.


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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ILPackerBacker's picture

Generally agree with the thoughts after the positions. But at many positions there are more questions than answers.

Like WR and DL.

The remnants of the thompson crop failures is nearly gone

Old School's picture

Mostly correct, IMO.

1) Spriggs will not be cut.
2) Adams will not be cut.
3) Trevor Davis will not make the team.

The weakest point on the roster is backup QB. It has been foolish to not make a better effort to get a real player there.

Samson's picture

"The weakest point on the roster is backup QB."
I must agree.--- No one knows if Boyle can even be a productive NFL QB. -- (I doubt D. Lock would have been a rookie option either)..... I wanted Gute to find an experienced NFL QB who has at least won a few games in his career.... Gute hasn't .... at least not yet.

albert999's picture

I’ve been screaming no back up QB for 2 years

Old School's picture

Yeah, me too. I would have taken Lamar Jackson last year. Argued long and loud for him. Fell on deaf ears, and it's going to continue to be like talking to a wall until Rodgers misses some time again.

The list of available vet QBs isn't very impressive. You can go to and look at FA QBs......the best at this point is probably Osweiler.

Last year, we had a shot at the #5 QB, Jackson, who I had rated as the #3 QB. This year, we had a shot at the #3 QB, Haskins, who I had as #2 on my board. I thought he'd be gone by then and our choice would be Lock or Jones, and I preferred Lock but thought that #12 was too high for him. I never imagined Jones going before Haskins.

The Rams have strengthened their backup spot this offseason. So have the Giants and Redskins. The Saints have a backup in Hill.

As regards our own division......and winning the division is always the goal......we're not in good shape. The Bears backup, Chase Daniel, has actually won two games in the league, including one last year.

In Detroit, Matt Cassell has won 36 games in his career. In Minnesota, the probable backup is Sean Mannion....who has never won a game in this league either.

If every team in the division lost their starter Week 1, the Bears and Lions would have an advantage on the Packers and Vikings. If all the starters stay healthy, and play like they did last year, then the Packers are at a disadvantage in the division. Our HOPE is that Rodgers stays healthy all year AND that he plays better than he did last year. I'm more like Jack Reacher......hope for the best and plan for the worst.

At this point, our options are totally limited. We could sign Osweiler. Or we could trade for somebody's backup. And that's about it.

Bure9620's picture

Yes Backup QB is a weak spot but minus drafting one relatively high what is Gute to do? The league is not littered with veteran QBs that CAN play and therefore those that can command a high $ amount. Nick Foles was the exception, not the rule. Historically an average passer able to lead a team to a Super Bowl. It was essentially dumb luck for the Eagles and of course this raised his market value and Foles is gone. Kiser is not as bad as many think, his confidence is likely very low now. How many teams have a backup QB they think can lead them on a playoff run?? Maybe the teams have one they drafted high and are unproven. A backup QB capable of playing at a high level is now luxury with the importance placed on the position. Same with Tackle. Spriggs is not a great player and he is actually average for a swing tackle if you look around the league. Many teams don't have 2 starting caliber tackles let alone 3. If Rodgers goes down that's it. We are not the only team like that either. Seattle, Chicago, SF, Dallas, Minnesota, KC, Pittsburgh, Indy, Oakland, Chargers, Rams, Houston, Jax, Tennessee, Atlanta, Carolina, now the Eagles. It is part of having that much cap invested into the QB position.

porupack's picture

Great post Bure9620;
Only quibble with your argument is that a backup that can come in and still give a win or two if Rodgers is out for a game or two; would keep alive a shot at a superbowl….instead of waving the white flag and start the season of mock drafts prematurely.

David Michalski's picture

I'm not a Kizer fan, that was a terrible trade; agreed though, if Rodgers goes down it's all over. However, if he goes down for 4-6 weeks (which is completely possible) is it too much to ask to find someone who can go 2-4 or 3-3 during that stretch? Do you believe in Kizer to go 2-4 or 3-3?

He is 0-15 with 11 Td's and 22 Int's in 15 games started and looked putrid in his limited action against starting defenses last year. I'm just saying it's a logical argument to eventually want to pursue an A.J McCarron, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Fitzpatrick type of player. (inconsistent or failed starter who can go 2-4, 3-3 for a short time)

Like would you be that upset if cap wizard Russ Ball structured a 2-3 year deal with a fizzled out but proven starting quarterback similar to the ones mentioned here if the yearly bonuses provided cap relief to a figure around 3-5 million?

jannes bjornson's picture

Siemian was available last year and this off-season to be signed, or Mannion who knew McVay's system. QB University was a failure, no doubt, looking at the graduates performance. Maybe one of the UDFAs shows something akin to quick reads and release. The second rate QB on the depth chart has been around since Rodgers took over the starter's job.

Bure9620's picture

Wim a a game or 2? Sure, Matt Flynn was that. But that type of player is not taking the Packers to a Championship.

Old School's picture

Bure...."what is Gute supposed to do?"

The Packers are a 1/2 $Billion organization. They have a payroll, including coaches, scouts, trainers, and players of over $200 million.

And it ALL depends on the health of ONE guy, Aaron Rodgers. The rest of the $200 million is wasted if he goes down. You've said so yourself.

I'm not comfortable with that, and I don't think anybody should be. I think that after the 22 starters, the backup QB spot is the most important. More than the 3rd WR, or 2nd TE, or some rotational edge rusher, or a backup OL.

If my house burns down, I don't just say "Oh well, I guess I'll live under a bridge", or if my car is in an accident, I don't just say "I guess I'll take the bus", and if I get sick I don't just say "I'll die"

It's called insurance. Between my health, house, and auto insurance it's the biggest expense in my monthly budget, even greater than the mortgage. And why do I 'waste" all this money? Because you need insurance, that's why.

The Patriots paid a backup $3 million last year. Do you think if Brady had been hurt Belichick would have just said "Oh well, the season is over"? Yeah, me neither.

You mentioned a lot of teams at the end of your post. The Rams went out and got Blake Bortles to backup Goff. The Titans got Tannehill to backup Mariotta. The Steelers drafted Rudolph in the 2nd round last year. The Falcons have Matt Schaub, who has won 45 games in this league.

As to what Gute should do, I think that he has a responsibility to put a team on the field that is competitive...…...even if Aaron Rodgers is hurt. He's had two offseasons so far and he hasn't drafted one and he got rid of the one we had.

The trade for Kizer…….we had a guy we didn't want on the team anymore, Randall. The Browns, and John Dorsey, had a guy on the team they didn't want anymore, Kizer. We did each other a favor and hoped for the best. Randall stayed healthy and played well for Cleveland last year, whereas we got nothing out of Kizer. Could Gute have gotten a better deal for Randall? I don't know. I know he didn't. Maybe he couldn't.-

The Vikings, a few years ago, had their QB go down in training camp (Teddy Bilgewater). Did the Vikings just say "Oh well, there goes the season?" No, they traded for a starter. Overpaid, IMO, but that's still better than just writing off a season.

At this point, we don't have a lot of options anymore. Gutekunst is running an enormous gamble, IMO.

Nick Perry's picture

Why not give MLF a shot with Kizer before just tossing in the towel on the guy. He was with him at Notre Dame so maybe Lafleur see's something in Kizer worth working with.

Outside of winning with 2 future HOF QB's maybe Mike McCarthy really wasn't the QB Whisperer he was thought to be. Hell he thought Hundley was ready when he clearly wasn't. Maybe Kizer is Hundley 2.0, but maybe in THIS offense with THIS HC Kizer could be exactly what you want in a #2 QB. A guy who can go 3-3 or 4-2 should Rodgers get injured.

I'm not totally opposed to drafting a QB but taking one high last year of this season wasn't the way.

optimisticfan's picture

Yes backup QB is a weak point. I think they should try to move on from Kizer have Boyle as backup and see how accurate Wilkins is/isn’t. Wilkins is touted as making better safer decisions than Kizer which is what you want in a QB who is not going to lose the game for you if your defense keeps you in it. Still not great backup options this year.

However I think this year it was smart to not overreach for a QB as the draft class and FAs available do not have great value. I am much more happy with them filling needs and setting up players with a 1-2 yr development (Jenkins, Sternberger, Keke) to replace players they may move on from rather than them having taken Easton Stick or Stidham etc

The 2020 draft is possibly going to very deep at QB and WR. QBs who could be drafted high:
Tua Tagovailoa
Justin Herbert
Jake Fromm
KJ Costello
Jacob Eason
Shea Patterson
Feleipe Franks
Nate Stanley
Jalen Hurts? etc

With the current draft the Packers really set themselves up for possibly not having glaring needs to fill at next years draft. Maybe going for a premium OT, backup QB and WR high in the draft. Depending on how the current players pan out, they can go for BPA. Who knows, maybe Bulaga stays healthy, adjusts to a zone scheme ok, and decides to take a 2 yr team friendly extension and then they can go for your coveted QB. For now protect Rodgers and let him light up other teams, then it matters less who is behind him.

dobber's picture

"Jalen Hurts? etc"

Everybody hurts....some-times....

Handsback's picture

Old School, agree that Spriggs, and Adams won't be cut. I don't think Gilbert makes it nor Patrick. I'm conflicted on Davis because he is a pretty good returner.

Old School's picture

Davis is an above average punt returner, but we shouldn’t return punts. I’ve written at length about this a couple of times. The meager yardage you gain is more than offset by fumbles, penalties, and injuries. Long, game-changing returns are less common than you can imagine.

908 punts were returned last year. 7 TDS. For most teams, their longest return is 35 yards or less. If you returned 30 punts a year, that means you would expect a TD every 4 seasons.

Guard against the fake. Try to put enough pressure that it encourages a bad kick . Do not commit a penalty, fair catch the ball, and let Aaron Rodgers go to work.

Slim11's picture

Davis, IMO, is a big question mark. He doesn't seem to contribute much as a WR and contributes a little more as a returner. I still question his decision making ability.

That said, were those decisions a product of Ron Zook's instructions as the ST coach? Were Davis' decisions based upon a lack of understanding on his part? Were his decisions based upon poor football IQ?

This training camp, along with a new ST coach, might be very telling. I'm willing to give Davis a chance in TC but hope one of the rookies beats him out.

Handsback's picture

Old School, agree that Spriggs, and Adams won't be cut. I don't think Gilbert makes it nor Patrick. I'm conflicted on Davis because he is a pretty good returner.

sonomaca's picture

They were going to pick Lock until Denver jumped up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The cost of selecting Lamar Jackson (selected in the first round, #32) is Jaire Alexander. Jackson looks interesting so far.

egbertsouse's picture

I like your analysis and hope it’s spot-on except that I would like to see Trevor Davis gone too.

Lare's picture

I agree. Looks like they have some WRS on the initial roster that can contribute both ways.

jannes bjornson's picture

Like to see Shepherd vie for the PR/KR job and keep Davis away from the roster. It would be nice to get a veteran cut-down guy at thte WR spot. Its Kumerow vs Moore.

David Michalski's picture

I'd like to see Davis gone as well, I'd also get rid of J'Mon in a second but I don't think the Pack do either (unfortunately)

Rak47's picture

Adams came on pretty well at the end of last year with a sack and a half and forced fumble. I see no reason why they would cut a 3rd year 3rd round pick who is still developing and has yet to reach his potential to keep a second year 7th round pick who didn't have a single stat the entire year in his rookie season. Adams is definitely the more talented of the two and will claim a roster spot while Looney hits the practice squad again. If Adams makes no further progress this year the scenario you presented will have some wheels under it next off season, possibly.
You're just at least a year too early on this one this time Dave.

porupack's picture

You haven't sufficiently explained why to get rid of J'mon so quickly after just one season, when considering many WRs don't really show their potential until year 2 or 3. His drops are concerning, but the low number of game time reps, and constant reshuffling of WRs in and out is certainly difficult to find a groove and settle the hands down (even if the other two rooks did seem to accomplish the hurdle). GB invested a fair amount in Jmon, give him a year, at least a year. If nothing else, put him on PS in event of injury, and/or last resort, set him up for trade bait.
Are you certain that;
1) he reached his ceiling of potential already and it is below acceptable standard for GB, or
2) relative to the other rooks, they are as good or better floor and ceiling?
3) Too crowded, and other factors are more important such as: needing a different profile of WR?


David Michalski's picture

Sorry I didn't sufficiently answer your question for you.

So I've been reading a lot about GM's (specifically a case in which this happened to Ron Wolf) observing their picks after the draft during rookie minicamps and how they instantly know whether the pick has a chance to contribute or will be a bust. In the case of J'Mon Moore, I believe he didn't get reps bc the team knew he had a high chance of being a bust. It was one thing after another, when he wasn't dropping the ball he was running the wrong route or wasn't being precise.

That, along with with the number of young receivers looking to emerge coupled with the fact that the pack could still bring in a vet to be the 3rd receiver makes me think Moore will be used primarily as a gunner on special teams and will only see reps at receiver in the case of injury.

1. I don't think he's very reliable
2. The other young players are better
3. There's no room for him


jannes bjornson's picture

That four pick should have been a safety or Guard.

fastmoving's picture

J Mon is picked for a reason. Not every pick will pan out, but I see him way better than you.
other than that it makes no sense to give up after one year, especially at the WR position.
Jordy did not play better in his first year.

Sure, we have room for him but not for some 3rd year cast off. It was easy to see in preseason that J.Mon has a lot of upside. and thats all you can ask for

Old School's picture

So Gutekunst, and his scouting staff, picked Moore ahead of MVS and ESB because they made a big mistake and they’re going to admit that after one season?

Color me skeptical. I think Moore is better than he looked last year and that’s why he was the first WR we selected and that Gutekunst and the personnel people knew what they were doing.

I’m old enough to remember when people thought we should cut Davonte Adams after his second season because he was unreliable and we had other, better prospects. Seriously.

Every ear of corn tassels out in its own time.

fastmoving's picture

spot on, Old School, nailed it.
Even Moore had some problems in the preseason he was pretty good anyway.
Bet he will play a big part of the pass O this season.

Rak47's picture

What people don't understand about Moore is the program he came from at MIzzou. They had an extremely simplified offense and Moore only ran 4 different route combo's while there. Then he gets to GB and has to memorize 150 or so route combo's which is something he was not asked to do in college and it overwhelmed him. Imho, he should have a much better grasp of route combo's and what is expected of him this year allowing him to play with more confidence and less thought processing going on out on the field.

porupack's picture

Well, if they are so sure he doesn't have the skill, then why wasn't he just released? And furthermore, Gute showed no real action to restock the cupboard that they had prioritized to stock last year.

Your reading about GMs isn't very convincing in any specific case, such as to Moore or not to Moore.. But, nonetheless, I do agree with you that if the WR room is full, then someone is going to go. But he can still be on the PS I believe.

David Michalski's picture

I actually read an article about it on a rival site about how Ron Wolf would stand on the sidelines and watch his draft picks and rookie camp and utter obscenities when he knew he missed on one early on. The article talked about one receiver, in particular, he missed on, which he recognized early into rookie minicamp. The point of the article was that the GM has a pretty good idea early on whether or not his pick was a hit or whether it was a miss. I think how they choose to deploy Moore this preseason will give you a pretty good indication about how Gutekunst feels about him moving forward.

John30856's picture

David likely wanted to get rid of Davante after his first year as well

David Michalski's picture

actually, I didn't but nice try

Since '61's picture

I think our 3rd RB is Dexter Williams not Dexter Jones. Otherwise you’re 53 looks good. Thanks, Since ‘61

David Michalski's picture

good catch, I didn't even notice I did that. The perils of doing this job while at my day job. Go Pack!

zeroluv's picture

I think a team will gamble on adams in a trade and same goes for Spriggs. They might not have much value but a 6th or 7th round pick would get the job done imo. Although the picks aren’t great...the more picks we get for players the pack will cut anyway...the better options to trade up in drafts of sweeten pots.

HoppyTime's picture

Not sure about the value of Davis taking a roster spot to take 3-5 touchbacks a game and fair catch punts. Would rather try one of the RBs, other WRs, or DBs return kicks and have Adams for DL depth.

jannes bjornson's picture

I'm still in the M. Adams camp. See if he picks up the pace.

Spock's picture

HT, I'm not a huge fan of Davis, but he has performed well on ST. Don't forget he was our best GUNNER on ST last year when the Packers kicked off. His value goes beyond being a returner. That said, in my mind, he needs to show some value as a receiver in MLF's offensive scheme as well.

PeteK's picture

Yes, but those few touches are very critical and can change a game, ex. Montgomery. Ja Will beat out Davis?

Bo Hunter's picture

Where’s Shepherd and Vitale ?

jannes bjornson's picture

A TE never replaces a true Fullback. They cannot get low enough to work
a LB or DE. You saw L.A.s offense go nowhere against Belichick, but New England deployed their Fullback on critical downs during the playoffs in the run game and as a receiver.

Coldworld's picture

LaFleur has used fullbacks a lot in the past. I think that’s a questionable omission. Vitale has good hands and I think he makes it if he has a decent camp despite my belief Tonyan will as well.

I don’t see the back end offensive line including as many holdovers. Patrick May be most at risk followed closely by McCray. I also don’t see them cutting Spriggs. At this point they have only one back up tackle of any credibility: Turner, unless Light makes a jump or Nijman is more ready than I think. At least one and possibly two of those three makes the roster.

Montravius Adams showed some significant promise in playing time late season. In fact his pressures stats were impressive. If he plays at that level, they would be nuts to let him go.

I think Gilbert is on the hot seat. He was mediocre last season in a group that is now much stronger. I see him being replaced, possibly by Donnerson if he has developed. I see Roberts, the UDFA edge was given a guarantee of $65,000 (UDFA cap workaround): that may indicate that the team feels he has the potential to make the team. In any case, I think the above list is one OLB heavy given how the Smiths and Gary will be used and that I think Adams stays.

Jones is unlikely to be the fourth safety in reality due to coverage in space. If we are going to keep him and see upside it has to be as an ILB behind Burks. That may change both groups but maybe opens a slot for Jamerson as a box safety or Campbell if they do resign him.

I don’t see Trevor Davis making the roster. He has nothing to add as a receiving option based upon showings to date in season or preseason. I think they find a player who has upside outside of special teams, perhaps Shepherd or one of the DBs (i’d love an RB type, but not sure any plausible candidates among the RBs).

I think the team will hang on to Moore, and so they should. He was raw coming out with great physical talent. Way to early to give up on that investment having made it. We have to stop fooling ourselves into expecting that draftees taken on day one and two are plug and play ready.

It’s going to be interesting because I can’t remember this much competition at virtually all spots at least for depth. The only one where I am not sure the competition is real is at Kicker, but maybe Ficken will surprise us.

blondy45's picture

I predict Ficken will be our PK this year. Again watching him at Penn State, he was money. I agree he has not produced in the NFL...yet! Sad to see Crosby get the axe, but a year too late could really derail the Pack this year. I can not except the excuse that Crosby had a new holder & long snapper. His kickoffs have become shorter & shorter. Ficken has to produce in camp to replace him though. I am betting he will.

David Michalski's picture

Going with no fullback and lining up Tonyan and Lewis in the fullback position in the power formation. I think there's too much depth on the roster for Shepherd.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Is Lewis an H-back? I actually don't know, but we suffered through Kendricks sucking at it all last season, so I'd prefer not to see that again.

David Michalski's picture

I'm thinking Lewis and Tonyan cross train at TE and FB/HB. Keep in mind Lewis is a professional blocker though so I could see it working with putting him in the backfield in certain situations.

Coach JV's picture

I wonder if the new RB, Dexter Williams (not Jones) can return punts or kicks? I would rather use him and save a roster spot by getting rid of Davis.

Or maybe we find one cast off from another team... but Davis is not really the guy we need.

PatrickGB's picture

It’s a tad too early to give up on Moore. Adams should be gone so I agree with that. I see Gilbert gone. I also see the argument that we keep a fullback.

LeotisHarris's picture

Cliche Count:

1. "position battles shaking out"

2. "when all the dust settles"

3. "Without further ado "

4. "in the crosshairs"

5. "free up cap space"

6. "pull the band-aid off of the cut"

7. "has shown glimpses"

8. "under the bright lights"

9. "finally part ways"

10. "unmitigated disaster"

11. "There's no way around it"

12. "he really never got out of his own way"

13. "steals the show"

14. "boiling down to a numbers game"

15. "on the outside looking in"

My Way Too Early Best of 2019 Michalskism:

"the depth on the defensive line is plentiful"

David Michalski's picture

Sounds like someone has quite a hard on for Michalskisms

LeotisHarris's picture

Good one, David, it's difficult not to when depth is plentiful. However, you need to slow your roll because I think Old School is officially in charge of boners on this board.

David Michalski's picture

Sounds like you and Oldschool are going to have to play with each other to make sure you're both equally satisfied.

dobber's picture

OK...this one is just too easy.

dobber's picture

I suffered from Michalskiism for a long time, but then joined a 12-step program and I'm doing much better.

David Michalski's picture

Sorry to make you fall off the wagon, make sure you make a meeting tonight.

optimisticfan's picture

I think the Packers will keep some young players on the 53 to make sure they can retain them and then develop them if they have higher upsides than some current fringe players. Also keep more versatile players who help in special teams and their positions:

Specifically (differences from above):
On 53:
Darrius Shepherd (WR/PR)
Curtis Bolton (ILB)
Danny Vitale (FB)
Montravius Adams (DL)

Off 53:
Trevor Davis
Gilbert or Donnerson?
J’Mon Moore (if he majorly is not able to grasp the new playbook or run exact routes)
James Looney

The interesting question is how many players do they keep on the 53 to ensure they don’t get stolen by other teams (Manny Wilkins and Yosh Nijman for instance). A lot of other teams are going to try to steal whichever OL are left on the practice squad. The Texans will get to evaluate Packers’ OL in practice for instance.

CalPacker's picture

I had Nijman and Brooks on my fantasy mock draft for the Packers, and I was thrilled to see them as UDFAs. So yeah, I think we may need to keep those guys close. The tape on both of them is impressive, and Nijman was #2 behind Dillard on the 20yd shuttle at the Combine--that's impressive for a 6'7 324 lb lineman....

sonomaca's picture

Lots of people high on him. Why was he UDFA?

Coldworld's picture

Nijman has ideal size and athleticism but his technique never developed despite 3 years as a starter. In College he excelled through pure physical dominance. Belief is that he will not be able to do that.

Did his coaches just let him overpower without trying to coach him or was he not receptive?

sonomaca's picture

Interesting. His o-line coach was Vance Vice. No idea if he’s good or not. That said, to go undrafted with Nijman’s physical tools,, there must be something seriously wrong.

LambeauPlain's picture

Nijman, like Summers, has a HUGE upside.

Both men first played their current positions in college.

Summers was a HS QB and Nijman a DLinema.

jannes bjornson's picture

A step in the right direction, but I think Gutekunst is going to have a major cut we will not expect at the end of August. Need to clean house of any remaining quitters.

optimisticfan's picture

The OL depth chart seems a little off. I agree the Packers likely keep 9 OL in the 53. This would help retain as many as possible so other teams can’t poach too much of GB’s depth of OL from the practice squad. With that in mind the bottom of the OL list may be less about readiness to play now vs retaining for future potential. Closer to:

1) Bakhtiari
2) Linsley
3) Bulaga
4) Turner
5) Jenkins
6) Taylor
7) Madison?
8) Light?
9) Nijman?
If wanting to keep developmental prospects and not sneak into the practice squad
10) Patrick
11) McCray
Spriggs or any of the players they may move on from would definitely be worth shopping around to see if they can get trade value for.

David Michalski's picture

Rankings are from center to left tackle and then back to the right side. For the exact reason that everyone would presumably know Bakh would be ranked first.

optimisticfan's picture

Got it. Thanks for clarifying. I am a fan so I don’t rank lists commonly (thus I didn’t use what seems like the standard way to list the line you had above). I didn’t doubt that you knew how much of an asset Bakhtiari is, I was more questioning whether Jenkins would be ahead of Taylor at LG with Turner at RG. Also wondering how the bottom of the board could be ranked. Really could keep a bunch of prospects/young guys though conversely could thus not have vets like Patrick, McCray etc if injuries happen all at once.

So wondering your thoughts on this as a starting lineup:


Is the theory of not moving too many players around (less switches to disrupt the line) when injuries occur the advantage of keeping Turner in reserve in your lineup above? Seems that Turner and Jenkins might have more pass blocking and zone movement potential than Taylor. Thoughts?

David Michalski's picture

I think you have (from left to right) Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Turner/Jenkins (battling for starting job at RG despite Turners financial commitment) and Bulaga at RT.

Don’t forget Taylor played banged up a lot of last season, I expect him to return to form and be a solid and reliable LG this season.

CalPacker's picture

Again, look at Nijman's tape last year against the likes of Brian Burns and Zach Allen--pretty impressive. Plus, he was #2 behind Dillard on the 20 yd shuttle at the Combine...

David Michalski's picture

Fair point, but you also have to look at this strategically. Players 1-7 are most likely locks, would you agree? Like Cole has guaranteed money attached plus they stuck by him which speaks volumes to me. Turner has guaranteed dollars coming his way, Jenkins is going to be competing to start, Bakh, Taylor, Linsley, Turner/Jenkins, Bulaga are all locks. So now you're looking to see whether they are going to keep 8 linemen or 9 linemen and who has the best chance of making it through to the practice squad. The only way I see the pecking order change is if they cut Bulaga, I'd say that would be his most unencumbered route to making the 53.

greengold's picture

Josh Nijman was a downright steal by GB, signing him as a UDFA. How the man went undrafted is beyond me. I could not be happier about him being with the Packers, at a great position of need. He will provide quality depth, and has a lot of great experience and athleticism to work with and develop.There is no way this cat stays on our PS. We have to retain him on the 53.

You're right, Cal, the guy played great against both players. He also played very well against Clelin Ferrel when VT played Clemson. Pure LT with experience playing RT. I still cannot believe we landed this kid as a UDFA. 6-7 324, not to mention his broad jump was 114", placing him in the 95th percentile amongst all OTs in the draft. Super athletic. Great job by Gutey to sign him.

jannes bjornson's picture

I think they move Taylor out and Spriggs. McCray is an all purpose guy. They have a true backup center in Jenkins to go G/C .

ricky's picture

J'Mon Moore had a problem with drops his first season? He couldn't get out of his own way? Sounds a lot like James Jones. Let's see if his off-season work brings about a significant change. It took Jones a while to be a reliable receiver. Giving up on a guy after only one season at a skill position that usually takes three years to grasp? Not a good idea, IMO.

Gort's picture

Dropsies for Moore? Sounds alot like Davante Adams.
I don't recall James Jones having a significant problem with drops.

Five O Packer's picture

I agree with you Gort. Adams had a lot of drops his first year 2014 but he turned it around. Now he is our BEST receiver. I'm hoping Allison has a great year. Slot receiver will be key this year.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Gort, you must be joking about Jones right? He was Notorious for “dropping the routine, but making the spectacular” catches.

Gort's picture

Guess I am getting old and my memory sucks.
Still lots of receivers struggle early.

CAG123's picture

Yeah James Jones definitely had a problem with drops

David Michalski's picture

Well, I'm going to go out on a limb and say J'Mon Moore won't become Davante Adams or James Jones. Don't @ me! lol

John30856's picture

James Jones actually did early on

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Did he have Trevor Davis on at first?

PackfanNY's picture

James Looney will beat out Montravious Adams? I would be surprised since 1-Adams was a higher pick, 2-He has only played one of two seasons as year one was destroyed by injury, 3- If you want to keep Looney he would be easier to attempt to keep on practice squad, 4- What exactly has Looney done to earn that spot?

David Michalski's picture

I’m saying this to all the Looney haters, don’t forget how obsessed Gute is with RAS numbers. Donnerson and Looney were top 10 in the entire 2018 NFL Draft Class. So like it or not both players will get every chance to make this team. RAS players are part of Gute’s profile, there’s no way around it at this point. Like I said, M. Adams better make for damn sure he leaves no doubt this preseason. Tear it up and he’ll be ok, play ordinary and he could be on the outside looking in.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It hardly seems possible for there to be Looney and Donnerson haters. Looney played 19 snaps (and 9 ST snaps) and Donnerson played no snaps at all on defense and no snaps at all on STs, the latter of which is a little surprising for an athletic LB.

Those of us who suggest that at this point putting Looney and Donnerson in the longshot category have a pretty good argument. Donnerson apparently can't do anything (total cap charges to date = $283K) and Looney ($342K so far in cap charges) so far has done almost nothing, and both are late round draft picks. Both were cut last year so GB already ate their respective signing bonuses as dead money.

I suppose if one hated these two as draft picks then one could be a hater. My draftnik interest doesn't extend to the 7th round. They have to earn roster spots.

jannes bjornson's picture

THey are still P squad material.

PackfanNY's picture

Dave, I don’t consider myself a Looney “hater” but I do question what has Looney done to unseat Adams? You mention RAS numbers but keep in mind Gutekunst had to be involved with drafting Adams so I assume he also sees/saw something in him as well.
Either way, good problem to have when we are debating who the 6th d-lineman will be. Depth is a good thing!

PackfanNY's picture

Dave, I don’t consider myself a Looney “hater” but I do question what has Looney done to unseat Adams? You mention RAS numbers but keep in mind Gutekunst had to be involved with drafting Adams so I assume he also sees/saw something in him as well.
Either way, good problem to have when we are debating who the 6th d-lineman will be. Depth is a good thing!

LambeauPlain's picture

RAS is the word? Then you are wrong about cutting Spriggs who has a RAS around 96-97...probably the highest on the Packer OL.

RAS is a nice guide, but I have read Gutey saying he trusts the game video more than any other.

FYI Mandarich had a RAS of 100.

Samson's picture

"Way Too Early"
It's good you included this.
The WR list scares me.... Someone really needs to step up after Adams.... An established FA WR or a 2nd day draftee would have looked nice on that list.

Dave --- your next assignment.--- Pick 3-5 players NOT on your 'way to early list' that make the final 53 & explain why.
Thanks. - Since '60.

David Michalski's picture

I wouldn’t rule out a wide receiver or an inside linebacker not currently in the organization right now.

fthisJack's picture

Trevor Davis is a waste of a roster spot! time to cut him.

sam1's picture

Only too those who lack real FB knowledge maybe!

fthisJack's picture

as the name of the article implies.....Waaaaaay tooo early!

PatrickGB's picture

Yep it’s early. But what else do we have to talk about? I am happy to read almost any article that I can find. This site is a pretty good no BS site so it’s worth the discussion and back and forth that I get to read here.

Nick Perry's picture

Exactly.... Besides, It's NEVER to early for ANYTHING related to the Green Bay Packers.

Thanks to David, Al and the others who keep the articles coming on CHTV!

David Michalski's picture


Swisch's picture

I'm excited to see Oren Burks make a big step up on defense, and Robert Tonyan on offense.
I think Trevor Davis is going to surprise with excellence as a kick returner and as a special teams defender -- and also be a valuable deep threat as a wide receiver.
Wasn't Tim Boyle a trendy acquisition at QB last season? How soon we move on? I'm hopeful Boyle is going to continually improve into a possible top starter in the NFL -- but it may be wise to pick up a veteran QB to go with him for this season.
I'm picking Aaron Jones for 1,000 yards rushing; and for MVS to emerge as the exciting breakout second receiver behind Adams.
Finally, how much fun is it going to be to watch the Packers this season! -- with all the new guys of a rebuild, but also a great quarterback and other key returnees to put the team in instant playoff contention.

Alberta Packer's picture

The main problem with Davis is his durability, or more specifically, the lack of. And usually players do not become more durable during the course of their nfl career - so he gone. Unfortunately I think that Kizer will receive another year for no other reason that he was a Gutie pick - although Boyle appears to have better skills and potential. Montravious Adams is on the bubble depending on training camp performances of Looney and Keke.

Bill Atkinson's picture

At least one undrafted Free Agent will make the roster.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The author put at least two UDFAs on his 53, IIRC.

sam1's picture

T. Davis will be there as gunner and Return Man, no doubt to this happening for sure!

Pierre's picture

I agree with Tim Boyle being the backup QB and believe the Packers see he has the potential to be the next starting QB for them in the not so distant future if he continues to develop his game. It all depends on how Rodgers can play the QB position this year. Roster as stated looks close to the final 53 for this season.

Nick Perry's picture

I'd kinda like to see what MLF might be able to do with him. McCarthy got a lot of credit for Favre and Rodgers but he sure in the hell didn't do anything with anyone else... Maybe Matt Flynn I guess.

MLF got a lot of credit for Matt Ryan and Goff AND he knows Kiser from Notre Dame. I think MLF is probably twice the "QB Whisperer" Mike McCarthy is. I think McCarthy had a little ,more to work with especially with a 3 time MVP and SB winning QB on the roster when he was hired.

Kevin Carpenter's picture

I'm going to be the only guy that defends Moore on this, but I think he has the tools to be a good receiver. Yes, drops plagued him last year. But it was only his first year. Do you guys remember how everyone wanted Davante Adams gone because of drops? Look at how that panned out. Give him another year and some more time in the system. He hardly played last year and that could've been part of it. He also had a lot of spectacular would-be catches that were well contested and hard for a lot of receivers to pull in. The talent is there, he's a decent route runner and he's very strong at the point of attack and off the line. I think he's gonna make the jump.

Chris Vachio's picture


David Michalski's picture

I get your point but the comp to Davante's rookie year just doesn't work. Moore barely saw the field as a receiver, he had 2 catches for 15 yards, Davante had 38 catches 446 yards and 3 touchdowns.

I think we can agree that Moore will be playing for his future this preseason. If he can't show he can hang onto the ball and make plays down the field, one of the other young receivers in the group will.

jannes bjornson's picture

Try him at CB.

Kevin Carpenter's picture

I'm not comparing it to his rookie year. I'm talking about 2015 when Nelson went down and he was a starter. He played pretty poorly all season albeit due to a bum ankle sprain but the point I'm making is that giving up on a possible talent like his hardly a full season after being drafted and without really seeing what he can do would be a mistake. If he flops this season then cut him by all means. But it's worth the risk of keeping him on the team because there's virtually no downside to it.

Chris Vachio's picture

Can we please, for the love of all that is holy, stop declaring WRs a bust after their rookie season? Antonio Freeman dropped everything until he broke his hand. Jordy Nelson was JAG. Donald Driver...

And remember when everyone was clamoring to cut Davante Adams? Y'all look like complete morons now. Just...stop.

Rjrussart's picture

I agree, all the players you mentioned had problems, I really thought Adams would be cut, Freeman and Jones they all worked it out.

David Michalski's picture

So I have him making the roster, however, I do see him being a bust. I feel like Moore is the draft pick you watch on day 1 of rookie camp and say, damnit he won't amount to anything besides a gunner. Also, the difference in these scenarios is both Freeman and Adams at least saw the field as receivers. Moore essentially was rightfully demoted to the bench after the preseason. Obviously, I hope I'm one of the morons, but I think it isn't irrational to doubt Moore will stick as a wide receiver with the Packers.

This preseason could determine his trajectory in Green Bay bc both Freeman and Adams made pretty significant year 2 jumps.

John30856's picture

yep, you are right on. No patience at all in here. Well darn little of it

Packer Dave's picture

I'd like to see Vitale get Davis' slot with Kumerow taking punt returns and Moore taking kickoffs. Having a FB who can catch gives us so many more options. Keep 4 TE too. If the goal is to have a bunch of formations that look the same but are run differently that's how you do it.

If it's Adams vs Looney I'm picking Adams to win. It would be nice if he came back about 10 lbs lighter though.

Still also have hopes that Spriggs gets it together. He at least has enough to win over McCray as it is. We need more tackle depth as stated above.

There has to be a sleeper in this still. Guessing Bolton gets Gilberts spot for ILB depth and special teams play. The Smiths, Gary, Fack and Donnerson outside should be plenty

jannes bjornson's picture

Roberts may be the other OLB.

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly, we can talk just about anything Green and Gold 24/7.
Yeah it maybe to early to predict a 53, but at the same time its fun to predict it now without seeing half the players and then coming back to this list once preseason starts and see how close this is.

My thoughts on this projection:

I think they keep 3 QB's. Unless Kizer falls on his face, I think he stays. The team wanted to draft him. I expect them to want to keep him on the roster and give him every opportunity especially in a new offense.

I'm not sure if they will keep a FB. But I could see it.

WR I think you have it how it will end up. But I am curious to see what Davis looks like in a new offense. And he may still be our best special teams player.

OL will be interesting to watch. WIth the new scheme and coaches how does that affect returning players. Do they value others more? For example will they like Spriggs or Light more then McCray and/or Patrick?
And then how does the rookie UDFA Yosh look? He is the only OT from the draft class they added.

DL I think Adams makes it. He was really improving as the season went on. I think he is a candidate to take a step this season.

LB - Donnerson and Gilbert could make the team or could be out. Donnerson is a guy I want to see if he took a step. He could be a surprise player to emerge.

Samson's picture

Nice analysis.....but it's a 53-man roster going into September. You can't keep them all. Unfortunately, Kizer probably before Boyle. At least Kizer has some real game action. --- Also, M. Adams isn't going anywhere but the GB 53.

David Michalski's picture

Kizer is 0-15 as a starter with 11 TD's and 22 ints and played poorly in his limited duty against starting defensive units last season. I really do believe a case can be made that we've seen enough of a sample size at this point to know what he is.

jannes bjornson's picture

Trade him to Montreal.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Kizer probably makes the roster. 3 QBs.

OL: 6 guys on the bubble for 3 or 4 spots: Madison, Patrick, McCray, Light, Spriggs and Pankey. If Turner and Jenkins are the starting OGs, really could use a backup for OT. Patrick was the backup OC, but he no longer is and his chances are reduced commensurately.

LB: Ty Summers and Donnerson (RAS be damned) are long shots. Gilbert is on the bubble. Greg Howard just got $72K guaranteed. He gets a long look at a minimum. Someone will have to beat out Crawford as a ST player (not necessarily an ILBer). Crawford didn't look terrible at ILB.

WR/PR: Davis makes the team only if every other PR candidate fails.

K'dar and Greene have to earn spots.

Consider Lowry for the potential trade (assumes M. Adams or Looney makes a good-sized impression during preseason). He is essentially a proven NFL player who might bring more than M. Adams in terms of picks, and Lowry's cap savings is $2.025M. GB might keep 7, or as few as 5 DL depending on what Pettine wants to run and how they often they believe Gary and Z. Smith will move inside on passing downs. It isn't a foregone conclusion that GB likes what they see from Gary at OLB, or that he will be able to play 16 games. Lowry has just one season left on his rookie deal and then should get paid, though it looks like a moderate amount at present. M. Adams, Fadol Brown and Lancaster all have two seasons left on cheap deals.

Coldworld's picture

Interested in your take on Crawford possibly having true upside as a linebacker not just on special teams. If that is really true, which is hard to tell from my vantage point with a guy who got one defensive snap I think despite all the injuries, that would alter the ILB equation and perhaps Summers’ chances of making the roster in particular.

Donnerson didn’t play any snaps, so nothing to go on. The reason I see him as a possible candidate for retention is not just his RAS, but also his similarities in build and role to Fackrell. Greg Roberts (not Howard as stated) appears to also fit that mold (though I can find even less in him). They obviously wanted to get an extended look at him given the bonus. They could see him as a future prospect though. He looks like he could need some time from what I have read.

They have to have a backup to Fackrell and perhaps want the option of two lighter edge types. Gilbert was mediocre last year and kind of falls in between the Smiths/ Gary body type and that of Fackrell/Matthews. For that reason I think he will have to step it up markedly to survive.

I agree on Patrick having a hard route to the roster. I think they will keep Spriggs unless Turner really shows at tackle and Light/McCray also step up. I don’t see Madison starting. He is competing for a backup spot if Turner will be option 1 as the full in tackle.

Your point about Lowry was interesting and persuasive. Unless Adams regresses, I think that could be how things turn out if injuries don’t intervene.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for the correction on Greg Roberts. I was too lazy to go back and check for the correct name. I had to look up Roberts. 6'5.1" tall, 258 lbs., 32 3/8ths arms, 1.64 10 yd., 2.78 20 yd shuttle, 4.73 forty, and 34.5 vertical. IDK anything more about him or why GB fell in love with the guy. Roberts said teams liked his attitude/way he played at his pro day. Good size, but none of the numbers sound like great RAS scores.

The stuff on Crawford is unclear. IIRC, there were some favorable comments on Crawford's play at ILB during the preseason/camp.

I am not particularly advocating for trading Lowry. Just if one of Looney, Keke, or M. Adams looked sublime (i.e., realllly gooood), Lowry might be a trade candidate. I've seen Daniels and Adams mentioned, so I just put forward the case for another candidate. I can't imagine getting anything for Fadol and probably not for Lancaster, though certainly I've been surprised in the past. I doubt that I will end up being in favor of trading Lowry.

Guam's picture

I am not a Spriggs fan, but I don't see another somewhat NFL ready backup LT on the roster at this point. I think Spriggs stays one more year and Lucas Patrick is looking for a new team.

Commenters want to give Moore a pass on his drops in year one citing Adams and others with similar issues. The difference is Adams and others did not have the dropsies in college - Moore did. The scouting report knock on Moore was he dropped too many passes or he would have been drafted much higher. Year one with the Packers was just a continuation of his college experience. The guy may just not have good enough hands for the NFL.

Coldworld's picture

Lol, are you sure? Where are you getting your facts from?

Each of the following six statements is from a draft scouting report for one of (a) Moore, (b) Adams or (c) Jordy Nelson. Which was which?

1) “may lack the acceleration to be anything more than a possession receiver at the next level.”

2) “Snags the ball out of the air with good catch radius and hands away from his body.”

3) “Fairly consistent hands”

4) “ lacks explosiveness out of his breaks and elite deep ball speed.”

5) “makes difficult over-the-shoulder receptions and uses his size to beat down opponents and come away with the ball ... extends his hands and nicely adjusts to errant throws. Displays soft hands and snatches the ball from the air.”

6) “struggles to shake defensive backs if he doesn't haul in the pass with immediate room to run.”

Actually, it wasn’t Moore’s catching ability that was questioned but his focus. The other concern was that he came from an O that used a very simple route tree and thus was very raw. [ b, a, b, c, a, c].

Beware of accepted “truths” that develop in these surroundings and fan discussions. Best to do some research before accepting them. Based on facts like that Nelson, Adams, Moore, James Jones and many many more would never have survived, to the Packers serious detriment.

Moore was a very talented player expected to have a significant learning curve to unleash his physical potential. Exactly the type of player who is odds on not to show well in year one. So no, he didn’t have stone hands and it would be extremely unwise to jettison him after one year (in a dysfunctional overly complex scheme no less).

Guam's picture

Your comments are usually spot on Coldworld, but we will differ on this one. I did look up a scouting report on Moore (last year) and it said he dropped too many easy passes. You may call that focus, but he still has the dropsies. And that problem from college carried over to his first year in the pros. Adams and Nelson did not have similar problems in college.

I think Moore has a problem and if he doesn't fix it, other receivers will push him off the roster. If he does fix the problem, he has lots of other attributes that are positive. But bottom line, a receiver's job is to catch the ball and Moore has struggled with that.

NJMagic's picture

Click on this mostly to see the comments... Always enjoy the discussion by Packers fellow faithful

My two cents-
No way spriggs goes- he's a serviceable tackle and we fans think less of him than the team does

Justin McCray hundred percent makes it for his versatility as a high-effort number 9 lineman. I think this is the year that Lucas goes oh, there's just too much depth and raw talent from recent drafts and free agency

Do you remember whenever wind to cut devonte in year 2? Including me? Give more chance to put it all together. I know the team will.

I watched a fair bit of Tennessee tape, and I could see the team going without a fullback this year. But I also see Tanyon getting beat out and not getting spot he's a fan favorite but nothing special... We can say he will get Janised

I still worry about our cornerback depth, would not be surprised if they pick up someone off waivers or keep one the young ones

Surprised to see Adams go in this. I think they keep them for another year. And Fadol makes waves. Would not be surprised to see them go light elsewhere on the roster- TE (per above) or Safety.

Speaking of Safety- that depth is really, really concerning. But I also don't think both of Jones and green are worth keeping.

NJMagic's picture

And ugh - Google spell correct really butchered this one. My apologies to this affront on the sensibilities for those of us who still appreciate diction and grammar!

ILPackerBacker's picture

I sometimes have to scratch my head and wonder if this is now a site over run by bear fans.

How could ANY packer fan have watched our punt and KO returners and NOT want one or more likely two roster spots JUST for returners?

How many games were given away by just Tramon?
The rams loss was far more on Tramon than on Monty.
The detroit game?

One bottom of the roster spot probably meant 3 more wins last year, the bottom of MM not falling off and who knows what

Old School's picture

The math is irrefutable. It's better to just fair catch every punt.

The Bears had one of the best punt returners in the league last year. He averaged 12 more yards PER GAME than the Packers.

12 whole yards. That makes up for the fumbles, the penalties, the injuries, right?

If a bottom of the roster player means 3 wins, what the hell are you paying your QB $20 million/year for?

greengold's picture

ILPackerBacker, totally agree. While I'm not down on Davis as a returner, I do think we would be smart to keep a player who can legitimately back up that position. Shepherd seems to me to be a player who can lend quality to the position, while also offering nice skills as a slot WR.

Our STs have sucked for years. Hopefully, LaFleur and his crew can make that part of our game a strength again. Depth at PR would be key.

blacke00's picture

I'm not sold on McCray or Taylor. Their best days are behind them.
M. Adams??? DL can take a couple of years to develop just like WRs. Camp and Preseason will sort it out.
Sprigs....Hmmm? Ditto on the above. If camp and preseason doesn't show some significant improvement...sayonara!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I agree with everything David M. has stated. Josh Jones only hope left is somehow filling in at LB at 220lbs to 225lbs. Otherwise, he is cut. He is lost at safety. I am glad one of these sports writers has add some chutzpah to tell it like it is to the koolaid drinkers.

greengold's picture

Doug, I agree with you on Jones riding the bubble. Would not be surprised if they kept someone else instead. Hopefully, he turns it around this season. Sometimes these guys do take a few years to realize their potential. Right now, the kid looks like a total bust. Seems he just doesn't know where to go to make a play. I'm hoping for the best there, but, another CB might be better on this 53 man roster.

greengold's picture

We simply cannot leave Yosh Nijman off the 53 man roster. He's too valuable at OT and has the potential to be great with development. 6-7 324 out of Virginia Tech? He's already got the perfect NFL size to jump in and contribute, with Top 5 Conference pedigree. versatile backup with both LT and RT experience.

I do question Donnerson , Looney, Greene & Moore on this 53. Thinking we may be better off with Nijman, Roberts, Shepherd, and Boltin making this roster as UDFAs. Shepherd is better than people might think, and he fits the slot mold while providing a solid backup at PR.

Nijman will never last on the PS. It would be Taysom Hill all over again. Poof! GONE!

Aside from that, looks right ON! Great job!

greengold's picture

Let's put it this way, I'll take Nijman over Spriggs ANY DAY.

Spriggs is simply lost at both LT and RT in pass protection, and he doesn't have the beef to effectively run block. I'm hoping there is a drastic change there because it does take time to develop the NFL ready body type to play OT. Nijman already has it, Spriggs does not after two solid years of, uh... development...?

Tedlyflyfisher's picture

Agreed on almost everything. Get rid of T. Davis, though.

David Michalski's picture

Shocked at the amount of J'Mon Moore love from you guys. Either that or you're all a bunch of trolls which is entirely possible. lol but seriously Davante actually showed promise in his rookie campaign going for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. Like what have we really seen from Moore aside from drops and being benched for most of the season? He is going to make the roster as a special teams contributor and to give him another crack at receiver but time is not on his side.

LambeauPlain's picture

MM was the supposed QB whisperer.

But outside of Aaron, maybe Flynn, who did he develop?

Let’s see what ML and Hackett and Luke Gutsey can do with Kizer and Boyle.

Shoot, even Aaron wasn’t that effective with MMs long developing chunk play offense last year. Expecting sophomore Kizer to excel in it year one was not realistic.

MLs O is not nearly as exotic and will lean on RBs and TE more and use fewer formations but run many options off similar looks.....making it less a burden on QBs to absorb all the exotics.

B-Pack's picture

I have to agree with the Moore “bust” comments. Yes, it is too early and I hope to be wrong but he showed absolutely nothing which is very concerning about his future.

To me Spriggs is gone... he is serviceable but has too many things going against him to make the 53 this year.... he is average at best, not drafted by Gutekunst, last year of contract with too many players with higher upside ... I just can’t see giving him a roster spot and waving a younger talent knowing he wouldn’t be resigned after next year.

OL: Bakhtiari, Turner, Linsley, Bulaga, Jenkins, Madison, Nijman, Taylor, Light... I think Taylor stays for depth and veteran presence over Patrick and McCray

greengold's picture

Something really interesting I noticed looking back on TEN 2018 season is that they benefitted heavily from using a true FB as a lead blocker. Matt LaFleur was their OC.

Derrick Henry was struggling in the first half of the season, averaging just 3.3 ypc.

On Nov. 2nd they signed FB Jalston Fowler. The next 8 games, Henry's ypc soared to 5.88.

I believe FB Dan Vitale will win a spot on Green Bay's 53 man roster. He's a great ST player and I think LaFleur will enjoy having a true FB to lead the way for Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and Dexter Williams in 2019.

greengold's picture

At this stage, this is how I would roll out my own way too early 53 man roster:

Offense 25

QB 2
Aaron Rodgers
Tim Boyle

RB 4
Aaron Jones
Jamaal Williams
Dexter Williams
Dan Vitale

TE 4
Jimmy Graham
Mercedes Lewis
Jace Sternberger
Robert Tonyan

WR 5
Davante Adams
Geronimo Allison
Jake Kumerow

OL 10
David Bakhtiari
Elgton Jenkins
Corey Linsley
Billy Turner
Brian Bulaga
Lane Taylor
Alex Light
Lucas Patrick
Yosh Nijman
Cole Madison

Defense 24

DL 6
Mike Daniels
Kenny Clark
Kingsley Keke
Dean Lowry
Tyler Lancaster
Montravius Adams

LB 9
Za’Darius Smith
Preston Smith
Rashan Gary
Kyler Fackrell
Blake Martinez
Ty Summers
James Crawford
Oren Burks

CB 6
Jaire Alexander
Kevin King
Josh Jackson
Tramon Williams
Ka’Dar Hollman
Tony Brown

S 4
Darnell Savage
Adrian Amos
Raven Greene
Natrell Jamerson

Special Teams 4
K Mason Crosby
P JK Scott
LS Hunter Bradley
PR/KR Trevor Davis

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Ha. My math is wrong. I would take out Cole Madison at this point, which is way too early. Seems like a very solid group.

My thinking is that you cannot give up on a guy like Ty Summers, nor a guy like Yosh Nijman. Both exceptional athletes and football players with their own great pedigrees. Cole Madison simply lost a lot taking that one year off and we can probably stash him on the PS easier than trying to stash Yosh.

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