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My Packers Mock Draft 1.0

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My Packers Mock Draft 1.0

After weeks of player profiles and speculation, it is time to unveil my first of three mock drafts leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft which culminates on April 25th at 8 pm.  

This mock draft attempts to address most of the needs the Packers roster currently has and takes into account what has unfolded this offseason during the free agent period and offseason workouts.  

Without further ado here is my Packers Mock Draft Version 1.0:

Round 1 Pick 12: Ed Oliver, DL, Houston

Round 1 Pick 30: Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Round 2 Pick 44: Johnathan Abram, Safety, Mississippi St.

Round 2: TRADE!!!

Packers Trade the 75th and 114th pick to Kansas City for the 63rd overall pick.

Round 2 Pick 63: Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio St.

Round 3 Pick 75: Traded to KC

Round 4 Pick 114: Traded to KC

Round 4 Pick 118: Dakota Allen, ILB, Texas Tech

Round 5 Pick 150: T.J Edwards, ILB, Wisconsin

Round 6 Pick 185: Bunchy Stallings, OG, Kentucky

Round 6 Pick 194: Mercole Hardman, WR, Georgia

Round 7 Pick 226: David Long, CB, Michigan

Highlights and Takes:

With this opening mock draft, I tried to spread the draft capital around on both the offense and defense sides of the ball.  When mocking out this draft I am beginning to realize there will not be a scenario in which Gutekunst can fill in every hole in this roster.  

This is where the Packers draft strategy comes into play.  Ultimately, I am simulating multiple different draft evaluations and trying to play fortune teller with where prospects will ultimately end up which makes the process problematic.  

The first example of this problematic process is the scenario in which Ed Oliver falls to the Packers at 12.  Although the majority of draft experts have Oliver going in the 8-12 range, there are still a few outlying scenarios which have him going as high as 4.  The same can be said for most of the prospects inside the top 50-75.  


The Ed Oliver pick would help the Packers in multiple ways.  First, it would pair Oliver with a pair of dominant nose tackles who can get penetration through the A gap which will allow him to make plays stopping the run as well as rushing the passer.  

Secondly, drafting Oliver would provide the Packers with insurance should they let Mike Daniels walk at seasons end.  

Finally, Oliver would be the perfect player to fit Mike Pettine's system as he can move to multiple positions along the front seven.

Noah Fant at 30 and Parris Campbell at 63:

This offseason has revealed many problems the Packers offense fell into throughout the course of the season.  Despite Aaron Rodgers playing with a sprained ligament in his knee and a fracture in his tibia, the Packers still lacked explosive play for the majority of the season.  

With these picks, Gutekunst instantly acquires a tandem of weapons to add to the core of young pass catchers already on the roster.  

Fant will be able to stretch the field both inside and outside, providing the Packers with two tall, athletic tight ends for Aaron Rodgers to look for, who will present matchup nightmares for linebackers and safeties.  

Campbell's addition will give the Packers another explosive slot receiver who can be a threat in the return game as well as the rushing attack by adding an extra dimension with the use of the jet sweep.  Some evaluators have compared Campbell to a Percy Harvin because of the many ways in which he can impact a game.  

Fortifying the Linebacker and Safety Positions:

Finally, this mock draft proposed selecting a safety and multiple inside linebackers to further add to the depth of the defensive side of the ball.  Adding to the safety position is based out of necessity, as the Packers need to provide Adrian Amos with an impact player to play alongside.  

The selection of Johnathan Abram would provide the Packers with another player who could control the middle of the field by covering slot receivers and tight ends.

The additions of Dakota Allen and T.J Edwards adds more depth to the middle of the field in 2019.  Both players, along with Oren Burks, would serve in a three-man rotation, at the second inside linebacker position. They would provide the team with a "lunch pail" mentality, a high motor, and have their strengths accentuated by playing alongside Blake Martinez.  

Both players abilities will not jump off the screen but they are solid tacklers who do not mind getting their hands dirty.  Edwards and Allen would serve as valuable role players for the Packers at the linebacker position.    

Sound Off:

Stay tuned for the next two editions of my mock draft series with my final mock draft coming on Wednesday, April 24.  Let me know how you see the Packers 2019 draft class shaping out.  Do you see any trades, do you like any of the prospects I highlighted? As always, I look forward to the debate and the discussion.   


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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GB Jacker's picture

Preface this by saying I literally know nothing. but.... I'd be okay with that draft.

The more I read the less likely I think we consider Fant or any pure pass catching TE. But maybe that;s overthinking it.

Would love to get Oliver (Bush or Hockensen would be nice at 12 also). Dakota Allen would be ace just because I liked him on Last Chance U - great dude.

What do people think of Abram? Would be pleased to see us take a safety but who should we be looking at? I feel like we don't need to use a high pick on safety with Amos in the building.

I'd like a receiver too but no earlier than round 2. RD1 receiver success ratio is not great and this class seems to be deep but not a lot of high end.

Hawg Hanner's picture

I like the picks but we cannot afford to take but one OL player and so late at that. Perhaps the #1 pick needs to be OL and not DE

Tundraboy's picture

Same here.

PeteK's picture

..and a G not aT

hobowilly's picture

Yep, in my mind, O-line is definitely one of the top picks here...but there are a dozen impact players in the top 15 or so in this draft 2019 and i'd bet if one of the truly game change players fall to GB @ 12, he'll be wearing green & gold! I'm talking a player most pundits think will go in the top 10. IMHO, GB mgmt will have worked up a solid board, but please can we stay out of the over rated team players (e.g. Michigan or Ohio St.). Lastly i'm thinking 3 QB's will be taken within the first 11 picks, which will bode well for GB. If one of the top three OT's fall to GB @ 12 and they will (J. Williams will be gone by 5) go for that one, and, if by some miracle either Risner or Fant fall to 30, run to the podium; Hockenson will be gone by 10.

Isherwood's picture

Fant is not a pure pass catching TE. Stop buying in to the lazy writers who see him and see Hock and decided that Fant can’t block. Fant isn’t as good at blocking as Hock, but he’s better than all but a small handful of other guys in this class. He did it in college (there’s several cut ups out there of him putting guys on their ass), and he’s only going to get better in the league because he’s willing.

dblbogey's picture

I watched the Hawkeyes at least 10 times last year. Fant is a physical specimen but sorry, he's not an above average blocker and takes plays off. He has bust potential. Hockenson is a great blocker and talented receiver who plays balls out every play.

hobowilly's picture

thx Double! i stand corrected...we don't need anyone who takes plays off, so perhaps the Aggie Jace would be a better pick but i'd save him until the 4th (114), if available. You gotta figure GB is eyeing a safety mate for famous Amos! Thompson will be gone by 30, so perhaps they'd take Rapp next...i think Adderly is overrated, but it's all about GB's board--i respectfully yield to that as well. Love it, GB has a formula and a good portion of that formula is about character; i think they like Thornhill...someone has them liking BC's Denis, but apparently he can't tackle, whereas the book on the Washington safety, he "wraps up" well, so perhaps that's a Rapp! I can just hear Larry now, LOL.

pooch's picture

scratch w.r.pick with Fant pick and draft that spot

Swigganz's picture

I'm excited for draft day! It'll be fun to see how Gutey conducts his 2nd draft. I'm hoping we add a dynamic front 7 guy, a versatile safety and some help along both offensive and defensive lines.

Old School's picture

Seems to be a lot of agreement on the O-line stuff.

I look at David's first four picks and ask these questions:

Will this make us a better running team? I don't think any of those four do.

How many passes are we going to throw this year? I mean, we threw 640 last year and we want to add a TE AND a WR? AND we're bringing Allison back?

Me, personally, I want us to run more and pass less. When we do pass, I want Aaron Rodgers protected and that means getting rid of the ball. I want to grind the clock down and keep the defense off the field. So me, personally, I wouldn't be spending high picks on more targets. I think that Adams-MSV-ESB-Graham-Jones-Williams are a pretty good start on an arsenal, particularly when you can only play 4 at a time with Marcedes Lewis on the field.

I'd strongly be thinking about another horse in the backfield, preferably a short yardage pile mover. And I'd look for two offensive linemen in the Top 118 or whatever it is now. If the goal is to protect Rodgers and run the ball more, offensive linemen contribute to that a lot more than more weapons.

I do like Oliver, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that the guy we'd like at #12 is White. You could take any defense in the NFL and put this guy in the middle of it and it becomes a better defense. You put him next to Martinez and behind Clark and that's a hard middle of your defensive front seven.

There is no safety I would take at #12, but if we could trade down from #12 to the 20s I think we could still get a top safety and pick up another draftchoice on the second day.

AT #30, we're probably going to have somebody who has fallen to that point that was expected to go higher. That could actually include some people that we've talked about at #12. We could get a really good tackle. A top CB or S. Maybe even some D-lineman like Tillery.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I like Bush better than White. I think White lacks instincts and that #12 is too rich for him. But plenty of pundits disagree. Depending on who is there at #12, I'd be okay with trading down, particularly if Oliver, Sweat, Burns, Allen and Bush are all off the board.

Not a fan of taking a safety in the late teens or early twenties, though. If I asked 5 pundits who the best safety is, I might get five different answers. I like Thornhill despite his age, but plenty of draftniks like Adderly or CGJ, and not a few like Thompson or even Abrams better. Savage is getting more respect, but not in the first round, IIRC. At any rate, any first round safety has to be able to play centerfield. Gute might have a preference, but I don't see enough differentiation in quality to warrant moving around to get a specific safety.

dobber's picture

I've taken a liking to Savage, as well, but--yes--not on day 1.

dobber's picture

"Will this make us a better running team? I don't think any of those four do."

I suspect that the thing that will go the furthest toward making this a better running team is actually running the football.

David Michalski's picture

To everyone who wants another RB in the first part in the draft, we do have Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams who could carry the ball 35 times a game between the two. Last year everyone flipped out when Jones only would get 15 carries a game. With LaFleur you know he'll get somewhere in the 20-25 range (hopefully closer to 25) and Jamaal will probably still see another 10 carries. If you really want another dual-purpose running back, I'd explore trading a conditional 5th or 6th rounder for Duke Johnson. I just think running back wouldn't be on the top of my list with so many other needs on the 53.

Samson's picture

Four (at least) of your picks could easily see many snaps this season as rookies. -- Oliver, Fant, Abram & Campbell would see the field almost immediately as starters or at least strong rotational players. --- Love the Campbell pick. -- Immediate slot man. Even Hardman in the 6th is interesting (4.33 at the combine) -- Both would allow Gute to cut bait with some of the lesser project WRs on the 90 man roster (at present).

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I'd take that.
I just think there's a 95% chance Oliver is gone before 12.

Archie's picture

And 95% chance Fant is gone before 30.

And 95% chance Campbell is gone before we pick in R2.

Ditto Abram.

So great draft IF they are still on the board when we pick.

jannes bjornson's picture

Maybe move up from #30 to bag Fant. Abram may be targeted by Belichick early second. I still like Thornton at # 30 and get a TE later. I like the KC as trading partner. Hardman won't fall that far.

hobowilly's picture

who is Thorton? Didn't GB pack a Thorton too early about 3 years ago, many questioned it and yes, he turned out to be a total dud?!

Bryan Chisholm's picture

One of my most hated picks.. Kyhri Thornton.. smh

zeroluv's picture

I would take Devine Bush at #12 with Oliver gone. He is a perfect LB for the Packers. Then at #30 go OL.

TheBigCheeze's picture

just watch....Oliver will go to Detroit at #8...where GB would have been had they tanked last year, like they should have....(not to mention, you don't play your starters in meaningless games, hence, Rodgers' concussion).....

sam1's picture

Wonder have been the effect the team would feel if they so Rodgers himself not want to play, he is the leader and I think him not playing would have some real detrimental effects going forward! There are I realize two schools of thought here!

jannes bjornson's picture

You get paid to play. The Fans are paying good money to see a competitive contest. Its bad enough pre-season games have become so bland.

jannes bjornson's picture

You get paid to play. The Fans are paying good money to see a competitive contest. Its bad enough pre-season games have become so bland.

zeroluv's picture

I was pissed that they beat the Jets too....had they lost like they should have we would be picking #8 and had a chance for Oliver, White or Gary. Either way....let’s hope someone slides down.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

My same exact thoughts..

Nick Perry's picture

If the Packers landed Oliver, Fant, Abram, and Campbell with the first 4 picks it's hard to argue it's not a huge success at least on draft weekend. I with the first 4 picks...I like the 2 offensive and 2 defensive players with the first 4 picks... This should make EVERYONE happy.

I'm not so sure about Dakota Allen in the 4th or waiting until the 6th to address the O-Line but all in all not bad David. I'd like to see them take a running back too.

GB Jacker's picture

Did you see Ben Fennell's tweets about the TEs he thinks MLF's system suits, and thus GB, will target? Interesting. Suggests Fant isn't a great fit.

Agree we should try to pick up another back. Can't count on Jones to be healthy so far.

Nick Perry's picture

I would imagine he doesn't like Fant for GB because he isn't nearly the blocker as some of the others...Especially Hockenson.... Here's a tweet for Ben...Can't say I'd mind ANY combination of those guys.

21h21 hours ago
#Packers Draft Wish List...

TE TJ Hockenson
LB Devin Bush
OT Dalton Risner
EDGE Brian Burns
WR Deebo Samuel/AJ Brown

It will be interesting to see how Gute addresses the O-Line and ILB position. I'm sure I'm wrong but am I the ONLY one not crazy about drafting Bush to play ILB?...5' 11" just doesn't seem like someone who will hold up inside. Plus are we entirely ready to give up on Burks and Jones? Put and KEEP Jones near the LOS and he'll either sink or swim. Hell maybe with Amos he'd make a decent partner at Safety....Now I said MAYBE...

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I too would be extremely happy with those first 4 picks. Wow, talking about helping both sides of the team.

Plus, those first 2 selections I have been saying for a few months now would be my dream scenario

Archie's picture

yeah, if we trade up for an extra R2 pick, it may be for a RB.

Since '61's picture

Nick - I'm not much of a draftnik but I think that we would be very fortunate if our first four picks, including the trade fell this way for us. But if it does we would have 4 starting players with these picks. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

zeroluv's picture

They don’t need a RB...we shouldn’t draft one this year. It should be all Oline and defense....we are losing Bulaga, Martinez, Daniels and Tramon Williams next year. So we need to make sure we hit on defense. We addressed the offense last year. Just my opinion

Christian Roussel's picture

I know TE and DL are 2 positions where prospects fall a little bit but there's not a lot of mock drafts that have Oliver outside the top 10 since his pro day. He reminded everybody that he was projected as the #1 pick 9 months ago. I much rather have Thornhill or Gardner Johnson than Abraham but i assume they were both gone by 44.

jannes bjornson's picture

They have to be bagged by #30 unless Gutekunst trades down a couple of spots to the top of the second round. A lot of mocks have moved safety prospects into the lower first round.

johnnyd17's picture

appreciate any and all Packer info i may access , however...i agree that rades will occur,but i almost hope it's the other, trade down for more top 50, top 100 picks an interesting mock draft post nonethelss

Swisch's picture

To keep things Tranquill and Polite, I think we should not Sweat getting Burns in the draft.
We've been beating the Bush for the best players, but there are good players Oliver the place.
So get your watch out of Hock, tune up your Ford, and drive to Nashville for good times; or stay home for a Fant-astic weekend with good draft beer.

BoCallahan's picture

Things could get HARRY if we get too GREEDY.

BradHTX's picture

Well played, Puninja.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

And when nothing goes your way become a complete Savage..

CheesyTex's picture

Love it! Just Gute stuff.

Swisch's picture

I'm glad this has turned out to be a lot of pun.
My main intent, with all the pressure of the draft, was to Guard against us getting on Edge, and even Tight End up.
Safety is a major concern, and I don't want anyone getting arrested for dis-Adderley conduct.

hobowilly's picture

nothing but NET. Other item i think quite a few of us are missing and that is our new coaching staff and how well they will improve overall play, particularly better offensive schemes and creativity. Sorry, i'd expect the LB corp to be improved by coach Smith as well....perhaps this is wishful thinking but i have a hunch. Who's not excited about MLF, Hackett and Getsy? Changes with these 4 coaches alone bode well, IMHO and they will work up some good stuff with whomever GB acquires. Thanks too to Gutey because at least 3 or the 4 FA's acquired will contribute this next season i have a "good feeling about this".

Jnixman's picture

Too light on O-line Turn the Edwards pick into another O-lineman and I’d roll with this all day.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I just saw a mock with the Packers trading down from 12, and ended up coming away with:

TE Noah Fant
RB Josh Jacobs
WR Marquise Brown
Edge Jachai Polite

Would need to get some Safety help, OL & ILB in rounds 3 & later.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Would be a pretty excellent take if happened.

Think Polite is going to carry a chip on his shoulders? My goodness! I would like Simmons somewhere high in round 2 instead of Polite.

Nick Perry's picture

I would LEAP at Simmons if he's there at 44 or if he's still on the board and Gute traded up in the 2nd to get him. Could you imagine him and Clark next year with the Smiths?

Hey Kurt Cousins...You like that????

As he's getting PUMMELED into the turf!

stockholder's picture

If Oliver and Wilkins go fast. Don't be surprised if the packers go after him at 30 before a safety . Sweat and Simmons were teammates. Both have been in. Both easily could be packers.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Would be amazing and fun to watch Nick!

mrtundra's picture

For me, to be drafting Simmons would all fall on how he's recovering from his knee injury.

hobowilly's picture

agreed. Polite has issues, stay clear.

David Michalski's picture

Gute won’t draft Polite, his relative athletic score is too low. Gute has set a trend of drafting guys who have much higher RAS scores than Polite.

mrtundra's picture

If RAS is going to be the benchmark for drafting players, I cannot see Gute passing on Safety Juan Thornhill, who had a perfect 10 in RAS. Thornhill should still be available at our pick, #44, in the 2nd Round.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

Lots of moving parts in the draft but here is the way i see it :
12. TJ/Fant TE or Devin Bush LB MICH
30. O Line help or TE if TJ /Fant not taken at 12
44 Safety help Savage or Adderley or Abrams
75 Andy Isabella WR

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I like Isabella!

Anyone notice Doug and his Hock draft preference hasn't posted in quite sometime? Hmmm....

Nick Perry's picture

Don't know if you listen to the "Locked on Packers Podcast" but on a few on them this past week they touched on what a Slot Receiver looks like in MLF's offense..

He's normally used bigger guys in the slot. Kupp in Los Angeles, Sanu in Atlanta, and Cory Davis and another WR who's name escapes me right now but the point was in THIS offense it's not necessarily the smallish type but guys between 6 feet and about 6'2" in most cases. We'll find out in a few weeks I guess.

BUT I do like Isabella too.

Nononsense's picture

The small faster guys may not play the slot for LaFleur but have a place in the offense. Love Isabella, he can be a deep threat, return and even play some RB if need be. Hes a really tough dude to cover so they could use him all over if they want.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Loved videos on him. Holy Hanna!

stockholder's picture

I believe this could happen first. Sweat, Simmons, Abrams, Wilson.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Isabella is great. Good get.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

I really , really , really like andy Isabella and agree that he could be moved all the over including the backfield and clearly the return game. Take him before Belicheck does.

AgrippaLII's picture

I hope Gutekunst has more sense than this mock...drafting two more WR's at the expense of the offensive line? Drafting another guard when you need a tackle? Looks a lot like what didn't get it done last year!

Jonathan Spader's picture

Doesn't look like MM to me.

blacke00's picture

Stop with the WR picks....Please!

Not a high priority. Early rounds OL, Edge, DL, maybe Safety or TE. I'll consider an ILB. Late rounds DB, Safety, ILB, more OL. If you must than an outstanding candidate at WR, RB or QB. Also, another kicker in 7th or FA.

You will get little more than what you all ready have at WR and may take years to develop! For the umpteenth time, look at Davante Adams....took him 3 years to develop! You really don't know what you have now!

IceBowl's picture

blacke00 ,

You say ....... "Stop with the WR picks....Please!"

No kidding. The Pack has only 3 receivers with more than a years tenure. (and I'm not sure T Davis even counts? - then we are down to 2) So we want to get even younger? NO!!!

It is pretty much established in NFL history that WR's take at least 2 years (very few) and mostly 3 years to develop, as you say.

Not I am not preaching passing on "stud" talent (ever, like a QB we didn't need at the time) , but expecting a WR to step in and be a difference maker this year is really reaching. I know everyone is infatuated with T Hill types, but he is really a product of a very smart coach. There have been many fast/quick WRs that weren't utilized like he is. (That is what our T Davis is)

The Pack has usually kept 6 or 7 WRs. So who do they cut? Obviously not Adams or Allison. That leaves last years 4th, 5th, and 6th round draft picks (and investment). The 5th (MVS) pick was the most productive of the group (but FA Kumerow, who was having the best pre- season of them all, went down). But they can't keep them all.

Kumerow and MVS will surely get an opportunity. Based on last year they keep their spots so that is 4. Leaving at the top of our list last years 4th and 6th rnd picks. If they are duds, Gudy missed the mark. If they need development, they have a year of experience under their belt. Can a rookie do better? Maybe, but expecting a ton of help this year is not a NFL norm or what the Pack needs.

If Gudy needs WRs, he missed on them last year, or he sees a can't miss stud that he puts on the learning bench for a year or two. I think he has shown interest in this years needs.

4thand10's picture

Deebo Samuel please...just squeeze him in somewhere.

wildbill's picture

I like the first three picks but feel OL needs to be addressed way before 6th. A rb needs to be drafted also.

ckoski's picture

No way is David Long there in the 7th round.

Holecrap's picture

I like at hook at 12, then a corner or safety, then ol, maybe two ol in a row then receiver rb.

stockholder's picture

I believe Gute takes defense. @12 Wilkins DT @30 Thornhill S @ 44 Simmons DT Trade 3 and 4th for Wilson ILB

CheesyTex's picture

Wilkins AND Simmons -- Wow! EVERYONE on D would look better with those two on board. Fascinating thoughts.

If Wilkins is gone, what would you think of Lawrence @ 30 instead?

stockholder's picture

If Wilkins and Oliver are Gone. Gute Trades the @12 pick. To Oakland or Ind. Lawrence will be taken with the trade [email protected] And the 35 pick they take would be for Simmons with No trade Later trade. Wilson moves up to @44. They then go offense in 3 and 4.

CheesyTex's picture

Thanks. Would be a really happy camper if that happens.

GLM's picture

I like the first three picks...would not make deal for Wilson.

EdsLaces's picture

Abram is too much of a strong safety to pair with Amos imo. Seems like they are both the same player. Rather have a Savage or someone like that. Other than that I think this one is very good.

mrtundra's picture

I think Thornhill fits the bill more than Abram.

meatstyk's picture

Pipe dream

Qoojo's picture

I doubling down on

1. Pass rusher

then BPA of course, but prioritize 3 OL high as possible. So in other words, if the OL doesn't warrant the pick at the position, then BPA.

The priority should be protecting the QB and the new run game. It's almost a given that Bulaga will not play the entire season. Then it's yet another year stop gap replacements blocking like turnstiles.

Protect Rodgers like Sherman did for Farve in the early 2000s.

Johnblood27's picture

Protect like Sherman did?

Do you mean get Ahman Green the ball?

Im for that!

Nononsense's picture

I want more picks not less so I would be inclined to trade down at 12, 30 or 44.

Would love to see at least 3 of these 5 guys available at 12. Oliver, Sweat, Bush, Burns Wilkins. Miami sits at 13, if Washington 15 or the Giants at 17 wants a QB maybe they trade with GB to get their guy before Miami.

Trade with Washington, they get 12 we get 15, 76 and 153.

15. Christian Wilkins DT
30. Noah Fant TE
44. Juan Thornhill S
75. Tytus Howard OT
76. Andy Isabella WR
114. Micheal Dieter OL
118. Charles Omenihu Edge/5 tech
150. Blake Cashman ILB
153. Jarret Stidham QB
185. Joe Jackson DL
226. Corey Ballentine CB

Obviously I dont know where everyone is rated but this is my best hopeful guess at this point.

Grab a couple UDFAs at RB and we should be good to go.

IceBowl's picture


I'm all for more picks too. But not at any cost. If 12 is the man, the blue chip stud, we gotta get him.

I don't think Miami is too worried about the Pack taking QB at 12 though, so, it would have to be Wash or the Gmen, in your scenario.

It all depends on Guty's board. I hope it shows a lot of similar grades from 10 - 20. Then so many options and the .........

Pack wins however they go.

If the similar grades are only between 10 and 15, fewer options, but we still get a stud.

Demon's picture

Ted loved to trade down. What it got us was a whole roster of just guys. This is the best chance we have had to get a true blue chip player at 12.

Trade number 30 up to.see if we can get another pick in the 15 range. Imagine our D if we would be able to hand Pettine 2 impact players along with the FA that Gute has signed.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

You do not have to trade up and give up draft capital to get in the 20' and higher in first round to get talent. Draft Simmons at 30 or with the 34th or 35th pick (trade up) and take Simmons. Without injury he would be a top 7 player in this draft.

stockholder's picture

You have an excellent draft. Wilkins was always double teamed. Can play the whole line. Conditioning is the question. Like any kid going pro now. I love Wilkins, and Simmons is my draft crush. .

wildbill's picture

Would feel really good if this was our draft, but would go rb at 153 instead of qb

Old School's picture

I’m with you and this draft would be fine with me. I like the double dip on the oline. I think we need a better plan than #153 on a backup QB.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Every draft, there are a few picks in the top 10 or 15 who are total shocks to all of us who have seen mock drafts over & over and taken the positioning of those mocks to be where the guys must go.

NFL GMs have their own ideas & rankings.
Some guys go way before mocks had them.
Some go way lower, and we always think "what a steal"....

I'm trying to identify who some of those guys might be this time. It's hard for us to "dismiss" the many mocks & consensus.

Droppers (steals!)?

Shockers (reaches)?

IceBowl's picture


I don't know about the top 10 or 15 shocking us, unless you're just talking about order.

As you suggest, there are so many experts there are NO experts. If they were all experts they would see the same talents and faults, and the mocks would be very similar. Not experts!

So why are mocks all over the board? Because they only have to draw attention to their specific media outlet and draft nicks that will read, or mock with them. So much fun to speculate.

The only experts are behind 32 different doors. Hidden.

I bet if you got each teams board, none of them would be the same. Certainly not the first 3 tiers, but not even the first tier.

Which, as you say, leads to surprises.

Nononsense's picture

We are sitting in a great place at 12. Either 3 or more QBs go before our pick and some top guys fall to us or there are 3 teams close behind us looking for QBs who may want to trade up to us or in front of us for a QB.

Whatever happens, we should get quite a haul out of this draft.

Swedish Chef's picture

I leeke-a Christiuon Vilkeens it pic numbre 12

Lare's picture

Well I think the Packer's needs are; S, ILB and RB this year and OT, DL, TE, and ILB next year.

I think they take the top rated ILB first and the top rated S next. After that they'll take the best RB, DL, OT, ILB, TE, and WR available and the BPA from there. I also expect them to add a backup QB and K at some point either through the draft or UFA.

The Packers are in an excellent draft position in order to fill holes and add quality depth.The question is what do they feel their pressing needs are this year and next.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Lare , with my preferences aside I hope they draft BPA for the first 4-5 selections before drafting BPA at need positions.

4thand10's picture

I see needs at DL...there wasn’t enough to rotate last year, Safety, WR and RB, ILB. Between Madison and the free agent OL + Bulaga having one more good year left in the tank...I don’t think the right side is a desperate as it was. Between Graham the new guy and Lewis the TE position is good for 600 yards this season..I don’t see that kind of production out of a rookie TE this year. If Devante Adams tweaks something....we are screwed. Aaron Jones isn’t a bruiser and we need more than 2 RBs and a practice squad guy..

4thand10's picture

Plus we draft before the Bears...let’s take their running back.

mrtundra's picture

We've neglected the O Line for a few drafts, now. The same can be said for the Edge Rusher position. Gute helped the Edge Rusher position in FA, this Spring. Considering the depth of O Line players in this draft, now is the time to fix our O Line woes. If we do not protect Rodgers, this team is going nowhere, again. I'd love to see Risner in a GB uniform. To do that, we'd have to grab him at #12. No way he falls to #30.

ottscay's picture

Is there going to be a fight between Ross and David? Ross has Abram as S6 and mostly a box safety IIRC, while several higher ranked free safeties were almost certainly on the board at 44?

Not that I would know better than either of you, just pointing out the discrepancy.

stockholder's picture

Ross likes Thornhill. RAS. He did drop a INT. in the senior Bowl. Adderley was praised more. The biggest set-back with Thornhill is his age. He will be 24. Which could keep him out of the first round. He's was a CB, but some look at the switch to safety. (Guess coverage? ) When I see him on film, I like what I see. The @30 pick is still a toss-up for me. Bet Thornhill goes before 45. Abrams has issues Tackling. Thompson Speed,(Dix?) Woods is my choice for later. The packers could take two.

jannes bjornson's picture

Still like Thornhill at #30. Why risk missing on him when the run on safties happens in the second rd. We don't know if Gruden will look at Simmons with #28. Looking over the body of work, Thornhill and Chauccey-Gardener stand out with Adderley coming in later because of the level of cmpetition faced and his injury history. Amos is capable of playing FS and Tramon the single high so Abram if taken is a guy that takes care of the short zones and can cover the TEs. He will hit people. THornhill has the ball skills a FS needs.

RickInCali's picture

Hard pass on Abram. I rather have Hooker in the third than that. We already have Josh Jones in the role Abrams would be capable of playing. Let’s get some guys who can run and play in single high when needed and who have some corner traits in coverage.

Schonejl's picture

I have to say that I don’t like this draft at all. I don’t think this draft provides the bang for the buck considering our high draft picks. The Packers can do much better than this

Jonathan Spader's picture

What draft would you like to see instead Schonejl?

Dragon5's picture

Fanspeak...unlikely but a guy can dream


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Those 2 WR's would please Rodgers. Boykins RAS score is ridiculous. Butler is a favorite of mine. His YouTube video is insane.

Think though a Campbell or Isabella might be better contrast from what we presently have though.

Bure9620's picture

Round 1 Pick 12: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama (A)
Round 2 Pick 6 (JAX): AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss (A)
Round 2 Pick 16 (MIA): Johnathan Abram, FS, Miss. State (A-)
Round 3 Pick 5 (JAX): Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M (A)
Round 3 Pick 11: Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan (A+)
Round 3 Pick 14 (MIA): Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma St. (A-)
Round 4 Pick 12: Jalen Jelks, DE, Oregon (A)
Round 4 Pick 16: Blake Cashman, OLB/ILB, Minnesota (A+)
Round 5 Pick 12: Miles Boykin, WR, Notre Dame (A+)
Round 6 Pick 12: Alize Mack, TE, Notre Dame (A+)
Round 6 Pick 21: John Cominsky, DE, University of Charleston (A+)
Round 7 Pick 12: Jazz Ferguson, WR, Northwestern State (A+)

zeroluv's picture

The issue with your draft is the Packers don’t need more picks...with the FA signings they just need quality picks. Trading down does them no good this year....they can’t keep that many draft picks anyway...not this year atleast

dobber's picture

"they can’t keep that many draft picks anyway"

They keep the guys who win their way onto the roster (hopefully). Doesn't matter if it's a returning player, a draftee, or a UDFA. When you get to roster spots 40+, these are guys who can get beat out.

zeroluv's picture

You can only draft so many players and keep so many....the packers need IMPACT players not quantity. It does no good to have a rookie beat out a bench player or a rotational player. The FA signings made it so the Pack can get creative and trade up and get studs who should be less of a gamble and players who can make a starting impact.

dobber's picture

I get your point on impact players, but there are only so many to be had in the draft and recognizing who they are and where they can be had is what makes GMs great. I don't think any of us wants to see BG dealing down and amassing picks in rounds 6-7. Most deal-downs that people talk about here are to build draft capital on day 1 and 2. Raising the talent floor of the team, in general, is always a good thing, though. If they end up picking 10-11 guys, there's no problem there. If a rookie beats out a returning player, and the consensus is that many of the returnees are JAGs, what has really been lost?

Bure9620's picture

You don't draft neccesarily to keep all draft picks. That's a goal, but most teams never have all picks make the team. The idea is more swings at the plate can land you a good player. If the value is not great in one position why stay there? Why not trade down and grab another swing???

jannes bjornson's picture

Explain the trade value of the Miami deal.

Bure9620's picture

Gained 2nd 3rd and 4th, then traded that 4th to come back up

Tony Baloney's picture

If Gutey is looking at an OT as his 1st pick,.... I think he can trade back 5 spots and pick up a 3rd as comp. and still get a future RT. Cole Madison G is reporting this year. I think he's the top back up to Turner.
Take that 3rd comp pick and use it to trade up from #44 back into rd 1. Yes,... 3 - 1st rd picks with 5th yr option.
You can still get a good edge / d line at #30. And that trade to get us back into rd 1 would be around #27 or 28 take the best player on the board. God knows we need an ILB or a SS. A wide out is a good choice or a TE.
We need immediate contributors to get back where we should be.

RickInCali's picture

44 is a great spot for us. There will be safeties and really nice offensive linemen there. You might also snag Simmons there. I also like the idea of trading down out of 12 for an extra third if they’re eyeing Simmons at 44. We’ll still need someone who can contribute this year. Good RB’s will go there, along with people like Hooker. Should be good WR value there or preferably the San Diego State TE too.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Today's mock draft for me.
Rd1 Devin Bush
Rd1 Hock
Rd2 cgj
Rd 3 Parris Campbell
Rd4 Jamel Dean
Rd4 Bryce Love
Rd5 Austin Bryant
Rd6 Tevon Coney
Rd6 Hunter Renfrew
Rd7 dcota Dixon

TonyB's picture


Nice job, however I happen to have a priority your draft lacks. Offensive line.

Rodgers is 35. Two broken collarbones. Now we find he had a break last year in his first game. He is 35 years old. I just don't think a lot of folks prioritize protecting him, not to mention aiding a run game that can force defenses to emphasize stopping him.

I did an analysis of change in offensive line from two years ago to last year. Packers added NOTHING. (Do not blame them for Cole Madison's decision, of course).

I want a dominant offensive line even at the cost of thereby lacking some emphasis at other positions.



Lare's picture

As always, it all starts and ends on the LOS.

Qoojo's picture

I am in complete agreement with you. While TT was whiffing on defensive picks that were mishandled by Capers, Rodgers protection was degrading. Rodgers made it all work with his mobility and talent. The past two years show it's a bad plan to continue to ignore OL depth with UDFA and low draft choices, and hoping to get lucky with them.

For me, the least exciting draft pick is OL, but I hope to see 2 or 3 in the 1st to 4th rounds.

jeepingmakooi's picture

But who.. and why this year when the class is weak at inside zone style tackles and guards... And you should be focused on the right side of the line.. before the left

jannes bjornson's picture

A one pick or #44 at OT has to be capable of covering both spots. Remember, Bhaktiari missed a few games the past couple of seasons.
If he goes down for the count who covers that spot. Bulaga has lost some of his mobilty to cover the left side. Get a guy this draft and forget about
thin-framed WRs in the high rounds.

dobber's picture

I think this draft is better than we give it credit for, it's just that there aren't a large number of headliners, and the top of the group has its issues. Take Jonah Williams, for example: he's a good OT, but questions about his arm length and strength will make people think twice (do you draft a guy in the top 10-15 who may not play tackle?). The middle rounds at OT/OG are as solid as we ever's just that, as always, you've got to hit those guys right.

jeepingmakooi's picture

I'm looking at it like this.. Green Bay has three solid guys playing the center and tackle spots. Guys like light, Turner, Madison and siragusa... Can make up for what I didn't draft out of a pretty weak oline class. Taylor and the guys at right guard didn't play all that well last season... To me if bulaga gets hurt Turner is gonna be sliding over there and could be our tackle for the future if bulaga and the Packers can't reach anything in the off season. Don't dismiss what we already have here... And the likely hood of any rookie oline guy making a difference over the players already here is pretty unlikely

dobber's picture

If there's a position where a high profile rookie can plug-and-play right away, it's either guard spot or RT. Most teams that take a LT high play that guy right away, too. If the Packers take one of these OTs in round 1, that guy is very likely to play right away.

I don't dismiss the players the Packers already have on the 90-man roster, but we have to remember that this was how they went into 2018: we're going to use this mish-mash of guys and we'll find serviceable players. They thought McCray (and this year, Turner) was going to be the answer at RG. They thought Spriggs was going to be able to be that swing tackle. They signed Bell to back up a series of spots on the OL. That all went out the window early.

The long-term issue for this team is that the only OL starter under contract after the 2020 season is Turner. This is an important draft to start establishing that immediate depth and longer-term viability of the OL. There are a significant number of positions where this team needs an influx of talent. There are a huge number of ways this draft can pan out that make sense to this team and its roster construction, but will likely piss off the fan base.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Also Nico was playing guard at SDSU when they had an amazing rushing attack watch some film of the guy... When we brought over the lead scout from Baltimore I assume we took two guys from them he was really high on... Nico and z.

dobber's picture

Siragusa was signed off Baltimore's practice squad (December) well ahead of Hendrickson coming to the Packers after the season was up.

jannes bjornson's picture

If he knee has recovered he may have a chance.

jannes bjornson's picture

OT has to be a priority in the first three picks. Spriggs proved he is not capable of taking the reins. Get Better. Ted has left the building.

jeepingmakooi's picture

I didn't say spriggs I said Turner. Read bug guy.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Matter of fact.. I didn't mention him at all

jannes bjornson's picture

Turner was brought on board to be either the LG or RG. He fairs better there.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Turner has played every position on the besides center in the NFL band played well at that. Taking oline early this year is a draft mistake

TonyB's picture

correction: force defenses to emphasize Rodgers LESS.

GLM's picture

Here's my mock for today:











jannes bjornson's picture

Very logical draft. I would substitute Josh Olive for Moreau. Marcedes Lewis is on board as the dedicated blocker and Gutekunst can bring in UDFA TE/ Y -type to compete for a PSquad spot, I like Thornhill as FS but Savage has the quicks to get it done at single high.

Johnblood27's picture

Load it up, seal it tight and fire it into the sun!

No OL? Oliver will not be at 12. Cashman too high.

early WR? C? marginal TE?

I do like Crosby, but he must be sacrificed to the Sun God to kill the rest of this wretched mix!

GLM's picture

Ok. Fair enough...let's see yours.

jannes bjornson's picture

Cashman has moved to the fourth rd.

jannes bjornson's picture

I assume Miami moves ahead of the Pack at #12 if they want Lock before Elway pounces. I don't think Gruden wastes his #4 on him but you never know. Mayock is supposedly running the draft? Washington brought in Keenum to fill the spot until 2020. No idea if Alex Smith comes back into heath. I think they stay put. The Giants can get their guy at #17 if they don't want Haskins at #6. This mockery assumes Buffalo takes Oliver or Dillard @ the # 9 spot. If Miami moves to #9 for Lock then Dillard is there for them at #13. Detroit assumed to be the spoiler and takes Oliver @ #8. and Here goes:

#12 Ferrell EDGE
#30 Thornton FS/ slot CB
#44 Greg Ellis RT more mobile than McGary
#75 Sione Takitaki ILB
#114 Josh Oliver TE
#118 D. Christmas DT
#150 Benny Snell RB
#185 Hunter Renfro WR/PR
#194 Alec Ingold FB
7th Van Ginkle EDGE

jeepingmakooi's picture

Christmas? The guy even moves like santa.. no way man. And your gonna draft a FB. The forgotten position of the NFL.. no thanks. And no 30 and 44 and he'll your 75 too.

jannes bjornson's picture

Greg Little thinking back to a guy Wolf missed. Christmas plugs the spots that Burns ran around. TAkitaki is rated there and BYU destoyed the Badgers last season , he stood out. Greg Little is falling to the second . Three year starter at LT for Ol Miss. He is the most versatile OT left on the board. Oliver, Warring and Sternberger are rated about the same, but Josh Oliver has a more complete game at this time. Yes defense over Hockenson. Le Fleur is not running the circus offense. Its back to basics.
This team plays in the sub Ardtic in December-January, not the South.

IceBowl's picture

All I can say is Thursday can't get here soon enough. 3 or 4 or 5 threads on the draft. And surely more before the draft.

I've not been on a football site a week or 2 before before the draft. Pretty crazy.

Good space for the draftniks, but I am not one. I hope you don't explode.

I hope the day after the draft, each day or Mon, there is a "I was right" and a "I was wrong " thread/s. Sounds like that would be the perfect ending for you.

Looks like you guys/gals are having a blast speculating.

porupack's picture

I like your mock pretty well, but like others...would want to see more priority on OL. Even with CMadison now as a new 2019 addition, it means GB can actually go for one draftee in higher rounds, rather than needing 2 picks (pre-CMadison activation).

But David, 3 questions:
1) Why not factor in Jeff Simmons in your mock, you're not high on him, or see a golden opp for GB to get him with #30 or #44, using a luxury 1st round pick that most other teams would want more immediate impact with their first round picks?
I think GB gets a top 5 player, costing a late round pick. Seems a great value compared to what it would cost to trade up to get a top 5 player.

2) If you agree that Simmons deserves consideration, when/where in the draft would you pull the trigger?

3) If you knew in advance that you had a good shot at him, would you change picks in your mock, and what would be pick #12 if you believed you could nab Simmons?

(ok, that was more than 3 questions technically)

jannes bjornson's picture

Gruden may take Simmons at the #27. He has the luxury of three ones.

Titletown tremor's picture

Im not sure how Oliver fits in with packers D He is not best suited for a two-gap system. He may be special enough that Pettine thinks he can make a place for him to thrive, Im just not sure if he is as useful in an odd front. Same goes with Abram. Is he a good pairing with Amos? I think we want someone to cover sideline to sideline, not someone who is better closer to the line of scrimmage. We have too may holes to fill to give up a 4th unless we get someone really special...dont see that from Parris. No way Hardman gets out of the 4th round. I like him alot! If he is one of our 4th round picks (or even 3rd) Im fine with it. There are several 4-5th round OL that are good zone blockers that should be available. I could see us taking 2-3 OL this draft. My hope is that Washington or Atlanta wants to trade up to get a QB or Oliver if he's there, allowing us to grab an extra 3rd. I really see starting caliber players into the 3rd and early 4th rounds this year. We can make a huge impact on our roster to make up from the 2016 draft busts.

Littlejim51's picture

with Madison and Nico Siragusa at guard (the OG we picked up from the ravens last December) He is another mystery and I must assumed since the assistant GM from the Ravens is now ours AssistantGM, Siragusa must have an upside. If so, we may have improvements over McCray & the guy we signed from Dallas. I'd like to see Oliver . He's a fiery dude, John Randle type and would fit in quite well in the GB defensive system. Jake S the TE from Texas Tech might work out. Good/decent blocker and pass catcher.Though If Hock is there at 12. Gotta take him over Oliver.I'd be on board with Oliver @ 12
I'd say the guys you have would b work well in GB.Arams @ Safety, big improvement. Fant @ TE. he can block and play slot and has very good hands. Oliver would be a beast.

JP's picture

1. Trade with Oakland for picks 24&35
1.pick 24- Noah Fant(te)
2. Pick 30- Nasir Adderley(safety)
3.pick 35- Mack Wilson(ilb)
4 pick 44- Jeffrey Simmons(dt)
5.pick 75- David Edward's(ot)
6. Pick 114- David Montgomery(rb)
7.pick-118- Dakota Dixon(safety)
8. Pick 150- Michael Dieter(ot)
9. Pick 185- Ronheen Bingham(edge)
10. Pick 194- Austin Bryant(edge)
11.pick 226-David Long (cb)

JP's picture

1. Trade with Oakland for picks 24&35
1.pick 24- Noah Fant(te)
2. Pick 30- Nasir Adderley(safety)
3.pick 35- Mack Wilson(ilb)
4 pick 44- Jeffrey Simmons(dt)
5.pick 75- David Edward's(ot)
6. Pick 114- David Montgomery(rb)
7.pick-118- Dakota Dixon(safety)
8. Pick 150- Michael Dieter(ot)
9. Pick 185- Ronheen Bingham(edge)
10. Pick 194- Austin Bryant(edge)
11.pick 226-David Long (cb)

JP's picture

The offense line at Wisconsin knows zone blocking they should match up well with our new offense.

croatpackfan's picture

My draft No. 1 and the last one at the same time!


KeepErMovin's picture

Love the first 2 picks. HATE the Abram pick. Meh on Campbell.

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