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My Packers Christmas Wish List

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My Packers Christmas Wish List

One of my Packers Christmas wishes was granted yesterday with their exciting 44-38 comeback victory on the road in overtime against the Jets which gave the team their first road victory of the season.  With one Packers Christmas Wish off of my list, this Holliday season is starting to look up.  Maybe, I should start getting bolder with my Packers Christmas wish list and ask Santa for more than just a victory on the road.  

With all the things that have gone wrong in 2018, it was definitely nice to see glimpses of the old, dynamic Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball all over the yard for almost 450 yards and 4 total touchdowns.  Who knows, maybe with a little luck, a little health, and a little help from Santa this year, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will start moving in the right direction again in 2019.

Here is my Packers Christmas Wish List for the organization moving forward.

1. Aaron Rodgers returns to his old form and is healthy for the rest of his career

Like I said earlier, maybe it is time to start being a little more bold with my Packers Christmas wish list to Santa.  I think that Aaron Rodgers reevaluating where he is at this stage in his career and refocusing on his technique and what he needs to do, to more consistently deliver the ball to his receivers, should be his number one priority this offseason.  It is certainly possible that age and injuries have caused Aaron to slow down just a tick which could be contributing to his timing being a touch off when delivering the ball down the field to his receivers.  

More repetitions with his young receivers and an adjustment in his mechanics and timing could be all Rodgers needs to become the dynamic all-pro quarterback that we know he is capable of being.

2. Ron Zook being banished to the "Island of Misfit Coaches"

So before pontificating on the ineptness that is Ron Zook, I have to make it clear that an entirely new Packers coaching staff is at the top of my Packers Christmas Wish List.  However, before the Packers clean house a week from today, I would like to see Ron Zook be held accountable for the dumpster fire that is our special teams unit.  First of all, let's all remember that any team that Ron Zook coaches eventually turns to crap, it is about as sure a thing as death and taxes.  Just ask the perennially touted Florida Gators and the Illinois Fighting Illini who had dreams of Zook taking their football program to the next level.  True to form, Zook left their programs in a heap of flames that took the Gators years to recover from (thank Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow) and have left the Illini in a position that Lovie Smith could not even get them out of.  

As we look at the flames surrounding Zook's latest victim, the Packers Special Teams Unit, it is clear that he should not be given the opportunity to finish out the season.  I mean at this point, the immortal Sean Slocum would be an upgrade coaching the Packers special teams.  I cannot watch the special teams unit surrender another fake punt for a first down, kick off return for a touchdown, or get penalized on a big return that costs the Packers field position.  At this point, we all just need to close our eyes and hope for the best, any time Zook's unit is on the field and pray that they do not cost the Packers yet another victory.

3. A brand new coaching staff

At this point, it is clear that the Packers need a new voice and a new philosophy to help move them forward and usher in a new era of football in Green Bay.  Yes, I know, the word "change" in Green Bay is a curse word and suggesting that it happen is like a mortal sin that will banish you from heaven for all eternity.  The fact of the matter is that coaching and game planning is evolving and each team is looking for fresh, young and bright minds that can revolutionize the playcalling on all three sides of the ball and can utilize a diverse and unique set of specialized talents on the 53 man roster.  

The Packers seem to have been lacking this ability to change with the times and I think that we have gradually been seeing this lack of evolution exposed in each of the last several seasons.  For the last several years, we have attributed the lack of success to simply being outcoached. However, the truth of the matter is that this fear of changing with the times was an organizational philosophy that was preached from the top (Mark Murphy) down to the general manager (Ted Thompson), down to the head coach (Mike McCarthy), down to his coaching staff, and finally down to the players.

For years, this organization has been behind the curve and have been exposed by other teams that successfully implement next-generation organizational philosophies, and revolutionary game plans to maximize the unique and diverse talent on their rosters.  It is time for the Packers to speed the process up and not be so obstinant to changing with the times.  The Packers rich history of tradition has unfortunately held the team back from adapting to the times.  

It will be the task of the next coaching staff to continue to instill the principles of Lambeau and Lombardi while finding a way to bring this organization into a new generation of football in which the Packers are not afraid to adapt to the rest of the league and in some cases revolutionize other aspects of the sport.  Sometimes the specter of Vince Lombardi causes us to forget that he was so successful because he was a visionary who was not afraid of revolutionizing his era of football.

4. Continue the rebuild through the draft

Brian Gutekunst set himself up to make an impact in the 2019 NFL Draft by selecting the top player on his board while still accumulating an extra first-round pick.  Now, with two first round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, all eyes will be on Gutekunst to come away with two impact players that will pay immediate dividends for the Packers in 2019 and help usher in the next era of Packer football.  Gutekunst received much praise for his pick of Jaire Alexander while acquiring a first round pick for 2019 in the process. However, if we look at the rest of his first draft, Brian Gutekunst's picks were a mixed bag at best.

To this point, Josh Jackson has been a disappointment, J'Mon Moore has been a bust, and Cole Madison, who could have possibly provided depth for the Packers injury prone and less than stellar offensive line, hasn't even reported to the team.  It looks as if ESB and MVS have promising careers ahead of them which bodes well for the offense, but it is essential that in 2019, Brian Gutekunst finds impact players with the greater majority of his draft picks as the Packers can ill afford to be dealing with the effects of the J'Mon Moore's, Oren Burks's, and Cole Madison's of the world.    

5. Do Not Sign Big Name, High Priced Free Agents that are past their prime

In recent years, the Packers clearly have had a bad habit of spending big free agent dollars on players who have been past their prime which has not worked out for them in the long run.  Jimmy Graham is the latest case of allocating cap dollars to a player who is past his prime and has not lived up to the hype since being signed.  The Packers must adopt a new plan in free agency and should only spend free agent dollars on players that are in their prime and still have productive seasons ahead of them.  

This does not mean that the Packers should give Jadeveon Clowney $100 million, (although that would be an exciting move to make), but it does mean that they should target younger free agents that they feel fit their philosophy.  They should not, under any circumstance pay players for past performance, and should instead, offer contracts based on their target players analytical and statistical projections moving forward.

6. Sign an edge Rusher

On the lighter side of things, it would be very exciting if the Packers were able to free up enough cap money to go after an impact edge rusher in free agency.  It will certainly be interesting to see if the Cowboys are able to reach a long-term deal with Demarcus Lawrence with their dier cap situation (paying Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper) and whether the Texans can afford to have large cap dollars allocated to both, JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. (I think Ziggy Ansah probably stays in Detroit) 

If one of these two premium edge rushers were to hit the market, I could see Gutekunst making a full-tilt move and offering a massive contract in un-Packer like fashion to ease the pain from missing out on the Khalil Mack sweepstakes this last offseason.  Mack's addition to the Bears showed us that the right edge rusher can turn the tides of your franchise, and if the Packers were able to hit on a couple edge rushers in the draft and land a coveted piece like Clowney or Lawrence in free agency, they could find themselves on the rebound in 2019 much like the Bears did this past season.

7. A Packers playoff birth and Super Bowl run

What kind of Packers Christmas wish list would this be if I didn't wish for a playoff birth and a Superbowl run?  Despite our similar or differing views on how to fix the Packers, one thing that we can all agree on is that we would like to see the Packers have a chance to win another Superbowl at any cost.  Whatever decisions that Murphy and Gutekunst make, we all hope that they will put the Packers one step closer to being contenders once again.     

Remember Packer fans, before you call for my banishment from Lambeau Field and the state of Wisconsin, this is just my Packers Christmas wish list.  So don't let my opinions sour your holiday season because you probably do not have to worry about the status quo of this organization being harmed in any way.  With Mark Murphy at the helm, I'm sure that we will not see a whole lot of change within the organization or its philosophy anytime soon.  But with that, I'd like to invite you to leave your Packers wish list in the comments section below and hopefully, Santa Claus will give us all something to cheer about in 2019.  

Happy Holidays!             


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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GBPDAN1's picture

Sir Brad needs to escort Zook to the Pitt of Misery

jeepingmakooi's picture

Dilly dilly

Gort's picture

As I recall, the "Pit of Misery" was not as bad as expected,
but the wine cellar......

The TKstinator's picture

Should GB claim DJ Swearinger???

LeotisHarris's picture

Yes, but then release him immediately because he's a locker room cancer. It'll further illustrate Gute is a steel-spined riverboat gambler *and* a my-way-or-the-highway guy. It's a win-win, paradigm shift, silo buster all in one.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't know much about Swearinger except he's been on an awful lot of teams. It's a definite red flag.

Johnblood27's picture

I just cashed out in buzzword bingo on your post alone.

David Michalski's picture

Unfortunately no, I love him as a player, but word is he was a team cancer and was cut for calling out Jay Gruden for the second time this year.

JQ's picture

12/26: Swearinger is taking his act back to the Cardinals.

TheVOR's picture

Dilly DILLY!!!! All I want is Jim Harbaugh as our HC, he's the best available option, anything else is a huge risk, including Philbin..

Old School's picture

Harbaugh is a fiery guy, but nobody wants to live in a volcano.

If Philbin goes 3-1, I'd say there is at least a 50% chance he'll get the job.

JQ's picture

How about the Pit of Despair?

Guam's picture

Here's my Christmas wish list:
(1) Hire an innovative young HC and let him pick his staff.
(2) Do not resign Cobb or Matthews.
(3) Resign Breeland and Wilkinson.
(4) Sign a veteran right guard and safety in free agency. Both should be available at reasonable prices based on last year's free agency.
(5) Play to the strength of the draft and get at least one and preferably two edge rushers early.
(6) Draft O-line depth at guard and tackle. I assume Bulaga will start next year, but we need quality depth not named Spriggs at tackle next year as Bulaga will not play 16 games.
(7) Fill in depth as available through the draft for RB, TE and LB.

Merry Christmas everyone!

jeepingmakooi's picture

Honestly I think an off season with the pack and a training camp Nico could be a good guard. He played well in a run based offense... With o line man like like our center and the talent we have in tackle I believe they can school him up. I do think we need a solid corn feed right tackle for depth.. give me sweat in our Early pick and a safety like Daniel in the first round.. then hit me with offense in round two to first pick in the fourth and then a mlb if there is anyone left worth it that actually k ows how to play the position vs a converted saftey

Swisch's picture

Especially with a $30-million man at quarterback, it seems the offensive line has to be Priority #1.
With so many exciting and promising young wide receivers, but none of them proven except the great Davante Adams, it's going to be a real challenge to decide which guys to go with first.
In any case, let's make sure Rodgers is safe when he makes his throws.

MarkinMadison's picture

Santa, please bring the Packers:

(1) Two new safeties. Santa, I know you got a soft spot for the older guys, but even if you think Williams can play safety, I'd feel much better with a young buck who has a high ceiling getting ready to pull the sleigh. And Santa, those deer run in pairs, and I only see one right now.

(2) A new RG. A lot of good girls and boys will ask you for a new RT. I'm not saying they are wrong, but Dad told me that you can only have so many elves working to make my presents, and I heard it is a lot easier for the elves to find great RGs than RTs.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


CAG123's picture

There’s some pretty good safeties in FA this year like Thomas, Swearinger, Mathieu and Collins it’s imperative the Packers bring in one of them they can’t continuously rely on no name undrafted players it’s a veteran position unless you’re getting a Adams or James (who they passed on) and they just can’t go into next year with Brice and some guys. They should also resign Clay to a cheap 2-3 year deal, reduce his role and use him to rush the passer in certain situations like it or not he’s better than Gilbert or Donnerson and whoever else they have back there. Draft a quality edge rusher I think we all would love to have Allen but Sweat is a good plan B then poke around in FA to see what else is there. Draft some depth for the right side of the o-line because DAMN. I must say I’m not on them drafting a WR like I use to but would still love if they drafted Hakeem Butler (6-6 225) he’s big physical and will bring a different aspect to the Packers tall yet slight receivers.

Jonathan Spader's picture

ESB is 6-5 214 lbs someone please inform oxford dictionary that the difference between big and physical and slight is 11 lbs. Moore and MVS are a little over 205.

CAG123's picture

I don’t know where you got those numbers you clown but he’s listed as 6-4 206 so like I said slight! None of the Packers receivers are big guys they’re just tall. Don’t argue with a dictionary.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Also on packernews

"St. Brown, who said he was given a fourth-round grade from the NFL draft’s advisory board, is thought to have significant upside. At 6-4¾ and 214 pounds, he ran a 4.48 40 at the NFL scouting combine.

St. Brown said his playing weight was 203 pounds at Notre Dame. On Saturday, he said he added four more pounds since the combine, up to 218 with the potential to add even more."

CAG123's picture

AJ Green is 6-4 210 but he’s not physically imposing he’s just tall and skinny, slim, slight like most of the Packers receivers. I’m talking about them drafting a big body receiver with some actual build to him.

Jonathan Spader's picture

The WR you're describing sounds more like a TE. ESB, MVS, and Moore have been healthy why do the Packers want to draft someone who's 225? Where is the advantage to being heavier at WR? ESB ran a 4.48 at his height and weight. I just am not following the upside to being 225.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

The Pack has the big receivers and the young guys will add a little weight as they physically fill out as they mature. ESB is only 21 years old. If the Pack needs a WR it is a slot WR. A smaller, twitchy and change of direction guy. Quicker than what we currently have with Cobb, plus someone who can stay on the field.

Kb999's picture

You need a complete over haul. Coaching staff needs to go, old players and players that can't even play a half season need to go. They need to do better in this year's draft then last year. Were lucky the JETS coaching staff was worse than ours. I am afraid that it's going to take several years to turn this team around. Just too many holes to fill.
Merry Christmas

stockholder's picture

I think you have a great wish list. Maybe it’s a little to wishful thinking. 1. I’m giving up on the China doll. The Lazar precision is a thing of Christmas past. 2. A-men. 3. New coaching staff - I don’t see the new minds Impact. Big Gamble. I see pettine coming back and his staff. New would bring more holes and Rebuilding for years. I’m pulling for Zac Taylor here. He and Philbin would work together. And everyone loved the Rams offense when we played them. 4. Most fans don’t understand the draft. They see a favorite. We No longer can go by just film here. TT made that mistake with Green RB etc. and maybe Gute did with Jackson CB. So while most believe you pick a friend for a hole. The better move is to pick The player everyone Wants. He’ll play regardless. 5. Agree, 6. I would sign a safety first. Earl Thomas and Collins. Reggie White had class. Not sure any of these guys are of the same caliber. And I would even go after a G and RT. 7. Yes. Have merry Christmas.

Skip greenBayless's picture

1. A dentist for Mark Murphy
2. A great job in Cleveland for Mike McCarthy as he
deserves it.
3. Bleach bit Aaron Rodgers contract and deny it ever
4. Prayers for Ted Thompson and improved health.
5. A Detroit loss
6. Leadership in the front office. True leadership.
7. A new everything for Kevin King.
8. Get rid of all entire strength and conditioning
programs. Replace with bowling and yoga.
9. Besides Kumerow, adding more faith and religion
to the team like Reggie White did in the 90's
10. Make Tim Boyle the backup next season and
starter in two years. He's going to be a great one.

fastmoving's picture

the guy, whos strange views are the complete opposite of every faith, talks about it all the time. Funny.
Its like the old wig guy talks about moral, brain, leadership and courage. All the things they have no idea from.

But your points 2 and 4 are really good ones by the way. And hiting 20% seems like a good quote, especially for you.

And for Mark Murphy, this is about football and not a beauty contest for sissies. But Im sure you looking like an Adonis and care a lot about it.....

Skip greenBayless's picture

Merry Christmas and God bless you Fastmoving.

The Riprocks

LeotisHarris's picture

Have to agree with my buddy, Dash, here. Bringing in more religion is key to success in football. Our greatest 90s teams certainly were shepherded not only by Reggie's unyielding faith, but the moral guidance of Favre, Chmura, Winters, Wayne Simmons, Eugene Robinson, and Craig Newsome.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Religious figures certainly help build team unity and morale. It's been proven thru the years. Sure, some sinners like Favre will never listen until it gets them in deep water. Sinners gonna sin as TK would probably say. I don't think it's coincidence the Packers won their first game when Aaron Rodgers finally put faith in the hands of the Lord by tossing that ball up to Kumerow with two guys on him. He never does that but maybe Kumerow's calming influence had the effect that was needed. They won their first road game when Kumerow was finally featured more than he has ever been before. You can't dismiss it Leotis.

Merry Christmas and God Bless Leotis

The Riprocks

The TKstinator's picture

Sinners gonna sin?
That doesn’t sound like me.

Ok, yes it does, but not on Christmas!
¡Feliz Navidad to all!

dobber's picture

Do the Pats pray after games?

The TKstinator's picture

I think the Pats get prayed TO.

LeotisHarris's picture

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Dash. I've never been able to grasp much in terms of biblical knowledge, but I agree Jesus had good ideas that his most adamant followers today ignore.

I'll continue to defer to you in matters of faith, religion, and spirituality. I have to admit, messing with someone such as you with a direct connection to the Almighty gives me pause. I certainly don't want to end up like Lot, getting killed by his wife with the jawbone of an ass, and just for giving her a salty look!

BTW, do you foresee any firings at 1265 prior to the game with Dee-Troit.

Skip greenBayless's picture


Ferrari Driver's picture

Have to agree with Dash on the need for more religion and a display of it by players. Kind of admired old Tebow displaying his beliefs in a respectful fashion on the sidelines by himself. Guess I could use a little more myself.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Amen Ferrari Driver. As a man of God I also loved Tim Tebow, what he did and what he represented. A true professional who was highly respected in the religious community.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas Ferrari Driver from

The Riprocks

Johnblood27's picture

Dont leave Leroy Butler off that leadership list, he was leadership before Reggie had GOD heal his hammie.

...and where religion is concerned, Robert Brooks can lead that class.

Rufus's picture

I would get rid of the entire coaching staff including Pettine. Everybody thinks hes doing a great job , but game after game the excuses for the lack of defense. They gave up 38 points to the Jets. They barely beat San fran, Lost to Detroit, etc. It seemed like every game they would dig a deep hole, like yesterday. Luckily they came back, thanks to Tod Boles. Pettine showed me nothing. I'm sure a lack of talent didn't help. This defense under preformed even when they were not banged up. Also, Zook should not be allowed to finish the season.

Gort's picture

Dislike to the Pettine comment.
Like to the Zook comment.

HankScorpio's picture

Yesterday certainly was a flashback to the Capers years. I'm ok with letting the next HC pick his staff. Yesterday means I'll be a little less concerned if he picks a different DC.

Nick Perry's picture

Because the Packers have has basically the same strength & conditioning staff it's hard to say how well Pettines defense could have performed later in the once they lost the entire starting D-Line, a few CB's, OLB, Safety, and other key reserves.

There's been times during games I asked myself watching a game "Who the hell is he"? It seemed each week there was another player who the Packers "Just Added" according to the announcer who I had no idea was a Packers until I heard the name.

I'm not saying keep Mike Pettine or don't but I don't think Pettine can really be judged at the job he did with the M.A.S.H. Unit the Packers defense had become. I mean the guy has squeezed 9.5 sacks out of Kyle Frackrell. There's a lot to be said for that!

I think that choice should be ENTIRELY on the new Packers HC. IF Murphy tries to dictate who the next DC is going to be as he tries to hire the Packers next HC, say HELLO 80's again because anyone worth a damn isn't going to go along with that and Mark Murphy along with Thompson should be branded as the guys who completely wasted the career of one of the best QB's EVER to play the game...Sigh......Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda....What might have been.

HankScorpio's picture

" I mean the guy has squeezed 9.5 sacks out of Kyle Frackrell. There's a lot to be said for that!"

No doubt about that. I really hope Fackrell can hit double digits. That would spice up the coming discussions in the off season.

Lare's picture

My Christmas wish list starts with Murphy & Gutekunst making the right decision on a Head Coach that can guide this team to success in the future. Hopefully he brings in some excellent coordinators, assistant coaches and strength & conditioning staff.

Next, I wish that Gutekunst has the guts to cut ties with over-paid, non-producing, always-injured players. Nothing kills morale more quickly on a team than having low-paid players doing all the work while highly-paid players watch from the sidelines.

Also, regardless the draft position, the draft is mostly a crapshoot where the good GMs hit on around 1/3 of their selections. I wish that Gutekunst makes really good player decisions and gets lucky on a few of them.

I also wish that Packers fans can just learn to get along. Professional sports are simply entertainment, not a matter of life & death. None of us can see in the future and we all know what's happened in the past. We all have our opinions and that's all we have.

I also wish Al and everyone at CHTV a wonderful holiday season, and thank you all for giving us your time and a place to support our team.

dobber's picture

And how! Thanks to Al, Jason, Zach, David, Ross, Andy, and all the others who don't come to mind ATM! Much appreciated!

Gort's picture

Couldn't agree more. Really glad that I started following this site.

Bravo Zulu (well done)

dobber's picture

"They should not, under any circumstance pay players for past performance, and should instead, offer contracts based on their target players analytical and statistical projections moving forward."

Dear Santa,
Analytics has all but ruined baseball. Please just give us some common sense in player assessment and development in football to prevent it from happening there.
Hoping that the extreme heat resulting from speeds required to deliver all those gifts tonight doesn't melt your face off like the Nazis in "Raiders of the Lost Ark,"

flackcatcher's picture

Mike McCarthy was a heavy user of analytics, see were it got him! Friends don't let friends use analytics. (Right behind Powerpoint as the most used and dangerous tool in government.)

Packers0808's picture

Packers should clean house in the head men. Zook has got to go and also the Packers have to get a coaching staff that doesn't try to change players and put them in new roles like a safety to a corner etc! One other thing I believe is that we need to replace Murphy and Gute and start from the outside of the organization at a scratch point!

Coldworld's picture

No to Gute comment, but I do think Murphy needs to be accountable for the lamentable decline that he presided over prior to the appointment of Gute.

We need a new offensive mind. I am very happy with Pettine: look at what he has to work with at this point: green as green with a handful of exceptions.

Clean out the rest. We don’t fire Zook now because who is behind him? A complete change of coaching and mindset on special teams please Santa. We have been bad for years and years.

Rking100's picture

Too many people have given Murphy a pass. He’s accountable for keeping TT onboard for too long. Anyone who has watched TT’s mannerisms and listened to him speak over the past 5 yrs could tell he was fading. That’s 100% on Murphy, how could he not see this and take action? I’m hopeful he’s learned from the experience, but it’s set the Packers back and I’m not so sure we can recover over the next few years without some amazing draft picks, a bit of good luck and 2-3 FAs that are impact players. No pressure Gute.

4thand1's picture

5 o-lineman that can pancake people every play. A pass rush. A TE with 60+ catches.

Coldworld's picture

I don’t care if a TE catches 60 passes, as long as we have fourth catcher position that does. Our obsession with the TE role is part of our predictability. Personally, I think Tonyan can be the TE we need if we use the big body over the middle. MM became stuck on an ideal we never achieved with TEs. Look what we did before that with 2 back sets and 4 or 5 receivers.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd like to see every single vet over 30, and several over 26, on this team shown the door. Other than Rodgers of course. I could possibly be talked into Tramon and Bulaga too.

I'd like to see a double dip in speculative FA at OLB and in round 1 with our top pick. I'd like to see one of the top 3 TEs taken with our 2nd pick.

I'd like to see OL reinforcement in the mid rounds, especially at OT.

I'd like a young FA free safety or Josh Jackson moved to FS. Breeland retained. And a good young SS.

I'd like an innovative new HC and OC... and Pettine retained.

And last but not least, I was the Bears to roll Minny next week, then roll over against PHI the following week. After that I don't care who wins other than not DAL or SEA or NE.

GPG and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Turophile's picture

David Michalksi
POINT FOUR. J'Mon Moore travelled a tough rookie road. It was difficult to earn early snaps away from Adams and Cobb, Allison and Kumerow, and made even more difficult by the great showings of MVS early and ESB later.

Put it all together it isn't surprising one of the three rookie receivers had a quiet start. When guys like Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams take until year three to shine, i think we can afford Moore more than a one year trial.

Other positives we can attribute to Gute are DT Lancaster and CB Brown, who have have shown enough to be worth following in 2019.

Given that virtually all drafts by all teams have numerous busts, I think Gute's resume looks fine at present, but still incomplete, of course. We'll have a better idea in another year, when Moore, Oren Burks, and athletic gambles like Kendall Donnerson, are more acclimated to the NFL. Realistically a 'final' grade could still be anywhere between excellent and below average.

POINT FIVE. the FAs that are 'past their prime'. Well, some work, some do not. Jahri Evans was fine at RG in 2017 and Peppers was fine with the Packers as well, Not all are like Martellus Bennett.

I'd say the Packers would look a lot better at safety with Earl Thomas at safety (he is 30). Younger options might include Marcus Joyner (age 28, Rams) or Tyrann Mathieu (26, Texans).

If Cobb is not back in 2019, then a veteran free agent WR might be on the cards. Golden Tate is an older guy (31, Eagles), while younger options could be Adam Humphries (25, Bucs), or Jermaine Kearse (28, Jets).

For a Christmas draft list, I'd go something like 1a pass rusher, 1b offensive tackle, 2 safety, 3 tight end, 4a guard, 4b running back, 5 return specialist.............but the new coaching staff will probably be more important than anything else.

dobber's picture

"J'Mon Moore travelled a tough rookie road. It was difficult to earn early snaps away from Adams and Cobb, Allison and Kumerow, and made even more difficult by the great showings of MVS early and ESB later."

Made even more difficult by his inability to catch much of anything during camp.

Turophile's picture

Don't disagree with with him dropping some catchable stuff in camp, dobber. In fact the sarcastic edge to the post made me smile and give a 'thumbs up'. I still think he should get more time, though.

Lphill's picture

My wish list is that all the pretend fair weather fans on here go away for 2019 especially the ones who only post during game day live. A fan sticks with their team during good times and bad . If you can’t take the bad and just want to hate then go away. Merry Christmas Packer fans.

Bearmeat's picture

Please explain what you mean. Do you mean fans who "bail" on the team by hoping they lose meaningless games for better draft position and health (in theory), and thus a better season next year? Or fans who don't show up because they're embarrassed they formerly backed a losing team?

If it's the latter, I agree with you. If it's the former, I disagree.

henry113's picture

David, #1, Rodgers returning to his old form? He put up over 400 yds. to a bad team, a penalty machine. I am concerned with him holding the ball too long & getting sacked too many times in a meaningless game. We don't need an injury like Alex Smith. This by far was one of his best games of the season but not the same Rodgers from years past. Sit him for the last game.
Merry Christmas to all

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I like the lists above but what I've wanted for years is a scatback. Can you find a new edition of Sproles? Failing him, James White? I didn't want to be greedy and ask for Kamara or Hunt (w/o the flags), but they'd do as well.

HankScorpio's picture

Agreed. But the first thing they need to do is put in an offense that places more value on production from RBs. To me, that is a primary goal of the coaching search.

If they get that done, I think Jones can fill that role, provided he can stay on the field.

If they re-sign Cobb, I hope it is with the understanding that he'll be used a more like Sproles than he has been used. He's been failing as an every down slot WR for 3 years running. I don't want him trying to fill that role anymore. But once upon a time he was dangerous on returns and out of the backfield. Maybe he can be again.

Kb999's picture

Hank, Cobb can't stay on the field, always hurt. He cannot be used like Sproles. Cut him loose. Move forward. Merry Christmas

HankScorpio's picture

In the end, I'm inclined to agree that they should just move on from Cobb.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Draft TE or fast twitchy scat back/slot WR?

What position does everyone think would have the best impact on a Packers offense next year? I'm talking about with the current make-up of players on team along with who is available in the draft.

TE or a twitchy scat back/WR?

My feelings with the teams need for 2 edge rushers and couple of OL early to mid rounds it will be much easier to find a good scat back/WR in the middle and late rounds than a difference maker at TE.

Your thoughts?

Rufus's picture

We need an O line and a pass rush. We cant have Arod being sacked 4-5 times a game. We also need to make major improvements to the D. We cant let teams like the Jets put up 38 points. Unacceptable.

Demon's picture

My only cheesehead tv wish list is for Dash to give the Boyle props a rest. Every time one of us read his Boyle comments we all lose IQ points.

The man completed a few passes in 2 meaningless preseason games against guys who are working at Hardees right now. Give it a rest Dash!! It makes you look incredibly stupid.

LeotisHarris's picture

Easy, White_tornado. I've seen Riprock bend a spoon with his mind. He's been predicting events for many many years under many different names as far away as India and as close as Shawano. There are many testimonials to his power to *increase* human intelligence via his writing, and laying-on of hands.

Tread lightly, my friend. When provoked, The Ripper does not always use his vast powers for good.

Skip greenBayless's picture

White Tornado, I have extremely high standards here. Much much higher than yours that I can tell you. The fact you can't see what I see in Tim Boyle is your problem not mine. I stand by my statements about Tim Boyle. Your IQ points were lost long before Tim Boyle came on the scene.

Archie's picture

Did I miss a news item on TT's health? Does he have CTE? Something else? Nothing? I read passing references w/o specifics.

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