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My Excellent NFL Adventure

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My Excellent NFL Adventure

As those of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I spent the better part of yesterday morning over at the NFL offices here on Park Avenue.

What started as a quick 15 minute meeting with Charles Coplin, the NFL programming vice president, to pitch some programming ideas for the NFL Network (Corey and I actually mentioned this on the show Wednesday night - you all just thought we were kidding) turned into a a brief tour of the NFL offices and lunch with a group of NFL people thanks to the tireless and, frankly, wonderful NFL PR folk, namely Brian McCarthy and Joanna Hunter whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Radio City during the draft this past April.

As far as Packer Transplants goes - yes I pitched it to be a show on the NFL Network. I mean, last night I was watching "Top 10 NFL Families" on the ol' NFLN. If this isn't a network crying out for new, original programming, I don't know what is. I also talked to Mr. Coplin about a couple other ideas I've had rattling around in my head. He also was kind enough to tell me a couple Packer-related things they have planned (sorry, I've been sworn to secrecy) that Cheesehead TV may or may not be able to be involved in.

After my meeting with Mr. Coplin, I ran into the PR posse. We talked awhile, Brian asked if I was doing anything for lunch (why no, no I'm not...) and off we went on a tour of the NFL offices, the highlight of which was, without question, the display in one of their lobbies featuring Vince Lombardi's jacket. (Apologies for the horrible photo - I had no idea I'd be getting the red carpet treatment and only had a crap Blackberry with me) I also saw Tom Landry's hat, which, I have to admit, totally blew me away. Yes - I am a nerd.

We took a stroll around the office, with stops at the officiating headquarters I'd seen profiled on the NFLN before. Rows of TV screens and equipment where a group spends each Sunday watching every snap of every game. I also got a peek at the studio where they do their talking head segments from people based in New York. (NFL Network is headquartered in L.A., for those that don't know.)

Brian was kind enough to re-introduce me to Greg Aiello, whom I had met briefly at the draft and who is in line to take over as senior vice president of communications from Joe Browne, and we exchanged both pleasantries about Twitter (yes, he's on, as are Brian and Joanna) and some more pointed words about Jerry Jones and Cowboys Stadium. (Greg, you know I'm right! Actually, I begrudgingly conceded one of his points later in the day)

After seeing more amazing things and meeting more cool people, we made our way downstairs to a lunchroom/cantina. The place was deserted except for one guy picking out his lunch from the salad bar.

It was Roger Goodell.

"Hey Commish, I want you to meet Aaron Nagler, the biggest Packers fan in the world."

I shook Goodell's hand and as he asked if I was from Wisconsin it dawned on me that  I was having a "Top 5 Day". I mean, one of those days that you will never forget as long as you live. There are the days your children were born, the day you married your wife, the day the Packers won the Super Bowl - and today.

I said goodbye to Roger (we're clearly on a first name basis now) and settled in with the PR team and a couple other denizens of 280 Park, including Mike North and Stephan Hein who, I was informed, are responsible for the NFL schedule. "Packers schedule is good. You shouldn't have any complaints" said North between bites of salad. (What's with all the salad eating by the way? This is football. Let's get some meat and potatoes, people...) I agreed, but couldn't resist throwing out a "Would have been nice to get Favre in Lambeau in December" which was greeted with a "good point" from somewhere around the table but with a shrug of indifference from Mr. North who no doubt has become impervious to such barbs.

Lunch was spent talking mostly about the World Cup and the Stanley Cup game the night before, which is understandable. If there's anything worse than being at work it's being in the lunchroom at work talking Of course, we did talk a little Favre which led to my well-known hatred of Brad Childress. Brian, who like all good PR people was glued to his Blackberry constantly checking for anything and everything, casually asked at one point "So you hate Childress, how do you feel about Bill Cohwer?" Seemed random, but I responded that I respected him as a coach and looked forward to seeing him back on the sideline. Lunch wound down and off we went back upstairs to Brian's office. On the way, he stopped and poked his head in someone's office and said "Did we just miss him?" Bill Cowher had been there and Brian had been trying to introduce me.

I could have stayed all day but I thanked Brian for lunch and for showing me around and most of all for the introduction to Goodell. I still can't believe it all happened. One thing is for sure, I truly hope Corey and I get to work with the NFL, even in some small way. Yesterday was just too cool.

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packsmack25's picture

Just don't go Florio on us, please.

PackersRS's picture


Bogmon's picture

second that!

dgtalmn's picture

Wow pretty cool dude. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr and Mrs Bob Hope on a flight. The crew was told not to let anyone bother them. Bob Hope sat next to me, he was tired of where he was. What a great guy, and boy the stories! Best part was he was just a normal guy. He was actually interested in my job and asked detailed questions. I was surprised on hold smart the guy was. Not many understand weapon trajectory, he seemed really interested. Will remember that experience as one of the best in my life.

Jayme's picture

"He was actually interested in my job and asked detailed questions. I was surprised on hold smart the guy was. Not many understand weapon trajectory, he seemed really interested. Will remember that experience as one of the best in my life."

So what you're saying was that he was a spy, strategically placed next to you on a plane to gather information for a competing corporation/country? OK, unlikely, I know, but it feels so much like a number of movies that I've seen in my life.

nerd's laptop's picture

Bob Hope was Kissinger's man in Hollywood.

holly's picture

Sounds like it was just a fantastic day. Wow.

I'm with Greg Bedard, though. Don't forget the little people when you make it to the big time.

shoegal12's picture

Amazing! So happy for you that you got live out that dream. . And I hope it's true that NFLN is going to get some new programs. I do like almost all the stuff they put on. . but enough with the 100th showing of Football Follies.

Jack's picture

How about Real Housewives of the NFL lol.

nerd's laptop's picture

Starring Mrs. Underwood. LOL. NFL SCANDAL WIVES.

Jersey Al's picture

WOW - That's all I can say. Very happy for you!

andrewgarda's picture

That is pretty awesome Aaron. I assume you were wearing your fancy hat. That's sure to impress you know....

packeraaron's picture

lol - nah, I was hat-free.

Paige's picture

Clearly you are creating your own luck Aaron! Way to go!

PackersRS's picture

And to think both of these guys once actually responded to a comment I've made!

Wow, Aaron. From kitten killer to NFL big shot. I really wish you both the best, and I trully believe that your work is good enough to warrant national notoriety.

I know I don't need to say so, but please try not to be too big for us commoners!

Jack's picture

Kitten killer?

CSS's picture

Nerd indeed! What an experience, great you made the best of it.

PackerFan4Life's picture

thats awsome Aaron! Way to represent packer nation!

Kathy's picture

Sounds like a dream come true day! Congratulations and best of luck regarding anything happening with them in the future. Lord knows you put in enough time and effort to warrant reaping the benefits!

maxginsberg's picture

Congratulations, Aaron. Keep living the dream.

c.d. angeli's picture

Aaron, somehow I have the feeling this type of encounter wouldn't happen if you were still living in Wisconsin. I suppose there has to be some advantage to living in the City.
As for me, I will just like vicariously through your adventures from the Dairy State. Remember all of us little people when you make it big!

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Wow! So proud of you guys. A few years ago I felt like I had to pimp this blog to anyone that would listen. Those days are certainly gone thanks to your incredible vision and sweat equity. Great work both of you. Remember me when you make it huge :)

jerseypackfan's picture

How many times yesterday did you say in your head... Holy shit, I can believe I`m here?!?!

Alex's picture

Awesome story, couldn't imagine the emotions meeting goodell and just being at that place, all of us envy you! Hope you make it there someday

Wiscokid's picture

So, is there a movie in the offing? Something like "Aaron and Corey's Excellent NFL Adventure". Party on dudes!

PackersRS's picture

Please don't be something like this:

Oppy's picture

I think I speak for everone, Aaron, when I say:

How was the crapper? Any "Superbowl" jokes posted in there?

Seriously, though, sounds like a great day. I would have to assume that they have enough people stop in and pitch ideas that they can't possibly give up an afternoon to give them all tours around the facility and introduce them to all the big names. They must have liked something about what you and Corey bring to the table. Good things are in store for you two. And when you do hit it big, don't forget to mail me my CHTV mug/football!! ;)

Rich Beckman's picture

Sounds like a great day, Aaron!! Congrats!!

I hope some of those ideas come to fruition. You deserve it.

NickGBP's picture

Wow, what an awesome treat. Hopefully it gets turned into more than that.

Proud supporter of CheeseheadTV!

Ron LC's picture

Wow! I'll get to say I knew you when. You and Corey have worked very hard to give us lucky Packer Fans a top-of-line site to live our dreams. I hope everything good happens soon.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Another way of getting into the NFL...working at the salad bar. Did you grab an application?

I agree the NFL`s Top Ten shows are getting quite retarded although I was quite pleased while watching one those episodes the other night. They chose Taylor/Hornung as the Top RB tandem of all time.

Jack's picture

Wish we could get that Lombardi jacket and bring it back to the Packers Hall of Fame, where it rightfully belongs.

Jack's picture

Guess the HOF may already have one?

longtymefan's picture

I am glad you got to experience that...I just hope that what ever is going on behind the scenes, it turns out to be awesome....But I think it will be

Scott in China's picture

Was the TV pitch for a documentary on travails of Packer fans in China who have to get up at 2am to watch the Packers on sketchy internet connections? That would be a hit!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I'd watch.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Best of luck to you!


davyjones's picture

I am GREEN & GOLD with envy!!

Cuphound's picture

Congratulations, Aaron! May all your dreams come true, brother!

Ryeguy812's picture

Tom Landry's hat!! Honestly, I must admit that the Simpson's episode where Homer buys the hat to inspire his new underlings came to mind. "If Tom Landry's hat doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!"

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