MVP's - Most Valuable Packers Ranked 1-91 (2018)

Aaron Rodgers leads the 2018 list of "Most Valuable Packers." Find out where each player ranks in this years "MVP" list.

Last year around this time I took my first shot at ranking the Packers 90-man roster in terms of value. How I determined value was by the following criteria:

·         Overall Talent

·         Expected Future Production

·         Contract Value

·         Age

·         Recent Draft Status

·         Health

·         Depth of Position

·         Positional Value

·         Positional Versatility

By reviewing all of these things I am able to try and assess the overall value of each individual player. Please note that this is not a ranking of the BEST players on the Packers in order of 1-90, but rather an order of the players who are most valuable to the long term success of the franchise based on the above listed criteria.

You can view last years’ list here:

Here are my ranks 1-91 (including Cole Madison & Jake Ryan) prior to cut downs. Their change from last year is in parentheses.

  1. Aaron Rodgers – (Even)
  • The highest paid player and best player on the planet… who else could possibly be number one on this list?
  1. David Bakhtiari – (Even)
  • The player paid to protect the best player on the planet comes in at number two. Not only is David Bakhtiari a tremendously talented player but he’s still young and has an incredibly team friendly contract.
  1. Kenny Clark – (+8)
  • It’s insane to think that Kenny Clark is still only 22 years old and is already this talented. He has a cheap rookie contract and all the potential in the world. His value is incredibly high.
  1. Davante Adams – (+3)
  • Davante went and got himself seriously paid this offseason so he doesn’t have one of those incredibly team friendly deals, but he continues to get better year-after-year and will likely be Aaron Rodgers’ number one target for the remainder of his career in Green Bay.
  1. Mike Daniels – (-1)
  • Mike Daniels is the heart and soul of the defense and continues to be one of the top players for Green Bay. He was dominant early in the year last season before getting a bit nicked up but was still able to finish the season strong and go to his first Pro Bowl.
  1. Jaire Alexander – (N/A)
  • This may seem high for a player who has never played a true NFL snap, but Alexander oozes potential and confidence and there was a reason he was selected in the top 20 of the NFL Draft. Alexander has a bright future in Green Bay.
  1. Josh Jackson – (N/A)
  • I was half tempted to put Jackson ahead of Alexander because of Jackson’s play in preseason and because he actually gets paid a decent amount less than Jaire; but whichever way you slice it, Green Bay is in great hands with their young secondary.
  1. Kevin King – (Even)
  • Kevin King was up and down a season ago but all reports out of camp (sans injury) are that he looks to have taken a real jump in 2018. Green Bay has one of the top young secondaries in football thanks to Alexander, Jackson, and King.
  1. Jimmy Graham – (N/A)
  • Jimmy Graham is going to put up HUGE numbers in 2018 and be one of Aaron Rodgers’ go-to receivers. This won’t be Martellus Bennett 2.0; Graham is the real deal and seems rejuvenated by playing with #12.
  1. Corey Linsley – (+4)
  • It seems forever ago that Linsley signed his extension to keep him in Green Bay but Linsley has quietly become one of the NFL’s best centers and his ability to be on the same page with Rodgers on protection calls is a huge asset.
  1. Bryan Bulaga – (-6)
  • Injuries have slowed Bulaga over the latter half of his career, but when he’s healthy he’s still one of the best right tackles in football. Here’s hoping he has a couple of really strong seasons left to end his career.
  1. Oren Burks – (N/A)
  • This might seem high for Burks, but he is an athletic freak who will absolutely fly to the football. Sideline-to-sideline inside linebackers with height who can cover are really rare. Burks needs to get off blocks better but with the defensive line in front of him protecting him; he has a chance to be a Pro Bowler in short order.
  1. Clay Matthews – (+2)
  • Clay is a bit further down on the list simply due to his one-year contract. He’s not the same player he once was but is still super talented. He’s a leader on defense and Green Bay is better when he’s on the field.
  1. Nick Perry – (-8)
  • Perry is a tough one to figure out. He’s oft-injured, is being paid handsomely, and just has never been a consistent high level player in the NFL. When he’s going well he’s really, really good, but he has to find a level of consistency. This is a big year in Perry’s career.
  1. Aaron Jones – (+31)
  • Jones has all the talent in the world to be a big-time playmaker for Green Bay but the two-game suspension hurts and he has to find a way to stay healthy. Once he gets back he could be in for a breakout year if he can get enough touches.
  1. Blake Martinez – (+24)
  • Martinez’ importance is even greater now that Jake Ryan is down with injury and Oren Burks is banged up. Green Bay went out and traded for Antonio Morrison to gain some more experience at the position but an injury to Martinez would really hurt Green Bay with their lack of depth at inside linebacker. Martinez took a giant step a season ago; now he needs to become more of a playmaker.
  1. Tramon Williams – (N/A)
  • How awesome does it feel to have Tramon back in Green Bay? I loved this signing from the moment it happened and he’s done everything expected of him and more since re-signing with the team. Tramon could get playing time all over the secondary and as a punt returner. He played great a season ago and doesn’t seem to have lost a step at all.
  1. Randall Cobb – (-1)
  • Cobb is on the last year of his deal and doesn’t have the playmaking ability he once had. He should be put in a much better position this season with Rodgers back and Adams/Graham drawing a ton of the attention.
  1. HaHa Clinton-Dix – (-16)
  • Clinton-Dix was borderline terrible a season ago and really seemed to quit on his team at times. He hasn’t been stellar in preseason thus far but the ability is still there. He has been hard on himself and is really looking for that bounce-back year with Mike Pettine’s defense. With safeties getting paid less and less around the league, this is a huge contract year for Clinton-Dix.
  1. Montravius Adams – (+3)
  • I’m certainly projecting a little bit here with Adams but his preseason has been really good. He has consistently flashed the ability to disrupt the offense and he seems primed for a breakout performance. The fact that he may only get limited snaps could actually help Adams as he should have fresh legs whenever he gets in the game.
  1. Lane Taylor – (+11)
  • Lane Taylor was quietly one of the Packers’ best performers a season ago and was about as steady as they come at left guard. Maybe even more impressive was his ability to step in at left tackle when needed and perform admirably there as well. Taylor has a cheap contract and should be an integral part of this offensive line for the next few seasons.
  1. Reggie Gilbert – (+58)
  • Only time will tell if Reggie Gilbert can carry over his preseason success into the regular season, but the results so far have been incredibly promising. Gilbert has really improved as a pass rusher and has a variety of moves in his arsenal to get to the quarterback. He could be a massive game changer if he can get to the quarterback with any level of consistency.
  1. Jamaal Williams – (-2)
  • It would seem that Williams is set to be the primary back in Green Bay when camp breaks and I get the feeling that it doesn’t have anything to do with Jones’ suspension or injuries. Green Bay is high on Williams and he will have a chance to really make a name for himself. If he lets his foot off the gas at all Jones and Montgomery will be itching for more snaps.
  1. Josh Jones – (-14)
  • It’s been a disappointing past year for Josh Jones. At this time last year he was the talk of training camp and really looked to be a revelation at the hybrid safety/linebacker role that was becoming so en vogue around the league. He had a massive game against the Bengals early in the year and then never looked the same after that. He needs to gain some momentum going into the season and play at the level he’s capable of playing at.
  1. Mason Crosby – (+3)
  • Having a reliable kicker is a literal game-changer and Crosby has become one of the more reliable kickers in the league. Having to kick outside, in the cold, and in pressure situations doesn’t make it easy but Crosby has been up to the challenge these past few years.
  1. Geronimo Allison – (+15)
  • All everyone has wanted to talk about this offseason has been the rookie wide receivers and Jake Kumerow. Yet, quietly, Allison has had as good a camp or better than any receiver on the roster not named Davante Adams. Allison is setup for big playing time this year and I for one believe he’s ready to deliver.
  1. Ty Montgomery – (-15)
  • This has the feel of make or break season for Montgomery. Another player who has been oft-injured who has the talent but needs to display it on a consistent basis. I’ve been high on Montgomery but he needs a big season to prove that he’s a long-term fit at the running back position.
  1. Dean Lowry – (-2)
  • Last year at this time it looked like Dean Lowry was going to be one of those players who was poised for a huge second year explosion. Unfortunately it never really happened. Lowry was injured late in preseason and never really took off as expected. He will get another chance this year in a heavy rotation on a stacked defensive line.
  1. Kentrell Brice – (-10)
  • It would seem that Kentrell Brice is in a position to really make an impact in 2018. By all accounts he is set to be the starting safety week one against Chicago, ahead of Josh Jones. Brice looked poised for big things after the 2016 season but it just never materialized last season as he struggled and also dealt with injuries. He could shine in Pettine’s defense if he gets back to the way he played two seasons ago.
  1. Muhammad Wilkerson – (N/A)
  • I wouldn’t worry too much about Wilkerson underperforming in preseason but he hasn’t exactly been an all-star performer in his brief snaps. He’s on a one-year prove-it deal and a big season could propel him to a massive contract on the open market next year. Either way this is likely to be a one-year stint in Green Bay for the big defensive tackle.
  1. Marcedes Lewis – (N/A)
  • Lewis is going to be a key player for this Packers’ offense. If he were younger or on a longer contract he would probably be much higher on this list. He’s a ridiculously effective blocker and is more than capable as a receiving tight end. He also gives Rodgers another massive option in the red zone. He may not always have the flashy plays but his impact will be felt in 2018.
  1. DeShone Kizer – (N/A)
  • The recently promoted backup quarterback will now get increased snaps during practice with Hundley shipped off to Seattle. He will need every snap he can get as he needs to work on his footwork, mechanics, and accuracy before he’s ready to be a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL.
  1. Marquez-Valdes-Scantling – (N/A)
  • MVS is one of the most talented receivers on the team and if he puts it together—look out. His speed is unmatched by anyone on the roster and he’s already showing some nuance in his route running. He can also have troubles with drops and has looked really bad as a kick returner but there is plenty of time left for him to develop his overall game and really make an impact long term.
  1. Jake Ryan – (-7)
  • Ryan would obviously be a little bit higher on this list if it weren’t for his ACL tear earlier in training camp. Ryan is a solid but unspectacular linebacker who is effective on run downs. He’s a solid special teams’ player and can matchup with slower tight ends but he has likely reached his ceiling and his recent injury isn’t going to do him any favors going forward.
  1. J’Mon Moore – (N/A)
  • Packed with potential J’Mon Moore has given us flashes of what could be during the preseason. The comparisons to a young Davante Adams (for better and for worse) seem appropriate. The odds he ever reaches that level are slim but the talent is there. If he plays with confidence and can cut out the concentration drops the sky is the limit.
  1. Justin McCray – (+40)
  • What a difference a season makes. McCray looked completely out of place early in camp last year and now he’s set to become the teams’ starting right guard. McCray has progressed leaps and bounds in the past 365 days and should be able to hold his own as a starter. His tape wasn’t great a season ago so it’s still to be determined if he’s just a guy or if he can go out and actually be a really solid starter in this league.
  1. JK Scott – (N/A)
  • Scott has been a little bit inconsistent in games but in practices he’s been an absolute machine. If he becomes consistent in games like he is in practice he will be a weapon on special teams for a long time. If he reaches his ceiling; he has a chance to be the only one on this list who is still on the team over a decade from now.
  1. Davon House – (-8)
  • Davon House isn’t a starter but when he becomes your 5th or 6th cornerback his value becomes much higher. There are only certain types of receivers you want him matching up against (slow ones) but he’s savvy and is the most physical corner on the Packers’ roster.
  1. Jason Spriggs – (-21)
  • It’s been another inconsistent camp for Jason Spriggs but his performance over the past two preseason games has put him in a position to be the top backup offensive tackle. I still have my concerns but he’s at least shown signs of improvement which is encouraging.
  1. Vince Biegel – (-11)
  • It’ been a disappointing training camp and preseason for Biegel so far but there’s still plenty of time for last year’s 4th round pick to put things together. He seems on track to make the roster but I wouldn’t expect him to see too much of the field on Sunday’s barring an injury.
  1. Kendall Donnerson – (N/A)
  • Donnerson is one of the most athletic freaks on the entire team. He’s young, raw, and genetically gifted. It’s going to take time for him to become a more complete player in the NFL but Green Bay would be wise to keep him on the 53 and use the next year to develop him for future seasons.
  1. Equanimeous St. Brown – (N/A)
  2. Jake Kumerow – (N/A)
  3. Trevor Davis – (+4)
  • It’s really worth grouping St. Brown, Kumerow, and Davis together on this list because it could come down to these three for one or two spots on the team. St. Brown is tremendously gifted and has been consistent but unspectacular throughout preseason so far. Kumerow has been the star of camp prior to his injury and Davis, although hurt, is still one of the absolute best special teams players on the entire roster. This will be a tough decision and it seems near impossible that all three of these players could make the team.
  1. Josh Hawkins – (+7)
  •  I was a pretty big fan of Hawkins’ work this preseason up until the final game. He took a step back against the Chiefs but he still seems poised to be the sixth cornerback going into the season.
  1. Jermaine Whitehead – (+11)
  2. Marwin Evans – (+7)
  • It’s fairly easy to group these two together. Green Bay has made room for both of them on the roster in the past but it’s more likely there is only room for one on the initial 53 man roster. I give the edge to Whtehead here but he didn’t do himself any favors in the preseason finale.
  1. Ahmad Thomas – (N/A)
  • Thomas has really made the most of his opportunities both on defense and on special teams. He has a real shot to make the initial 53 man roster. It’s tough to imagine him ever becoming more than a backup with some upside on special teams, but he’s given himself an opportunity to showcase what he can do.
  1. Kyle Murphy – (-10)
  • It’s been a tremendously frustrating 2018 so far for Murphy. He was brutal in the third preseason game and then suffered an injury to add injury to insult. If he’s healthy he’s probably still on the roster; but he needs to find some rhythm fast.
  1. Robert Tonyan – (N/A)
  • Tonyan is just starting to scratch the surface with what he is capable of doing as a receiving tight end. He started his college career at quarterback before transitioning to receiver and now tight end. He needs time to develop, especially as a run blocker, but his upside as a receiving threat is what gives him a real shot to make this team.
  1. Lance Kendricks – (-17)
  • It’s going to be tough to fit four tight ends on the roster and Kendricks’ cap hit makes him a likely candidate to be released. If he sticks around Green Bay could ask for him to take a pay cut.
  1. Tim Boyle – (N/A)
  • We saw some of the best and worst out of Tim Boyle against the Chiefs. Boyle is a confident, strong-armed passer but he needs a lot of time before he’s ready to contribute at the NFL level. When he’s throwing outside he’s able to let his arm do the work, but in the middle of the field his lack of athleticism and decision making are questionable. He’s worth keeping around but will need to show signs of improvement if he wants to stick on the roster.
  1. Lucas Patrick – (+1)
  • I thought that Patrick would have more of an opportunity to compete with Justin McCray for the right guard spot but that never came to pass. Patrick has versatility on the interior of the offensive line but the final spot could come down to him and Dillon Day.
  1. Cole Madison – (N/A)
  • Madison makes this list despite not reporting to any part of training camp. None of us know exactly what’s going on with Madison but he looked good at minicamp before he took his absence from the team. He would have had a real chance to help this team based on the current depth at offensive line.
  1. Quinten Rollins – (-30)
  • Rollins could still end up making the team but his offseason reeked of desperation. It just seemed like they were trying to help him stick somewhere before finally giving up. He has some versatility now but he didn’t look good anywhere. It’s probably time to move on.
  1. Antonio Morrison – (N/A)
  • It will be interesting to see just how highly they think of Morrison. They really didn’t invest much in him so it wouldn’t be surprising if they released him but its slim pickings at the inside linebacker position right now and Morrison could make the roster by default.
  1. James Looney – (N/A)
  • Looney should be destined for a practice squad spot in Green Bay. They used a late 7th round pick on him but he just hasn’t shown that he’s ready to contribute at this level. It’s highly unlikely he gets claimed and should want to come back to Green Bay if given the opportunity.
  1. Kyler Fackrell – (-38)
  • It seems like Fackrell is destined for another season as a backup edge rusher and core special teams’ player; but that’s more likely due to the fact that nobody else on the roster has done much of anything to unseat him from that number four edge rusher spot. Donnerson and Biegel simply aren’t there yet. Fackrell will get one more season to show he belongs but he won’t be long for Green Bay if he doesn’t show improvement.
  1. Dillon Day – (N/A)
  • There was some buzz earlier in camp about Day but he wasn’t able to follow that up with strong performances to end the preseason. If Day does in fact get released he will almost surely be a player they prioritize for the practice squad.
  1. Raven Greene – (N/A)
  • Greene could be a guy that could surprise and sneak on the 53 but he seems like a better fit for the practice squad as well at this point. I haven’t seen anything special out of Greene that would make me feel like Green Bay needs to use a core roster spot on him.
  1. Adam Pankey – (+28)
  • Pankey has shown marked improvement from this time last year and he’s a borderline roster player but he needs more time.
  1. Greer Martini – (N/A)
  • Martini was exposed a bit in coverage against the Chiefs and he’s not a good enough run defender to make up for it. He’s really solid on special teams but Green Bay can find a solid special teams’ linebacker with higher upside on the waiver wire.
  1. Aaron Ripkowski – (-41)
  • It’s time to end the fullback position in Green Bay. It was cute for a while but it’s become outdated and Green Bay doesn’t have a talented enough fullback to keep on the roster.
  1. Emanuel Byrd – (N/A)
  • Byrd has had some nice plays this preseason but he’s undersized and he doesn’t have the quickness or athletic ability to make up for it. He’s a good player to stash on the practice squad.
  1. Zach Triner – (N/A)
  • He should make the 53 as the primary long snapper. They may keep Bradley because he was the draft pick but Triner’s been the better player of the two.
  1. Joey Mbu – (N/A)
  • Mbu has quietly had a really nice camp. He’s a niche player as a steady run defender. He probably doesn’t have enough value to make the team but I wouldn’t be upset if they kept him. He’s a good player.
  1. Herb Waters – (-15)
  • I know Green Bay has been reportedly high on Waters but I just don’t see it. He’s still really new to the cornerback position so it’s possible they could see developmental talent but they’d be better keeping him on the practice squad rather than the 53.
  1. Chris Odom – (N/A)
  • It’s absolutely crazy that they claimed Odom last year instead of keeping Gilbert on the roster. Odom has done nothing this camp to earn a roster spot.
  1. DeAngelo Yancey – (-25)
  • Yancey has been playing with the second unit through almost the entity of the offseason. He’s received more time with the ones than anybody besides Adams, Cobb, and Allison. It seems like a massive misuse of snaps because I can’t see him making the team. Green Bay may try to stash him on the practice squad for one more season.
  1. Devante Mays – (-20)
  • Mays was a disappointment last year and injuries prevented him from doing anything at all this preseason. He will either be placed on IR or released with an injury settlement.
  1. Joe Kerridge – (+8)
  • See the note on Ripkowski above. It’s time to be done with fullbacks.
  1. Byron Bell – (N/A)
  • Bell has been Brian Gutekunst’s worst move of the offseason. I understand why they brought him in but no way should they have guaranteed any of his deal. He may make it due to his experience but he has shown nothing in preseason to warrant a roster spot.
  1. Alex Light – (N/A)
  • One of the top priority practice squad players once he’s released. He will look to follow in Lane Taylor’s footsteps.
  1. Joel Bouagnon – (N/A)
  • He’s got a cool name and had a solid preseason but there will be 15-20 guys who are released from other teams who are more talented running backs than Bouagnon.
  1. Donatello Brown – (N/A)
  • I’m a fan of what Donatello Brown has put on tape and I think he’s a consistent player with good effort but he doesn’t have the physical skills to match and he will struggle to compete at this level.
  1. Demetri Goodson – (-6)
  • This has to be the end of the line for Demetri Goodson; right? He’s a really solid special teams’ player but he’s not great. He’s Jarrett Bush-lite.
  1. Hunter Bradley – (N/A)
  • A rare miss by Brian Gutekunst in a very solid draft.
  1. James Crawford – (N/A)
  • Crawford came along a bit too late in the process to ever really have a chance but he’s done enough to at least be in the conversation for the practice squad.
  1. Tyler Lancaster – (N/A)
  • Another player who is poised for a practice squad appearance. He’s performed a bit better than Sheehy in preseason.
  1. Conor Sheehy – (N/A)
  • The former Badger has a ways to go before he’s ready for the big stage.
  1. Kevin Rader – (N/A)
  • Had a couple practices where he caught a ton of balls but they all went for next to no gain. He doesn’t have any unique trait to set him apart.
  1. Marcus Porter – (N/A)
  • I liked what I saw out of Porter on his college tape but it was always a huge ask for him to make the leap to the NFL level. He could catch on with a practice squad in Green Bay or elsewhere but may be best served playing in the CFL.
  1. Kyle Lewis – (N/A)
  2. Adonis Jennings – (N/A)
  • Lewis and Jennings never had a chance with Green Bay’s depth at receiver. Lewis flashed on a couple deep plays in practice.
  1. Nasshon Hughes – (N/A)
  • I wasn’t a huge fan of his college tape and he didn’t show me anything in preseason to change my mind.
  1. James Hearns – (N/A)
  • Like James Crawford he just got in too late to have a chance to make the team. He needs to figure out what his true position is going forward.
  1. Kofi Amichia – (-49)
  • I was high on Amichia coming out but he just hasn’t developed. He has the physical gifts but it hasn’t clicked. Maybe he’ll get one more year on the practice squad to see if he figures it out.
  1. Ryan Smith – (N/A)
  • Ryan Smith’s play was about as generic as his name. He’s just a guy.
  1. Austin Davis – (N/A)
  • Davis was one of the bigger disappointments of the undrafted group. There was some buzz coming out that he may be one of the best players out of the group they signed after the draft but he never looked the part and probably isn’t worthy of a practice squad spot.
  1. LeShun Daniels – (N/A)
  • He was just in camp to get some carries in preseason with the injuries they had at running back.
  1. Bronson Hill – (N/A)
  • He’s been on about ten teams and hasn’t been able to stick with any of them; at some point you would think teams would stop giving him chances.


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. You can find him on WFRV's Green Bay Nation and every Friday on the Friday Film Room on WDUZ . Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!

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Coldworld's picture

August 31, 2018 at 04:20 pm

Janis has been waived. Joe Callaghan too.

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PatrickGB's picture

August 31, 2018 at 05:18 pm

Sorry, you have to be joking about M.Adams! Right? You have him ranked way, way, way (did I say way?) too high. The rest are pretty reasonable.

Edit: Please know that I love your site and all the hard work and I am not complaining about that.

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EdsLaces's picture

August 31, 2018 at 07:17 pm

Martinez is a bit low for me. But other than that I think you nailed it. I love this team...talent everywhere. (Except safety)

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Jonathan Spader's picture

August 31, 2018 at 08:40 pm

Andy rankings are always going to be subjective but I admire the time and effort you put into putting this list together. Keep up the great work!

Ryan Smith’s play was about as generic as his name. (This was my favorite)

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Barnacle's picture

September 01, 2018 at 06:20 am


Why do you continue to criticize names?

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MITM's picture

September 01, 2018 at 02:46 am

That Biegel highlight screams Inside Linebacker

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marpag1's picture

September 01, 2018 at 03:35 am

ILB Oren Burks with his injured shoulder and zero NFL tackles is four slots "more valuable" than the guy who led the NFL in tackles last year, namely 24-year old ILB Blake Martinez? I understand that these rankings are projections for the future, but that's.... um... somewhat optimistic, in my opinion.

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