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Murphy, Packers making bid to host NFL draft in 2022

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Murphy, Packers making bid to host NFL draft in 2022

Time to put Titletown to the test.

Earlier today, Mark Murphy renewed the Packers public interest in hosting the NFL draft when he spoke with Wilde and Tausch during their daily broadcast.

From Murphy:

We've applied to host in 2022 and later.

Each city is putting its own mark, its own stamp. For us, Lambeau Field would be the center of it, and our history and tradition, and with Titletown. The Resch Center would be a big part of it, and the Expo Hall as well.

The reason we have put it off until then is the new Expo Hall. They're just about to start construction of that. That will be an integral part of our bid.

It's going to be difficult to get 600,000 people in this area. The league is kind of treating this like the Super Bowl. It's going to go from NFL city to NFL city. They're really focusing on communities that will probably never host a Super Bowl.

It will be interesting to see if the continual development of the Titletown District is enough to help put the Packers bid over the top.

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GLM's picture

That would be awesome. For that, I would make the trip.

BoCallahan's picture

So would I! A 60 minute drive south.

Bearmeat's picture


D.D. Driver's picture

Not to be a Negative Nelly, but I think Nashville drew something like 600,000 people. Green Bay just doesn't have the capacity to accommodate that kind of crowd.

Milwaukee is *barely* big enough to host the 2020 DNC which is "only" expected to attract 50,000 people.

PackerAaron's picture

He literally mentioned this above. They'll def be playing on the historic aspect, Titletown, etc and a more "intimate" setting. Just because one place drew 600,000 doesn't mean every other venue has to.

crayzpackfan's picture

Totally agree

D.D. Driver's picture

I get that, but going from 600,000 to 25-50,000 may be stretching it. Like I said call me a Negative Nelly, but I just don't see it happening.

D.D. Driver's picture

Double Post

4thand10's picture

Have you been there? I have, the stadium on average holds 79,704. How many other NFL teams have that kind of attendance. Green Bay has the same chain restaurants and sports bars that every other city has...That stadium attendance doesn’t include the tailgaters outside. It’s a perfect venue for the draft..

D.D. Driver's picture

The question is not whether Lambeau is big enough. GB/Fox Cities are not big enough unless the NFL wants to do a major--major--downsizing. I live in Milwaukee and our area is scrambling to find a way to accommodate the DNC 2020, and that will only draw an extra 50,000--i.e., a waaay bigger metro area and a waaay smaller event.

zeroluv's picture

The DNC won’t attract 500

the yooper's picture

I'll VBRO my house

GLM's picture

That is a valid point...where do you put up half a million people? How many stayed all 3 days?

Hawg Hanner's picture

Waiting for criticism of Murphy!

Coldworld's picture

Not a fan of Murphy’s tenure on the football side at all, but why not! This isn’t surprising of course: the Packers flagged interest as soon as it moved out of its long time home.

I don’t care about the draw, it’s not a game in a stadium and Nashville didn’t have tens of thousands in a building. Let’s get as many as possible to come and let the TV networks reap the benefit, which they will love. We regularly get 80k for game day, and I can tell you the logistics are better than those faced in massive cities in many ways.

At the same time, great Boon for Green Bay and Lambeau in the home of the NFLs most unique franchise in its hundredth year. Can’t think of better PR for a league that could do with some. I can’t think of a fairer reward for a team prevented from hosting a Super Bowl. I can’t think of a better business opportunity for the Green Bay Area from the NFL therefore. Go get it.

jannes bjornson's picture

Hold it in a meatpacking plant.

zeroluv's picture

Plus it would boost the economy there big time. It can only help the small business owners and restaurants not to mention all the souvenirs. That would be awesome!

PackfanNY's picture

I don’t understand why not? The event was hosted in NYC for many years and never accommodated more than a few thousand as that is all Radio City or the MSG Theatre could hold. Sure it would be different in Green Bay than Chicago, Philly or Nashville. Maybe that number is 30,000 per day. Packers regularly get 80,000 per game at Lambeau. GB is a unique part of the NFL. Again, why not?

Since '61's picture

The question is not only where you put them, but also how do you move them to and from the event and how you feed them and other facilities. It is a matter of infrastructure capacity as much a matter of capacity at the event.

I would prefer everyone in the Packers organization to remain focused on winning Super Bowls. The draft is nice to have but they could hold it in a phone booth for all it matters. Thanks, Since ‘61

BTW are there any phone booths left?

packerbackerjim's picture

I think there is a whole new Dr. Who season.

Archie's picture

Yeah, I'm all for GB doing its own draft party/extravaganza for its own fans each year but to draw a half million folks in, is nuts. I wouldn't go. Of course, I didn't go to Woodstock either, or the Ice Bowl, etc. :)

IceBowl's picture

Since '61,

Come on. Let's go. Another move ahead for little ol' Green Bay.. More exposure for Green Bay. (future free agents)

Those putting on the draft would not be the scouting dept. I do not see a conflict of working toward the SB and hosting a draft.

And sorry, no phone booths in GB. Have to use the Pack phone. :-)

Chuck Heil's picture

there is the Bride in the phone booth at Bellevue st. and Hoffman rd (XX)

Since '61's picture

If Green Bay gets chosen to host I could see myself going.
Since I’ll be retired by then I shouldn’t have any schedule conflicts.

I prefer to go to the games but the draft could be fun when the Packers make their picks.

Who knows we’ll see when the time comes.
Thanks, Since ‘62

IceBowl's picture

Since '61,

It would be a green & gold party. Maybe not as many people as Nashville, but if some of those came here, they would tell you they would come again.

It is that simple.

fastmoving's picture

Man, first the playground stuff, then he makes money for the Packers and now he tries to get the draft here. In the end he even is a great CEO for the best Football organization on the planet?
This Murphy guy is strange, just wondering what all that good stuff is all about and because of what??

But I guess some will figuring out pretty fast about a further conspiration theorie. Something with a strange power structure or who is reporting to who or 100 other reasons why it cannot work that way. And why he runs the Pack into the ground.....

MM for president! I liked him as a Player and now as the CEO even more. As a Person as well, from what I could see over the last years of course.

IceBowl's picture


Talk about something strange, read your post.

I can't decide what you are trying to say.

Murphy ...."makes money for the Packers" and ......" now he wants to get the draft here." and ..... "he runs the Pack into the ground...."

Maybe it's me.

fastmoving's picture

Im a fan of him. just tried to be funny/sarcastic. I know, it never workes out.
Just dont get all the critism, he got all the time. most of the things have nothing to do with him and he can never do anything right with a big part of the fan base.
He tries his best and thats all we can ask for. and afterwards everyone knows better…….even I.

IceBowl's picture

fastmoving ,

Sorry I messed up your humor.

I didn't catch it.

Qoojo's picture

I can't believe that the nfl draft draws 600k people. Wow.

Chuck Heil's picture

it was Nashville
a tourist destination

Coldworld's picture

We’ve got Bay Beach!

IceBowl's picture


Not in April/May. A coldworld can forget that.

Coldworld's picture

Well it is the Tundra

IceBowl's picture

We got that.

crayzpackfan's picture

If GB could handle/accommodate that kind of tourism, that would be the most amazing draft location on planet earth. It would be the NFL’s version of Woodstock.

Edit: Think of the draft tailgating parties too!!

IceBowl's picture

GB doesn't have to accommodate it, the fans have to make it happen. Game day is 80,000 - 2 night minimum for hotels. I know for a fact many neighborhood residents rent out rooms/accommodations. People bring RV's/campers to the area. Park them in yards to make a green & gold community. Major fun.

If there is no room, some may not get to come, but for those that take the time and energy, it will be worth every effort.

Lambeau Baby!! Great idea.

IceBowl's picture


GB can. (not like Nashville, but that has never happened before either) Oh, it could so happen.

Tailgating 2 nights all around Lambeau, that's more partyin'/grillin' than game day.

Fan/Media bonanza.

crayzpackfan's picture

It would be epic!!

Coldworld's picture

It would be unlike anything else in North American sport. A unique occasion.

Dragon5's picture

With the solar minimum we're in getting worse by the year, they'll have to turn Lambeau into an ice shanty to pull it off.

IceBowl's picture


Sounds like you don't go to Packer games. Some have been 10 below zero, with 30 below wind chill. Stadium more full than empty.

Ice shanty much warmer.

Packer Dave's picture

Let me set the record straight here because 1) I live in Nashville and went to the draft here and 2) I am from Wisconsin.

1) That 600k figure was a head count over three days. Each day was 200-250k so that was x 3.

2) As a wisconsite I can can vouch for the ability of the state to put on festivals, with actual transport and infrastructure supporting it.

Nashville has the Broadway bar setup tailor made for what just happened, but there is no reason to think that Lambeau and the District couldn't put on a great event as well. Airport and hotel capacity are probably the biggest challenges. If I was in charge it would set up a giant booze cruise convoy from MKE.

IceBowl's picture

Packer Dave,

You have the right idea. WI has many festivals, the biggest music festival in the world - Summerfest.

Your idea sounds like a blast, and there are countless other ways to make it happen. As I said above, hotels are not the only way in Green Bay for the Pack.

mrtundra's picture

This all sounds good, but GB has to convince Goodell & Co. that GB is suitable for their needs. I see lotsa under- the-table money changing hands for this to actually happen. The logistics of having a huge event like the draft or the Super Bowl are daunting. There are two main reasons there has been no Super Bowl in GB . The first was that there were not enough motels in the immediate GB area to handle the out of town crowds. The cold weather is the second reason. The cold weather part does not bother me, but it would bother the crap out of anyone who plays in a warmer climate or in a domed stadium, like the vikings have. Of course, vikings fans are idiots, but that did not deter them from claiming to be at the "Coldest Super Bowl in History" as the fans sat inside a building to watch the game. April in GB, when the Draft would be held, can be cold enough to test any visitor's mettle. Cold weather is part of our heritage here in Wisconsin.

IceBowl's picture


The draft and the SB are two different entities.

I agree with you that the NFL will not bring a SB to GB. I do not agree, but I understand the protocols and constraints.

But the draft is a whole other animal. GB can handle an 80, 000 fan game day. (1 day) That is more than enough capacity, over 3 days, to make GB a money maker. A historic money maker. And you talk about weather. Packer fans laugh at weather. If Florida folks can't handle it, they won't come. (or Viqueens)

GB certainly is a great venue for the NFL draft. Maybe the best! How can anyone dismiss "Lambeau Field, and our historic venue?

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