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Murphy: Conversation with Rodgers was 'completely false'

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Murphy: Conversation with Rodgers was 'completely false'

-- Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy officially shot down the remarks made in the Bleacher Report feature last week.

The story cited Murphy as telling quarterback Aaron Rodgers, "Don't be the problem." Inferring that Rodgers needs to find a way to get along with new head coach Matt LaFleur, who the team hired in January.

"It's all in the past, a lot of half-truths and a lot of stuff just made up," Murphy told Scott Emerich, a sports director at WXOW 19 in La Crosse. "The conversation that allegedly took place between Aaron and I was completely false."

That now includes both parties who have publicly denied this conversation ever having taken place. Rodgers was on ESPN Milwaukee's "Wilde and Tausch" earlier this week, calling the story "100 percent patently false" and a "smear attack." Much of the feature included personal stories shared by former teammates Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley, as well as several unnamed sources.

There was a substantial amount of detail in examining Rodgers' relationship with his former head coach, Mike McCarthy, with which he served under for much of the previous 13 seasons. McCarthy was fired on Dec. 2 after a home loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Packers, meanwhile, were in the midst of what would turn out to be a 6-9-1 season, opening the door for any and all media scrutiny. It was the second year in a row that the Packers missed the postseason.

The Packers returned to the team facility on Monday for the start of the offseason program, and while distractions like these could negatively impact team morale, Murphy believes Rodgers and co. could use it for motivation.

"You hate to have your dirty laundry aired, but I think this will be a positive," he said. "If things were as bad as that article implied, we never would've won a Super Bowl. We never would've gone to eight straight playoffs."

While refuting many of the claims made in the story, Rodgers has also gone on record of defending McCarthy in the wake of these assertions, attributing much of the success throughout his career to McCarthy.

"I think we need to honor Mike and respect him the right way," Rodgers said. "We had a hell of a run. We have 13 years, four NFC championships, one Super Bowl, eight straight playoffs, 19 straight wins. We did some incredible things. So instead of trashing this guy on the way out, let's remember the amazing times we had together.

"Because Packers fans, remember this, especially those of you who live in Green Bay, Mike lives here. Mike has kids here. So Mike has to be here. Think about how difficult it is for him. So my favor that I would ask of you strongly is if you see Mike, shake his hand, tell him thanks for the memories, tell him thanks for the coaching job he did."


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Turophile's picture

Sanity leaking into the world. Hooray !

Since '61's picture

At last! Thanks, Since ‘61

Since '61's picture

This too has passed. Case closed! Moving on to actual football. Thanks, Since ‘61

John Kirk's picture

LMAO...this is case study and exhibit A for proof that this is nothing but a buddy club.

Mark Murphy is a detestable LIAR.

"I gave him some bullsh*t"---on lying to Matt LaFleur during his intro presser.

You now think because Murphy denied this that it's case closed? LMAO. Honestly, I'm embarrassed for you that you think this way.

Why did Aaron call Mark after reading the Dunne piece and ask him if he was the leak?

I know '61 is this big shot corporate guy because he says it every other post, but if that was true how you could you be so duped? You have to be smarter than to type the case is closed because Murphy lied to you...again.

Yeah, Ted asked to step down. Yeah, the new GM will have the power to hire and fire. This guy is a PROVEN liar but when he says something you all want to hear he's a truth teller? Gosh, geez, it's uh, I just feel for you. I honestly do.

Samson's picture

Come on CHTV.
This is a new season & a new regime for the Pack.
The house has been cleaned.
It's time you also sent Dash, Kirk & all his other IDs out the door.
They have ZERO purpose on this fine site.

John Kirk's picture

Other than to paint an accurate picture of the team you follow.

You honestly believe Rodgers or Murphy were going to admit to any of this?

What world do you live in?

Tim Backes's picture

They've both been banned.

Since '61's picture

John Kirk -I feel even more sorry and sad for you because your posts and personal attacks makes it clear that you have nothing else in your life except hate. I hope that you can get past it someday.
Be well if you can. Thanks, Since ‘61

IceBowl's picture

Since '61,

Kind of looks that way. But I would add "a liar" and "an egotist."

Kirk's repeated argument about "Why did Aaron call Mark after reading the Dunne piece and ask him if he was the leak?" is just his false narrative and "fake" self serving posts. I explained it to him in another post where he said he had listened to it. In ARod's call he had just read the "100%, patently false" story about MM telling him "not to be a problem", then he called MM and asked laughingly, as if a joke like the previous joke, did you tell anyone about our conversation?" If Kirk, or anyone listens, they will hear the same thing.

Kirk (& all all aliases of him, the new ones too) don't care about hearing the truth or logic, or changing their agenda. And really, all I see is agenda and ego.

But, he (they) are not credible.

John Kirk's picture

IB... Is isn't my fault if you can't/won't listen to the clip I posted. I know what it says. I listened to it several times.

Aaron doesn't need to call Mark if that's a fabrication UNLESS Aaron suspects Mark made it up. Aaron was suspicious enough to dial up Magic Mark and ask him if he he "had been talking about their conversation." You don't do that if you don't think that he might have been. It doesn't get any simpler than that but I often forget this is bizzarro world where truth is false and false is truth.

You calling me a liar is a low blow. It is one thing I am not and am very passionate about. As honest as they a fault, as has been said of me. If there's a thing as too honest, it's me.

I have one of the smallest egos of anyone you'll ever cross paths with. I'm out there on Twitter and I just shake my head at the thing people write to promote themselves in their bios. I could write some real fancy stuff but I choose not to. There's no reason for it. I know who I am and I don't need to trumpet it. I have to do it here on occasion because we have people who like to go on about how big they are as if that validates them in their posting. If you want to bring the knife to the gunfight have at it. There are some, not here, who could bring the gun to my knife fight, but I'm self-aware enough to know who is who.

John Kirk's picture

Here's more for you to call a lie. Murphy on the Dunne piece's effect on Rodgers...This is from NFL . com:

"I think this is going to be great motivation for him and the team. You hate to have your dirty laundry aired but I do think it's going to be a positive," he said.

---What? What dirty laundry was aired if none of it was true? You guys think this is some made up report. If it was, why is Murphy talking to how it'll be a positive and nobody liking their dirty laundry being aired.

Apparently, nothing was aired per Magic Mark. So, which is it? Dirty laundry was aired (article is true)...or Dirty laundry couldn't have been aired (because article was made up)

John Kirk's picture

You perceive my posts as "hateful" but there's no hate. I'm trying to shake you out of your Packers coma. Hello? McFly? It's not hate. It's compassion.

It's just odd that someone who claims he's some corporate big shot all the time on this forum is running around celebrating that the Dunne story is invalid because Mark Murphy stood up and spoke in generalities denying it.

I did smile at him using the phrase "half-truths"...what part of the Dunne report was half true?

It's just pity, '61. I want you awake not sleepwalking.

porupack's picture

Kirk's posts are unreadable rambling and nonsense. Dash the same lack of coherency. I just skip over this mess now. It just consumes space. Unfortunately we just have a lot of scribble to skip over to get to football discussions.

dobber's picture


jeremyjjbrown's picture

Time to move on everybody. No story is ever 100% true or 100% false.

I exect Rodgers will us this to fuel his fire.

Bearmeat's picture

As with most things, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I get the distinct impression that Rodgers is a bit of a prickly guy and can be a real jackhole at times. Guess what? Most people who are truly great at something can be like that.

I get the distinct impression that Murphy was asleep at the wheel a bit when Ted's health was failing. McCarthy got burned out and was too loyal to Capers etc.... And we just had some really bad luck with injuries and bounces.

It's in the past. I'm a Packer fan. Aaron hasn't done anything that should throw him in jail. Moving on. GPG.

Since '61's picture

Great post as usual Bearmeat. Completely agree. Be well.
Thanks, Since ‘61

jeremyjjbrown's picture

1x57 dot com/culture/what-is-it-like-to-be-the-smartest-person-in-the-room/

Spock's picture

I didn't bother to read Dunne's article. Just from comments and related "click bait" response to it my opinion was that this Bleacher Report "article" was basically the kind of article you'd see on one of those supermarket tabloids by the checkout, i.e. a "shocking" headline/premise to get you to buy their rag. Never was interested in this.

Since '61's picture

The Weekly World News once had a headline claiming “Titanic docks in NY Harbor 65 years late.”

They had alleged witnesses, quotes, photos etc. It was hysterical. The rag to end all rags. Thanks, Since ‘61

dobber's picture

I wonder what their positions are on global warming...?

Since '61's picture

They blame it on the aliens. Thanks, Since ‘61

dobber's picture

I'll share my cookie with you!

jannes bjornson's picture

It was a tugboat out of Brooklyn.

Johnblood27's picture

AS always in today's "society" I want to know where the accountability is for the damaging words put out in the public by this hack Dunne.

He gets to just walk away?

He attributed a quote from Murphy that has been labled a complete lie by both parties to the conversation.

Dunne needs to produce an identified, reputable source with verified access to that conversation, no second hand unidentified source nonsense, or Dunne needs to have his press credentials pulled and Bleacher Report needs to issue a public retraction and apology.

I am really tired of the "fake news", aka LIES perpetrated upon the public.

Just because "its the internet" is not an excuse.

There is a responsibility, there has to be an accountability as well.

IceBowl's picture


As much as I agree with your concept, what would he answer for, and to who? Out of context statements, slanted, opinions, and assumption? If Bleacher Report doesn't care about their integrity, who else will? And media is so protected, the fight would only give the "drama" more legs. I think he already suffers because who would want to interview with a biased reporter who writes such questionable stories?

I think ARod and MM addressed it and said the nonsense is behind them.

And I think that the story now has been proven to be such an invalidated smear piece, it's become recognized as not worth the paper it is written on. By most.

Rear view mirror!

ILPackerBacker's picture

NOBODY has denied the 'lie', various things are denied. Lumps of things are denied.

But never with specifics.

Read more carefully

John Kirk's picture

Thank you! You, sir, see CLEARLY why these others are stumbling around drunk in the black of night.

Someone, anyone, intellectually in tune understands what is going on here. That's why there's celebration here. So out of touch for so many. Embarrassing way to live.

porupack's picture

John, did you say you stumble in the dark for intellectual tuning? So I don't get why your celebrating for being out of touch with so many. Yes, that is embarrassing way to live.

Since '61's picture

Johnblood27 - Dunne’s artickle is indicative of 2 things. First his lack of professional and probably personal ethics. Second, Bleacher Report’s lack of standards for what they allow to be presented in their name and their lack of respect for their audience and their own credibility.

However like many media outlets they are driven by click bait and ratings at any cost. For them and for Dunne even negative publicity is better than no publicity which is all they have. Now that’s all over they have returned to sports reporting oblivion.
Thanks, Since ‘61

ILPackerBacker's picture

WOWZA.....just shocked that the carpet bagger can really be this much of a jacka$$ or think packer fans are this stupid

"If things were as bad as that article implied, we never would've won a Super Bowl. We never would've gone to eight straight playoffs."

Of course the royal 'we we' takes super bowl credit for 3 generations of football player, players not related to his nightmare regime and not crediting the 'WE" means "RODGERS".

What a horrible day it was when Harlan sold out for jobs for his kids

John Kirk's picture

Murphy knows he has a literally doped up fan base that buys stuff people who ain't on drugs have the ability to discern as completely ridiculous.

Many need an intervention and quickly. It's out of control.

No, Magic Mark...this is the issue...because of you this org went to one SB with the best to ever throw it. That's on you. You're bragging about your failure and selling it as success just like that highly successful coach you just fired.

Only FOOLS buy Murphy. FOOLS.

IceBowl's picture


Only FOOLS buy Kirk, FOOLS.

I saw your post at the forum. You looked like a beaten, multiple Mrs & Misses. Let me tell you, I know a lot about body language. I can tell all of you were in over your head, distraught and exhausted. I've studied this a lot. You all need some color in your faces, maybe a trip to the desert or an intervention. Just looked beaten!

Kirks ..... not credible.

John Kirk's picture

This is some D-level posting, IB.

4thand1's picture

D is better than your F ,JK.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Nothing says real love like pretending the other person does not exist.

If something like this happened to any poster on this site then they would IMMEDIATELY reach out to the other person.

"Rodgers was asked if he and McCarthy have talked since a Bleacher Report story last week chronicled years of friction and dysfunction between the two men. “I’m not going to answer that,” Rodgers said."

John Kirk's picture

Oh, but he "loves" Mike! He thinks YOU should shake his hand while he'd spit in his face, but Aaron knows you'll go: Awww.... our QB is right. What a good guy and nice thing to say.

Rodgers is a passive aggressive jackass. He'll never answer. He knows the illusion for his adoring fans will last and last.

The guy is a FRAUD. I'd love to see him do an interview with Ty Dunne on camera LIVE. Then we'd see who is telling the truth. Dunne would eat him for lunch without his buddies like Wilde setting him up to look good, asking exactly what he wants to be asked and not asked.

You won't see Rodgers do a live interview with someone he doesn't think will kiss his arse because he'd get pwned. He don't want that. He'd run faster than the posters here away from something like that.

scullyitsme's picture

Tyler Dunne put himself clearly on the “journalistic” side with Colin cowturd, mike florio, and skip bayless. Meaning use your hatred of a person/team to fuel your “journalism”, and career. Hacks, one and all. They get away with it because Green Bay is such a small market. You would never see them do this to a LA team or New York. They’d be fired instantly

John Kirk's picture

Embarrassing post.

You don't understand the concept of libel or what happened not long ago at

BR can not write a piece based on lies. It spent 4 months and 50+ sources NOT to do that, but you think they did because it hurt your feelings and forced you to see your Packers differently.

The Dunne piece is true just like the Patriots piece that set off Pats fans last year was true.

I marvel at the lack of understanding here all the time.

You need each other to convince each other of the falsehoods you live in.

Hate me all you'd like. Discredit me all you'd like. Open your eyes, boys, this is crazy what you're doing here.

That desire to feel good about your Packers has rendered your ability to discern inoperable.

I need to leave you to your delusions because there isn't anyone who can pierce them. The stupor is too strong.

IceBowl's picture


"Hate me all you'd like. Discredit me all you'd like. Open your eyes, boys, this is crazy what you're doing here."

Non here can do any better discrediting you than you do to yourself. Try facts and logic. Facts are not "I feel", or "some said."

Seems like you could understand that. Oh my, what did I just say?

Kirks ..... not creditable.

IceBowl's picture


You say .... "BR can not write a piece based on lies. It spent 4 months and 50+ sources NOT to do that........"

Bleacher report did write a piece of "half truths", "just made up stuff" and "100% patently false" stories according to two of the people named in the story, ARod sad MM. If you are trying to parse words and say "just made up stuff" aren't lies, I guess you have to live with your made up nonsense. But of course, you will say , as you have been, that ARod and MM are lying. You don't trust them. Well, they are all on record.

Don't you find it funny that it took them 4 months to find enough "content" to write that drama. Well, I do, as would any critical thinking person, especially in our society today. Generally, people will complain or 'rag on' someone/something way before you will say good things or praise something. Kinda like you and your aliases.

So, if this 13 year drama was as bad as made out, they should have found real, in context information that would draw a real clear picture. Not this vague, distorted story. There are 100's of mgmt and players not with the team now that experienced this mammoth battle of egos over the 13 years. All anonymous but 3. WOW, what a big deal. (made up)

Instead, the article is full of innuendo, ambiguity, anonymous, and vague assumptions.

They report interviewing 50 some people. But in the story, they quote people close to ARod, personnel men, scouts, etc. They do not say how many different people provided these anonymous quotes. Are they from only 1 or 2 or 3 people. Possibly. We do not know. Your brave author does not say. Slanted! Why do you assume more when the author does't even say. Dubious!

Oh yeah, I forgot you were helping the author interview so you have the inside info. Good job, I offer you your pat on the back before you ask for it.

kirkys ....... not credible.

porupack's picture

If CHTV continues to let Jkrk and Dsh detract this site, I recommend just skipping over those two, even though its half the comment section. Its not worth even responding to them. Most posters have realized those 2 are full of nonsense just to get reactions. Baby in a candy store. You just have to let them have tantrums and not reward them with attention :)

IceBowl's picture


Thanks, you sure are right.

I am learning. I assume people would come here to talk football, learn more about the team, and honestly throw info back and forth. And I always enjoy trying to help - offer truth and logic to help clarify ideas.

I do not understand some just being agitators just to feed their own egos. Seems like some have grade school projects to learn what propaganda or radicalism does. Or they make money for their posts.

I saw in another thread that a couple are getting kicked off. Deservedly so.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I'm not buying it. Murphy's a lyin' snake!!


Samson's picture

So what. --- No one cares what you're buying.

IceBowl's picture


The movement continues to grow. Welcome.

skip dash ...... lacks credibility.


IceBowl's picture

Of course he will just assume another if his identities.

We will welcome them the same way.

jannes bjornson's picture

Best to keep the Flip nom de plume. Then you dont need to post as Drash etc.

Adorabelle's picture

This was always the part of the story that made no sense. Cause if it was a conversation between two people who is the third person who reported on what they said and don't they both then know who it was if it did happen.

But anyway like any story of office gossip, some parts are true some parts are not and none of it matters. Winning is the ultimate deodorant. As the dreaded New England Patriots are fond of saying just "do your job".

Montana's picture

As a relative newcomer to CHTV I have enjoyed reading many of the posts here. I enjoy the knowledge and the banter on football topics very much.

I commented on this topic when it first appeared (twice I believe) once on the original Dunne piece and once after AR's rebuttal. It's hard to know these days with all the fake news out there what to believe; and sometimes the public never seems to get to the whole truth.

I suspect there are some truths or semblance of truth that happened between all the parties involved here and we will maybe never know the whole truth as it were.

I believe we have to allow each side a little benefit of doubt due to the nature of the journalism or lack thereof and the timeline of the rebuttals. I hope all this noise (or attach your own moniker) doesn't serve as a distraction to Packer football which is why most of us are here. I am optimistic about MLF, the new direction the organization has shown so far, and excited to see where we go this season......Go Pack

IceBowl's picture

Hey Montana,

Glad you can visit again.

You are right. As MMurphy said, 1/2 truths, and some with no basis at all. ARod said his reported quote was "100% patently false."
The article had so many ambiguous, anonymous quotes to be taken seriously. I read it. Those anonymous quotes could have been talking about a lot of different things, however they were slanted to reinforce the article's subject.

It is nothing to worry about. More so Packers motivation.

So bring on MLF, a new staff, optimism, as you say, and a motivated organization.

Hope your blood warming is all good.

Montana's picture

Hey Icebowl,

Slight delay at the airport, our 8:30 flight has been delayed till midnight....crap. Looking into finding a nitche we can fill for a bit rather than drink too much till we depart. Gotta love delays especially in Bozeman since not much is available after five.....

IceBowl's picture

There has been crap weather from here west Thur and Fri. And Fri it was moving east.

My son was diverted and delayed trying to get to Portland, my daughter was delayed overnight trying to get back to Madison from the east. So we feel your pain.

But what is wrong with your "drink too much" plan? My son was puking on their mountain trip.

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