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Muhammad Wilkerson is Now a Green Bay Packer

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Muhammad Wilkerson is Now a Green Bay Packer

Hard to believe but the free agent news out of Green Bay just keeps coming.It has been reported that the Packers will reunite new Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine with one of his former players, DL Muhammad Wilkerson.


What do you say, CHTV readers?


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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stockholder's picture

Love it. The more defensive Linemen the better.

The TKstinator's picture

Linemen. Plural.

BradHTX's picture

But really, singular as well. I could be out there on the line, but at 150lbs I wouldn't be much help. Because the more lineman, the better.

The TKstinator's picture

Well played, señor!

stockholder's picture


jeremyjjbrown's picture

Best move of the off season so far. Hopefully Gute adds a corner next.

Packmaniac's picture

Two corners.

Bure9620's picture

Hopefully this man is ready and all in.....when he is locked in and focused, one of the best in the league...$5mil.....many passed

Hawg Hanner's picture

Hearing finest front three in the league Dial is good depth and you need backup snaps there. Adams will be healthy. Not overlooking Lowry but I have some belief he will plateau. He has the right frame but can't really bring it. Never seems to blow up plays. At least we can stay behind the line in the draft.

Qoojo's picture

I think they need one more FA signing, a CB, then BPA draft.

Bure9620's picture

So I was wrong, I believed Mo Wilk would play for no less than $10 mill coming off the $17 mil per deal. Goodness, $5 mill with no interest from other teams??? Teams believe he's a bum I guess. We will see.

John Kirk's picture

What this is is almost exactly the Charles Woodson situation. We ended up with Woodson because NOBODY wanted him...looks like that happened, again, here. Let's hope for the year he's here it works out as well.

CAG123's picture

It’s crazy how eerily similar it is I think the one difference being that the Packers were the ONLY team to see Woodson MW at least had 4 other visits.

John Kirk's picture

You might be right about that. Tampa was the only other team who had any reported interest and they wanted him at S.

Our org goes against the grain a lot. Good thing 31 teams are wrong once in awhile.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There are similarities, but Woodson was for $7M AAV when the cap was just $102M (6.8% of cap) while Wilkerson is for $5M (2.8% of cap). Woodson's also was long term, and he would have been a painful cut for a couple of years. Wilkerson isn't. Signing Woodson took a lot more nerve.

croatpackfan's picture

TGR what it means 5 mil with an additional $3 million in incentives? It looks like 8 mil to me...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

$8M is 4.5% of current cap. Wilkerson's incentives could be easy to reach or he might have to be great. No idea which. He might have to be named All Pro or to the Pro Bowl, or it could be simple snap percentage, sacks, etc.

I assume AR has some incentives since he got $22M AAV and so far has actually earned about $18M AAV. He isn't reaching his incentives.

dobber's picture

The one-year deal is good and bad...keeps him motivated, but makes him a very temporary piece. If he plays well, I suspect he's long gone in 2018.

Just gonna have to make hay while the sun is shinin'!

HankScorpio's picture

"It’s crazy how eerily similar it is I think the one difference being that the Packers were the ONLY team to see Woodson MW at least had 4 other visits."

I don't see much similarity at all in their path to GB although I expect that to change.

Woodson was one of the best in his draft class that had injury issues. Those issues frustrated Oakland to the point they let him go when it came time to sign his 2nd contract. When he signed in GB, he wanted nothing to do with the team or city. He only signed because it was the only multi-year offer he got. He was a brooding petulant jerk for a good long while until he came to fall in love with being a Packer. And developed into the DPoY-type player we all remember.

Wilkinson wasn't as highly regarded out of college. He cashed in once and then phoned it in. His issues were disciplinary, not injury. He did not sign a multi-year deal in GB and presumably has no particular aversion to GB. Let's hope the differences continue and Wilkinson really commits to playing football in GB immediately. But I suspect he'll phone it in just like Woodson did in yr 1.

BTW...Woodson was the 2nd choice of TT in big FA fish that year. LaVar Arrington was his first choice. Happily the Giants signed Arrington so the Packers turned to Woodson. It was reported that the Packers would only sign one of the two. Sometimes the best deals are the ones that fall through.

Cubbygold's picture

I wonder how big a role pettine played in his decision. Clearly there were at least two interested teams besides gb, maybe he just saw pettine as the guy that can help him thrive?

dobber's picture

I have a hunch he doesn't even really look at GB if Pettine's not here...

worztik's picture

Yup... perfect deal!!! If he plays well, we may get the first shot at resigning next year. If not, nothing ventured; nothing gained!

dobber's picture

I'm thinking more along the lines of a compensatory pick when he leaves (if he plays well). I'm not sure I want the Packers giving him a longer-term higher-money commitment based on his track record with the Jets.

worztik's picture

Good thinking!

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

If he plays well on this contract, the Packers will have room to sign him and half the defensive player FAs next year. They have next to nothing on the books.
Or are you saying he's just unsignable for a longer term deal because he has played half assed on those type of contracts in the past?

Last question Dobber. What does TT do these days at 1265? Serious question.

HankScorpio's picture

"Teams believe he's a bum I guess. We will see."

For good reason.

I'm not particularly thrilled with this signing but at least they didn't make a long-term commitment,.

Bure9620's picture

So I was wrong, I believed Mo Wilk would play for no less than $10 mill coming off the $17 mil per deal. Goodness, $5 mill with no interest from other teams??? Teams believe he's a bum I guess. We will see.

Since '61's picture

Should be a solid signing for the money. CB next.
Gute is doing OK so far without breaking the bank.
Thanks, Since ‘61

stockholder's picture

You get what you pay for. These guys are not spring chickens. I'm still not convinced about Gute. The nelson Facts are coming out and that is not going to set well with some teammates.

John Kirk's picture

I thought it was interesting Brian called Rodgers AFTER the release of Nelson. Not BEFORE. I'm sure he would've been terrified to have the before convo. He mentioned nothing about what was said, but I don't think it takes Closeau to figure he wasn't very happy. You have to wonder how that sits with him as to signing an extension. They took his best buddy and favorite WR away from him and I'm guessing he thinks it was a terrible mistake.

Also, I think it's funny to see all these tweets from Packers players on Jordy, Jimmy G. and Mo Wilkerson but nada on Kizer. I think Aaron should've reached out publicly to welcome him because of the way Brett did him when he was drafted. It may seem like a small thing but I think that's classless on Rodgers part.

ScaryGary's picture

kizer was brought in so he and hundley can have a feelings contest and winner will hold clipboard

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I just nope the Equipment Manager consults Kizer before any clipboard switches.

Also the Quicky Mart in Phoenix should consult Hundley about his preferences in bubble gum.

Important Quarterbacks are important after all...

Oppy's picture

I know guys like Rodgers would like to think they should be consulted before team mates and coaches are going to be fired.. but the reality is, there is nothing professional about telling a player's co-workers you are going to fire him, before you tell the player you're about to fire. In fact, that's massively disrespectful, in my opinion.

When you sit down and have to look a man in the eye and tell him you're firing him, there's nothing more difficult than that. Gute isn't scared to tell Rodgers he's firing Nelson, it's not a matter of fear. It's a matter of professionalism and class. You don't make firings public knowledge on the shop floor (outside of management, of course) until you talk directly to the employee being fired.

To your point about Kizer and tweets (or lack thereof):
Jordy- Starter, veteran
Graham- Starter, veteran
Wilkerson- Starter, veteran
Kizer- Back up, first year player

Keep in mind also, while sure, it would be nice to have seen Rodgers throw a parade for Kizer, there's no way to know if Aaron contacted him personally or not. He may have called him immediately upon hearing the news and given him a list of system specific verbage to study (or whatever). That would probably mean more to a young QB than seeing a tweet anyways.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"the reality is, there is nothing professional about telling a player's co-workers you are going to fire him, before you tell the player you're about to fire. In fact, that's massively disrespectful, in my opinion."

It's not just your opinion, it's the truth. Gute was hired to run the team and Rodgers was hired to play QB. I doubt Rodgers is going to consult Gute before changing a play at the line of scrimmage. Gute has no obiligation to inform consult Players on Personnel topics, especially not on day 1 of free agency.

Oppy's picture

Yeah, I just threw that IMO out there to take the edge off.
:) ;)

Nick Perry's picture

Thanks Jeremy...As much as I appreciate Rodgers and what he does and means for the Packers he's a PLAYER. The moment the Packers start calling Rodgers when they get ready to move on from a player, hire a coach, or do anything else concerning the product on the field the Packers are screwed.

So far this organization has made some solid moves IMO and have made themselves a BETTER football team than they were at the end of the 2017 season. Graham SHOULD be a better weapon for the Packers than Nelson for 2018 and Wilkerson is going to BALL OUT for that final contract, hopefully in GB.

Rodgers just needs to get ready and worry about the way he'll play in 2018 which I have no doubt he'll do.

John Kirk's picture

I don't think Brian should've called him either way. I just found it funny he was willing to call him after he released him not prior which would've been much more difficult.

You're right...12 could've contacted Kizer but I doubt he did. He could've called his close friend Jordy, and likely did, but still felt it important to tell the world how sad he was. Given what Aaron went through with Brett, I think it's classless to not welcome him publicly. Aaron is going to be in the QB room with this guy every day. If I heard he did it privately I would think better of him but I'd still think he should've done it through twitter or IG where he likes to communicate.

The veteran vs. 2nd year guy shouldn't matter one bit. I think it's reflective of Jimmy and Mo have been successful and Deshone has not. Nobody cares about a perceived scrub unless they have some prior association.

I completely agree that Aaron shouldn't have known Jordy was getting released before Jordy did. There's no question based on the PFT story that Aaron already knew this was coming as Jordy was reported to know it was likely to happen and surely spoke with Aaron.

Oppy's picture

Your sense of reason does not compute in my lizard brain.
That's okay, that's what makes living so much fun.

carlos's picture

I’m sure Aaron had a good idea of this scenario. In prison the inmates know before anyone through the grapevine. Not that I know from experience. lol Like you said JohnK, Rogers and Jordy probably discussed this beforehand. The hard part of busines in the harsh world of the NFL is constantly shaking it’s ugly head.

cuervo's picture

"I don't think Brian should've called him either way. I just found it funny he was willing to call him after he released him not prior which would've been much more difficult."

This isn't gradeschool, and Rodgers isn't the boss, Gute is. He didn,t have to call him at all, he did out of courtesy. He wasn,t "afraid", scared or worried what Rodgers thought. It may be fun for some to think we're back in pre-K, but that's not reality.

John Kirk's picture

ME: "I don't think Brian should've called him either way."

YOU: "He didn,t have to call him at all,"

So, we agree? Did Brian call Bakhtiari, or anyone else? Why would he call Aaron? He's not the GM or part of the decision making process.

You don't think he dreaded calling Aaron after? I completely disagree with that. He called him to gauge his level of outrage. If he's blasting the org for not consulting on Van Pelt, how do you think he was going to take Jordy getting released? That call was made as a "courtesy" because of his reaction to Van Pelt and maybe some other things we don't know about.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm sad Jordy's time in Green Bay is done too. But also happy and proud the such a fine person not only exists but wore the green and gold.

fthisJack's picture

Rodgers is no dummy. he knows that this is a business and if you want to win in this league you better cut the excess baggage to get younger, better players. sure he's your bro...but its whats best for the team and he knows it. if he wants another ring, hard choices have to be made.

Spock's picture

JK, "I'm sure he would've been terrified to have the before convo." ...And you wonder why I joked about 'conspiracy theories'? This just seems to be another attempt to fit your "Gute Is WEAK" theory/narrative into a story. I can't believe that you really believe half the stuff you're putting out on this site; seems like you just like to "stir the pot" IMHO. Maybe I'm wrong, just a feeling I have, lol. :)

John Kirk's picture

Spock. I believe 100% the things I'm typing. Now, I ask a lot of questions that aren't what I believe but in this case, yes, I totally believe Brian would've been terrified to call him before and I think it was highly uncomfortable after. Did you see his presser? He was uncomfortable enough telling the media what he'd done. To think his heart never skipped a beat when he called 12, which he shouldn't have at all, is an unreasonable pot stirring commentary? No. You have to ask why he called Aaron at all? Brian knew Rodgers would be very upset. Have you ever had to call someone and tell them something that was going to upset them? if so, did you look forward to it?

I do think Brian is weak. Again, watch his presser. Does he look in command? Does he speak confidently? Neither. I think this rocked him to have to release Jordy. Part of that is good because Jordy's revered as a player and person, but that's his job. You could tell he cared about Nelson. I think he's learning to become confident. He made a tough call so he's moving in the right direction.

dobber's picture

But, John, you did say at one point that you delight in the conspiracy theories if only because the thought experiments are entertaining for you. I can get that.

John Kirk's picture

Yup, dobber...but it's more than just that. I worked in sports media for many years and learned a lot of things that weren't reported publicly. There is so much that goes on that is kept from public consumption. I like what I like for a reason and the reason is I know there is almost always more than meets the eye to stories. The hard thing for me is relating to those who don't have that experience and immediately shun anything that doesn't come from the sources they trust that I would consider "fluff".

Sadly, for me, I left the sports media world years ago and no longer get the inside stuff I used to get. I'm not trying to position myself as some big former insider, but I did deal with NFL players, agents, former personnel guys all the time. Gil Brandt and I used to talk almost every day as he was an insider for two of the networks I worked for.

What makes it even harder is the Green Bay market. It's truly milquetoast. The reporting in Green Bay is very different than other cities. Bob McGinn is the one guy who was like what you'll see in other cities and he was reviled by a good chunk of the fan base for his stories that rubbed people as negative or unflattering to the org. That is what our base is used to... the koolaid side of reporting. I haven't read a story at for years, and I won't. It's worthless. Just a terrible source but some people have that as their main outlet for Packers news.

I think many would be shocked to learn much of what is labeled conspiracy is either actually true or at least closer to the truth they're believing based on the sources they count on.

Oppy's picture

What job did you hold in sports media?

John Kirk's picture

I produced national and local sports talk shows and was an EP in Denver. Some of the talent I produced included, Pete Rose (Ol Charlie Hustle), James Brown (was hosting FOX NFL Sunday, then), The Fabulous Sports Babe after ESPN at a national radio network in Vegas, Jay Mariotti in Chicago and a show called MONSTER MONDAY with Brian Baldinger, Dan Issel and Doug Moe, and several others. Produced a Pat O'Brien NBA Finals show in Chicago which was a one off unique thing for me. I also worked from home for a time for the Fox show, BEYOND THE GLORY through Al Michaels son, Steve. Turned down an opportunity to work for THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW and several others in various locations around the country over the years due to family reasons which ultimately led me out of the biz altogether back in 2002.

Started as an intern at KFAN in Minneapolis then went over to KSTP news talk as producer/on air sidekick and then back into sports in Denver and the rest was a rocket roller coaster ride from Chicago, Vegas, twice, and Denver, twice.

Oppy's picture

That's a pretty cool gig you worked over the years.

I've always wondered, are radio/television producers more technicians on the board, or is the job more about bookings and managing/structuring the flow of the program itself?

John Kirk's picture was really fun in the beginning, but toward the end it was just like anything else. I do have quite a catalog of fun stories and memories that I'll always cherish. It's just not a career for someone looking to have a great relationship with their spouse and raise kids. I chose my family over my career. The tough but right call.

In my case, I never ran the board as a producer. Board op ran the board. Sometimes I'd work with the board op and tell him what cuts to play coming back from the break... sometimes, it would just be music that he would choose. I ran the board overnight at KFAN on weekends to get my foot in the door. That was my first paying gig. When I became the morning show producer, I never touched the board ever again in my career.

Each host is different. It can be a collaboration. It can be all the producer's idea. It can be all the host's idea. Mariotti was very Jay centric. He liked things his way and usually wanted guests that he could use for quotes for his column at the Sun Times. He rarely took suggestions. James Brown liked help with questions and was the nicest of them all and liked me to just book who I thought was relevant. Every once in awhile, he'd say...Hey, let's get my old friend so and so on. Not hard to get guests to commit for James. Pete didn't give a rip. I'd just book whomever for him. I remember throwing Wayne Simmons on with him once. I did a lot of stuff just for me. :) Sports Babe (Nanci Donnellan) was the worst of all time. Horrible to work with...told me what to do all the time. So, I could be involved heavily involved and actually do a whole show through the host's voice, or I could just be a guest booker. Sometimes it could flip from day to day but each person was unique and I had certain levels of influence with each. It was something that just came naturally to me. AIn't nothing been like it before or since.

I was sniffing around getting back into the biz a few months back at NBC 5 here in Dallas. Got to see the operation and sit in on the morning meeting and whatnot. My boss at KFAN who gave me my start is the VP of News. Had an opportunity to go to WFAA as an assignment editor but decided I was and always will be a sports guy at heart so I didn't pursue it.

worztik's picture

What’s with all this Kizer hating??? I don’t understand how many of you know so much more than Gute and his scouts! If ya don’t like Kizer, tell me why and knock off the cheap, NO-MIND posts that I’m reading here!!! I said we needed to draft ARODs successor this year and I got nailed. Now, we get what many felt was a rd 1 Qb and he’s suddenly the second coming of Hundley. No he’s not! Hundley has no business in the NFL. If ya can’t offer some positive critique, just shut up... just tellin’ it like it is, chumps...

dobber's picture

"These guys are not spring chickens"

Wilkerson should be in his prime at 28.

worztik's picture

I’m having a hard time Dob reading posts from people that are either dumb or ignorant! Probably a bit of both. I may have to lay low while the wanna be GMs here work their magic. You buddy, keep it up!!!

Coldworld's picture

If Gutekunst is to succeed he has to change the team and, inevitably, to make decisions fans won’t like. To fail to do that would guarantee failure. I give him credit for being brave enough to play in the GM sand pit. Now we will see if those plays pay off.

Coldworld's picture


Since '61's picture

Stockholder, I'm not sold on Gute yet either but Wilkerson can be a solid player and think of what it means to players like Clark and Lowry to learn from both Wilkerson and Daniels. Add in the fact that we didn't overpay and this can be a very good move for the Packers. Thanks, Since '61

GVPacker's picture

The Packers need to get nasty on Defense! They have been too warm and fuzzy since the departure of C Jenkins, D Bishop, N Collins! Mike Daniels now has a player that will compliment his style and get in the face of the opposition! Hopefully Clay Matthews will be motivated, reenergized and show more passion in 2018!

pooch's picture

Well you just said these guys arent spring chickens

ScaryGary's picture

big mike, big mo, and kenny "I'm old enough to drink and make pro-bowls" clark. plus aaron got a top ten redzone target. I'm not to worried about nelson, his stat line from last 8 games was like 200K per catch. cheers to Gutey for pulling a quickie ted (free agents at the right price but not tag the last minute) now we really have options. bye bye morgan burnett, u where a true baller. hello josh jones, remember the cincy game

Oz40's picture

I take back what I said on several threads. The Packers are behaving differently....keep up the good work. As far as Jordy, being too loyal to players on the decline is what costs teams championships. Look at the Patriots. I love Jordy, but I am glad we are getting a little bit more business like and less emotional. Thanks Gute, keep it up !

ScaryGary's picture

nice take back, i questioned ur 24 judgement of where mike/gutey r headed

Tundraboy's picture


sheppercheeser's picture

AR has NOTHING to say to Gute. If Aaron was worried at all about losing Nelson, he would've taken a page out of Tom Brady's book and offered a team friendly contract in exchange for keeping Cobb and Nelson.

Handsback's picture

Well, I was wrong, the Packers not only signed some guys within the first week...but they got one of them pretty cheap (Wilkerson). I hate to see Jordy go, but it's a business.
I wonder if they think the two rookies from last year are ready for the Big Top? (starting positions for those who aren't old enough to shave)

Spock's picture

I, too (please some people, note the second o, not you Handsback), was mistaken in thinking Gute would be THIS aggressive. This is the most interesting off-season and FA signing period in years for Packers fans. To your point: Whitt was supposedly really high on Herb Waters before his injury and Pipkens has shown some things in the games. I still think a veteran CB is headed to the team (at the very least House or Tramon). Every time I step back to the computer (I can't sit or stand long with my injuries so "it's a process" with me, lol.) there is new Packer signings/news. What fun!

dobber's picture

It's one thing to believe that these guys can contribute on Sundays, but until they've done it? Oh, it could be brutal around here...

flackcatcher's picture

Packers would have never cut Nelson if they did not have confidence in the WR group after they finished their self scout after the season. With one year left on his contract he became expendable. Still, heck of player even at this point in his career, will be missed by this team.

Minniman's picture

Add the ascending and deeper run game to that decision too flack.

I see Jordy getting a street named after him when all is said and done.

Gute is (rightfully) letting everyone know that he's the boss now......Not the HC or the QB....... although I do see Rodgers as the modern John Elway - very savvy

marpag1's picture

Not sure about your logic there, flackcatcher. Let me revise and see if you still agree:

"Packers would have never [TRADED RANDALL] if they did not have confidence in the [CORNERBACK] group after they finished their self scout after the season. "

Isn't it possible they had very little confidence, and they decided that they needed to clean house and buy new?

fthisJack's picture

i think they'll draft a receiver high...probably second round. i'm thinking DJ Moore. and i also think they will add a TE in 3rd or 4th round.

EdsLaces's picture

If we get Dj Moore it'll be a great day ..

flackcatcher's picture

Yes, it's possible. But I assume the Packers took that into account. With the team running a new offensive scheme next season, the Packers seem to think that Nelson's skill set will no longer fit what they want to do. Even so, I think we will see a overhaul of the WR group with the Clarke and the other first years from last season getting their shot. Outside of Adams and Cobb, everyone behind them is expendable. Still, we are very early in FA, so there may be cheaper players that the Packers will want to 'kick the tires' on yet.

John Kirk's picture

Flack...Think about this comment (self scout) and apply it to the CB situation and Damarious trade.

flackcatcher's picture

JK. I didn't address the DB group because it became a flaming pile of wreckage during the season. No matter who became DC, there was going to be a total ground up rebuild of that position group. We all saw how toxic the players behave toward each other on the field. Why anyone would expect it to be any different in the locker room is beyond me. That is not all Randall's fault, but he had trade value, and getting the player a fresh start and a return was choice 1 for the Packers GM. Football wise, having your starters and core backups go down with serious and career threatening injuries in the second most important position group boarders on insane. One other aside. Both position coaches are gone, Whitt has been kicked upstairs, and Perry left the organization for the Raiders(I think). Somewhere, early last season (my guess is the Bears game) they 'lost' their players. My guess is toxic personality's and the string of major injuries became a 'bridge too far'. Either way, it set the stage for what is happening this year.

CAG123's picture

I’d be sick as a dog if I see Jordy go to the Pats and in another number since Gronk wears 87

Oppy's picture

Mo should have a big year.

Any decent lineman really should playing next to Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels. Those dudes are a handful, and should create a ton of opportunities for a lineman with a little bit of athleticism.

Minniman's picture

I'd still like a R1 draftee in there too. This would set the D-line up for the next 5 years as an elite group.

I was reading a quote from Alabama's Da'ron payne earlier and he's quoted as saying that Alabama's defining philosophy for the D-line is that it's sole role is to keep the linebackers free to rush to the ball\QB and make plays. This makes sense for GB right now who don't have the luxury of money or deep draft opportunity this year to rebuild an ELITE edge group.

I personally think that GB's d-line playing group can and will now be much more than that.

It MUST mess with a QB AND OC's head knowing that they are coming to get you and potentially take you out - not just tackle or stifle, but true hurt. That's season ending Jeopardy for a team that doesn't respect it.

Oppy's picture

The idea that the linemen's sole responsibility to keep the LB's clean to make plays is one of the base elements of the 3-4 zone blitz defense, the same one Capers and LeBeau tuned and perfected over the years.

It's one of the reasons I never understood why Packers fans were always worried about our DL getting sacks. Not really their primary role. They are supposed to occupy OL.

On the same token, one of the two inside LB's in that defense are generally tasked with looking for the full back or a pulling guard coming through the hole, and taking them out of the play so the other ILB can make the tackle on the ball carrier in the run game. The guy who had that role for years was AJ Hawk, and ignorant fans hated him for it, not understanding that him being "blocked all the time" was him actually playing his assignment more often than not. He might not have been an all pro, but AJ Hawk's time in GB was sorely underappreciated. He did a thankless but necessary job. Especially when you consider he was drafted as a 4-3 OLB- when Capers came to town, he took the position change, and performed his responsibilities without complaint.

Minniman's picture

Thanks Oppy, some insightful comments.

removing the extra dimension that this line has (in actually getting after the QB), my personal "grading" of a D-line is:

1) Being double teamed
2) Pocket contraction or collapse

Either of these is the D-lineman's "sack"

dobber's picture

If Pettine really is going to more of an upfield, one-gap approach, we should see more sacks coming from the DL. Daniels and Clark will benefit from Wilkerson every bit as much as Wilkerson benefits from them...and Perry should see more consistent production if he can stay on the field. This is a win for the pass rush in general IF Wilkerson is motivated.

fthisJack's picture

i really like the idea of the DL getting after the QB. maybe in Pettine's system, we will get that back. haven't had that since Purple Drank was wreaking havoc!

Oppy's picture


I would add, "anchoring" as well.

Sometimes collapsing the pocket is not what you want. Sometimes, you need that NT to simply hunker down and hold the point vs. the double team and either force the ball carrier outside, or come off the double at the point and make the tackle if the ball carrier tries to hit the A gaps. Ryan Pickett was a stone wall and really exemplified the ability. BJ Raji got pushed all over the place.

I think Kenny Clark is going to be a beast.

Rossonero's picture

Spot on, Oppy.

MITM's picture

So nice to hear someone actually know whay they are talking about when it comes to AJ. How quickly everyone forgot how good he was when we were still a 4-3 his first couple of seasons and he was playing his natural position. Also last time I checked, he's the franchises all time leading tackler.

dobber's picture

Well said, Oppy.

jh9's picture

Not to mention how much easier it will be for LBs and DBs to rush the passer.

Lare's picture

The game of football is won and lost on the line of scrimmage. Hopefully we see Gutekunst adding more talent added there.

dobber's picture

I still expect to see a veteran added for competition on the right side of the line. Even if the staff expects both RG and RT to be filled from within, it leaves the depth notably thin.

John Kirk's picture

Did anyone watch the Brian presser on Jordy? My goodness Brian needs a public speaking coach. He had 13 ahs and umms in his brief opening statement on Nelson. He proceeded to ah, uh, um, his way through the entire nearly 9 minute session. Just a painful listen.

He said he'd been spending a lot of time in Russ Ball's office. Gave off the vibe that Russ was running him as opposed to the other way around. I guess it means that he's consulting on costs on all the FAs they just couldn't afford and maybe ones they're still trying to corral.

Asked if it was "imperative" they sign a CB here in FA? Nope... said they had from now (Wednesday) to TC to get that all sorted out and they had some good young players. Don't bet that we see anything of note at CB. My goodness they might rely on the draft and Herb Waters. I still think we'll see an Amukamara or someone of that ilk.

Brian also knows they need WR help with Jordy gone. I'd forgotten Mike Wallace was out there. That's a speed guy that could help. He's getting up there but I think he can still run. Brice Butler is a minor name who can run and was singled out as a guy who really looked good in Cowboys TC by Bryan Broddaus. Butler thought he could have the same production as Dez if given the opportunity. He's had little production in his 6 year career but I like the guy. Cody Latimer is one other intriguing guy to consider. I liked him more than Adams in the draft a few years back and he went just a couple of slots after Davante. Great ST guy who could replace Janis there and offer more at WR than JJ ever did. He can run. Philbin and Hostler saw him in one of his best career games at Indy late last season. Of course, Pryor, who I mentioned elsewhere is still out there as well and should be low cost due to his abysmal 2017 campaign. One other long shot name at WR is Quincy Enunwa... was poised to take a big step with the Jets before he suffered another shoulder/neck injury with a 6-9 month recovery that destroyed his 2017 season before it got started. Cam Meridith has a low tender from the Bears...would be fun to pluck him from them IF he's still the same guy after that gruesome knee injury.

Oppy's picture

This might be off the wall, but you don't like the new GM much, do you?
Just a hunch I have.

Just a thought, but what good would it do, strategically speaking, to tell the world (agents, players, and other GM's specifically) "Yes, it is imperative we sign a CB in free agency"?

Have you ever been to a used car lot?

marpag1's picture

Apparently, John Kirk can discern the onset of dementia in BG just as he was able to see it in TT. After all, didn't you catch all of those 'ahs' and 'ums?'

I just wonder how long the Packers will let Gutekunst continue in his broken down condition. Shame.

fthisJack's picture

Gute has been a scout for most of his career so i wouldn't think public speaking is one of his strong points. doesn't make him a bad GM.

Finwiz's picture

Anybody will be a better public speaker, and better with the press and the fans than the mute we had before. Sound bites I've heard so far tell me Gutey will be just fine.

John Kirk's picture

You grandstander! :)

It's interesting looking back on our Ted Talk. Ted wasn't at the Senior Bowl or at the combine, Why? He was going back to doing "what he loved", right? His decision to step away to go back and do what he loved? I think that answer has always been clear to you so I'm not sure why you're mocking me for a point you tried debating that you can no longer defend.

For the record, I never said Ted had dementia. Back to that false well, again, I see?

John Kirk's picture

Do I "like" him? It's not personal. Do I think he does a good job or is better than Ted? I don't know. What I do know is he's incredibly painful to listen to as a public speaker. You disagree? I hope he grows to be more comfortable.

Yes, I've been to a used car lot. Are you saying it is imperative they sign a CB? Brian did say they were going to be looking heavily at the CB position. It was pretty clear he wanted to sign a CB but didn't want to or couldn't pay going rates, which I understand. The "it's not imperative" thing was borne out of expectations the media and fan base has for a move at the position. He knows they need help more than the rest of us do. He also knows he might not get a guy to come here at a price he, or Russ, is comfortable paying trying to fit into this "big puzzle". He used the phrase "big puzzle" or "giant puzzle" in his presser on Jordy last night and the one at the combine.

Oppy's picture

If you go to a used car lot, and announce to the sales staff, "My car broke down and I have no choice but to purchase a used car here today", you are not going to find a very good deal, because the salesmen know you have a desperate need for a used car. You just gave them all the bargaining leverage.

So a GM isn't going to tell every agent and GM in the country, "Yes, we have a dire need at CB that must be filled via FA or Trade", for the same reasons you wouldn't tell a car lot filled with used car salesmen that you don't have a choice but to buy a used car today. For that matter, you don't want to confirm you need a CB at all, because it could also affect how the other 31 teams play the draft as far as trades or even picks are concerned. Even if they KNOW you do, there's some question and doubt if you don't confirm it.

It's poker. Nothing more, nothing less.

dobber's picture

"Did anyone watch the Brian presser on Jordy? My goodness Brian needs a public speaking coach."

Reminded me of this, a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time... EXCELLENT to each other...

Spock's picture

JK, So, Gute not being a great public speaker and "He said he'd been spending a lot of time in Russ Ball's office. Gave off the vibe that Russ was running him as opposed to the other way around." is some more of the 'weak GM' and 'three headed monster' conspiracy theory narrative? Man, this is REALLY a reach. Actually made me laugh.

John Kirk's picture

Did you ever hear Ted say he was spending a lot of time in Russ Ball's office? I worked in sports media for a number of years, I never heard a GM of any franchise speak to spending time in someone's office as to trying to get something done. I'm sorry you think it's conspiratorial. it's not. It's incredibly out of place to hear such a's alarming and does give the impression he can't do what he wants to do without consulting with Russ.

Yes, I think the quadrilateral (It's a 4 headed monster) set up is a joke and weak in it's structure and it marginalizes ANY GM who is a part of such a structure. You act as though I want to be upset and find fault. I don't. I wish the GM after Ted had been given the exact same role not some new diminished capacity role especially diminished for the sake of an absentee landlord CEO who now acts like Jerry Jones.

Brian is a terrible public speaker. That's not a conspiracy. It's a fact. Did you take public speaking at any point in your life? Ahs, uhs and ums are to be avoided as it is a very poor way to speak. I don't hate him for it. Yes, I do think it makes him look bad but again...I don't want to feel this way, I just do based on what I see and hear. Just for you...this is from on the use of "um" in public speaking:

Filler words like “um” may seem natural in everyday speech, but they do not belong in formal presentations or speeches. Powerful public speakers work hard to eliminate words such as “um,” “uh,” “well,” “so,” “you know,” “er,” and “like” from their vocabulary so that their listeners can focus solely on their message. Through practice and persistence, you can too.

---"Powerful speakers work hard"...Brian is anything but a powerful speaker. That is my point.

Spock's picture

JK, Alright, let me try again. I'm back from my morning pool therapy, so I can sit for awhile at the computer. I never said that I thought it was a conspiracy, just that you keep putting forth your opinion on this as if YOU feel it's a conspiracy. Maybe you don't but you sure come across like that and I wanted to yank your chain a little bit about that as you seem to enjoy "discussion" (I would call it "banter"). Okay, let me dissect your original comment. First, you start out with a disparaging remark about "Brian's" speaking style. Okay, your opinion, that's fine, but I don't believe you started calling our GM "Brian" until recently (I may be wrong). "Gave off the vibe..." is another of your opinions that you seem to state as a "fact". I think it was interesting that you gave Russ Ball's full name first but only referred to Gute as "Brian". This accomplishes two things with your opening:
One: By giving Russ his full name after calling Gute "Brian" you either intentionally or subconsciously are trying to give more credence to your idea that (here you've established the dominance idea by the name referrals and can now call Ball) Russ "was running him".
Second: By calling the GM "Brian" it implies that somehow you have a more intimate idea of how he thinks which you've indicated in previous posts. Most here will at least somewhere in a long post say it's their opinion, you state stuff like it's facts. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but IMHO you seem to like to throw some "pop psychology" into these posts. Just my two cents on why I commented the way I did. Always find your posts interesting, but maybe not for the reasons you intended, lol. Well, that's my "expert" psych evaluation breakdown of your comment (not you, just the comment)! Enjoy your day -I'm working on my tax information :( :(
And of course, my opinion could easily be way off, lol.

John Kirk's picture

One hearty thumb up. :) I call Brian, Brian because I called Ted, TT, or Ted. I don't have more respect for Russ Ball than I do Brian Gutekunst. I'm beyond thrilled Russ is not our GM. Maybe, he speaks better? :)

Yes, I love discussion of the stimulating and different variety. You offer that. I love that you stick it to me. That's great stuff. Yes, there is pop psychology or just analysis in what I write. That's my perspective. I enjoy perspectives. You have a unique one and so do I based on several factors.

There are lots of things I strongly believe that may bleed over to things I post that I'm not specifically commenting on. I do believe Russ was going to be the GM until the revolt by MM and AR. Perhaps, another reason Brian Gutekunst (just for you) called him due to feeling he owes Aaron something for standing up against Russ and, in essence, for him. I think Murphy is a total total clown who belongs nowhere near the football side even though he played the game. He reeks of corporatocracy. All the things i don't like. Not funny, not well spoken, not honest, evasive...his pressers throughout this have been just awful. So, on one hand I'm thrilled Ted is gone but to have Murphy rise in power? Ugh. We're an it takes a village approaching things now. I've been in those environments. These co-equal type roles where nobody is in defined roles aren't good in my experience. I worked for a network that told each guy that I sat in a room with that they were "the leader" of the room. This was all done privately. You take that much testosterone and jam it into a mid sized room and there's going to be conflict and there was. Nobody knew that two of us were making 20k more than the others, but we all thought we were the ones to be listened to. Great times. So, a lot of what I post comes from real life stuff.

Hope pool therapy was good...tell everyone...I WAS IN THE POOL! Glad you enjoy me more for my perceived crazy through your eyes. Value is important no matter what way you can find it. :)

Spock's picture

JK, Lol, I gave YOU a thumbs up for your reply. Glad you took my comments as somewhat interesting. I have a reputation for swimming year round (get weird looks swimming in -the heated- pool in December, January, and February from the local Arizonians, I'm originally from Wisconsin) but it's the only time my bad back and leg feel 'good'. Therapy went fine. Alas, threw my back out about an hour later. I typically only comment in the mornings as my back and leg get progressively worse throughout the day. If I do comment in late afternoon or evenings I usually regret it as I've had my quota of pain pills by then and my thinking tends to be a bit 'skewed', lol.

stockholder's picture

John I agree on Latimer. Gute should be all over him.

croatpackfan's picture

I'm very sad because of Jordy, but I think that was the right move. Business one.

I like signing of Wilkerson. Let hope he will be the one we hated him for, while he was playing for Jets...

But, I have problem with signing Jimmy Graham. It looks me like repetition of the mistake (Bennett). I hope I'm wrong!

Razer's picture

Feel the same CPF. Jordy is a pros pro and a great Packer on and off the field. Hate to see this release BUT I understand the business side of this decision. My hope is that Jimmy Graham makes me cheer early and often. I have never been a big fan of his, particularly since he went to Seattle. We'll see.

TommyG's picture

One year. Rent-a-rush I suppose. Whatever... we have him in green and gold, and we are one step closer to getting this thing back on track.

TommyG's picture

Oh yeah, I have to eat crow as well. I thought we were just a leverage team before he headed down to New Orleans. I was wrong on this one.

jh9's picture

Signing Wilkerson is a boost to the entire defense.

If Pettine can get Wilkerson to play at his full potential, opposing offensive lines will have a tough day at the office containing him and Daniels and Clark. It should open holes for the LBs and the DBs to get after the QB.

Although not a fix-all, this signing is on the right track to make the Packers defense significantly better. Nice work, Gute.

Rossonero's picture

Very happy with the signing and for the cheap amount. Our defense needs all the help it can get!

Welcome to Green Bay Muhammad Wilkerson!

A Pickled Packer's picture

Our secondary just got a lot better. No need to obtain a CB now. A great pass rush is a cornerback's best friend. We just addressed 2 glaring areas of need at TE and edge rusher, now concentrate on the draft to get what we need. For now, I think we're set.

dobber's picture

Still need at least one playable CB in this FA class. They can't go to the draft expecting to be able to find 2 CBs (or CB and a FS who can walk down into the slot) who can play at the level they'll need from week 1. Think back to the Lions of the Ansah/Fairley/Suh days. High-end DL, no DBs. They went nowhere.

jh9's picture

I'm hoping Gute can sign E.J. Gaines, or someone like him.

There are no tall, fast CBs left on the FA market. But with someone like Gaines, we will get a veteran who will give us all he has got. He may be undersized, but he will be dependable and capable of making some plays. But more importantly, his presence will allow Kevin King too gain the necessary experience as the season progresses. If that happens, by the playoffs King should be ready to takeover as the primary CB. With King's size and speed he should be able to handle guys like Julio Jones.

I'm looking forward to see how this all plays out.

RCPackerFan's picture

First I have to say I am sad to see Nelson leave. It was a business move and a smart one on their part. That being said I thought Nelson still had a lot to offer especially with a healthy Rodgers. I wished Nelson

I really like them going out and getting Jimmy Graham. He will instantly provide a Red zone threat. With Nelson gone we now have another red zone threat.

I Love them getting Wilkerson. The DL group now has become a strength of the team. Combining Wilkerson with Daniels and Clark, and to be able to rotate Lowry and Adams in will create a strong rotation.

Wilkerson is just a really good fit in GB. Having spent time with Pettine he brings his knowledge of his scheme. Pettine knows how to use Wilkerson too.

And the deal they signed him for was a really, really good deal!
I am looking forward to seeing how this works out.

dobber's picture

They'll still need to draft a DL who can step into the rotation if/when Wilkerson leaves after 2018, but this group has a very nice look to it.

Razer's picture

I agree. I've always held the "old fashion" belief that winning the trenches dictates the game. Adding another stud on the D-line would make this the strength of the defense. We may not be stellar in the secondary but a collapsing pocket makes every throw hard.

RCPackerFan's picture

Oh definitely. I hope Gutekunst follows his predecessor in some of his draft trends. Draft an OL in the mid rounds and DL every year of the draft. You can never have enough of those guys.

dobber's picture

I've really started to take a liking to Rasheem Green as a developmental DE. He's going to go in the first couple rounds, which is somewhat problematic (unless the Packers pick up a few more players in FA), but I like his upside.

Minniman's picture

I agree, and reiterate that this addition should be a stud, and this will set the packers up at that position for the next 5 years.

Mighty Mo is at GB for 1 year, so there's a possibility that he's gone soon (either performance or price), but can definitely leave a legacy even if its just one year.

This is a DEEP DL dtaft class, and the top guys are studs, a safer bet than the top AVAILABLE EDGE prospects..... GB can't have another R1 whiff..... Jordy was a tangential casualty of that as gaping holes due to whiffs needed to be plugged.

Adding context, I've said previously that I see the Packers 12 total draft picks being traded into about 6-8 higher ones, so 2 shots in R1, R2 and R3 is a likelihood (if they like a player and can get a trade partner). Secondary is also reportedly deep.

PackfanNY's picture

A good signing. Of course the devil is in the details. A good signing in that it is a show me deal at $5M which is cheap by today's standard. He did not play to his contract here in NY. Questionable character. Hopefully, Pettine can help him stay motivated. He can be a terror and if he plays to potential we have a hell of a d-line. Also some newspaper guy has hinted at a drinking issue. Something to keep in mind.

Razer's picture

Hope his isn't a messed up individual. The one year contract may be the hedge against past demons. Looking forward to seeing what this line can do going forward.

dobber's picture

My guess is that a one-year deal is what Wilkerson wanted once he gauged his market. He can play his tail off for a year, then turn around and get back on the market with a strong showing in his immediate past before he hits 30.

Royalty Free GM's picture

A lot of questionmarks. So how much we paid old Graham? So much that we didn’t have 20M to get both Trumaine AND Wilkerson? Before FA start, our biggest need was a top veteran CB.
Gute failed to restructure quartet deals -> not enough FA cap. He failed to get top players we needed.

Our receiving defense gave 30 TDs last year.

Now we don’t have our veteran Jordy Nelson to guide new rookie WRs. I have lost hope that we could get Ridley...

Our biggest FA signing is going to be old TE and we are going to draft CB with the first pick. Does this sound familiar or what.

Nothing new in Packer land. Opponents will attack our secondary fiercely and score tons of TDs. And it will be up to great Aaron Rodgers to play perfect for us to win. I trust Aaron Rodgers. I don’t trust our slow receiving corps or our weak defense. Receivers and D#; Prove me wrong!

fthisJack's picture

step off the ledge . it will be ok. we still have 12 picks in the draft, possible trades and who knows what FA might still be signed or players picked up after they are cut.
the roster is far from set.

dobber's picture

I guess that's one way to look at it...a lot of player acquisition time to go.

As dominos continue to fall, there will be cuts, yet. Players will come on the market that weren't there yesterday. View this acquisition period in whole (and in July), not based solely on the day before any of these guys can sign contracts.

jh9's picture

You're asking the right questions. And given the way this defense has played for the last seven years under Dom Capers, you're skepticism is well-founded.

I agree that as of now our receivers are slow and don't pose that much of a threat to opposing defenses.

However, I'm willing to let Gute do his job. I'm taking a wait and see approach. Let's see what happens for the rest of FA. And then let's see how well Gute drafts. By then we should have an idea of his vision for this team.

Who knows? Maybe he will get the requisite players on both offense and defense to make the Packers a serious Super Bowl contender this year. As a Packers fan, I certainly hope so.

mnklitzke's picture

Looks like GB pass rush is going to come from the front line as we know our OLB can't rush. Should be one of the best front 4 in Clark, Wilk, Daniels, Lowery. Hopefully that DL Adams we drafted last year can make a push as well.

dobber's picture

Perry and Matthews can get after the passer. Don't discount them.

What they can't seem to do is stay on the field for 16 games. Wilkerson will hopefully elevate the pass rush across the board by creating opportunities.

Wilkerson >> Dean Lowry

Chuck Farley's picture

Funny they didnt have a lot of success last year why do you assume this year they will be better, neither is young anymore. Both are oft injured too.

Razer's picture

Well at least we can say that Gutekunst isn't afraid to swing the bat - my God. The Graham deal is not my mug of ale because I like Jordy Nelson a lot but we gain a nice red zone target and a once talented TE. It might amount to who has more left in the tank between Nelson and Graham. I just think Graham is soft, particularly on blocking. Hopefully, he proves me wrong.

I like the Wilkerson deal and I like the 1 year structure. A second year option would have been nice but you take what you can get.

I do like the way that Gutekunst has stole a little money from next year's cap glut and used it to help the team this year. While we do carry around 8 million in dead cap, we will see a whack of money come free next year when some contracts and signing bonuses come off the books. I think our GM did a masterful job of balancing current needs with future cap.

BTW - I hope that Jordy gets picked up by an AFC team - preferrably the Raiders.

chugwater's picture

I saw the signing of Mo Wilkerson and two words popped into my head: Cletidus Hunt.

The signing of a FA who has had discipline issues scares me. Hopefully playing for Pettine and the contract will provide enough incentive, but still...the Hunt mistake still lingers in my mind.

Johnblood27's picture

I can see Pettine using a lot of 4-3 looks with Perry's hand in the dirt opposite of Mo on other end with Adams, Clark and Daniels taking 2 DT spots.

dobber's picture

Now put CMIII on the outside opposite Perry or roving in the middle with the opportunity to blitz.

In general, a healthy Perry/Matthews combined with a DL rotation that includes those three guys should equal better pressure and less NEED to blitz. That puts 7 guys in coverage on a regular basis....who we hope know what they're supposed to be doing.

Chuck Farley's picture

Lets hope so because MM loves Mathews on the edge even though Dom wanted him in the middle. Wonder who wins that was this time around.
I'm more a 4-3 guy anyways but understand the 4-3 requires edge rushers and I still see a lack of them on this team on passing downs.

Chuck Farley's picture

Lets hope neither Wilkerson of Grahm end of being another Bennet. Has beens looking for a handout.

I mean on one hand you can say Gut did something in FA on the other you can say, wow the guys you passed on before deciding on these two. Our Bear competitors just got one of the best TE's available and two of the best receivers available in FA and they havent drafted yet.

This team was in deep need of quality free agents before the draft too and maybe just let another team in our div pass us bye. If our d backs were challenged last year they will be really challenged this year.

stormin's picture

Brady was not consulted before the release of his receiver and running backs !

tincada's picture

I wonder if the incentive is based on him showing up for practice, meeting and team flights/bus travel?

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