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Moss Respects Driver But Says He's Not Among Best Receivers

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Moss Respects Driver But Says He's Not Among Best Receivers

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss. Photo by Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TV.

NEW ORLEANS––San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss didn't hold back earlier this week when he proclaimed himself the best wide receiver in NFL history.

But apparently he doesn't think Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, who announced he'll be retiring next week, is in the same category.

"All time ranking? I don't really know," said Moss. "There's a lot of receivers ahead of him."

Moss also paid his respect to Driver.

"I just think he did some phenomenal things up there in Green Bay in their offense. Like I said, he worked with Brett Favre, he worked with Aaron Rodgers. Playing with those two quarterbacks, man, you've got nothing to do but succeed. My hat's off to him. Like I said, he had a good career. Life after football, the show must go on."

As far as noteworthy games facing Driver, Moss thinks his best ones are with another Packers player.

"My memorable matchups are against Brett Favre," said Moss. "That's about it."

Hear Moss's complete comments on Driver here...

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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kelly's picture

Typical Moss,showing his ass.....hopefully,his days are numbered

Mike's picture

I would cheer for SF, but because he's on their roster, I hope they go down in flames.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Who cares? He already proclaimed himself the G.O.A.T., which means nothing he says matters, as he's obviously delusional. Man, I hope Baltimore wins, so that scrote retires ringless.


Jason's picture

You and me both. I hope Moss never gets into Canton either. He doesn't deserve it simply for actually taking plays off and acknowledging that he did it.

At least DD is a class act who always did what he was supposed to and not some jerk who sleeps at the line because he wants to.

Mojo's picture

Normally I wouldn't care if SF won, but if they do they will have six Lombardi's to our four. Plus Moss gets a ring. Suddenly I've become a Ravens fan.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yep. Unfortunately, I see the Niners hoisting #6.

Packerdoc's picture

Personally I think Moss is marginal for the HOF. Sterling Sharpe is far more deserving. Lets get Sterling in. He has as many outstanding seasons as Moss, but only Moss has another half dozen below average seasons to go with them. If Moss was so good why did so many teams try so hard to get rid of him? HOF players earn respect. Moss had success on the field but has not earned our respect.

ivo610's picture

Moss is right.

Timbo's picture

Have to agree. Driver had a fantastic career, but probably not an HOF-worthy one. And yes, Moss has a bad attitude and he's a jerk. But has there ever been a more terrifying wide receiver? Moss clearly didn't live up to his potential, but he is one of the most talented players who ever played the position.

Hoops24's picture

With him no longer wearing that putrid purple uniform, I actually forgot what a jackass this guy is and why I disliked him so much. Thanks for the reminder randy, go ravens

jack in jersey city's picture

i hope both of his legs are broken in the superbowl

A-rodg's Mustache's picture

not possible. He drops to the ground and covers at the first defender within a few yards.

Randy can be called a lot of things, a tough guy to tackle is not one of them.

FITZCORE1252's picture


June's picture

Once a thug - always a thug.

cow42's picture

Packers need more thugs.

Evan's picture

No thanks.

murphy's picture

The word you meant was "thumpers".

cow42's picture

no - i meant THUGS.
more than anything, this team needs players that other players are afraid of.

i will now list the intimidating players currently on the Packers' roster...

1. Matthews

There, I'm done.

Ruppert's picture

Thugs are criminals. Matthews is a badass football player, not a thug. We don't need criminals. We need badass football players.

Evan's picture


cow42's picture

i'll take a bunch of players with "criminal" tendencies/attitudes, thank-you-very-much.

Mojo's picture

It wasn't his thuggery so much, but his total lack of respect for teammates, coaches and fans of the team he might be playing for. Could you imagine having a player give up on the entire season like Moss did with Oakland? Or, what if you were his coach or teammate and Moss wasn't in the mood to finish his route, while you've been laying it on the line the whole game?

I always wondered if the Pack had picked up Moss when Brent was still here, how that would have gone if the team was struggling. Would Moss have dogged it on Brent? Would Brent have responded to that? Would have been interesting.

Another thing with Moss I've noticed. I can't ever remember him putting himself in harms way to catch a ball. I've seen him alligator-arm it numerous times. I've seen him fall to the turf instead of trying to get extra yards as defenders drew near. His immense talent has allowed him to be highly successful over the years, without putting much on the line. Maybe, if you can get away with it, show he's smarter anyone would guess.

DD-393's picture

Donald Driver has meant a lot to the game of football. He's given more than he has taken. And a punk like Randy Moss has no concept of what Double-D has meant for the team, for the community and for the game.

cow42's picture

you can hate moss... but not for the quotes above. what did he say that isn't true?


yeah - Driver was a great guy and all but any sane Packer fan woulda' swapped DD for RM in a second.

Evan's picture

It's true.

I don't think any other opposing player scared me as much as Moss did from 1998-2002.

From Bombay to Greenbay's picture

Swap DD for punk moss..... I don't think so. The Packers organization has no room for loud mouth ignorant players who think mooning is a class act. You must be a sane viqueens fan or a sucky bears fan. Neways go pack go. DD >. Moss.

cow42's picture

who cares what kind of person is under the helmet?
i never understood that.
i could not care less if there were 22 criminals starting.
hell - they could be robots.

just win.

Evan's picture

Is that you, Al Davis?

Ruppert's picture

A roster full of thugs and criminals are fine until they get arrested. I don't think the Packers should intentionally avoid drafting/signing a guy because of that stuff, but a team has to pay some type of attention to it or suddenly your team is the Bengals or Vikings, and nobody want their team to lead the league in arrests.

And as much as I like DD, he's nowhere near the top receivers of all time.

cow42's picture

those guys never go to jail.
they'd be available every Sunday.

Mojo's picture

RM would have outplayed DD if things were going well. But it they weren't, RM would have no problem bailing out on you.

Bugeater's picture

It may be true, but because He's saying it, well, it just makes it wrong.

I know it doesn't make sense.

FITZCORE1252's picture

No... it absolutely does.

You don't play a total douche for 4 months and then just get to say - haha just kidding... it was all superstition - Fu_k that noise. Fu_k that guy.

cow42's picture

so i'm a douche for thinking moss is a better wr than driver.

stop it.

it's not even close.

driver was never even the best wr on the Packers (freeman, walker, jennings, cobb) let alone the entire league.

Evan's picture

No, you're a douche for being an admitted troll for the past 6 months (I'd argue it's closer to a year).

I agree with you about Moss. But that doesn't make you not a douche.

Ruppert's picture

Of course Moss is/was better than Driver.

But ya gotta admit it, man. Slamming the hell out of your favorite team and being a total troll for several months in the name of superstition is really incredibly douchey. It just is.

Scott's picture

My favorite part of the interview was when he said he was staying humble then called himself the greatest WR ever in the same statement.

Fish/Crane's picture

Randy who?

Molly's picture

That does it.

Formerly a Bay area resident and Niner fan - this and the treatment of Alex Smith seals it for me.


/born in Madison, WI and always a cheesehead.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Annnnnd Moss remains ring-less. Advantage Donald Driver!

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