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Morgan Burnett Out For The Season

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Morgan Burnett Out For The Season

Rookie safety Morgan Burnett will miss the remainder of the 2010 season with a torn ACL, head coach Mike McCarthy announced on Monday.

Burnett was injured during the Packers' 28-26 victory over the Detroit Lions yesterday at Lambeau Field. McCarthy indicated that Burnett very likely played several plays with the torn ACL before coming out of the game.

The team is weighing their options. With Burnett to go on injured reserve, there are several directions the team may go.

Atari Bigby is currently on the Physically Unable to Perform list and eligible to come off after Week 6 of the season will be an option. Until that time, the Packers must get through two weeks in the interim.

McCarthy said he's hopeful veteran safety Charlie Peprah, who was inactive for the game against Detroit with a quad injury, will be able to practice on Wednesday in preparation for this upcoming game on the road against the Washington Redskins in Week 5.

Jarrett Bush is an option to play at safety and will be considered. McCarthy also said the team will talk about elevating undrafted rookie Anthony Levine from the practice squad, but nothing is a given at this point.

Derrick Martin, who filled in for Burnett on Sunday, will also be an option. The head coach said it was tough for Martin in yesterday's game after not getting the same preparation afforded Burnett in practice, especially from a communication standpoint.

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ZeroTolerance's picture

Bigby, Blackmon options post week 6.

PackerAaron's picture

Blackmon is no longer with the team but could certainly be re-signed.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I was surprised his injury settlement was so long as the keep him from re-signing until after week 6.

RockinRodgers's picture

There is only one man that can save us now. Bhawoh Jue!!!!

PackerAaron's picture


PistolPete's picture

Not good. Now we're gonna see a whole lot more of Bush.

alfredomartinez's picture

it is never bad too see alot of bush...gigity!

alfredomartinez's picture

thanks carriveau, i just screamed FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK when i got this tweet, right in the middle of the DMV...the only thing that made this somewhat bittersweet was the look on a lady's face, clearly wearing a bears cap...but fuck nonetheless...

Cole's picture

Time for Peprah to step his game up. He did look pretty agressive in pre-season which was good to see.

PackerFanJon's picture

So much for Bigby losing his starting job.

HyperRevue's picture

Most of the best options are after week 6 (Blackmon and Bigby) but is the idea of moving Harris to safety stupid, if/when he's ready to go.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Harris is not a big hitter.

hyperRevue's picture

Do you have to be a big hitter? I don't remember any big hits from Burnett over the first month? But I do remember Harris being a pretty big tackler in the run defense.

hyperRevue's picture

I only bring it up because assuming Harris is ready to go in Week 7 (a big if, sure - do we have any updates on him?) he's going to be at most the #3. Tramon is playing too damn well. I think of it more as a move to get the best defenders on the field.

andrew's picture

burnettis not a big hitter.. he is a ballhawk. which is a better thing to have at safety than a big hitter if you ask me i would be suprised to see harris at safety.. bigby will be back.. dunno why we would do such a thing lls

Cole's picture

Harris won't be at Safety if Bigby can play, and I think I would rather have Martin or Peprah back there as opposed to Blackmon. Would be nice to have Blackmon back for KR and PR's.

Jayme's picture

Although neither situation is preferable, I think I'd rather see Harris at corner and Woodson at safety rather than the other way around. As it stands, I'd prefer Harris to start out as the nickle corner until he gets rid of the rust.

hyperRevue's picture

Why is that?

PackersRS's picture


expletive expletive expletive!!!!!!!

There's something really, really wrong in GB. It has to be the most victimezed team since 08. Specially in the secondary. That is ludicrous!

bomdad's picture

When does the injury settlement allow the Packers to negotiate with Blackmon?

hyperRevue's picture

After Week 6, I'm pretty sure.

lebowski's picture

Can Spencer Havner play safety?

hyperRevue's picture

Ask the Lions.

BoxStuffer's picture

This is bad, but I think Peprah can fill in and do an adequate job. Now the real question will be to find out what shape Bigby is in after week 6. Are we going to see the return of 2007 Atari Bigby, or the walking wounded 2008-2009 Atari Bigby.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

This is very bad news. I see a number of comments about Bigby, but he has shown little since a stellar 2007 season (not to mention he can't stay on the field). The other options don't look promising. No, I changed my mind. This isn't just bad news, it's worse than bad news. Damn

NoWayJose's picture

I don't think they sign anyone, with Bigby coming back in two weeks. Unless Bigby is not healthy enough to go right away.

I also think it now looks like Jarret Bush is staying around. I thought he would be at the top of the cut list when the PUP guys came back. But after playing corner this week AND with his ability to play safety, I think he is safe.

Pat Lee on the other hand...

Brandon Newcom's picture

What about Woodson playin safety? Especially when Harris comes back. Harris, williams on the corners and Collins, Woodson Safety. Even nest week I wouldn't b surprised if woodson lines up at safety if sam shields & underwood/pat lee are all healthy

PackerAaron's picture

Hated when they did it in 2008. Would much prefer he stick where he is.

RockinRodgers's picture

I would go with Charlie Peprah. As long as he's heathly. That way Martin can focus on special teams and Bush can stay where he is. He has played ok this year.
This only has to go on a few weeks till Bigby gets back.

PackersRS's picture

BTW, on a side note. Everybody is happy with the soft, prevent D we used last game, right?

You better be, because you're gonna see plenty of that until Bigby comes back...

JerseyPackFan's picture

Hope everyone is ready for shootouts the rest of the season.

Chris's picture

Actually they were not get burned by screens when they rushed 3 or 4 and played "prevent defense". The blitzes were not working and they could not get pressure with a 4 man rush. And don't make it sound like the Lions have no receiving talents. They have enough to get completed passes when their QB can stand there for 4+ seconds.
Face it: Linnehan had Capers number, all the way from the start. They had a good plan, and failed just because of the same stupid mistakes the Packers made in Chicago last week.

PackersRS's picture

No, they were not getting burned by screens. They were getting burned by Shaun Hill's incredible feet, accuracy and poise...

Chris's picture

You made me laugh at first, but actually: You are right. As funny as it sounds, but Hill played a great game. Still the Lions had a good game plan on offense.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Come on guys look on the bright side! At least we are not the Eagles. Anyone see Andy Reid`s presser today? The man looked like he wanted to cry.

jack in jersey city's picture

i just saw that the eagles have inquired about marshawn lynch today

Ruppert's picture

We do have a lot of injuries in the secondary. Boy, it's a good thing we have ol' number 24 to step in (gag).

Burnett or no Burnett, we need to continue our pass rush to help out the secondary. If for some reason we can't get any rush, we'll feel this a lot more.

davyjones's picture's stacking up. This is surmountable though. Burnett did a really admirable job getting us through 1/4 of the season and 2/3's of the way to Bigby getting off PUP list. He outperformed my expectations, too bad it got cut short. But Bigby will be back and he ought to have a chip on his shoulder after losing starting job-injury or not. The man has something to prove and let's hope he does so with a vengeance. Until then we have to hope Martin & Prepah are able to hold in there. I may be mistaken, but haven't both these guys started games before? With Woodson, Williams & Collins back there, hopefully they can support whoever fills in for Burnett. The way those 3 are playing right now, they should be able to cover up a few mistakes.

lebowski's picture

In the first half, when Burnett was in there, we got torched by Hill. Second half we did a much better job of holding them. And that was with a replacement safety who did not get the starting reps. Burnett's been okay, and I'd love to see him continue to progress, but he was a rookie after all and Peprah and Martin shouldn't be that big a downgrade. Of the four defensive backs, Burnett was probably the one we could survive without.

JohnRehor's picture

The truest judgement of Thompson is going to take place in the next few weeks. With the loss of Burnett, coupled with the loss of Grant and the criticism he has received for not doing anything in the RB category, will he stick by "his guys" to bring the Packers to the promised land? Or does he start to face the truth that the team does not have the players on the roster to achieve lofty goals?

This is your roster Ted. This is your coach Ted. Do you believe in them to deliver?

lebowski's picture

I think you already know the answer to that one....

andrew's picture

the question is.. do we think even if we brought in a guy we would go to the promise land this year?.. i doubt it...

RickyBobby's picture

I liked Peprah in the preseason. I think he's a bigger hitter than burnett. won't be around the ball as much, though - not as much range.

You know what? Screw it. It's time to just throw caution to the wind. Time to go 4 and 5 wide on O and blitz from everywhere on D.

Win some 45 - 35 games.

Chris's picture

Some of you make this loss of Burnett like the Packers lost Woodson or Mathews for the year. Yes, Burnett did an adminirable job as a rookie playing in a pretty complex scheme. But he did make mistakes (rewatch that first ions TD for example). But this was expected. Now someone like Peprah ahs to step up, and those veterans and would be Pro Bowlers have to cover for the rest (*points at Nick collins* --> who should have 2 INTs this season, easy picks he would have made last year).
Nothing is lost yet. Still sad that Burnett will not get more experience for next year.

zub_a_dub's picture

It may come down to A-rod's statement after the game, you put the best players on the field, this may for the short term move Woodson to safety for a few weeks, if our backup corners are better than the back up safeties.

Not only whose better, but who is the healthiest, with Underwood and Prepah having injuries.

Anyone notice Rouse with and INT last night for the Giants? At least he is stil helpingthe Pack by beating the Bears.

thepretzelhead's picture

McCaskey's have been beating the Bears for 26 years. That is a franchise with real problems.

zub_a_dub's picture

Whats the word on ILB Barnett's wrist and Chillar's shoulder?

PackerAaron's picture

Barnett is getting further tests but should be fine. Chillar is basically getting a second opinion but it sounds like he could be out awhile.

zub_a_dub's picture

Honestly I am more concerned about our ILB play than losing Burnett. The 3-4 is all about the LBs doing the dirty work, making everyone else look good.

We have Hawk with good stats making plays 4 plus yards down the field, Barnett looks like he has lost a step, Chillar struggling in pass defense and the coaches with no confidence in Bishop. Opposite of Clay Mathews we are running that position by committee.

At least in a few weeks our secondary will be addressed, hopefully. I just don't see a solution for our line backing positions, same issues in the second year of this defense.

hyperRevue's picture

I thought the 3-4 was all about the D-line doing the dirty work, making everyone else look good.

PackerAaron's picture

Its more the D-line than anything in a traditional 3-4, but in Capers' one-gap scheme it's a little different. But not by much.

davyjones's picture

Remember in pre season how we were all so high on the depth of this roster? Remember when at final cuts, no other team in the league had more players picked up than Green Bay? TT's cast offs litter other rosters like no other GM--6-7-8 guys this year. Heck, Wynne just got promoted to the Saint's active roster. This is when that roster depth really means something and good teams survive key guys going down. This is a good team with a very deep roster we are talking about here, and they too will survive (and quite probably thrive)with the guys they have now and the guys they hopefully have coming back after week 6.

Bogmon's picture

Things certainly stay interesting in Green Bay every week! yikes...

Chris's picture

Well, the Packs roster depth looks great on TE and FB, but apart from that they are stretch pretty thin. But this will happen to any tea when you lose two to IR and have two more starters on the PUP list.
They probably need to catch a break here and from now on, cause if they lose a few more the season might come to a screeching halt and the Pack may end up out of the playoffs (which seemed unlikely at the start of the season).

thepretzelhead's picture

And who wants an 18 game season? Ridiculous.

fish's picture

McCarthy jumps up, Yes, we need 18 Games.
Murphy says, sit down Mike, It's not 18 Pre-Season Games.

RickyBobby's picture

looks like chillar might also be out for the season (see gb press gazzette).

lets hope for at least 2 of the following...

bishop > chillar (looks like 55 finally gets a chance to play)
peprah or martin or bigby > burnett (not impossible)
harris > shields/underwood/bush (this might be a given)
starks > jackson (can't be worse can he?)

the more I look at this the less upset I feel. burnett and chillar aren't exactly pro bowlers. i could see peprah, bigby, and bishop adding a little "juice" to the d. yeah - all of them are gonna get burned on occasion but they might actually be the three biggest hitters the defense has.

briank029's picture

they will probably put bush at safety. for some reason this bonehead keeps making the team each year. thompson/mccarthy think they see something in this moron so I wouldn't be surprised one bit. better yet, why don't we just re-sign ahmad carroll from the canadian league

NoWayJose's picture

Why do you call him a moron? The guy might not be extremelwy talented, but I'm sure he works his ass off, or he wouldn't be here year in and out. Learns special teams, corner, and safety.

I'm not the worlds biggest fan, but why call a guy a moron?

briank029's picture

oh im sorry, didn't mean to upset you. His performance has been unsatisfactory and they should cut him. Is that better mr. ultrasensitive.

Wiscokid's picture

Michael Lewis parted ways with the Niners today, is he worth bringing in?

andrew's picture

this is a problem for lots of reasons...
1 is burnett someone who looked like he would be our next collins going to become injury prone and never see the field consistently?.. troublesome thought..

2. i dont like bigby.. honestly.. i dont.. he makes lots of big mistakes gets lost sometimes.. makes some big hits. but overall just an average safety

3. i dont think were going anywhere this year.. we havent played a complete game yet this season people are dropping like flies..
usually doenst bode well for a superbowl ring..

so i think TT sticks to his guys.. takes the injuries adn tries to use them to get younger guys work and try to find some studs in the mass of bodies he has at RB and see if peprah is going to be good enough to be a backup for a long term.
and with chillar hurt
all the bishop fans will get a chacne to see whether or not he actually has any talent... ( i dont think he does)

this does not bode well for our superbowl hopes.. gotta hope harris and bigby are big difference makers

Black Hawk's picture

I am dissappointed that TT didn't make a more serious offter to obtain Marshawn Lynch. Seattle just traded a 4th and late round pick in 2012 for him. Pretty cheap for a 24 year old running back who's a former pro bowler. I am a huge TT fan and I hope he proves everyone wrong and has a better plan in place come November, December and hopefully January to address the RB position.

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