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Mock Draft Survey: Barrett Jones to the Packers in Round One

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Mock Draft Survey: Barrett Jones to the Packers in Round One

In a survey of 118 internet mock drafts, Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones appeared more than any other NFL draft prospect as being selected by the Green Bay Packers with the 26th selection in the first round, having been listed 16 times.

Jones is a two-time first-team Associated Press All-American in each of the past two seasons, in 2011 as a tackle and in 2012 as a center. He was the nation's Outland Trophy winner as the nation's best interior lineman in 2011 and the Rimington Award winner as the nation's best center in 2012.

Known for his ability to play all over the offensive line, Jones has been a starter since his freshman season for a highly-successful Alabama squad coached by Nick Saban. Jones played at right guard his freshman and sophomore seasons, left tackle during his junior year and center as a senior.

In three out of his four seasons with the Crimson Tide, Jones was part of a national championship team. He was named Cheesehead TV's Career Achievement Award winner in December.

Jones' versatility makes him a popular pick to the Packers whose 51 sacks allowed were second-most in the entire league in 2012.

Jeff Saturday's plans for retirement have brought attention to the center position in Green Bay, although the Packers will have to decide whether Evan Dietrich-Smith is their center of the future. Dietrich-Smith will be a restricted free agent when the new league year begins in March.

With two games remaining in the 2012 regular season, the Packers decided to bench Saturday in favor of Dietrich-Smith where he remained for the duration of the playoffs. There was a noticeable difference in the power and ability to anchor displayed by "EDS" compared to his predecessor. The push in the run game was particularly noticeable.

Those 51 sacks allowed by Packers, however, are evidence that there is still room for improvement. At 6-4 and 305 lbs., Jones has the ability to provide depth at any position along the offensive line.

Coming in behind Jones was a three-way tie for second with Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert and Alabama running back Eddie Lacy each showing up in nine mock drafts.

This is the third consecutive season that Cheesehead TV has conducted a pre-NFL Combine mock draft survey, and fourth overall (with 2010's survey appearing at JSOnline's Railbird Central).

Results of a February survey should be taken with a grain of salt, however. None of the leading vote-getters in each of the past three seasons ended up being selected by the Packers.

In 2010, the choice was USC tackle Charles Brown, in 2011 it was Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward, and in 2012 it was Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.

Among the Packers' actual first-round picks in each of the last three years, Bryan Bulaga showed up the third-most in 2010, Derek Sherrod was tied for 20th in 2011 (with only vote) and Nick Perry appeared the fourth-most in 2012.

All 118 mock drafts were listed among the database at since the Super Bowl, which included a range of mocks from well-regarded analysts such as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Rob Rang, as well as ill-informed fan bloggers whose commentary showed a lack of an intimate knowledge of the Packers.

While taking a survey of mock drafts can do a good job of generally showing which players could be available to the Packers in the first round, make sure to tread lightly.

Two mock drafts had the Packers selecting at No. 27 overall, one included commentary that the Packers could trade Charles Woodson while yet another called Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley "washed-up free agents."

Results of the survey

  • Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones (16)
  • Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert, Alabama running back Eddie Lacy (nine)
  • Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker (seven)
  • Georgia inside linebacker Alec Ogletree, North Carolina offensive lineman Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard (six)
  • Alabama defensive lineman Jesse Williams, LSU inside linebacker Kevin Minter, Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Jenkins, Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes (five)
  • BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah (four)
  • Notre Dame inside linebacker Manti Te'o, Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro (three)
  • Ohio State defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins (two)
  • Fresno State safety Phillip Thomas, Florida safety Matt Elam, Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter, Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen, Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant, Oklahoma offensive lineman Lane Johnson, Tennessee wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson, SMU defensive lineman Margus Hunt, Florida defensive lineman Shariff Floyd, Wisconsin offensive lineman Travis Frederick, FIU safety Jonathan Cyprien, Texas defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat, Auburn outside linebacker/defensive end Corey Lemonier, Oregon outside linebacker/defensive lineman Dion Jordan (one)
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jmac34's picture

If Kevin Minter gets to GB, I will love that pick. However, I don't think he gets that far

Stroh's picture

IMO Minter is a 2 down LB. I don't consider him to have the speed and agility to be a good pass defender. Kinda like a little better version of Hawk. We'll see how he tests at the combine, but he was helped alot by being surrounded w/ some of the best Defensive playmakers in his time at LSU.

If you want an impact ILB in this draft, Alec Ogletree is going to be the best ILB at the NFL level. He has explosiveness that Minter and Teo both lack. Draft Ogletree, surround him w/ good role players and he will make plays all over the field! He is the Packers best bet to solve the problem the Packers have had covering TE and making plays in pass D from the LB position. I would take him in a hearbeat over Minter and Te'o.

Stroh's picture

And just as soon as I say this, I then find out Ogletree was arrested for a DUI. That along w/ a suspension last year and one as a freshman will likely remove him from 1st round consideration by the Packers. Damn, can't understand how a guy w/ so much to lose, would make another mistake. He might still be a 1st or high 2nd, but not by the Packers.

cow42's picture




cow42's picture

actually - i don't think this dude fits.

he's more like a safety than a 3/4 ILB.
too light (and maybe too tall)

he's definitely too light to play OLB in this d.

he's gonna be a good player - but not for a 3/4 team.

Stroh's picture

Thats debatable since he was almost universally considered to be in the 20's overall. I think there was a chance he would fall to the Packers. Now its irrelevant since Thompson wouldn't use a 1st round pick on a player w/ that many off-field issues. Maybe Thompson will move down to the top 2nd and use that pick on him, but I doubt he would even draft him at any point in the 2nd.

Doesnt change that I think he is gonna be a playmaker in the NFL, but he is a big risk now.

Stroh's picture

What do you consider Daryl Washington? Ogletree is like a carbon copy of DWash. Ogletree is only 21, so he can still get bigger, just DWash went from 230 at draft time to 240 in the NFL.

Stroh's picture

As for Barrett Jones, his best trait are versatility and as a technician. He was compared by NFL to Daryn Colledge. I might draft him in the top of 3rd. He isn't a physical player at 6'5 305. He'll be a good NFL player, but not the physical type player, that IMO the Packers need on the OL. If we draft an interior OL, assuming Warmack is gone, Cooper would be my pick in the 1st round.

cow42's picture

b. jones = the christian laettner of college football.

he's listed at 305 but he played in the 290's.
we need some dudes who can throw guys around not "technicians". that just screams SOFT!

this team needs to do one thing... GET MEANER!

time to get some bad-ass head-hunters on O and D.

b. jones = the christian laettner of college football.

Stroh's picture

Exactly... Don't like the technician label. I'm not concerned as much be size, but that an OL plays w/ a physical nature attacking defenders and finishing blocks.

Mahoney_Jones's picture

Last I checked the dude can only play one position at a time. A guy who's a daryn college at everything is a master of nothing.

Mike's picture

And lacks any sort of mean streak

Wilbur's picture

GB better not pick Bama's Jones or UGA Ogletree. GB needs physical type players and that's not Jones or players who can't stay out of trouble, see DUI as an example, especially when all you need to do is keep clean and train.

Mike's picture

I'd rather see Bama's Jesse Williams be the 1st Rd pick for Green Bay

Stroh's picture

Williams is a possibility. I think the Packers need defensive playmakers. I don't consider Williams to be a playmaker, just a good run stuffer, and IMO you can find guys like that in the 2-5 rounds. Williams has relatively short arms, so he doesn't disrupt passing lanes and I haven't read anywhere that he plays w/ the physicality that I think the Packers need. He's a less athletic Raji at his best IMO.

Mike's picture

Fair enough. True about his arms - he doesn't look to have a large wingspan, which is one of the measurements I like to pay attention to at the combine. I also agree with your wanting a play maker in the 1st round.

Tarynfor12's picture

I'll hope for Johnson and Swenke to have...
Johnson-Lang-Swenke-Sitton-Bulaga with Newhouse/Sherrod and Barclay as back ups for the offense.

Stroh's picture

I like Johnson but don't see Thompson using 3 1st round pick on OT in 4 years. Gotta see how Sherrod turns out and Newhouse should continue to get better. I like Cooper more cuz he can play all 3 interior OL positions, and he would make a Great Center.

cow42's picture

i also love cooper.

no way they go OT in the 1st for 3 straight years.
that would screw up salary structure balance.

they gotta get an interior guy EARLY.
cooper would be ideal.

right now it's...

option 1 - EDS
option 2 - move lang over and then fill his spot with someone else (shuffling - yuck)
option 3 - a practice squad guy

i HATE every one of those options.

if coop is there.
draft his ass.

Stroh's picture

Prior to the DUI by Ogletree, my ideal picks were Ogletree, Cooper and Vacarro at Safety. Vacarro is unlikely to last that long. Ogletree just dropped himself from consideration at 26. Guess that leaves Cooper as my favorite to be the Packers pick for the time being, and its questionable that he'll last that long. Gonna have to do more research to find more possibilities. Right now its looking more and more like BAP, instead of addressing a "need". Could Keenan Allen fall to 26? I don't consider WR a need by any means but that kid has #1 WR written all over him!

cow42's picture

there's only 1 position group that could not use an upgrade (QB - although a backup latter might be nice).

i don't care what position they pick.
just get playmakers.

r1 - Cooper C/G UNC
r2 - Short DE Purdue (probably will be gone - if so, go with Patton WR LaTech)
r3 - Rambo S UGA
r4 - Johnson ILB 'Bama (actually I would love Michael RB TxA&M here)
r5 - Geathers DT UGA
r6 - Klein ILB ISU (wisco kid)
r7 - Campbell DE Mich or Long OLB WashSt

Stroh's picture

Wow we have alot of similar prefernces. Cooper, I REALLY like Short and would consider him at 26, over Williams. Patton would be a good pick. I agree, we need playmakers in a big way. I like Thomas at S in the 2nd. If we could get Cooper and Short, Thomas or Patton, that would be a very good start!

cow42's picture

"…so two 4ths minus a 5th gets TT an extra 4th and 7th round pick."


so i get johnson & michael in the 4th and campbell & long in the 7th!


cow42's picture

not 3 straight years.
forgot perry (forgettable player so far).

Stroh's picture

Point still stands. It would be drafting 3 OT in 4 years. I knew what you meant.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

@cow, i'd take swearinger from south carolina over rambo but outside of that i am totally down with your mock

BubbaOne's picture

I think we get two comp picks for losing Flynn and Wells while signing Saturday. Based on contracts I think they're all 4th rounders but IIRC the max comp for a player 35 or older (Saturday) is a 5th two 4ths minus a 5th gets TT an extra 4th and 7th round pick.

Stroh's picture

Bubba... Probably only a 4th or 5th total for compensatory picks. Flynn got a nice contract but didn't get any playing time, and Wells got a good contract too. But he missed 9 games, So while it would seem we lost more than we gained. We really didn't... Games played is a large part of the equation.

John Meyers's picture

Hey how about having a little fun- especially if they ever decide to widen the field. Tavon Austin from WV. They'll need 7 in the secondary to cover our 4 wideouts and Finley. Show me a secondary who can match up. Rogers won't have to hold the ball all day. They blitz and Rogers dumps off to Cobb or Austin who are already in the second level. It will be like Austin vs. Oklahoma on "You tube". I know it's not going to happen but they might want to put even more seats in at Lambeau field if they do.

PackersRS's picture

You can never have too many slot receivers!

California Cheesehead's picture

Am I the only one hoping they move Bulaga (as much as I like him staying at RT) to LT and draft Fluker? Wishful thinking?

BubbaOne's picture

Here's another option...Bulaga moves back to LG and becomes a pro bowler and the line looks like this left to right...Sherrod/Datko, Bulaga, Lang, Sitton, Newhouse/Barclay.

cow42's picture

i would be all in favor of...

bulaga - lang - eds - sitton - fluker.

might finally have a run game.

BubbaOne's picture

I'm w/ CSS on not liking Fluker. Part of my post was to point out w/ vets Bulaga, Lang, Sitton, Newhouse, EDS and a year of development for Sherrod, Datko, Barclay, Van Roten and the 3 PSers the OL isn't as weak as some fans make it. Granted if TT takes a quality OL in the 1st or 2nd round I'm all for it.
As the O has moved away from the ZBS a bigger OL helps and having Bulaga at LG and Lang or Van Roten at C accomplishes this. BTW- this doesn't mean I'm against Bulaga playing either of the OT positions. Also, the run game seemed to improve w/ Barclay at RT.

CSS's picture

For the record, I'm not saying I don't like him, but wanted to be very clear that he's a project at tackle when it comes to pass-pro. The identity of this team isn't about to change anytime soon (offense runs through #12). Just pointing out that Fluker isn't a plug-and-chug player from what I've seen. Packer coaches valued the fact that Newhouse and Barclay could reasonable function without help, allowing Rodgers and McCarthy to use the entire playbook. From what I've seen of Fluker, you will have no such luxury in year 1 at tackle. He may not be a tackle at all.

ABayer22's picture

1: G/C Cooper (UNC)
2: DE Hunt (SMU)
3: WR Williams (Baylor)
4: RB Michael (TXAM)
5: ILB Klein (ISU)
6: K Hopkins (FSU)
7: S Motta (ND)

cow42's picture

i like this (save motta) but i think they need to get a big sloppy guy somewhere to take pickett's place within the next year or so.

i don't like raji on the nose (think it wastes his talents - and i don't think he's as motivated when he plays there). this means that there's no one on the roster that can play NT.

they need one.

Stroh's picture

Totally pass on hunt. Think he's a 43 DE, more Jared Allen (6'6 270) than Richard Seymour (6'6 310).

CSS's picture

Watched enough of Alabama to get a heavy dose of Fluker. You better have a Rosary handy and start praying for Rodgers if they leave Fluker alone on the edge. He'll enter the league as a plus run-blocker from the start, he's just plain awful when left one-on-one in pass protection. He whiffed against some average competition and Saban gave him a ton of help against good rushers.

Evan's picture

Everything I've been reading says this is a great draft for OL, DL and S. That couldn't be more perfect for the Packers needs.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

1) j. cooper (unc, c)
2) m. hunt (smu, de)
*3) t. jefferson/d. swearinger (ok/usc, s)
4) a. klein (isu, ilb)
5) k. geathers (ga, dl)
6) c. wood (nd, rb)
7) b. kaufman (ewu, wr)

*i can't decide which one i like better

and if bubbaone is right and we have more fourths, i also like

c. lemonier (au, olb)

but knowing ted a wideout will probably come earlier

Lou's picture

If they draft Barrett I hope looks are deceiving, he looks soft (no definition). The Packers hit on Tauscher who also looked soft (Wolf called him the Pillsbury Doughboy) so looks can be deceiving but not very often in the NFL. They should have drafted Kevin Zeitler from WI last year, he will get to the Pro Bowl sometime in his career way before Konz who got almost as much hype as Barrett then everyone was shocked when he did only 9 reps on the bench press, he looked soft too. Got to be careful, they can't miss on the first pick.

Stroh's picture

I don't care if he looks soft. I care that he plays soft. As in he's not a physical player, which is what I think the Packers need. More players that have a physical presence. More players like Bishop and Sitton (who looks soft, but surely doesn't play that way).

Specifically they need it on D. Draft a DL that plays w/ physicality (like Jolly used to) and a physical playmaking safety.

Brian Carriveau's picture

If there's one position on the offensive line, however, that they don't need a road grader, it's at center. Obviously you don't want a "soft" player, but technique, leadership, football smarts and savvy are more important traits for a center than they are for the guards and tackles.

Stroh's picture

Those are important qualities but if the Center is the leader and he plays soft what example is he setting? Gotta finish block and play w tenacity thru the whistle. Doesn't have to be a road grader to play w physicality.

Franklin Hillside's picture

"ill-informed fan bloggers whose commentary showed a lack of an intimate knowledge of the Packers"

Man, I love this line. Well done, Brian.

Lars's picture

Sure, it's a nice line, but the 'well-informed bloggers' and sports writers often get it wrong, too, despite their "intimate" knowledge." Cough---Flynn/tag.:)

Nobody has much real insight into who the Packers are going to take at #1. It could be a trade down and WR (2008), a QB (2005), a non-entity bust-in-waiting (2007) or a Nick Perry, who very few projected in 2012.

Thompson has said repeatedly he likes to build the team from the inside-out---(intimate knowledge) so a safe bet would be an OT or DT: Not an undersized, soft center with a very low ceiling like Jones. TT loves his LB'ers too as witnessed by Hawk (over Haloti Ngata and V. Davis in 2006), CM 3 and the DE to OLB Perry. Safety, G and C are well down the line positionally. Though, if TT sees a Steve Hutchinson (Seattle) it's a possibility.

Cooper would be a nice pick at 26. So would Ertz or a WR like Allen if he fell. More probable is a Jonathan Hankins. It won't be a road grading, one dimensional tackle like Fluker, who can't pass protect to save his life.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, well informed bloggers get it wrong too, for all of the reasons explained by CD. Thing is, when a draft analyst (including many that are not bloggers, but have regular jobs analyzing sports) talks about the Packers' need to replace Woodson at CB, I find it really hard to take them seriously. TT took care of that already. Obviously, you never know how the board is going to fall, but if I had to put money on it I'd say that TT will not draft a CB in the first three rounds, will not draft a C in the first two rounds, and will not draft an OL or WR in the first round.

Franklin Hillside's picture

No one has much insight into who anyone will pick. It's an excercise in verbal masturbation. I just stated that I loved the line Brian used.

Draft discussions just feed people's desire to argue and speculate. Mock drafts are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

lmills's picture

Dream draft

1) Matt Elam S Florida
2) Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia
3) Brandon Williamns DE Missouri Southern
4) Gerald Hodges OLB Penn State
5) Xavier Nixon T Florida
6) Jon Major ILB Colorado--Love this guy
7) Kicker TBD

I understand that some might be slight reaches, but i'm not going to start figuring in trading up/down to get them. These are the guys I like.

Tundraboy's picture

Sometimes I enjoy the comments more than the article. True Packer fans on this site.

Personally I just want to see some O line men that push the defense back on their heels for a change.

To me O Line is a must. Cant worry about past drafts. It would be great to pick up some more ILB's and a safety but it would mean nothing if the O line is not drastically improved.

Fix the O line and the running game will improve. Fix the O line before Aaron gets hurt. Fix the O line and the offense will be feared again and the D wont be on the field all game.

With the offensive talent we have and the way Cobb was used last year the O will be even scarier than ever. Need some dudes with mean streaks!

Giving up 51 sacks is flirting with disaster and wasting the prime of Rodgers career and the amazing talent we have.

Evan's picture

Even with an all-pro at every OLine position, A-Rod is still going to take more sacks than the average QB. Not that it can't and shouldn't be upgraded, I'm just sayin'

Tundraboy's picture

That is true. Lot of it is his style and nature of offense which I would never want to change. But 51!!! Maybe seeing Pete Carrolls face and what he said at the end of that game is still eating at me..... Go Pack

dawg's picture

If nothing else, draft his position coach, still an upgrade :)

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