Mike Woods Needs To Chill

Years ago, I remember Monday mornings after a Packer game and reading the Appleton Post-Crescent (long before this 'Internet' thing took hold) and almost always being confronted with a column by Mike Woods that pissed me off. It never failed. And today, he's done it again. But now, I can answer his stupidity. And answer I shall.

First, he compares the Packers to a CFL team because of the fact that the first string offense was forced to throw and throw some more due to the fact that they couldn't get their ground game going. He also faults McCarthy for never giving Brandon Jackson consecutive carries at any point in the first half.

Now, it should not be up to me, your intrepid blogger, to explain football to Mr. Woods, who gets paid to write about the sport, but if I must, then I must.

First of all, he makes no mention of the fact that the Jaguars had the number two defense in the NFL last year, fourth overall against the run. Yes, you would like to be able to run against anybody, but sometimes, the match ups just don't go your way, which was the case last night. The defensive tackles for Jacksonville are all-world players, and were obviously too much for the interior of our line, especially once Jason Spitz was out of the line up. Why keep slamming Jackson into a brick wall? What the hell does that prove?

Secondly, Woods seems to have completely missed the fact that the Packers are making progress offensively. Wasn't it just two weeks ago they couldn't run the ball against an excellent Pittsburgh defense? And when that necessitated they take to the air, they couldn't. Last night, not only could they, they did it with ease. That, my friends, is called progress. But apparently, if you're not slamming your only true running back into the line for a two yard game, you're not improving at all.

Finally, at the end of all this silliness, Woods throws in some nonsense about playoff teams from last year and their ability to run the ball. He fails to mention, of course, that the current NFL champs basically pass to set up the run, and have done for as long as their quarterback has been in the league. And how did the Colts, the Super Bowl Champion Colts, fare on the ground the last time they played the Jaguars? 33 yards rushing. And despite this fact, they went on to win the Super Bowl.

Of course, Woods doesn't mention any of this, because it ruins his ridiculous theme of 'the running game is in trouble' that he so desperately wants to sell. Balderdash. The offense as a whole is improving every week. Woods needs to stop reaching and look at the bigger picture.

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