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LaFleur confirms Mike Pettine will continue as defensive coordinator

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LaFleur confirms Mike Pettine will continue as defensive coordinator

There isn't much concrete info yet when it comes to the composition of Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur's inaugural coaching staff, but the new coach did confirm that he'll be keeping Mike Pettine on as his defensive coordinator.

This comes after ESPN's report that Jerry Montgomery will remain to coach the defensive line, so the staff on one side of the ball is starting to take shape. 

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Daren726's picture

Good start. Let’s see who the new guys are he brings in.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Packers are bringing in Todd Monken to interview for OC. It'll be interesting to see how else they interview and who lands the job. I really liked Monken's resume when the Packers interviewed him for HC.

Samson's picture

Stick with Pettine or go with another from outside. -- Don't have an issue with either scenario. -- Sticking with Pettine will allow for some continuity on the "D".

Now the hard part: Gute needs to get more impact players for Pettine to turn GB's "D" into a 'top 5' unit. -- Best part --- Gute will use both free agency & a better draft in 2019.

Things are look'in up in the land of G&G.

Lare's picture

It's up to LaFleur, if he's happy with Pettine I can live with it.

Defense ranked below average in most categories this past year, but they did the best they could with all the injuries.

Will be nice to see them fill some holes on the defense, but even if their starters stay relatively healthy next season they should be a lot better.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Taking same approach LaFleur should identify what Pettine experienced with injuries after injuries left his Titans offense in bottom third of offenses.

Go Pack in VA's picture

Glad we kept Pettine.. a few more Players in the draft and FA and I think Our D can be top always Go Pack Go!

Razer's picture

Love it - well said

Coach JV's picture


The TKstinator's picture

AND if the GB offense would run the ball more often, or take what’s given more often (checkdowns) the increase in time of possession will help the defense too.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Let's be totally honest here. You line up Mike Pettine against Matty Nice and is their any question who the players are going to look up to as the real head coach of this team? It's clearly Pettine so his retention was absolutely critical to try to steer this ship from heading to the iceberg. LaF is here basically to admire Aaron Rodgers and tell him how good he is. Don't get me wrong it's a crucial job but he's not Penske material that I will tell you. So happy for Mike Pettine. Losing Pettine would be equivalent to losing Batman and having Robin in charge. If Pettine isn't making the same or more money than LaFleur, now is the time to ask for it.


dobber's picture

It's a little early for these kinds of assertions. Is it possible? Sure. But give him a chance to actually run the team a little before you pile on him too much.

One of the best coaches I ever had (in baseball) never raised his voice. Ever. Give Laffy a chance.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"It's a little early for these kinds of assertions"

Isn't the NFL draft based on assertions?

dobber's picture

What does the NFL draft have to do with trying to peg a guy who has never run an NFL team as a wimp after 3 days?

Coach JV's picture

I wouldn't know what forum I was in if Dash wasn't complaining about something... LOL. I'm with you Dobb. Way too early to be throwing the guy under a bus.

Packers0808's picture

Do you have any happiness in your life?

Skip greenBayless's picture

So you hate Mike Pettine being retained? Sounds like you are the unhappy one today. I'm very happy about the move. Tell me why you are so miserable with the move?


4thand1's picture

Tony Dungy was soft spoken and a dam good coach.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Never raised a voice" by Dobber. You "soft spoken". Where did I ever say he's any of those two things? He probably communicates just fine. I have no idea. I was simply comparing him to an alpha male Mike Pettine. I was going by size only. You compare both and size matters with players. Pettine will automatically be taken more serious by the players. The only person who is short and small that could command a room would probably be Adolph Hitler but that would be because of forced respect. If they didn't pretend to respect him he'd kill em'. I don't see LaFleur going to those types of extremes.

dobber's picture

" I was going by size only."

How tall is Mike Pettine?

Skip greenBayless's picture

He's 6 foot 4 and full of muscle from what I understand.

dobber's picture

Did he offer you a vegemite sandwich? :)

The TKstinator's picture

You beat me to that one, amigo. Great minds.

Houndog's picture

Dash Riprock says:
"He's 6 foot 4 and full of muscle from what I understand".

So, he's somewhere in between Andy Reid and Shaun McVay?

dblbogey's picture

Take some Xanax, maybe add an antidepressant.

LeotisHarris's picture

Dash, are you bulking up so your posts will carry more weight here? If so, it's not working. When you head in for your annual exam, remember to ask the doc (I'm assuming he's a big dude who can command the room) to check your carotids. Be wary though, as a big alpha male he'll have large hands, too, so breathe deep when it's time for the digital exam.

Someone better tell the Rams to stuff Sean McVay in a locker, and appoint towering Wade Phillips head coach ASAP before their season is ruined. Ruined!

And as a Badger fan, it sure sucked watching towering Paul Chryst shake PJ Fleck's cute little baby hand after the Badgers coughed up the Axe.

Nick Perry's picture

Taking a shot here but it seems that Donald Trump, Trumps, Trumps 4 President, or the 5 or 6 other screen names he called himself a few years ago before getting the boot is back.

IF by chance it's not the same dude, then it must be his identical twin brother because the likeness of the comments, sense of humor (Hmmm), and the sheer number of comments on one piece is pretty much dead on. That and what seemed to be the intentional attempts to poke the bear in Packers Fans.

Is that you Trumps??

The TKstinator's picture

Has he expressed his “professional opinion”?

Mojo's picture

Thought the same thing NP. Dash is just the latest iteration of a poster a few years back. Same MO, same style. He went under a couple nom de plumes before heading off into the sunset.

Tundraboy's picture

Thought has crossed my mind, NP. Glad your back more of late.

RCPackerFan's picture

The 2 best moves LaFleur has made thus far is keeping Pettine and Firing Zook!

I think giving Pettine, the coaches and the players a 2nd year in the scheme can only mean good things. Also adding a few good players will help to.

The defense was way too injured, and yet weren't that bad. Also they got rid of 2 of their starting safety's halfway through the year.

In 3 of the biggest stat categories they finished 9th in yards per game. They finished 14th in points per game. They finished 3rd in sacks.

Not bad really.

We have a good core of players to work with.

Clark and Daniels on the DL. I also like Lancaster, Lowry, Adams. All showed things.
At LB they have Martinez.

At CB, Alexander, King are the duo we need on the field. Jackson hopefully takes a step. I'd like to see Breeland come back. Brown intrigues me as well.

They have to find pass rushers, and safety's.
If they can add a dominating type of pass rusher or 2, the defense would be changed a ton. And if they can get a ball hawk safety, that would help the back end out so much!

Lare's picture

Despite many opinions to the contrary, I wouldn't be surprised to see Gutekunst devote a lot of resources to improving the offense this offseason.

They paid their QB over $100 million, they just hired an offensive HC, it's time to give both of them the tools they need to be successful.

RCPackerFan's picture

I can see that honestly.

I wouldn't doubt at all if in the draft they drafted almost all positions. I could see them drafting another RB, TE, WR.

Honestly they need to keep adding to the offense. It was neglected for a few years and this year it showed.

I woudln't be surprised to see new players added.

dobber's picture

I have a hunch they'll try to bring in at least one high-end skill position guy for the offense, either through FA or the draft. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring in 2-3.

Lare's picture

Yes, and I think LaFleur's unbiased outsider view of the current players is going to be very beneficial. Hopefully Gutekunst will keep an open mind about the roster (especially the players he brought in) and make the necessary moves to improve the team.

TT's biggest problem the last few years was keeping the wrong players and letting the wrong players go.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"TT's biggest problem the last few years was keeping the wrong players and letting the wrong players go."

Indeed. Add in the function of Capers and his staff mis-using players.

The misuse of Hayward and Hyde was costly. I might possibly add Morgan Burnett in there too. Just imagine a secondary of Jaire Alexander, Casey Hayward, Morgan Burnett, and Micah Hyde with Jackson or King as Nickel to pair with Pettine's generated pash rush.

I'm drooling.

blacke00's picture

Totally disagree!

Of those positions only a TE or Two. No RBs, unless as FA.
OL...OL...OL! Let me make my self clear OL!
I could write a very long paragraph as why I believe that but I won't.
The OL on this team has been average at best for many years. I think many of Rodgers bad habits are directly and indirectly related.

I would prefer that the Packers aim to develop a top 5 defense. In the long run it will be sorely needed.
Unless you think we are going to find another HOF QB in an upcoming draft. You better start preparing with an outstanding Defense!

pooch's picture

Trash the zone blocking and go with power blocking scheme

The TKstinator's picture

Linemen, please.

Barnacle's picture


I do not understand how you justify our $100,000,000 QB being so needy that we spend 10’s of millions on receivers, an all-pro left tackle and we still need to loosen the purse strings to get much better players for our multi million dollar Quarterback?

Our whole salary cap management is baffling.

Lare's picture

IMO, it has nothing to do with Rodgers being needy, it's just the way the NFL is trending right now.

The old saying is that defense wins championships, but only two of the remaining playoff teams have top ten rated defenses. Meanwhile, five of the remaining teams have top ten rated offenses and another two are in the top 15.

The Packers have devoted tons of resources towards improving the defense the last few years and it's gotten them nowhere. Add two OL, a TE, a WR, a RB and a new offensive scheme and this is a playoff team next season, regardless what they do on the defense.

dobber's picture

Salary cap management and the numbers are skewed greatly based on who is on rookie contracts and who isn't.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

This is why you can't whiff in the draft 4/6 years running like TT did.

The result will be UDFAs and Street FAs starting all over place team by week 12.

Community Guy's picture

if the Packers fail to bolster the defense with significant draft capital, and maybe FA money too, it will be a very big mistake. the Packers highest paid player (league's highest paid) is Aaron Rodgers, by far. the Packers have an offensive-minded Head Coach. the only way there can be some balance toward supporting the defense (and special teams, btw) is to draft great defenders. why is balance important? well, do you want to win a playoff game?

Jonathan Spader's picture

If you look at the players eligible to be drafted in 2019 what I'm seeing is a pass rush heavy draft class, with some good TEs, and OL. I liked Gute's 2018 draft he got a stud with the 1st round pick and picked up another 1st round pick for this years draft.

After Alexander they are all project players but hopefully a few of then turn into solid contributors and earn a 2nd contract. Can't wait to see what Gute does in FA and the draft in 2019. We're another year removed from poor contracts and we accumulated a TON of draft capital under Gute.

HankScorpio's picture

"If you look at the players eligible to be drafted in 2019 what I'm seeing is a pass rush heavy draft class, with some good TEs, and OL."

All 3 spots are in need of a major boost.

JohnnyLogan's picture

We have needs, especially edge and safety, but if there's a great WR in the draft take him. Ron Wolf's only regret was not giving Favre enough weapons. Gute should pay attention. I believe we'll see a WR with one of the first three picks.

Jonathan Spader's picture

At WR we have an elite WR in Adams. We'll see if the Packers retain Cobb, Allison, Kumero but all 3 of them are solid WRs. We have 3 WRs we drafted in 2018 and 2 have already contributed and should take a step in 2019. Moore is taking longer to catch on but could surprise people in 2019. The cupboard is far from bare. What WR are you excited about in the 2019 draft JL?

Packers0808's picture

Pettine seems like a good keep, someone who knows the people he has to keep or dismiss! Guess McCarthy wasn't all that bad as so many seem to think!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"LaFleur confirms Mike Pettine will be his DC."

That's good news. Now only the Offense and Special Teams will undergo schematic changes this year.

Lare's picture

The two areas needing the most updating.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

When draft comes around never say never. However, IMO the drafting of a QB, WR, or RB would be such a disservice. There are so many needs on the team and they need all the draft capital they can get to fill in the weak areas.

The Packers have 2 back-up young QB's already and another draft selection would be a waste. We do not know what is up with Cobb yet but believe the Pack is well set with WR's. The Pack have 2 very good young RB's and can get a good to very good RB in FA and off Practice Squads. Exception would be a scat back/kick returner type.

These are 3 positions I hope the Pack ignore in the draft barring situation where a player has significantly fallen on draft board.

Draft 2 edge rushers, OT, OG, Safety, TE, scat back/kick returner.

Swisch's picture

I think you're right on the mark, Knock.

Bure9620's picture

Would like to see Monken as OC......

dobber's picture

That would be a curious development...

Although they make a good point in that LaF's desire to call his own plays will likely make the OC job in GB less attractive to high-end candidates.

Guitar dan's picture

Really like that Pettine was kept around,
that was the Bears model last season (young Offensive HC, established DC) and that worked out ok.

Being LaFleur's first gig as HC he should be able to lean on Pettine a bit since he has been a HC in the past.

Pettine did a pretty good job as DC last season considering the injuries and lack of talent at key positions.

Gute has to get more talent on both sides of the ball.



CheesyTex's picture

Good points, Guitar.

Clemson DT Lawrence is big at 340 and could allow Daniels to slide outside. Tested positive for last two playoff games, but if it can be proven that the substance was part of a commercial product...

IMO a Clark and Lawrence tandem could provide the Pack with a stout front for many years.

splitpea1's picture

Think how much better the defense would be if Pettine had a few more tools to work with; that's why two of the first three draft picks need to include an edge rusher and safety.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


dobber's picture

Depends on how they approach FA. I suspect that a decent FS can be had relatively inexpensively in comparison to other positions.

4thand1's picture

Pettine knows defense. He had no problem getting rid of HaHa, a overrated player who shied away from contact. Give him a few more weapons and he'll know what to do with them. We'll find out soon what his impression of Perry is, I bet Perry is history. If CMIII doesn't restructure and move inside he should be gone too. I think we'll see a ton of good moves, we already have.

pooch's picture

Neex to move safety and sign Breeland

Ryan B Dub's picture

Happy to see a bright spot from last year retained. With a better stable of healthy players this defense can see an immense improvement on what already was pretty great. Seeing teams punt is a new thing in Green Bay. It’s been a while. We used to have to create a turn over to make a stop. Forcing a team to punt is just as good as a turn over. It still is a turn over.

Bure9620's picture

New mock

Round 1 Pick 12: Oliver, Ed, DT, Houston (A)
Round 2 Pick 3 (IND): Sweat, Montez, DE, Mississippi State (A+)
Round 2 Pick 12: Cajuste, Yodny, OT, West Virginia (A-)
Round 3 Pick 21 (IND): Gaskin, Myles, RB, Washington (A+)
Round 4 Pick 1 (ARI): Dowell, David, FS, Michigan State (A+)
Round 4 Pick 7 (JAX): Breeland, Jake, TE, Oregon (A+)
Round 4 Pick 12: Ximines, Oshane, DE, Old Dominion (A+)
Round 4 Pick 15: Jackson, Tyree, QB, Buffalo (A+)
Round 5 Pick 1 (ARI): Thompson, Jalen, FS, Washington State (A+)
Round 5 Pick 12: Eberle, Alec, C, Florida State (A+)
Round 6 Pick 6 (NYG): Sweeney, Tommy, TE, Boston College (A+)
Round 7 Pick 12: Toner, Jet, K, Stanford (A+)

Skip greenBayless's picture

Dude seriously? Stop with your stupid mock drafts. Nobody gives a shit.

Bure9620's picture

Just you

Lare's picture

And the Vikings, I think they're experts on "stupid" and "shit".

Skip greenBayless's picture

Bure why don't you go back to doing what you do best and that's mocking the President like you did yesterday. Quite the dumpster fire you started yesterday. I hope you and your buddy Lare got a medal for the shit show you started yesterday. Congrats.


dobber's picture

I get the feeling that by spending most of my day in meeting rooms, yesterday, I missed something eventful...

Samson's picture

Eventful only to Dasher.
He's the 'drama king' on this site.

Skip greenBayless's picture

This ahole Bure came on and ruined the article about Ron Zook getting fired. Mocked the President. Since 61 had a huge case of TDS and lost it calling the President and Zook an "imbecile". He deleted it later to cover his tracks., Liberal Lare and many other left wing radicals jumped in and turned the article into a giant political Trump bashing shit show all started by Bure and Liberal Lare. Because this place is 90% left wing liberals it's ok but at least Jersey Al deleted their "mess" to cover their tracks as it was embarrassing how they all acted. Al did the right thing. Since I am one of the few lone proud Trump supporters here I of course get killed on a daily basis. The thing is like the President I don't back down from you left wingers. You can shoot all those little dislike bulllets at me all you want, it won't stop me from coming here and voicing my opinion. Fire away!!


Lare's picture

I thought this was a site where Packers fans could come to discuss their team. Guess I was wrong.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I thought based on your conversations yesterday we were discussing a wall between Illinois and WI. Oh wait, that was just you and Bure discussing that while I was talking about Zook getting fired. Silly me.

Bure9620's picture

You should refrain from the divisive language, this is a Packer blog

Jonathan Spader's picture

Anyone ever wonder if Dash draws his power from dislikes? Like the more thumbs down he receives the more frequent and longer his posts get? Just a thought...

Lare's picture

Would almost make you think he was nothing but a Vikings Troll, wouldn't it?

There are other Packers sites that don't allow every discussion to turn into a political commentary. I think I'm better off frequenting them.

Skip greenBayless's picture


LeotisHarris's picture

Dash, buddy, I reread this thread and think I've pinpointed the issue driving your angst. You're grieving the loss of John Kirk. I know I said in a previous post *you* were responsible for his departure. He simply couldn't handle the fact you have The Gift. Try as he might with his inside sources and prolific posting, he could never get ahead of your spot-on insights.

I know I said his departure is your cross to bear, an albatross around your neck. I take it all back, Dash. It's not your fault, pal. Let it go. Release your anger before it destroys you. Cry it out.

Can't you see we want you to love?

Lare's picture

You're right Leotis, this whole site is more about Dash Riprock anymore than it is about the Green Bay Packers and their fans. His politics are more important, his viewpoints are more important and his feelings are more important than anything else here.

Perhaps they should consider renaming it Dashhead TV.

LeotisHarris's picture

I like the cut of your jib, Lare. You'd better copyright "Dashhead TV" before it takes off and you find yourself in court facing Dash's legal team. A lot pf people are saying he's suing the Packers, trying to take credit for "the horse collar" sausage creation sold at Lambeau concessions.

But, back to the Green and Gold. Can Gute find the next Alden Roche in the draft? Will Daniels bounce back to be the reincarnation of Santana Dotson or Dave Roller? Is there a Chuck Cecil in the draft? A Jim Gueno? And will one day Coach Lafleur sit down at a press conference and introduce "the new Angelo Fields?" Great god almighty, what a time to be alive!

The TKstinator's picture

Talk about a “who’s who” of past Packer legends!
I bow to you, oh noble one. Clearly, more than one here has a “gift”!

Harold Drake's picture

Unfortunately, Dash Riprock continues to clog the comments site with his ill-informed and generally obnoxious comments. He has chosen his pseudonym well - that of a dim-witted fading actor character from The Beverly Hillbillies. However, after reading his critique of new coach Matt LaFleur's decision to retain Packers' DC Mike Pettine, it would seem that a more natural pseudonym for the man posing as Dash Riprock would be "Jethro."

Skip greenBayless's picture

For the love of God!! Would you, Leotis and everyone else please quit talking about me!! This is unbelievable!! I simply disagreed with the hiring of this Matt Fa Leure guy. I wanted Rex Ryan so excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me all to hell. I was a little upset we got a Justin Trudeau vs. a Trump ok. I wanted a Trump obviously. Rex Ryan was my Trump to team with alpha dog Pettine. I didn't get it. What is the big deal. I vented, made fun of the guy for a few days. Let me vent damnit!! You lefties have been venting for two effin years and are still crying. I vent for two days and the sky is falling. I assure you I will get over this quickly and no this has nothing to do with the loss of John T. Kirk. Leotis wants people to think that.

Please let me grieve over this hire. Pettine staying certainly helps which is why I will get over this soon. I apologize somewhat for the change but this was hard on me damnit. Thank you for your cooperation. I might even take a break now that I said this.



Jonathan Spader's picture


Leotis is going to be sarcastic that's who he is just laugh at it and don't let it get to you. Politics have no place in a Packers blog. The world is already filled with that crap. Sports is an escape we have from how depressing reality is. Lighten up, shrug it off, and just try to enjoy CHTV for what it is a place for fans to come together and talk about what we all have in common the GB Packers.

For Rex Ryan he's an announcer and you can still enjoy listening to him. We still have Pettine and now we can kick back and see who MLF hires on as an OC. If you need a break there's nothing wrong with that almost everyone here has taken a break from CHTV from time to time. My advice just ease up on your frequency of posting and length. Rather than go cold turkey.

Go Pack Go!

Coach JV's picture

Do you need some cheese with that whine Dash? Face it... you're an asshat. It's okay though, you got 1st string wrapped up and you've got a contract. So R-E-L-A-X... :-)

HankScorpio's picture

"Anyone ever wonder if Dash draws his power from dislikes? Like the more thumbs down he receives the more frequent and longer his posts get? Just a thought..."

He reminds me of Skip Bayless/Colin Cowherd/Shannon Sharpe. It doesn't matter if the attention is negative or positive, as long as he's getting attention. I just broke my rule by giving him some. That's ok, rules are made to be broken. But it is still a good rule.

Rossonero's picture

Did you have the Packers trade away their other 1st rounder for a 2nd and a 4th?

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I like it so keep it up!

Dash should just ignore if he doesnt like.

stockholder's picture

Bure I like your mocks. This draft comes down to Simmons (for Wilkerson) and Sweat. (Mathews) Sweat should go before 16. Regardless of his hips. The 2nd 1st rounder I think will be a safety. But= Yodny Cajuste is Fair. I'm going with Ferguson. (Between the 1 and 2) Trade -Up! He may be a one trick pony to start. But he can easily replace Perry. I believe they dump Cobb,Davis and Allison. Keep Graham and sign another FA TE here. Look for a trade of 4s like they did with Burks. Betting #12, #28, #40,#75, #82.

Bure9620's picture

Thanks Stockholder, yes Sweat will likely be gone, but things could get interesting in the mid to late 1st

Since '61's picture

Lafleur is 2 for 2 so far. Chucked Zook and kept Pettine.

We need to get Pettine a pass rusher and a Safety in the draft and if possible sign one of each during the FA period. If we can get that done we can solidify the defense.

Then draft at least one OL and sign another during FA for OL depth. If we can draft an RT we can move Bulaga to RG. Sign some OL depth that is better than Bell and McGray and the OL will be solid and go from there. So far so good. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Lafleur is 2 for 2 so far. Chucked Zook and kept Pettine."

I think it's way too early for us to make these type of assertions. Let's wait and see and let's see how this plays out before giving this a thumbs up.


dobber's picture

Now you're talkin'! ;)

Rossonero's picture

Very happy with LaFleur thus far! Zook is finally gone, but the BEST news is keeping Pettine.

Now the players won't have to worry about a new scheme. Continuity definitely matters-- look at what the Bears did-- kept Fangio and brought in Matt Nagy.

I'm pumped about how things are taking shape. Now for who the OC will be....Go Pack GO!

dobber's picture

AND...with a DC and a scheme in place, they can quickly work through defensive personnel and start to make plans on who to extend, keep, and/or pitch essentially now. I know Pettine said he was starting that post-season review the week after the Detroit game. It should be pretty relevant.

Coach JV's picture

They need to wrap up Breeland post-haste. It would be a huge mistake to miss that opportunity.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB has to wait until March to sign Breeland. So, posthaste doesn't apply. Thumbs up though just for using posthaste, though I had to gainsay your actual point.

dobber's picture

Aye! Verily!

Coach JV's picture

Why do they have to wait? The contract he signed doesn't even actually expire until March. Until then, he is still a Packer... and if I'm not mistaken, you can sign your own free agents at anytime. Isn't that correct?

PatrickGB's picture

I kinda liked Joe Witt and hope we have a better coach in waiting to take his place. Time will tell if that was a good move. Or maybe Pettines got a replacement in mind already.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Keeping Pettine was a good choice. He did well for what he had to work with. A lot of injuries.

The TKstinator's picture

One of the biggest falsehoods in football is “injuries are no excuse”. I understand why coaches, mgt, and players say that but it’s simply not true. Take 11 of 22 preferred starters off of ANY NFL team in the salary cap era and see what happens. The results will be craptastic. The players ARE the team. Period.

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