Mike McCarthy on T.J. Lang: He's a Man's Man

The Packers head coach commented on his starting right guard in advance of the NFC Championship game.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy held a press conference on Friday for the final time in advance of Sunday's NFC Championship game with the Seattle Seahawks.

The following are select comments from his meeting with the media:

  • On the health of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his injured calf: Aaron's getting ready to play, looks good. … Everything's on schedule.
  • On Friday's schedule: We'll be working here probably until 2:00. Then we'll leave for Seattle at 4:00.
  • On Eddie Lacy and his knee injury: He looks good to me walking in and out of meetings. He'll be ready.
  • On the practice schedule for Saturday: We'll have some work to do on the field. We have some locations we're looking at based on the weather. We'll have to determine that in the morning.
  • On being an underdog: We're not allowed to participate in gambling. Trust me, I grew up in the bar business. I know how this stuff works. … We are very confident in this opportunity.
  • On the energy of the football team: A lot of energy. ... You try to keep them on the same type of flow that you go through each and every week.
  • On offensive lineman T.J. Lang: T.J. Lang is big for us, not only on the field but in the locker room. He's a man's man. ... He's always gone about it the right way.
  • On the scrapped 4-3 "Quad" look from earlier in the season: My view on that is totally different than yours or whoever thinks it didn't work out. "Quad" is a personnel group. … The concepts that we ran in the "Quad" are no different than we ran in a different amount of subgroups.
  • On the success of the "Quad" or lack thereof: It's a personnel group. It was different, and it wasn't as big of a deal.
  • On ball security: Every football team that I've been a part of, security is important. … The things you do every day in practice, they need to show up in the game. … It's always an emphasis.
  • On maintaining a regular schedule: Anytime you train a football team, regularity is very important. … You want to keep it as normal as possible. Anytime you're playing in the biggest game of your season and your schedule is dictated to change, I don't think it's the best thing for your football team.
  • On the importance of the football game: I think everybody identifies how important this game is. It's something you talk about back in April.
  • On trying to win two Super Bowls: It's factual, but I think it's the reality of competing int he NFL. … This is an extremely competitive league we're in and it's tough to win one.
  • On behavior: I'm big into behavior, and I think it's important to be the way you always are. … I think it's important to be the same.
  • On the difference from Week 1 in Seatte: Game 1 is  a difficult game to play in. You've got unscouted looks. … We've played a lot of football since then.
  • On the rationale of flying to Seattle on Friday: A lot of it is common sense. To get up there in that environment, that time zone, to get up at the proper time, to walk the flight off, hydration … all those things.
  • On the Seahawks coach and general manager: What Pete Carroll and John Schneider have done there, they have a program. … I think it's a real testament to the way they've drafted and the way they've coached.
  • On former Packers front office exec John Schnedier: He's very professional at what he does. He's passionate. … He's creative, hard working.
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