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Memo To Ted Thompson: Pay Tramon

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Memo To Ted Thompson: Pay Tramon

From the desk of Cheesehead TV:


Not sure if you noticed but Tramon Williams has improved every year he's been in the league and is currently playing the best football on the team, better than the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year - you know, the one who's contract you extended right before the season started.

The longer you wait, the more he'll end up costing, especially if he hits the open market. No matter what the situation is with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams will pay big money for a young, ascending cornerback.

Pay the man.

Aaron Nagler

cc: Corey Behnke

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Kevin's picture

I agree, Pay the man

G-Town Mike's picture

Yep. He needs to pay him now. Our other options are getting older (Harris, Woodson) or suck (Blackmon, Bush)

hyperRevue's picture


davyjones's picture

He may have dozed off for 6 or so games.

Anthony's picture

Blackmon was released during the OFFSEASON........

nerdmann's picture

Wouldn't entirely shock me to see Blackmon return, especially if we lose another safety.
We still don't have a real punt returner.

RockinRodgers's picture

This would make to much sense. Why pay TW when Poppingia is due for a pay raise.

Bearmeat's picture

now THAT is funny! +1 Rockin..

Morli's picture

I know this sounds cynical, but we should be able to pay Tramon enough money, because Barnett is injured. With the lights-out performance of Bishop in his place, we' ll (hopefully) get rid of Hawk and save some much needed money.
Anyhoo, I'm anxious to see, wether we'll extend Williams and Jenkins(who plays some amazing ball, too). If Wilson takes a step, I don't expect Jenkins in Green and Gold in 11/12.

abiderman's picture

As Deion "Prime Time" Sanders would say... Pay da man!

Tarynfor 12's picture

I believe the response from TT will be(with shoulders shruuged ala MM) will take a look at the tape...

davyjones's picture

or...we'll get all that contract stuff "cleaned up".

Seriously, I had my doubts about Tramon when he came on for harris and he has SOOO exceeded expectations. In addition to his clear talent level, he is young, hungry, and clearly coachable. All attributes we should be willing to pay for.

I'd also be inclined to put Jenkins in this memo also. He's played well, played hurt, and worked his a$$ off playing far more snaps than he rightfully should have to.

Perhaps TT will hear the Pay now, or Pay more later idea.

Dave's picture

Ted, pay me too!

Chris's picture

Maybe Capers puts in a good word for Tramon.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Can't imagine us not paying him, considering he's young and he has come through our system. Plus it's an extra draft pick for TT to play around with.

Show him the money!

Aaron Rogders's picture

I think you all forget that as soon as Ted pays da man, pay da man no longer has incentive to continue playing at a high level.

Look at what happened with Woodson, Jennings, and Rodgers for example.

mel's picture

Pay him?? We don't have any money cause we spent so much on that lynch trade... Oh wait you didn't so PAY HIM!!!!!

lebowski's picture

Get this extension done, Tramon is one of the brightest spots on this team. I was happy we sweetened Woodson's deal, he earned it, but Tramon's earning it this year and will only get better. Not sure if Jenkins will get his, I hope so, but Neal is waiting in the wings (if he can ever get HEALTHY).

davyjones's picture

Neal Just signed a deal!! Plus, while he's certainly shown potential, he's only played a handful of snaps! He's got some SERIOUS waiting in the wing to do.

lebowski's picture

Didn't mean waiting in the wings for money, I meant waiting in the wings for playing time.

Brooklyn81's picture

Pay them both. And please get a stud CB in the off season. Its just about time to move Woodson to Safety

hyperRevue's picture

Tramon is exactly the type of player TT will pony up for. I have no doubt he'll get it done.

gratif's picture

with raji and neal looking excellent, I'd say Tramon is clearly a priority over Jenkins.

Jenkins is on the wrong side of 30 and has a history of wearing down at the end of the season. Packers are currently #6 in payroll. Jolly will be back on the cheap. I don't see Cullen in GB next year.

Sad, he's been a player.

packeraaron's picture

"Jenkins is on the wrong side of 30" - He's 29.

PackerBacker's picture

Maybe Gratif prefers players over 30.

PkrNboro's picture

so he's on the wrong side of 29...
sheesh... ;)

it would be nice to get him back, and Jolly -- could finally be the key to getting some QB pressure.

hyperRevue's picture

I wouldn't count on Jolly for anything.

PackerBacker's picture

Except maybe a hookup for "Purple Drank".

PkrNboro's picture

but he could likely be had for cheap, as someone mentioned earlier...

Morli's picture

Maybe we cut him and then try to pick him up via a trade? (pointless TT-bashing, I like it a lot)

Nypacker's picture

Aaron I think you're absolutley crazy. Sure Tramon has played great but you always know how player's get after signing a new deal. They all get a case of "new-contractitis." Sadly Nick Collins has been one of them as I haven't seen anything out of him yet this season. Same goes for Tausch and Clifton.

thepretzelhead's picture

And while we are paying people- pay TT.

Mel's picture

We did pay him.. Now its time to fire him and pay someone else!!!

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