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Memo To Packers: Don't Mess Around With Bulaga

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Memo To Packers: Don't Mess Around With Bulaga

When asked about where the team planned on playing Bulaga, Ted Thompson responded:

We'll let the coaches do that. It's my understanding we're going to put him at tackle. Whether it's left or right or whatever, we'll figure that out as we go along, but he's going to be a good guy to add to our group.

Really Ted? You'll let the coaches do that? The same coaches who completely blew the handling of T.J. Lang last year? You know, just ONCE I'd like a Packer lineman to come in and have the team say "He's a tackle" and leave it alone.

The guy is a left tackle. The Packers have the luxury of having a damn good veteran in front of him in Chad Clifton. Clifton, as we all know, hasn't made it through a 16 game schedule in years. So you know Bulaga will most likely see some game action at some point this season but you don't have to throw him right into the fire - it's perfect.

This is one time when Thompson needs to exert his authority and remind his coaching staff that he handed them the guy who could have replaced Tauscher in TJ Lang and instead they pussyfooted around with two of the worst tackle prospects in recent memory in Barbre and Giacommini and didn't even give Lang a shot in camp.

Bulaga's your left tackle of the future.

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JohnRehor's picture

If they didnt learn their lesson with Lang last year, Thompson and McCarthy need to seriously take a look in the mirror and ask "Do I know how to evaulate NFL talent?" Make a decision with Bulaga, and develop him into the position he was drafted for: LT.

Brett Cristino's picture

Good point, said this today on another forum:

"Colledge was forced to OG because we were struggling so mightily along the Offensive Line, no need to do the same with Bulaga. Let's be honest, Clifton isn't going to take a ton of reps in Training Camp and it's pretty likely he'll miss a few games in the Preseason/Regular Season as well. Keep Bulaga at LT, he's going to be needed. I'll be honest, when we took him I was content and happy but after thinking about it, i'm very excited. It's very comforting knowing that our Offensive Line is settled for the future and now we have the rest of the Draft to get immediate impact guys. Like Morgan Burnett!"

Evan's picture

Totally agree. No more of this rotating linemen BS.

Depth chart:

LT: Clifton, Buluga
LG: Colledge, Spitz
C: Wells, Spitz
RG: Sitton, Barbre
RT: Tauscher, Lang

If they get down to Giacomini at either tackle spot or Dietrich-Smith at guard, well, kiss the season goodbye.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

I wouldn't know so far if Dietrich-Smith is that bad, the kid has 1 season on his belt, unlike Breno and Barbre who in these past 2-3 years have showed to us very inconsistent and even incompetent play when needed.

packeraaron's picture

Dietrich-Smith is the real deal.

Andrew's picture

I agree about Dietrich Smith and will state here for the world to see it that the Green Bay Packers are going to have one of the seven best offensive lines in football this season.

Uninjured Spitz!
Clifton and Tauscher at each end.
Lang or Spitz or College or someone as left guard.

And then:
Bulaga as a back up!
D-S as a back up!
College as a back up!

I'm not ready to give up on Bruno or even Barbre yet. Lots of talent unrealized in both. Maybe Barbre was a year away from achieving.

But look at that line. You've got three back ups that are very close to starting. It's deep.

The Packers will have the number one rated offense in the league this year in both points and yards. Who the freakin hairy heck will be able to stop them?

Now they have another dangerous running back from the 6th round and a dangerous blocking TE from the fifth who will be better than Lee.

All they need is for Jones or Nelson to step up to take Drivers place as a dynamic receiver and they will be completely unstoppable. The best offense we've ever seen here in Green Bay.

Yes, I'm serious. And I've followed them since Bart Starr was their quarterback.

Do I hear an Amen!?

Roy's picture

I say, put him at RT to fight the job with Tausher. Then send Colledge packing, then keep Lang as LG/LT backup. Then move Bulaga to RG just for kicks and try Sitton at C, then Barbre can get a crack at LT and trade a 2nd round pick to get back meredith to be the next RT.

Stan's picture

Agreed, it was dumb to look to Barbre and Giacomini so readily, without looking at their other talent. I think, for some unknown reason, they were high on Barbre and expected him to own the spot. Right now Brarbre's looking at more bench-time or plain being cut. I'd also like to see them stick with players in their positions. Clifton and Bulaga, Lang and Colledge, Wells, Spitz and Deitrich, Sitton and Barbre, Tauscher and Giacomini.

Ron LC's picture

Pick one - LT or RT and stick with it. He has to learn his position this year. By the 10th game, maybe sooner, they will need the backups to be ready.
Learn well and fast Bulaga.

PackersRS's picture

So, Ron, how did you like the pick? Didn't get your input, and I know that you (as I did) thought it was imperative that we got the LT of the future in the first round...

Ron LC's picture

RS, I'm so happy I actually sent TT a friendship card. I love it. Safety/CB with return skills added next. Unless TT can move up today and get one of the high quality OLB's still on the board.

dilligaff's picture

We start the players we think have the best chance to be healthy enough to play in the playoffs when it counts the most.

Allow the O-line to come together as a unit with the same guys for the regular season, Clifton and Tauscher make excellent depth for an unforseen injury, that may not happen at all.

Its almost a sur bet Clifton will not be there when we need him and I don't want a rusty rookie coming off the bench in the playoffs playing againsst the best in the league.

Asshalo's picture

Good points. Buluga is versatile and can play 4 spots on the line (solid against the run too), but they need to test him at LT first.

PackerMax's picture

I completely agree. McCarthy and Thompson cannot repeat last year's "If Clifton gets hurt, we will play musical chairs with the offensive line" again. Keep Bulaga as Clifton's backup; surely he'll see some action this year.

NickGBP's picture

But what if he isn't an NFL LT?

packeraaron's picture

He is. Because I say he is. ;)

Tony Hartzheim's picture

The Pack played TJ as a RT last year out of necessity. He is the LG of the future. I think we have Bulaga back up LT, but why not give him a shot at RT, he could be a huge upgrade. I would also not be surprised if our 2nd round targets are gone and we don't trade down that if Veldheer is available, we might lock up our OL for the foreseeable future. The line might Look like Cliffy\Bulaga- TJ\Spitz- Wells\Spitz- Sitton\Spitz- Taucher\Veldheer. This would represent a huge upgrade, and the foundation for a very bright future.

NickGBP's picture

No Colledge? Instant win.

Brett Cristino's picture

A guy i'd love to see fall a bit is Vladimir Duccasse, could be a beast at RT. What would be even better is another Clifton-Tauscher scenario...grab Cliffy early to be LT of the future, and Tausch late to be RT of the future. Maybe another Matthews/Jones scenario too? God I love the Draft, wouldn't mind getting Bulaga's teammate Kyle Calloway later in the Draft either, perfect fit at RT.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Is pussyfooted a word?

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Aaron Nagler says:

"It is. Because I say it is.:)"

Hey don't look at me, i didn't say anything. (whistles away)

bomdad's picture

Why not google that term

Oppy's picture

I see our O-line shaping up like this, including depth:

LT: Clifton/Bulaga/Lang

LG: Spitz/Colledge/Evan Dietrich-Smith

C: Wells/Evan Dietrich-Smith/Spitz

RG: Sitton/Barbre/EDS

RT: Tauscher/Lang/Giacommini/Bulaga

The interior depth could be situated almost any which-way, with most of our players able to fill in at LG/RG or even Center. Barbre is the only guy who's probably not bright enough to freely move from right to left. Lang could play anywhere, probably the same for Bulaga. There may be guys who are better suited backups than the order I have listed, but I listed them in such a way that an injured Started doesn't create a domino effect of shifting players.

I'd also like to state- We have NO CLUE as to whether Giacommini is garbage or not. We've simply not seen him healthy in a game. Remember, this kid was taken as a big-time project- he's a TE who was forced into playing RT for the first time his senior year due to player injury/team need, if I remember correctly. He showed enough that the Packers thought with training and body development he could play the position. This is his last chance year, though. Maybe he'll surprise us.

Evan's picture

So, who are we looking at in Round 2? Nate Allen (South Florida safety)? Chris Cook (Virginia corner)

PackersRS's picture

I think we only get Nate Allen if we move up. The same can be said for Cook, cause a lot of CBs have already been taken...

I like them both. Allen I like better...

Evan's picture

Probably true. Although, I would have said the same thing yesterday about Buluga.

PackersRS's picture


Hyperrevue's picture

Ha. Well, that didn't take long. Dammit.

PackersRS's picture

Amen, Aaron.

But I have a feeling Lang will be the LG to start the season...

FITZCORE1252's picture

VERY well said Aaron. I really, truly hope you are right about him being our future @ LT, I'm not quite so optimistic.


FITZCORE1252's picture

I'm a bit dissapointed in Ted... you take a guy @ 23 without 'KNOWING' where you are gonna play him? For god sakes man 'this ain't Detroit'.


Dilligaff's picture

A decision will not be made on who starts, I bet Clifton does not make it through camp healthy, thus things will just fall into place.

nerdmann's picture

Clifton will barely practice.

PresidentRaygun's picture

I wouldn't mind if Ted drafted Bulaga's teammate, Amari Spievay in the 2nd round. He's an excellent corner. He shut down Georgia Tech's Thomas in the Orange Bowl and he went in the 1st round. He's a solid tackler, too.

Nypacker's picture

Brett Cristino I was thinking the exact same thing. Other than Trent Williams, Kyle Calloway was the best RT last season. He's projected to go in the 3rd or 4th and if we took him I'd breath another sigh of relief.

PackersThad's picture

Aaron, I love this post!! This is EXACTLY the way all of us feel even if we can't articulate it as well as you just have.

Do you feel that as you become more accepted into the Green Bay press corp, that you may not be able to continue making such strong statements in your posts? Will you have an obligation to mute your opinions a tad as a tradeoff for continued access to the insiders?

bomdad's picture

Aaron's still got to catch up with McGinn

graham's picture

ur all idiots. u do know we only get 45 on the game day roster right? u don't have the luxury of ur back up guys only knowing 1 position. u get 2 backup olinmen. lang was the guy last year. its funny how people listen to colledge complain about multiple positions and tell him he sucks and to shut up. but then we have ruined a guy in lang by doing the same thing? lang is not ruined he is fine. if any thing he is better off knowing 5 positions than 1. lets just make our comments consistent.

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