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Meet the Packers 2013 Rookies—David Bakhtiari & JC Tretter - OT/OG

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Meet the Packers 2013 Rookies—David Bakhtiari & JC Tretter - OT/OG

We round out the fourth round (which I admit we did backwards) with a pair of offensive linemen.

The Packers are well aware that you can never have too many of these guys lying around because there also never seems to be a shortage of injuries along the line.

The key to both of these prospects—and it's a byword in the NFL these days—is versatility. Both can play several positions on the offensive line.

Both men played left tackle at their prospective colleges, but only one has the potential to do so at the pro level, and even then I'm not sold. That's not to say either one was a bad pick though—just that they will probably serve at either right tackle or inside at guard.

So watch the video and get to know Colorado's David Bakhtiari and Cornell's JC Tretter.

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ViscaPackers's picture

These are the two most baffling picks of the draft for me. I guess I'm overestimating the depth on the line, but unless Tretter is the long-term plan at C, I don't get either of these. It seems odd to spend two 4th rounders on backup offensive linemen.

Evan's picture

I think it's unlikely to expect 4th round picks to be immediate starters.

O-line depth was also a huge concern last season (especially at the interior positions), so addressing that makes sense to me. To me, the more guys battling it out the better.

As for long-term with these guys, who knows. I'm sure TT thinks they can develop into starters.

Jamie's picture

Have you ventured to consider that the Packers likely did not draft these guys with the thought that they are backups?

I would agree that they shouldn't be taking someone that is already assumed to never be anything but a backup in the 4th round. I would also suggest that they absolutely are not making that assumption, and really have to question how someone would assume that they did.

So now, is it your view that is short-sighted, or the guys that evaluate talent and manage the personnel of an NFL franchise??

The answer is very simple.

Some people REEEEEEALLY struggle seeing things from any perspective other than their own extremely narrow view.

Ernst's picture

I agree wholeheartedly. Trading down in the draft to get high risk scrubs? I don't think so 9 times out of 10. Wish they woulda taken Schwenke or someone better rated like a good wide receiver.

Stroh's picture

Schwenke was gone when we picked in the 4th. I like the WR they got later. Probably have higher ceiling than somone like Stedman Bailey. Not a fan of Bakhtiari but like Tretter and Franklin picks.

Brian's picture

Potential replacements for aging/expensive/not so great linemen?

Jamie's picture

Did the video actually say they are destined this year to be 'reserve players at best?'

cow42's picture

didn't like these picks when they happened - but they're starting to grow on me.

they picked bakhtiari to eventually play rt.
they picked tretter to eventually play c.

in 2 years this will be the situation...

bulaga-sitton-tretter-lang-bakhtiari = starters
eds will be gone
sherrod will be gone
newhouse will be gone
vanroten will be a backup inside
barclay will be a backup inside and at rt
bakhtiari will be the lt w/ barclay entering @ rt if bulaga goes down
rookies will fill remaining spots

Shawn's picture

I seriously hope you are right about these two but are wrong about Sherrod.

Lars's picture

These two were drafted because Sherrodis aboutto bust. If he had locked downthat LT position and/or Newhouse was nay good you might have seen the packers draft a true C like Schwenke.

Hope is not a strategy.

Ernst's picture

Nailed it! I agree with this post and your predictions.

dawg's picture

Just remember, Canpen is coach of this line !
Wish'em all the best!

Stroh's picture

Bakhtiari doesn't do a lot for me. I don't think he'll be an OT on either side and by the end of training camp will be the backup at both OG spots. Tretter will also be a backup OG and likely Center of the future. Take Tretter a year for sure to surpass EDS IMO. Center has a lot of responsibility and while I don't doubt his smarts, I think one year might be a little tough to learn everything. I do like Tretter a lot tho. Bakhtiari will be a backup till year 4, then might get a chance assuming Sitton or Lang move on at that time.

I think the OL goes just like last year ended.

Newhouse, Lang, EDS, Sitton, Bulaga

I can see Sherrod getting the rust off midseason and taking over for Newhouse. Newhouse actually has some trade value for a team that needs a good pass blocking LT. Might be able to get a 3rd for him next year given his age, experience and athletic ability. If he's not a starter next year, he'll get traded IMO, or at least bring a compensatory pick if he leaves as a FA.

cow42's picture

a 3rd for newhouse.


Stroh's picture

What do you know? Your a SF troll on a packers site!!

PackerBacker's picture

He's right about a third for Newhouse, no way.
More likely that we release him if Bakhtiari or Sherrod step up (or both are better options than him).
There's too much film of him having problems in the run and pass game for anyone to offer a draft pick for him.

Stroh's picture

I disagree. A team in need of a pass blocking OT would give mid/late rd pick for him. His struggles are mostly run blocking, no denying that. But he's a good pass blocker and has value.

jim's picture

you are right....that wont happen

Mojo's picture

Since the draft I've watched a number of clips of Bakh in action and noticed something about him. He's obnoxious. And I mean that in a good way. He's one of those guys who locks on you and won't stop until the whistle blows. Not cheap like he described himself, but he mixes it up enough to where he's going to piss-off quite a few defensive players.

Don't know what success he'll have, but I suspect when he plays, the o-line will be a bit nastier.

Stroh's picture

Funny he describes himself as a finesse player but you think nasty. Makes me think you were watching the wrong team or player.

Mojo's picture

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks Bakhtiari has a nasty side. This was written by Zach for Bleacher Report: "At 6'4" and 300 pounds, Bakhtiari is a well-built tackle who has the feet of a player who can play on the left side. He also provides impressive work ethic (referred to as a "gym rat," according to and *shows a nasty side* in finishing off blocks."

Or here's another review from a Colorado Buffalo website: "2013 NFL Draft notes:
David gets consistent low posture and strong early contact through his hands is there. He has a strong grip and good control when obtained. He is frequently able to limit inside moves and very aware of slowed footwork when opponent is setting up a second move. David flashes the *nasty attitude* sought after at this level and finishes off plays, takes opponents down that have lost their balance. Can really get after it, an attacker rather than passive blocker."

Guess they saw what I saw.

Stroh's picture

First mistake is reading Bleacher Report! I'll stop there cuz nothing more need be said!

andrewgarda's picture

Unfortunate you feel that way because - aside from me - there's a lot of talented writers there.

Stroh's picture

Yet Bakhtiari himself says he is a finesse player. Been to BR couple years ago and the content was pathetic.

jim's picture

newhouse started last year because he was the best of what the pack had left after injuries, and, considering the number of injuries that occur with the pack offensive line, whether you like newhouse or not, you have to admit that he played every offensive snap last season and that that endurance plays a big part in whether you keep him as a back up should he not win a starting position.

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