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Meanwhile, Back In The Real World...

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Meanwhile, Back In The Real World...

That's right, I'm back in my air-conditioned office while wishing I was getting ready to head out to sun-soaked Ray Nitschke Field later this afternoon.

Unfortunately, real life must intrude.

While I have a moment before the daily grind returns to crush the spirit out of me, I wanted to give a few quick shout-outs to some people that I met while I was in Green Bay.

First of all, I met Bob McGinn. Now, I know he'll never read this, but just for the sake of posterity, I wanted to put down in pixels that watching McGinn work the assistant coaches as they walked from the Hutson Center back to Lambeau Field was like being on-set with Martin Scorsese. Truly a master at work.

Next, I wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who showed up for our Tweet Up at Titletown Brewery last Friday night. It was great being able to put faces with names (or, as the case may be, faces with Twitter-handles...) Guys like Pete Seroogy, Andrew Belonger and  C.D. Angeli. A special thanks to Greg Bedard, Rob Demovsky and Kareem Copeland who showed up, even though Greg and Rob had appeared on a local television program earlier in the evening and the last thing any of the guys probably wanted to do with their last night of freedom before the madness of camp began was to hang out with a bunch of Internet geeks. But show-up they did. Means a lot guys. Thanks. (And yes Wilde, you suck.)

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't say a big, public "thank you" to everyone on the Packers P.R. staff who were so generous with their time and attention during the shareholders meeting. Jeff Blumb, Aaron Popkey, Sarah Quick, Megan O'Keefe and especially John Butnick, were extremely welcoming, even though having a bunch of bloggers running loose around Lambeau Field is no doubt high on their list of things they'd like to avoid.

Speaking of Blumb, I finally had a chance to sit down and talk to him face-to-face. Obviously, we have somewhat differing opinions on the role fan-bloggers should be playing when it comes to covering the Packers. It was, however, very nice to be able to chat and get to know him a little bit. And I feel compelled to add that, while we do have the occasional mildly-contentious back-and-forth on Twitter, he has been nothing but fair and professional when dealing with myself and Cheesehead TV, and that's really all I can ask for...I mean, besides credentials. ;)

(Funny moment - after one morning practice, Popkey found Brian Carriveau and I typing away in the Frozen In Time Ice Cream Parlor. Hey, if the Packers won't give us access to the media workrooms, we have to produce our content somewhere...)

Speaking of Brian, it was great to finally meet the guy who's blog I've been reading since before there was a Cheesehead TV. Railbird Central really inspired me to start putting down my crazy thoughts about the Packers for all to see and it was great to finally meet that inspiration. (What I'm trying to say is...its all Brian's fault.)

Actually, I met so many great people, it's hard to keep track of them all. Got to chat with Jen Lada of Fox Sports while she was up for the day covering camp. We talked about everything from football to raising our kids - she is definitely good peeps.  (I was with her when the Favre-retirement stuff broke. There's nothing like a breaking Favre story to send television people scurrying) I got to meet Bill Michaels, which was beyond surreal given how much time I spent listening to him on the radio when I lived in Wisconsin. (I have to say, more than any media member, Bill draws a crowd quickly, and could not have been more gracious to the people asking him for autographs. Good to see.) I even got to introduce myself to Will Blackmon when we both happened to be at the Best Buy down the street from Lambeau. (Will and I have had a couple go-arounds on Twitter, but he was a nice as could be.)

Finally, I know I'll leave people out of this whole "All-The-Awesome-People-I-Met" list but that is only because I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful, engaging individuals I had the pleasure of speaking with. Whether it was fellow bloggers like Alex Tallitsch and Max Ginsberg (who were just awesome) or Paige Pearson introducing herself to me at the shareholders meeting, it was as though my Twitter feed had come to life.

The most memorable moment of the whole trip though had to be shortly after a night practice when one guy came up to me, shook my hand and said "Oh my God, Aaron Nagler. I love your site. I love what you do man, keep it up."

That right there? Pretty much made my week. If you read this - thanks man.

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dgtalmn's picture

Glad to see that you had a good time. It was true for all of us unable to attend, the info feeds are great and keep them coming.

BTW, love the video of our punter riding the Barbie bike. Great to see that some of the younger fans get to assist the players.

Oppy's picture

I took my yearly one-day pilgrimage to training camp yesterday (Thursday). I was hoping to have a spotting of "The Hat", or catch glimpse of Brian during practice; alas, no dice.

Anyhoo, you guys do a great job. I know I certainly couldn't manage to fully enjoy the practices and catch all the nuances I'd hope to while tweeting the events for all of us unable to attend. I KNOW I can't, I tried to do it last year!

That's when it occurred to me- what you guys do is, at least on some level, a sacrifice for us to get all the info we crace as much as it is a dream/passion for you to cover your favorite time.. And you do it with no pay and on your personal time. Amazing.

Thanks for everything, Corey, Aaron, Brian and the seemingly countless others who are now part of the CheeseheadTV fold.

Oppy's picture

Ha, Typos: "Crace" = "Crave", "Time"= "Team".

Lol, you get the picture

bogmon's picture

Hey Aaron...that guy was me. It was a highlight for me too my man.
It's great to see someone outside of Wisconsin that is so obsessively attached to the minutia of the Packer experience...makes me personally feel a little more sane.
We love the Cheesehead TV and I can't wait till you guys are gettin' paid to do this stuff and I can tell people I knew you way back when.


FITZCORE1252's picture

OH, look at me in my 'air conditioned office' with the 'indoor plumbing' watching my stories on my 17" 'color television'... Just keep rubbing it in guy.


bomdad's picture

Its been an interesting and perhaps historic couple of weeks as the lines between traditional print and TV coverage and internet get fuzzier. Maybe you pointed out to Blumb the way JSOnline uses blogs, twitter, live blogs in the same manner you originated. And then couch it with "you can always revoke credentials, cant you?"

PackersRS's picture

AN: Hey, Jeff. Can me and the gang get some credentials to cover the team? I mean, we actually do a better job than the guys paid to do it.
JB: Sorry man. You're just a blogger.
AN: Screw you guys, I'm going home!

Or something like that.

BigSnakeMan's picture

Never too soon to plan your next trip.....

keeley2's picture

Aaron - your work is absolutely the best. I grew up in Green Bay in the 60's and I was one of those snot nosed kids hanging on the chain link fence across the street from City Stadium (hadn't been renamed yet). And I was fortunate enough to meet Vince Lombardi and other Packer greats of that era (Max McGee rode my bike over to the stadium after practice regularly). My day job keeps me from attending these days - your reports, although not at all like being there, are the next best thing! Thank you again.

Scott in China's picture

Aaron, give us Blumb's email and we can lobby for you. Honestly the content on here is far superior to the newspapers and credentials would just make it that much better.

Oppy's picture

I'm assuming the problem is that a "Legitimate" media source like, let's say, a local Newspaper, absolutely needs to have sports team access in order to retain the perception they are "legitimate", and that affords the team some small amount of assurance the reporter will play nice (or, at least, keep it respectable) when reporting and utilizing the access they've been granted. After all, if you don't have a sports section in your newspaper that has access to the teams in the area, you're not going to sell many newspapers, and that means losing out on credibility and revenue generated from advertisers.

The fear, founded or not, of alot of these pro teams is that Bloggers are not held accountable to anyone or anything, and since they are largely hobbyists, they could be loose cannons or "go rogue" and do great damage to the PR image of the team, or give away state secrets, etc, and so forth.

It sucks, but that seems to be the landscape at the moment. However, as noted elsewhere, it does seem to very slowly be changing. Obviously, having guys like Bedard having a certain level of respect and helping guys like Aaron and Corey get a foothold and make connections is a huge help and indicator that the prevailing attitudes towards bloggers is shifting for the better.

Ted Thompson's picture

You forgot to mention how thrilled you were to see me in person and how much you loved my speech at the shareholders' meeting. You want credentials, you have got to suck up, son.

DAWG's picture

Naggy, I have to say I respect the time and money you put in, to follow your and our Packer Nation. We may not always agree, but hey-we are in this together and I do respect your passion, input and analysis of a true Packer junky. OK enough of this sappy shit, get to work :)

pat fermanich's picture

arron on nfl web.sit it had nfl top10 greatest players #1 rice #2 jim brown #3johnny unitas #4joe montana #5reggie white #6bruce smith #7lawrence taylor #8dick butkus #9anthony mounz #10joe greene what are you feelings on this i feel payton should be on here some where

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