McGinn Chimes In On Blog Battle!

Well, not really. But more than two of you have emailed me (indeed, commenter manolito posted it in a previous comment section) Bob McGinn's column from Saturday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as ammunition for the Great Blog Battle of 2008 between CheeseheadTV and PackerGeeks and our differing views of Ryan Grant's contract and performance so far in 2008.

McGinn does indeed highlight many of the same concerns I've been airing since the end of last season in regards to awarding Grant a new contract. And he liberally quotes two NFC personnel execs who rate Grant very poorly compared to his starting NFL running back brethren. He concludes with a nice summation of what has, in essence, been my argument all along:

The great backs seldom are able to explain how they do it. They just do.

Grant surely isn't one of them even though the Packers decided to pay him like it.

Now, all this said - one need look no further than another McGinn article that was written on October 1st, 2006 to see how he is sometimes prone to accentuating the negative so as to make himself look smarter than the rest of us when it comes to the Green and Gold.

From a piece entitled "Troubling Signs From Woodson"

For now, at least, the megabucks signing of Charles Woodson hasn't come back to haunt the Green Bay Packers.

But as the weeks and months, perhaps even seasons, of the Woodson chapter begin to unfold, the hunch is that general manager Ted Thompson ultimately will wish that he had spent his money on somebody else.

Safe to say that Thompson is quite happy with the signing. It's also safe to say that this article belongs next to McGinn's infamous piece calling for Mike Sherman to spend a first round pick on acquiring Drew Henson.

Hey, we all make mistakes. I don't think McGinn is making one when it comes to his views on Grant.

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