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McCarthy's Attention To Detail Pays Off Again

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McCarthy's Attention To Detail Pays Off Again

Mike McCarthy probably won't be winning the NFL's Coach of the Year award, but there is no other coach I'd rather have leading the Green and Gold. His preparedness for every situation and meticulous attention to detail, while often cited in a passing fashion, is really second to none when it comes to how he handles his team and how he prepares week in and week out.

The latest example of this trait was on display Sunday in the victory over the Lions in the form of a probable NFL MVP quarterback working the headset to help his backup navigate the no-huddle offense. Obviously, Aaron Rodgers deserves credit for not only being so supportive of Matt Flynn and for his ability to take his knowledge of the offense and transfer what he could from the sideline to Flynn via the radio in Flynn's helmet. But don't discount McCarthy's decision to use Rodgers in such a manner.

After watching Flynn have what can only be described as an extremely successful inaugural NFL start last year against the New England Patriots, McCarthy no doubt broke down Flynn's game and made note of the area where he struggled the most both in that game and against the Lions the previous week after Rodgers had left the game due to concussion - in the no-huddle/2 minute drill.

Now, obviously, Flynn has had plenty of extra practice reps since then. But this is the first opportunity since bungling the end of the Patriots game that Flynn has had to run the no huddle, and McCarthy seems to have wanted to ensure that Flynn had every advantage possible.

No, its not revolutionary and it doesn't take away from a brilliant performance by Flynn. It does, however, speak to McCarthy's ability to see a problem and approach it from every angle imaginable to find a solution.

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Kendra's picture

I loved this analysis but I think it even goes further than identifying a weakness in Flynn's game and finding a way to overcome it.

By having Rodgers call the plays in the no huddle/2 minute drill, McCarthy kept his starting QB's mind and ego involved with the game.

There is some interpersonal relations brilliance at play here.

packeraaron's picture

That very well could be, Kendra...

SpiderPack's picture

Great comment Kendra, and thanks for noting on it Aaron. (Sorry for being absent most of the season). And to expound on Kendra's comment I think it goes farther. From what I gathered Rodgers wasn't straight-out calling the plays, he was just talking with his buddy Flynn about what to lookout for as he approached the LOS during the no-huddle plays. There is so much misinformation out there about Flynn's day it is atrocious. Now, certainly Rodgers had some influence with those calls, but come on, don't you think the brilliant McCarthy isnt chiming in on all that as well? I mean with Flynn & anyway with Rodgers? I mean the guy (Flynn) has to just about know exactly what he's going to do to be decisive in the winning fashion he exhibited Sunday.

What we're talking about is Arodge hitting a point or two, and giving Flynn a heads up about something Flynn is probably already thinking about. Isn't this what a good offensive coordinator/QB coach would offer Flynn anyway if he was a season-long starter? Truth is they gave Arodge & Flynn a chance to bond in a way that makes them both better QBs, and its a beautiful thing. Like Kendra said.

I get tiresome of the media & popular culture's lack of understanding of these kinds of situations. I don't really know what's going on with the cowboys, chargers, or the vikings last year for gods sake. But I don't talk like I do either.

Is their a way journalists can bring about an awareness that the national media "misses" a great portion of the time? I wish there could be, but I think its all about how we as CHTV folks have the access & support of a fan-based site like this to show us what its all about.

Amen Brother Aaron.

dullgeek's picture

Agree. I thought that MM pretty much said exactly that in his postgame press conference.

CincyPackFan's picture

And what was the $$ difference in Flynn vs. Stafford, and Flynn beat him? i'm thinking Flynn makes about 5% of what Stafford does. The GB staff's ability to find QB's has the rest of the NFL gnashing their teeth.

D.D. Driver's picture

Remember all the fuss about how the Packers needed cut Flynn and "sign a veteran quarterback" in Flynn's rookie season?

These guys really do know what they are doing I guess.

packeraaron's picture

I've been trying to bite my tongue on this very subject, DDD. There were some choice blog battles on this back in the day ;)

PackersRS's picture

You are wrong.

It wasn't just his rookie season.

Brooklyn81's picture

Flynn to the Skins

Crede's picture

I think Flynn to Seahawks.

jeremy's picture

The Browns are a possibility too. It will be interesting off-season fodder to watch this play out. I'm just glad Flynn won't be going to an NFC North rival.

IowaPackFan's picture

Don't be so sure he doesn't go to the Vikings. Vikings could offer him a decent payday to fight it out with Ponder in training camp, and then the Vikes don't have to consider burning their #3 pick on another QB.

jeremy's picture

Cassel and Kolb both got over 60 million without playing as well as Flynn. Flynn would be insane to fight for a starting postion anywhere, especially in the NFC North. His agent is going to look for a lot of money, he is going somewhere he's guaranteed to start.

IowaPackFan's picture

You're probably right. I'm just assuming the Vikings poach another Packer success project.

Evan's picture

I can't imagine the Vikes would bring in another QB a year after taking Ponder in the 1st round. Nor could I see Flynn go to a team where there was such a strong possibility he'd be the backup.

wgbeethree's picture

Seahawks would be my first choice if i was Flynn. Good young line with Okung, Carpenter, and Unger. Nice young weapons with Rice, Miller, and Lynch. Solid young defense. "Weaker" division and built in support with Schneider as GM. Seems ideal to me.

PackerBacker's picture

If you mention Schneider, you have to think that if McKenzie and/or Wolf get picked by some team as GM's they might like to bring him along (ala Mike Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck)

Evan's picture

I just hope he goes to a team I don't hate so I can still root for him. Browns and Seahawks (though they just gave Tavaris a fair amount of money) would be nice. Redskins are a disaster.

But you have to look at the draft. Colts take Luck #1. Then it's Rams and Vikes, both of whom have young QBs. Browns at #4 will probably take Robert Griffin III. That leaves the Skins at #6 and Dolphins at #8 out of luck and probably looking at Flynn.

Point Packer's picture

I live in Seattle and am from WI and a huge Packer fan. Post Holmgren, Seattle is a dump of a place to play. Fans are the among the worst on many levels as any in the NFL. If I were Flynn, I'd try my luck somewhere else. But not the Vikings.

bomdad's picture

I'd contend that putting Rodgers on the headset was revolutionary, because I have never heard of it, has anyone else? Maybe Peyton Manning did it, but I was too nauseated for it to set in. Now if AR is out of the game with a concussion, you dont want to be doing that.

I'd also like to think that stroke of genius would garner more votes among those whose minds are not made up about coach of the year, because it was suprising to see.

Norman's picture

I'm sure Brent would have been on the headset helping Aaron had McCarthy pulled him and broke his games started streak back a few years ago, don't you think?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Was Rodgers calling the game as he wanted or was he getting input, instruction from McCarthy? Anybody know? It's too bad Aaron said he's done with football when he's done playing, probably be a fine coach.


CJ in Guatemala's picture

He can say that now, and suddenly get a "passion" for coaching... say 7 years from now.

jeremy's picture

I believe Rodgers was calling the audibles.

packeraaron's picture

According to Tom Silverstein:

<em>...behind the scenes, Rodgers was on the headset calling plays for Flynn every time coach Mike McCarthy called for a no-huddle offense.</em>

To be clear - this only occurred in the first half.

jeremy's picture

Are you aware of how much play calling Rodgers does from the no huddle when he is on the field?

packeraaron's picture

A good deal of it, although as he pointed out today on the radio, McCarthy can talk to him from the moment the playclock is reset until there are 15 seconds remaining. He called it "a blessing and a curse" :)

jeremy's picture

That has to be such an enormous advantage over someone like Cutler who has to run a bad play call regardless, knowing he's going to get killed. Just the psychological aspect could explain a lot of the difference we see on the field as far as body language and composure between those two.

FITZCORE1252&#039;s EVO's picture

Heard the show this morning, sounds like he might coach HS. Good for him.

Listening to the show, I got a chill when Aaron was talking about the naysayers.... I think it went something like "maybe we need to remind them"... That was all i needed to hear. The best player in the league feels slighted and is on a mission... Thank you, come again... Game over.


Kparis99's picture

I know, Fitz, like how Aaron is a "system" qb. When I started hearing that go around, I was thinking a-rod is going to kill em in the playoffs now. He will probably throw 7 td's in the div round

Troy's picture

One, I don't think Brent would even consider helping a backup play well even if it meant a loss. He's that selfish as history has shown.

I also think that if Flynn's going to garner a lot of attention in teh offseason, then the Pack should consider Franchise tagging Flynn to see if they can get a decent pick for him in the draft. Otherwise they just lose all their investment in time and training to let him walk as a Free agent. Not sure it works that way, but heck it would be worth a shot to get a pick or two for him. There are a number of teams that need a QB that might be willing to give up something for him.

jeremy's picture

I've been trying to figure out who Brent is since February 10, 1992.

alex's picture

would look better if Brohm had worked out

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I think I must be confused or something. Many are talking about franchising Flynn and then trading him to get something. If he gets the franchise label, doesn't he get the average of the top 5 at his position? A Rodg isn't making the average of the top 5. Isn't that a pretty high salary for someone to trade for?

I guess the salary is only for one year, but the average is like $25MM/year.

IowaPackFan's picture

They won't franchise him unless there is a trade agreed to. If TT can't find a buyer willing to give up some draft picks, Flynn will probably walk.

Also, the franchise salary applies to the average QB salary or something like that, so likely to be $15 mil for the 1st year. There is no way we waste the franchise tag on Flynn. It would only be if we could work out a trade, and Finley's deal would probably have to precede all this. Otherwise, we probably franchise Finley and let Flynn walk.

fish/crane's picture

Well isn't this just an interesting situation..If no tag and trade develops- his unrestricted F/A may bid up his price beyond 25 million so that makes me think tag and trade is at least a small possibility.

There was no such chance a week ago.

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