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McCarthy Speaks, Answers CHTV

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McCarthy Speaks, Answers CHTV

Although he had no clue when he did it, McCarthy answered not one but TWO questions from a fan blogger today. Yes, a credentialed fan blogger, but a fan nonetheless. Ladies and gentlemen, history was made.

Ok, so it was no big deal, but it felt good to ask him a) Has he indicated to Thompson that he wants both Clifton and Tauscher back? Yes, of course. b) Is the fact that he has yet to incorporate the Wildcat into his offense an indication that he has an aversion to it, or that he doesn't have the right personnel? He said he was very open to using it and that he just felt they didn't have the right personnel. He also joked that he had looked at the receivers throw the ball and did not like what he saw. It was pretty funny actually.

He covered a lot of other ground both at the podium and in the hall afterword:

  • Most striking was McCarthy's addressing Kampman very much as a member of the Packers going forward. He talked about how much better he thought Kampman would be in his second year in the system.
  • Ok, strike that. The MOST striking thing he said was when someone asked about who he thought would emerge from the ranks to solidify the right tackle spot if Tauscher wasn't back. His first response? Allen Barbre. Oy vey.
  • By far the most entertaining moment was when one of the NFL PR flaks (there are like 20 or so here) said over the loudspeaker "Some guy named Tebow over on Podium B" and ALL, and I mean almost every single one, every national writer GOT UP and RAN to the opposite side of the room, leaving McCarthy alone with mostly his regular crew of local guys...and me. (And, to be fair, Chris Mortensen, who avoided the whole Tebow thing) But it was hysterical. McCarthy said it was "perfect timing" afterword.
  • McCarthy acknowledged the struggles on Special Teams and, without blinking, said "Special Teams will be the most improved area of our team next year"
  • He indicated he'd "love" to work with Tim Tebow. He also said he'd "love" to have 5 quarterbacks on the roster.
  • He was extremely positive about the strides he thought Brandon Underwood would make from year one to year two. Some have asked about the Packers possibly looking at filing a hole or two in their secondary via free agency. While I wouldn't rule it out, I get the sense we'll still be hearing a lot of "The best way to improve is to improve from within" this offseason.
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Dave S's picture

Maybe he is threatening to go with Barbre as leverage to ensure Tauscher is brought back. Not likely at all, I understand. I'm just trying to put a nice spin on that comment.

packeraaron's picture

Dave S - you are actually more right than you know.

longtymefan's picture

MM actually didnt laugh when he said Allen Barbre?

And it is interesting about Kampman....That is something that if "not serious about" would make the agent go nuts over and demand a lot of extra money? So maybe they really are trying hard to get him back

backslash's picture

McCarthy was prolly thinking 'Who's the new guy hanging out with Bedard, he sure is a svelte & dashing fellow.'

Shootz's picture

Great question about the Wildcat, was something I'd wondered myself.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks Shootz. Yeah, been kind of gnawing at me....

Cuphound's picture

Barbre? Wow. I'm floored. McCarthy must hate the o-line.

Oppy's picture

One small step for fans, one giant leap for Aaron, Corey, and CheeseheadTV.
Awesome, Aaron, Congrats!

ThinkICare's picture

Nice job with the questions. Interesting Wildcat question. Do work Nagler.

Ron LC's picture

really good stuff, Aaron.
Some have asked about the Packers possibly looking at filing a hole or two in their secondary via free agency. While I wouldn’t rule it out, I get the sense we’ll still be hearing a lot of “The best way to improve is to improve from within” this offseason."

Sounds much like his earlier "evaluating the team from a business prospective" comments earlier this year. TT is looking at the potential chaos that will be the next two years and trying to minimize the economic downside while getting a younger and more aggresssive team on the field. I HOPE!
Barbre? Aaaarrrggghhh!
I'm betting that if Teebow falls as far as some predict, TT might just give it a shot. Remember Brohm?
Special teams = Most Improved. I hope so they were ranked 31?
Overall, I'm not looking for a lot of changes at the top this off season. The action will be at the bottom since there is also no floor this year.

Glorious80s's picture

Tebow will not fall that far, will probably go early first round, possibly in the top 10. Jacksonville is very hot for him to help save their franchise. And don't count out Miami or even Tampa Bay. People who are predicting lower rounds for Tebow are looking at the wrong parameters, ie throwing motion. People outside of the Southeast have no clue. The guy is a force, he leads, he wins. That alone is worth a first round draft choice.

bucky's picture

Tebow in the top 10?

Child, please.

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