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McCarthy Loses His Mind

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McCarthy Loses His Mind

I mean, what other explanation is there?

When you are asked a direct question about Greg Jennings and his comments about wanting to get the ball more and you answer...with this?

I'll just say this about the statistics: our self-scout phase is over. Our team statistics have been identified and analyzed. We know what the positives are. We know what we need to do as far as the other areas that we need to work on. We're four or five percent production is our goal in a number of those areas. We've talked about it and it's been addressed. When your team statistics are in order, your individual statistics will be in order. That's where I am at on that.

"I'll just say this about the statistics"? What in God's name is he talking about? I mean, I get it. He's answering in a reeeeaaalllly roundabout way. But the question was about Greg Freekin' Jennings and his comments to reporters. I don't even mind a curt "We're going to keep that in-house". That at LEAST lets me know that you understood the question. Look, I know it's a drag having to get up in front of the beat guys and gals after every practice and answer their questions. But the least you can do is man-up and answer things in a direct manner. The above is, to put it charitably, bullshit.

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bucky's picture

Sure it's bullshit, but it's not evidence McCarthy is losing his mind. He just didn't want to answer that question, and so he didn't. One might wonder why none of the journalists followed up, but that's not for McCarthy to answer.

packeraaron's picture

It was a joke bucky. I realize he hasn't lost his mind. And I realize he didn't want to answer the question. It's so easy when things are going well. A little pushback and he gets all defensive. Just man-up and answer the freekin' question, that's all I'm saying.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Is he talking in Chinese? Cause for some reason i didn't understand a word he McCarthy said...

IronMan's picture

Sounds like something John Maddden would say. BOOM!

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i think sometimes that mccarthy is a bit too into types of analysis that may make sense in a meeting in a board room three days after a game, but that are somewhat disconnected from the big-picture reality, and from gut feelings that have relevance during the game.

i don't think this is an attempt not to answer the question at all. i think this is really how mccarthy thinks. it was a strange way of saying: "when our overall offensive issues are corrected, greg's stats and production will reflect that."

it's still absurd, and i think it is indicative of a larger issue i think is perhaps mccarthy's greatest flaw. he doesn't pay attention to what your eyes and gut tells you - like "we need to start running the ball down their throats, even if it doesn't work right away," or "poppinga really sucks," or "why on god's green earth would you keep 3 fullbacks?" - i know the personnel issues aren't mccarthy so much, but i think thompson is the same way, and i think they nod their heads and point a lot at obscure numbers in meetings and ignore the fact that this team was 6-10, and that there are glaring weaknesses that aren't necessarily reflected in stats all the time... except things like, oh, 20 sacks in 4 games.

i just hear too much of 'we're assessing a number of things and we're happy with some of the production we're getting in those units.' yeah, we're 5th in YAC. poppinga is always around the tackle (3 seconds after, jumping on the pile), etc. step back a few paces and look at where we are. it looks a lot different from out here - partially because we're rabid ignorant fans, but also because we aren't ultra-focused on things that don't tell you the big picture.

Packsmack's picture

McCarthy beats guys AND gals? Yes, he has lost his mind.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

colin cowherd talks about using the 'eye-test' - like watching a usc game and just feeling like they're loads better than the competition, even if they're down by 3.

sometimes it can obviously get in your way, but i think mccarthy and thompson rarely pay enough attention to this sort of eye-test thing - like watching bishop make plays, or poppinga jump on the pile late, or jarrett bush looking like a cfl player.

this is why clueless joes like us think brady must have naked pictures of ted in a hottub with a crossdresser.

alfredomartinez's picture

i think mcarthy for the most part, tries to sound off by enabling some sort of articulate texture in words, throwing shit like STATISTICS, ASSESMENT, and so on...there are times when a man just needs to lay it down in a more basic way and simply answer such questions without having to be so theological about every and all details in context...sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!!

lebowski's picture

Wouldn't you love to hear his dinner conversations with his wife?
"How are the potatoes, honey?"
"I've gone through the initial assessment phase, and identified the aspects that need to be fixed. Once again, lower oven temperature and less butter are easy things to point to, but the fact of the matter is statistically potatoes have a high rate of failure. Now go clean your house."

FJ Dan's picture

he should have used "the train has left the station" again. not sure what that means either, but it wouldn't have taken him so long to get out. thanks for laugh CHTV.

jrarick's picture

Dudes, give the guy a break! If I had to answer to so many critics for every bad day/bad comment, wow, I would be in big trouble. I know he is in this position, but generally he is very forthcoming. Cut him a little slack.

lebowski's picture

It's not that he's not forthcoming, jrarick, it's that he answers everything like he's at a chalkboard with his assistants. This is far from the first time I've read one of his answers and said "WTF?"

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

lebowski, the potato thing is priceless, LMAO

jrarick's picture

Andrew, clearly speaking in public is not his strong point. Let's hope he is a good coach and they go 12-4 this year!

jrarick's picture

One thing I found interesting. Once I rented a bus for a church group I am involved with. I live in Chicago. The bus driver said he often drives the Bears to their games, but has also driven the Packers. I did not tell him I was a Packer fan at first. He said he can't stand to drive the Bears because they are cheap and rude. But he really liked Mike McCarthy. He found him a genuine guy and was very nice. He also tipped well. Maybe MM is much better in personal conversations than in front of groups. Many are like that. Just a thought. Made me happy to be a Packer fan.

Ron La Canne's picture

Lebowski, you wear your name like a badge of honor. However, you cost me another key board after I spilled my coffee on it. I'm still laughing.
Self Assessment? Just how does that fix anything? Isn't it true that when a problem is indentified the next step should be to fix it? I said this before and I'll probably say it again, once the problem has been identified a plan to fix the problem must be implemented. I can detect no such plan in MM's comments, just another brush off.
Heard Rodgers on WTMJ this morning and this is the best paraphrase I can give. "I have watched the films over and over. The issues identified will be corrected on my part. I have no need to adjust my internal clock. --(That says he disagrees with the popular opinion that is flying about the internet that he has a slow release) -- The blocking could be improved but I think the line is doing a good job." Can we say PC?
Something is wrong and no one in GB is talking about it, directly that is. When your star players start dumping in public, it is a clue that something is not being addressed behind the closed doors. Chicago (3-1) will have 7 practice sessions in their bye period. The Packers (2-2) will have 4. How does that help fix the problems identified during their self-assessments?
The Detroit and Cleveland games are going to be important benchmarks. Have they, in fact, addressed the issues or is this just a pile of "pad levels"? There are three of the team's stars speaking publicly about their views and MM babbles with no followup. ???

packeraaron's picture

jrarick - that's a great story. All the beat guys say McCarthy is a great guy away from the podium.

retiredgrampa's picture

I'm REALLY beginning to question his thought processes. "When you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit."

jrarick's picture

grampa, I don't agree at all. He exactly answered the question. Jennings complained about the number of his catches. That is a statistic. MM said they went through all the statistics from the first four games, addressed them, fixed them and have moved on. He was no longer thinking in the past, and Jennings comments are part of the past. I really think he is just moving on from the 2-2 start and is looking forward to go 4-0 in the next four. Nothing more, nothing less. He is also trying to diffuse any locker room "schism." I think he is handling it well, actually.

PackerHaiku's picture

That's what they all say
When not saying something else

AdamInEngland's picture

Looking at the actual transcript, the question was - "Did you have to talk to Greg Jennings at all about his comments about wanting the ball more?", so the question was about the happiness of Jennings in respect to the lack of touches, not about WHY he isn't getting the touches

WoodyG's picture

Maybe GB needs to bring back Shermie....... Now that was an impressive HC at the podium..... "WTF" was everyone's favorite response to Shermie & his coach-speak.............
All MM said was that AR threw for 384 yards against the Vikings......... it can't, won't, shouldn't be all GJ.... maybe this week against the Lions......
The media is in a constant state of confusion..... Would it had mattered at all what MM said or how he said it? .... If I were MM I'd continue to keep the media in flux...... he owes them nothing.

bucky's picture

The question basically asks McCarthy to throw either Jennings or the offensive coaching staff under the bus. So why should McCarthy answer it if he's not forced to? How does giving one answer or another improve the existing situation? Were I in his shoes, I wouldn't answer it either, unless there was no way around it. If the press that was there found it so important, they could have followed up. None did.

DanTX's picture

It was a good laugh reading that quote in the transcript. We've all been there. I picture MM going back to his office and staring at his snowglobe for a while, "Stupid, stupid, stupid...."

JerseyAl's picture

"We’re four or five percent production is our goal in a number of those areas".

That's the part that has me flummoxed...

packeraaron's picture

Yeah, it had a bit of this to it:

NickGBP's picture

I like McCarthy even more the more he messes with the media. If you want a media darling go talk to someone in PR. I don't give a damn how he speaks to the media as long as he communicates clearly with the team. It's clear he detests the media. Based on the time he's in front of the stand you'd think he's antisocial and detatched and just sits in his office giving orders to his players through handouts and papers. But I think he's the exact opposite of how he appears in his press conferences. He is engaged and involved on the field. He loves the interaction with his players...just not the media.
And I don't understand how that answer is a problem. He was focusing on the issue itself...not the comments that Greg made. By answering that way he admitted that the attempts to Greg were lower than he'd like. You (or at least I) WANT a guy that's looking at the numbers. Gut feelings work in the short run...but over time those statistics don't lie. Sure he didn't explain the "4 or 5% production" thing as well as he should've, but it's the media's job to ask him to clarify.
If I was him I'd probably be even less open than he is. Most reporters are a bunch of "know-it-all" passive aggressives that infer that they know how to coach better than he does. As nice of a guy as Greg Bedard is, he is a pompous SOB who seems to have all the answers, and that comes through in his questions (and not just him). It's like a reporter inteviewing Bernanke saying why don't you just lower the transfer rate to increase the money flow? If I was him I'd punch him in the face with my stacks of money. You're a reporter...know your role. Ask questions,don't act like you're an expert.
And that's my rant.

JerseyAl's picture

Maybe MM can't "locate" Greg Jennings...

The smirk on the host's face is just priceless...

jrarick's picture

Nick, totally agree with your rant!

packeraaron's picture

"He was focusing on the issue itself…not the comments that Greg made." - but that's EXACTLY my point! The QUESTION was about GREG JENNINGS! Just answer the god damn question...

cow42's picture

I find myself more and more "how the hell did this turd get a team to the NFC championship game"?

Please tell me anything that has ever been broken (penalties, run game, sacks, etc) that mccarthy has fixed.

NickGBP's picture

Here's the question:
Did you have to talk to Greg Jennings at all about his comments about wanting the ball more?)

He responds: No (he did not have a talk with Jennings). Then he goes on to say that they have scouted the issue [lack of passes to Jennings] and are addressing it. He says we know what areas we need to work on and we're working on improving them.
There's your answer. He did not have a problem with Greg's comments (he didn't have to talk to him about it) because it's likely the same thing they've been discussing in meetings about production issues on the offense. He's [McCarthy] said before that he doesn't mind players giving their opinion even if it differs with his (re: Woodson's Anthony Smith comments). In this case I'd have to assume that he and Jennings are on the same page and are working to address the issue. That's what I took out of it the first time and that's what I see when I look at the transcript.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

It's laugh a minute day at CHTV. The You Tube of Miss SC was hysterical!
Thanks Aaron.

packeraaron's picture

"In this case I’d have to assume..." Well of course you would. Because he didn't answer the question.

PackersRS's picture

Just my opinion but couldn't care less how he adresses the media. "Boo hoo he didn't answer my question directly". Couldn't care less about his pad levels and fundamentals speeches, as long as they are just it, speeches. If he's correcting the mistakes, the team is improving on the field, he's fine with me. If not, then he's not. If he's imposing a vanilla approach to the defense, and it's not working, than I got a problem. If he's asking for Anthony Smith to be released, leaving noone as S backup, then I got a problem.

WoodyG's picture

" Most reporters are a bunch of “know-it-all” passive aggressives that infer that they know how to coach better than he does. "
Could this statement be anymore true? ..... The local-yokels are always looking for a choice line or combination of words that they can embellish & exaggerate to make their story.....
BTW, is Nick Collins still holding out for a fatter contract? ...... There are more prime examples..... 2009 is not the 'year of the media'.

nerdmann's picture

Jennings needs to stfu and start catching the ball with regularity.
If the offensive line is struggling, that means he needs to drop fewer passes, not more.

Ron La Canne's picture

From MM's presser: Spitz (back) and Wells (hamstring) were pulled from practice today. MM says not serious! Bigby and Clifton both practiced and did good.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Now that the extensive "self scouting" is over, I hope that it's as clear for the coaches as it is to me that Desmond Bishop NEEDS to find the field... ALOT. If that means benching Barnett I'm OK with it. Yes he'll give up a big play here or miss an assignment there, BUT, the kid can make game-changing plays! Risk vs. reward baby!


nerdmann's picture

Switch him to FB!

bomdad's picture

{Please tell me anything that has ever been broken (penalties, run game, sacks, etc) that mccarthy has fixed]
He got a QB to show up for off season events.

IPBprez's picture

Can't say I disagree with the majority of the comments here. As all know, I've been a fairly strong supporter of the new Administration and when we seemed to do so well in the Draft, I had real hope we'd get off to a blockbuster start.

THEN, I see some of the Assistant Coaches are STILL being treated like real Guru's of the game --- and THEY ARE NOT.

Obviously, what's partly to blame is - as you say - is this need to implement a
"corporate/project managerial" analysis method. It's like they are working up the best model there is and then hopefully it ends up being something that no one else would be able to improve upon.

WHAT'S MISSING (from the analysis) ?

A JOHN WAYNE "smack 'em around" attitude. What else.... (Like hell I will...)

The other teams manhandle us and NONE of the Coaches seem all that upset about it. They just go away it seems. You don't see any Fritz Shurmur-like temper tantrums or tirades. I know I'm not seeing any. And, I tend to watch the fringes of wherever the camera is pointing at.

Maybe they need to have a play land right in their laps, so they taste some blood of their own for a change.... I know I wouldn't be very upset about McCarthy getting knocked on his can during a real game. Just to see his response as he gets back up and it's on National Television....

Football is a rough sport - that's why WE all watch it. It's the bloodless Roman Arena Sport. Almost.....

I can tell ya this - Mike McCarthy wouldn't last 3 seasons if he was the HC for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tell me I'm wrong.

This "stay apart from the fray" attitude, so you can come up with some einstein-formulaic brainfart just ain't gettin' it.

Does he even watch himself on TV after the Interview? Does he really know what he sounds like? Is any of his friends even courageous enough to tell him even a portion of the truth?

They say winning cures all ills - well, it did that in 2007... It hid all of the issues that SHOULD have been corrected by now. He had all of last year and a Pro Bowl QB behind Center the whole time throwing for over 4000 yards in his Rookie 'Starter' Year. Talk about taking $hit for granted....

The real problem may be even worse than any of us know about. Does this political (?) attitude stem from the Board of Directors? Is this the new template on how to run our Organization? Is there a MEMO we packerfans aren't being allowed to read? It certainly smells that way.

Attitudes are something that spread and they usually start at the top and work their way down. It was the Bob Harlan (and Ron Wolf) methodology that brought us both Mike Sherman and now his twin (?) Mike McCarthy.

At this point in time, you do not see any real change in the on-field approach to winning, other than we do have a fairly decent GM who IS a pretty good judge of horseflesh... at least on the College Draft level. I agree he does need to move a bit more like a gambler in the FA approach, but I won't denigrate the personnel he has brought in. Woodson, Chillar, Pickett...all speak of money well spent and the return on investment is sound. Woodson has how many INT's since putting on the green & gold? I believe it to be 22. Who else is pulling down those numbers? Pickett has been very Grady Jackson like since coming to GBP.

NO - Overall, this is a Coaching Philosophy Issue .... and, eventually (next year?) Trader Ted Thompson will have to either fish, or cut bait.

I would not be averse to the firing of at least the OLC right now - THAT would put Philbin on notice that he could be next.... maybe the week after?

And, who says the QB coach isn't droppin the ball, either?

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