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McCarthy \"Big Time Pissed\"

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McCarthy \"Big Time Pissed\"

That's according to Jermichael Finely responding to my question about McCarthy and what he was like addressing the team yesterday.

I can't say I'm surprised and, in fact, think McCarthy getting pissed is a very good thing. It will be very interesting to see what kind of week it is around 1265 Lombardi...

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bigfog's picture

Hopefully he'll follow up on this "big time pissed" by having a hellacious week of practice.

Andyman's picture

It's time to show some fire.

John's picture

File this under Duh. And congrats on making a story out of the obvious. Also, Greg Bedard called. He wants his schtick back.

IronMan's picture

That's really nice that he is pissed. Unfortunately, being pissed will not fix the offensive line.

RockinRodgers's picture

He better be pissed. His job could be on the line.

natedogg's picture

We should enjoy these tweets while we get them. I can't imagine MM will be too happy with JMike's tweeting on MM's coaching style. I'd rather hear JerMichael's take on National Healthcare anyway.

PackersRS's picture

Things at preseason started going well when there were those fights... and then late preseason all was smiles ans swagger... Maybe this will turn things around. That being said, I'll believe it when this team produces...
BTW, a 2011 1st rounder and James Jones for D'Brickshaw Ferguson, would that be good? I mean, they need Wrs badly, and Ferguson would be a great asset for our Oline for years. Just speculating, haven't heard about any trade or anything...

PackerAaron's picture

John - 'Duh'? Really? By all accounts McCarthy has done little exploding on his teams throughout his tenure. In my mind there was a good possibility that he could have come into the meeting yesterday very even-keeled and talked about how they needed to put it behind them, blah blah blah. I was glad to hear it was the opposite.
Oh, and it's not a 'story' - it's a blog post. You might want to join us here in 2009.

natedogg's picture

I think it would probably take two #1s and maybe Jordy Nelson for Ferguson.

natedogg's picture

Really it is all about pad level. Technique. McCarthy screaming or not doesn't really matter. Forrest Gregg used to yell a lot. Look what that produced.

Ruppert's picture

Yes, but was McCarthy pissed enough to skip that 3rd helping of biscuits 'n gravy? Okay, that was a cheap shot...I apologize to everybody.
I have to chime in on the "it's a good thing" side. As I have droned on and on about, this team is plain inconsistent. The up-side is that they HAVE shown that they can play at a high level. Maybe McCarthy getting pissed will do something to motivate these guys to peak performance 100% of the time. We'll see.

Ron La Canne's picture

Hmmmm! MM should have gotten pissed about half way through 2008 and stayed pissed. There is nothing but bunch of no talents on the O line. He better change his coaching staff and get someone who can teach drive blocking and dump all remnants of Zone blocking. It AIN'T WORKING!

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I'm glad to hear he got upset. Singletary is turning around the 49ers and I'm sure he's not polite is his communications with players (ref his rant re Vernon Davis last year). I also like that Aaron has gained trust from some players and they are willing to speak. This is a blog guys, not the NY Times.
It might be good tho to indetify your source as "a player" so JF does not get in trouble with MM.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

The next thing I'd like to see from MM is that he tear up his "favorites" list and give the likes of Bishop the majority of the snaps for several games. It would not bother me at all to see Poppinga and Hawk on the bench. If you are going to yell at players then you have to back it up. It's the definition of insanity isn't it? Keep doing the same things but expect a different result?

PackerAaron's picture

AIA - thought about 'a player', but it's on Twitter for all to see, so it would be pretty easy to figure out...

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

Ah, I should have noticed that obvious fact. My bad

MC Iced Borscht's picture

That is beautiful!

Twitter is truly making the NFL a new world this season.

nerdmann's picture

How are those "smaller, quicker" offensive linemen working out?

Packsmack's picture

Jamon Meredith signed with the Bills. I'm pissed. That leaves 2 healthy Tackles in the friggin system. Don't worry though, we kept John Kuhn AND Korey Hall!

Ron La Canne's picture

I kept looking at the O line depth chart and trying to make sense of it. I couldn't! This problem lies entirely in the lap of TT. However, MM is to blame also for not fighting with TT to ungrade a very bad component of this team.
The startin g live for Sunday:
LE Colledge (ankle sprain)
LG Sitton 4 games played at RG and part game at LG)
C Wells journeyman Center coming off back surgery - Remembe how teams put their NG on him and drove him into the backfield last year
RG Spitz who always had problems at Guard much better at C)
RT Barbre, what can be said that hasn't been said already

Backups Lang and Deitrich-Smith both rookies. What's the line on activating Breno Sunday? And now PS tells us that Meridith is gone from the Practice Squad. This is an unacceptable position to be in after the 2nd game.

Oppy's picture

"By all accounts McCarthy has done little exploding on his teams throughout his tenure."
Aaron, to be fair- had Finley not responded to your question, we'd have no reason to believe that MM exploded this time, either. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, it just means we don't hear about it.
Under Ted Thompson, the Packers have become increasingly tight when it comes to public access. It is quite possible that MM screams at the team as much as any other coach in the league behind closed doors, and the difference could be Green Bay's doors are closed much more tightly than perhaps some other teams. My father was a complete prick at home, but ask his co-workers, members of his church congregation, the guy at the check out counter at the supermarket, and he was a really nice, quiet stand-up guy. I'm just sayin'.
BTW, I just heard the Jamon Meredith signed with the Bills a few minutes ago? WTF? While he was not ready by any means, the LAST thing we need right now is to be even more thin at T, now or for the future. This is not good. Perhaps we'll HAVE to sign a vet T?

Aaron Rogders's picture

I am surprised no one has mentioned this yet.. Maybe it has to do with that no one cares to listen to McCarthy's Press Conference anymore. I can totally understand though, cause I myself, am sick and tired of hearing McCarthy talk about "pad levels" and "gap control" week in and week out. But I did happen to be very bored and listened to his press conference. So, this is what I do not understand, and I find it very scary.

This quote from McCarthy yesterday:
"I'm not happy with either game that I have called. Number one, it's because of the outcome. Number two, look at the down and distances that we are playing in. I don't carry into the game six third-and-11-pluses calls. I don't do that. I carry three."

uhhh.. What!? Is McCarthy saying that he only has three, THREE plays that have the receivers go for more then 10 yards?? And you wouldn't find yourself in that position if you can ummm.. run the ball! Passing to the receiver behind the line counts as a run too, which GB use to be very good at. But I know we all have been complaining about not running the ball much at all last game...

nerdmann's picture

Is John Runyon still available? Add him and Tauscher. Tomorrow.
Yo, Arod, MM HAS more than 3 plays for 3rd and 11 type situations. But as for specifically game planning for an individual opponent, he only brings so many to the table for practicing that week. Doesn't mean the team doesn't know all the plays.
Here's a poll question: Have the Packers been looking past the first three games at the week 4 opponent?

nerdmann's picture

Btw, sucks to lose Meredith. I'm hoping they eventually cut him and we can get him back. He's not ready, but I think he's gonna be a solid player.
I was thinking they might activate him, depending on the outcome of Clifton's re-evaluation tomorrow. The Browns probably knew they better nab him now.

zerotolerance's picture

I hear what you are alluding to Aaron. Mr. Barnett - twitter champion. I watched him miss a tackle that went for a big gain, then celebrate to excess his tackle on the next play. I saw this and commented about it at the time it occured. I did not have to read about it later, or see the defensive comments by the player later. I once remember seeing William Henderson totally lay out a kick returner, then walk back to the bench as if he was just picking up his newspaper. My advise to Mr. Twit (I like it!) is to act like you've done it before. This will be a much better motivater for the troops. And try not to miss those tackles.

nerdmann's picture

Looks like they'll sign Dane Randolph to replace Meredith. Heh.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

aaron (rodgers), at this point, harping on running more isn't a nuisance, it's a necessity.

rushing attempts by running backs (not rodgers scrambling after being chased out of the pocket) – 33

pass attempts – 67

that is absurd.

when it’s incredibly obvious you cannot protect your qb, why in god’s name would you utilize this offensive plan?

did i read right that we had 2 rushing attempts in the second HALF? when i was 14 playing madden, down 74-12 at the half, i ran the ball more.

i know it’s obvious, and you all know this, but i’ll tell you what running does for the offense anyway, even if it’s 4.1 yds/carry (which isn't horrible - not very good, but not a reason to abandon):

- rodgers doesn’t get creamed every 3rd play
- mediocre de’s turned phenoms revert back to their mediocre status because there’s no longer a 67% chance that they can ignore the run.
- it gives offensive lineman a chance to use a skill they probably spent a great deal of time on – run blocking.
- more 1 on 1 matchups for driver, jennings, jones, nelson and FINLEY!
- speaking of FINLEY!, he can spend some time run blocking and occasionally running down the middle of the field, catching passes, and making lb’s look like clay statues.
- ryan grant gets a chance to earn his paycheck
- our 3 fullbacks get a chance to earn their paychecks
- mentally, rodgers, barbre, colledge, etc. – can chill out and play the game.
- spitz might be playing center.
- we’d probably be 2-0.

is that enough? i’ve felt for 2 years like mccarthy never committed to the run well enough, and i believe that our o-line would look a lot better if he did. it’s hard, even for a pro-bowl tackle or guard, to look solid when the d-line knows you have no intention of running the ball.

yes mccarthy, be pissed at your team, but CHANGE THE F#$KING GAMEPLAN ALREADY!

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