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Matt LaFleur tears Achilles, will coach from a cart

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Matt LaFleur tears Achilles, will coach from a cart

You just can't make this stuff up. 

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Bearmeat's picture

That sucks! But that's what he gets trying to keep up with some of the greatest athletes on the planet, most of whom happen to be 15 years younger.

Tundraboy's picture

That's absurd. I tore mine at the end of January playing basketball with a bunch of 20 year olds,and my 11 year old son. I'm 62 years old have played my whole life and it was just a slippery spot on a less than ideal floor,no contact. Shit happens.

Rak47's picture

I completely tore my right achilles at the age of 47 sparring in a gym, lol. I threw a right kick at the guys ribs which hit but unfortunately did more damage overall to me than him. With contact I literally felt my Achilles tendon explode. My wife told me that's what I get out there sparring like I was 27 not 47, haha. But in regards to LaFluer Immediately after surgery he need to have his leg put into a Vaco cast and he can be up walking in that cast within a week. A Vaco is an air cast that lets you set the degree in which your ankle will flex when walking. This allows for a quick recovery without any atrophy to the ankle. Maybe I should ship him my Vaco as I hope to never need it again,lol.

Tundraboy's picture

Interesting, a Vacco, did not know . I had regular boot with a bunch of wedges. Mine exploded in two places,but I was borderline surgery so I chose to heal in place as Ortho told me I would have Iess scarring. Worked thus far,but atrophy was and is a big issue. Had lot of physical therapy to learn to walk again. Hope to never have to take you up on offer!

flackcatcher's picture

Tore mine turning to salute the flag as I was coming off the ship after a 10 month float. (My MEU deployed twice to engage during our tour.) Every one could hear the POP when I turned. Didn't feel a thing until I got down pier side where I fell flat on my wide butt. Straight to the hospital and surgery. There went my shore leave. (sigh)...............

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Thank you for your patriotic brave service.

I'm scared my Achilles is going to pop all the time.
I'm a 49-year old PE coach who still throws 55 yard spirals & races my students & only 1 kid in 4 years is faster than me!
But I worry that my Achilles are like frayed rubber bands who snap out of the blue!

Rak47's picture

Yes be careful my friend, when I tore mine the Dr, told me most Achilles tears occur in middle age men playing recreational sports. I was like damn, age is a MF.

BradHTX's picture

Truth. If I could only have my 50yo brain transplanted into my 25yo body. Sigh.

Tundraboy's picture

Keep running. I'm taking it slowly until I can as well. It's such a freakish injury that it truly can happen anytime,so I figure no sense worrying. I'm just using it as motivation to get into even better shape. But as for running ,I'm hoping for around when football season starts.

Tundraboy's picture

Now that's painful. Giving up shore leave.

flackcatcher's picture

Every day, EVERY FREAKING DAY, my wife would sit down and tell me what she had planned. Now THAT was truly painful. The worse was when both President Bush (yeah 41 and 43) showed up with their wives bedside. Between the two of them and my wife I became evil incarnate. (41 had the good sense to get out of my room, and 43 followed a few seconds later. Only the Secret Service agents stayed behind, and they were in as much pain as I was, only they didn't have the pain meds I did.) Had to delay putting the vaco on, no sane person would enter the room. It was 'quite' the day. (then my daughter showed up later, she stayed all night sleeping on my bed. She was 'not happy she lost her daddy time....:) To this day she gives me that 'LOOK' when I even broach where we should go on leave. (sigh)

Rak47's picture

I got online and did some research and found out about Vaco as Kobe Bryant had one put on straight off the operating table.I found that many athletes that suffer Achilles tendon tears wear them. I ordered mine had it shipped overnight and immediately cut off the cast the doctor put on the day before and slipped my foot into a Vaco. At the time I ordered mine from Vaco's website they were about $350-$400 if I recall correctly. I can tell you it was money well spent though as I was walking around without the cast two months later without any limp or atrophy to my ankle. Btw, the company used to be called Vacocast but is now called Vaco ped.

flackcatcher's picture

I can attest to that. Put it on and two months later I was doing my requals to go back on active duty. I was lucky that my ACL tear was small and it got caught early. Doc says it was my good genes that saved me. Still, well worth the money, amazing what one product can do to change your health.

PackfanNY's picture

I also tore my right Achilles about 10 years ago (in my 40’s) demonstrating a basketball drill to my son’s hoops team. I went up and thought someone had thrown a basketball off my calf. Even asked my son why he did that. Kids looked at me like I was crazy. Needed surgery and it’s generally 8 weeks non weight bearing followed by months of physical therapy.
I wish Coach LaFleur some luck. He will be hobbling around for 6 months to a year. Yes he will feel it for quite some time. His access to therapy and professionals will really help the process but post surgery TIME is the key.

dobber's picture

This is actually a good sign: the severe injuries have moved on from the players to the coaches. THE ALBATROSS HAS BEEN LIFTED!!!

Tundraboy's picture

That's my take as well. Amen I hope.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I blame the training staff. :P

Coldworld's picture

I blame Mark Murphy. Imagine letting these guys engage in dangerous sports and in an organizationally approved competition and venue.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Imagine letting these guys engage in dangerous sports and in an organizationally approved competition and venue."

Sounds like what they do...

Coldworld's picture

That was the point

flackcatcher's picture

So, The God of Injury does have a sense of humor. (who knew..........:)

GBPDAN1's picture


kevgk's picture

I have no reaction

Lphill's picture

only the Packers

hobowilly's picture

well, he's one of the guys! I wish him nothing but the best procedure & recovery. Folks, this will not slow him down is just my perception yet too bad this incident will give him a personal challenge no one could expect. Can you image MM getting a strain or injury while he was getting a massage in his office...there's one coaching difference in style already, LOL. just say'n!

sam1's picture

Guess the coaches also need new strength and conditioning coaches to keep them in shape! {joke here before all go nuts on me.]

PeteK's picture

No soup for you !

Since '61's picture

I'm hoping that this is our only injury for the 2019 season. Thanks, Since '61

ILPackerBacker's picture

Yea, Dan Devine had high hopes regarding injury as well

dblbogey's picture

You beat me to the Dan Devine analogy. That turned out poorly.

Old School's picture

In his first game as coach of the Packers, Dan Devine suffered a broken leg in a pileup on the sidelines.

jannes bjornson's picture


LambeauPlain's picture

If MLs family dog disappears....

BradHTX's picture

That’s digging deep for the joke. Well done.

4thand1's picture

Should have broke more than his leg.

jannes bjornson's picture

The worst coach in my lifetime as a Packer fan.

Coldworld's picture

Well at least that was a football related injury!

egbertsouse's picture

We never had to worry about this kind of thing with MM. Maybe a dislocated elbow throwing down a tall stack at the Waffle House....

sonomaca's picture

Good one. Can you have a torn belly tendon?

Mark Gaedtke's picture

You can't pull fat. . .

albert999's picture

u can’t pull fat

mamasboy's picture

Sonomaca, Yes it's called a core injury.

Lare's picture

The extent of McCarthy's exercise was getting up to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

PeteK's picture

He used to rip some mean and nasty ones on the sidelines, really got AR upset.

LambeauPlain's picture

Oh well. It happens.

At least ML is not coaching from a gurney during OTAs.

He can use the down time to call Josh Jones to tell him to get back to GB to play ILB full time.

4thand1's picture

OH NO whoa is me, here we go, the sky is falling, fire the training staff...............oh wait, is was the coach?

nostradanus's picture

I tore mine rounding 3rd in a softball game at 39. He’ll be back at it full bore with a cast in a week or two and in a walking cast for several months.
Gotta learn to stretch Coach especially at 39.
That is all...

A Pickled Packer's picture

Hopalong Cassidy

blacke00's picture

Since I just happen to have experience with this condition (i treated them!)

A torn Achilles tendon can occur with any activity and even spontaneously! But it's more likely to happen during athletic activities.

The injury is very prone to 40ish year old men ( although I've seen women in the same age group). Almost always the person is playing with some one younger than they are! Interesting isn't it? I've seen total and partial tears and ultimately sent to the Orthopedic surgeon and they did the surgery 9maybe one could comment here.

After seeing a number of these injury it was my opinion that a guy/gal was in middle age and trying to "show that he or she could compete with the "young whipper snappers".

I'll tell you right now Lafluer wasn't the first and he won't be the last!

jsb937's picture

He should coach from an Iron Lung in the prone position.

IceBowl's picture

So why would you post that. Or is that a given??? (Bear/Viking fan)

carlos's picture

I sure liked his hands on approach to practice running up and down the field. Unfortunately that will come to an end. Maybe at the end of the season when the Packers are in the playoffs we’ll look back at this and say, “Wow, what a year from OTA’s and such a rough start. “Go Pack!

IceBowl's picture

I would like it to be an inspiration.

ie: our coach came out with one leg, what can I do with two??


Chocolate vageen, ünt ze strawberry dream. Urine Luck*(!)

"We know we have to stay put. We know we have to arouse them."

-Matt Moneymaker, Esquire
Grand Wizard- BFRO, LLC
Finding Bigfoot S6E9
Courtesy of 20th century FOX
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egbertsouse's picture

I was surprised it was a basketball injury. Considering his name, I thought it might be a dodgeball injury. OK, somebody had to say it.....

IceBowl's picture

I hope it is a motorized cart fashioned to look like a Bear rug or a bear.

Riding it all around the field.

PeteK's picture

No, it has to be a motorized wedge of cheddar cheese.

IceBowl's picture

Just saw a picture of MLF throwing a pitch with his boot. Maybe the one discussed above.

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