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Matt Flynn Reportedly Released by Raiders

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Matt Flynn Reportedly Released by Raiders

Flynn is not subject to waivers and is free to sign with any team.


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Kevin Lamb's picture

Oh wait, it will be coming soon. Everyone will be argueing wether to sign him or keep Wallace. I could care less. If #12 goes down we are in big trouble anyway. Go Pack Go

Evan's picture

To me it's a no brainer - sign him and cut Wallace.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

He's(Flynn) due alot of money isn't he?

TommyG's picture

He's been cut outright so he would need to negotiate a new contract with any team that picks him up.

Kg's picture

Keep Wallace. At least he offers some mobility while Flynn doesn't really offer much lol in my opinion.

Evan's picture

I'd take knowing the system inside and out over some scrambling ability.

The TKstinator's picture

I disagree.
I think Flynn offers plenty of "lol"

Kg's picture

Yeah and that logic would have kept graham Harrell and bj Coleman around as well... You have to have ability to go out and at least give your team a chance to succeed, which Wallace does, noodle arm Flynn not so much. That ship has sailed.

Evan's picture

Not quite, since Flynn both knows the system and has shown the ability to run it successfully. Neither Harrell nor Coleman demonstrated the latter. And who knows if Wallace can do either.

Derek in CO's picture

I'd sign him too. Knows GB and the offense, and had success spelling ARod. Can't say the same for all his other chances. He's obviously a career backup.

4thand1's picture

Let him walk. If he can't make the Raiders roster, then #%&* him.
PS, Charles Woodson scores his 12th defensive TD.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Woodson was too expensive

TommyG's picture

Would love to have kept Wood, but he wanted too much money. Can't do that with AR and CM on the same payroll.

Longshanks's picture

I'd keep Wallace. They can get Flynn next year if need be. I don't know but from the little I saw of Wallace he seems like a natural leader. A calming influence behind the scenes for alot of these younger guys. He's very smart and articulate and just seems to have a good rapport with everyone. I am impressed with him. He also can play if need be and has starting experience.

Flynn just seems like he is depressed or something. Somethings wrong with him I don't know but he seems to have a bad attitude. I do give him credit for cashing in on what was now a one game wonder against a team that has not won here since 1991. Talk about making the most of his opportunity. Wow!! He had his chance to actually start and we come to find out he's not Penske material.

dullgeek's picture

I wonder if Flynn's big mistake wasn't signing with Miami, and staying with Philbin.

Horse's picture

Matt Flynn hasn't been in the Packers' offense for two seasons. It doesn't stay the same, people. At this point Wallace knows it a lot better than Flynn.

Stroh's picture

It doesn't stay the same but the core philosophy doesn't change, nor does the system for naming plays. Those aren't random either. Both know the core philosophy at this point and Flynn knows the system for naming plays and what they mean. Flynn would still know enough to walk in and be able to run the offense pretty well and would be up to speed in a couple weeks. I'm not saying that they should sign him, just that he still knows enough to work the system and most of the playcalls.

Longshanks's picture


You are forgetting one important thing. HE GOT CUT FROM THE RAIDERS!! Yes, the Raiders!! In those two years something happened to this guy mentally.

Looking back Dullgeek is probably correct. Flynn should have stayed with Philbin and signed with Miami, a team now on the rise.

Two years is a long time in the NFL especially if you failed at being the starter for two different teams that had you initially as a "lock" to start.

I think Flynn is a shell of himself from that Detroit game. Sure, he made millions but he still has to live with the fact he's Matt Flynn, the qb who was never quite good enough to be a starter.

I have no doubt he's depressed and needs Dr. Phil at this time more than he needs to come back to be Rodgers' lifetime backup qb. Flynn probably would say no even if the Packers offered the job back to him. He still has pride I imagine.

Evan's picture

Man, I thought internet doctors were obnoxious. But they have nothing on internet psychiatrists.

Longshanks's picture

Well everyone can't be as good as I am at diagnosing people simply by looking at them. Believe it or not I have that ability and I will not apologize for it. Flynn is suffering from PTS or "Shell Shock" was the term they used in World War I I tell you what. It's pretty clear to me that MM and TT are also aware of his mental status which explains yesterday why McCarthy didn't seem too excited about wanting him back.

Stroh's picture

Longshanks... Apparently you didn't READ my comment!

" I’m not saying that they should sign him, just that he still knows enough to work the system and most of the playcalls."

As for Flynn, I don't buy that he's lost anything other than opportunities. He lost out on the job to Russell Wilson, you know how good he is right? Considered one of the best young QB's in the NFL! I wouldn't say the same about Pryor but he is playing surprisingly well.

Flynn won a Natl Championship at LSU. He knows exactly who he is and what he can do. When it comes down to a young QB and what most consider a career backup, the team, especially a young one is going to go w/ the young QB. Flynn may not like being thought of as a career backup and his self confidence tells him he can play but he really hasn't been given the opportunity.

Quit playing armchair psychologist. Clearly you know less about that then you do football!

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