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Marshawn Lynch Traded To Seahawks

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Marshawn Lynch Traded To Seahawks

After weeks of rumors Marshawn Lynch possibly being traded to the Green Bay Packers, the Buffalo Bills running back is headed for Seattle.

According to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer via Twitter:

Breaking news: I'm reporting seattle has traded for bills rb marshawn lynch for 4th in 2011 and cond pick 2012. Great move for 'hawks

With few if any viable options on the trade market, Green Bay appears to enter the remainder of the season with their status quo at running back.

Rookie running back James Starks is eligible to come off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list following Week 6. The other street free agent options available to the Packers are no more appealing, and any possible trade scenarios may never come to fruition.

My take:

The Packers will stay the course with what they've got. Maybe the end of the Lions game is just what the Packers needed to gain some confidence in moving the ball on the ground.

Kuhn has looked surprisingly good, and Brandon Jackson may just improve if he gets the chance to carry the ball more than a dozen times per game.

I'm more optimistic than most about Starks. I fully realize he hasn't played a football game in 18 months. And by training camp rolls around next season, it's going to be 28 months.

I'm all for bringing Starks around slowly. Maybe the Packers exercise the rules of the PUP list to it's full extent. After Week 6, Starks has a three-week window to begin practicing without the Packers having to make a roster move.

At that time, the Packers can put him in some contact situations during practice, see where he's at and how he holds up. After those three weeks (Week 9), the Packers then have another three-week window in which to activate him.

If by Week 12 Starks still isn't healthy, by all means, place him on injured reserve.

And if he is healthy, the Packers have a young running back with potential that hasn't taken a lot of pounding.

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KC's picture

So sad ..... :(

Cole's picture

I would have liked to see Lynch as the main back being spelled by Kuhn, with Jackson catching balls out of the backfield. That would have been a really solid three-headed hydra of a running game.

Like I said on the Clifton post. At some point don't you have to throw caution to the wind and just try to win it all THIS SEASON.

Andyman's picture

TT has never done anything like that in the past, I don't think he has shown he will do it anytime soon.

SpiderPack's picture

Well its time damnit.

thepretzelhead's picture

A fourth and a conditional second! Wow . There is going to be some hooting below this post.

bigfog's picture

Torches and pitchforks!

PackersRS's picture

Conditional second?

Ryan's picture

Conditional sixth

Ruppert's picture

I would like to have seen us trade for Lynch. But Lynch is a punk, so it doesn't really kill me to see him go someplace else.

Jason's picture

I don't get all the fury about TT not going after Lynch. Lynch has been suspended in the past. He is one strike from being tossed for a full season. He has off field issues. He was the 3rd in the depth chart for the worst team in football and after using a First Round pick on him they let him go for a 2011 4th rounder (when there might be no football) and no better then a 5th rounder in 2010 if we do have football next season.

Guy can't be all that great if the Bills were willing to part with him for that cheap.

Jason's picture

errr...2010 = 2012 ><

MarkinMadison's picture

For the price paid by the Seahawks, Lynch was well worth the risk. CAN Starks take a pounding? Are either Nance or Starks better than Lynch? We'll know in time, but my gut says, "nope" on all of the above.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

Nance? Is he still on the team? The guy has been non-existant. Why pick him up and NEVER use the guy. Might as well have signed my grandma.

bdhustle's picture

Very interesting... The Seahawks have Leon Washington, Justin Forsett and Julius Jones and now add Lynch. Washington or Forsett would look good in G.B. as a returner and rb. Definitely would add a quickness dimension that is lacking. There is the front office connection. How about a 5th for Forsett.

hyperRevue's picture

Jones has already been cut.

PackersRS's picture

The running game better produce, or else I believe we might see our QB1 impersonate another former QB1...

SpiderPack's picture

Amen. Off with his head (TT) if the offense isn't ripping it right up and into the NFC Championship.

Cole's picture

One thing I didn't consider that I read elsewhere is that more than likely the Seahawks will have a higher 4th round pick than the packers, potentially much higher. That means the packers probably would have had to give up a third to nab him.

June's picture

Yeah, the Packers would have had to give up atleast a 3rd round pick to one up the Seahawks and then probably another conditional pick in 2012..I can see how TT wasn't willing to do that. But Grant, Lynch, and Jackson in the backfield next year would have been real nice :)

Tarynfor12's picture

Jackson again next year,do you hate us?

Cole's picture

Also, I still don't think that Jackson has gotten enough carries in a game to really get into a rhythm. I'd like to see him get 20 carries to really see what we have in him, because 5-10 isn't enough. Sometimes Grant needed ten carries just to get into a groove and then he started ripping off bigger gains.

We're probably overreacting and the packers run game isn't as bad as it seems.

SpiderPack's picture

I agree that he needs a full game of 20 carries to develop-at least one game maybe more actually. I've read/gotten that input from multiple sources around the league concerning "virgin starting RBs." I have a feeling the coaches just don't trust him to stay healthy with that amount of contact/work, and I can't say I blame them.

lebowski's picture

The Bills' offensive line is really bad, much worse than ours, and Lynch was able to get 4.4 per carry. Just sayin'. Thompson had better be right about this one.

Wiscokid's picture

Not surprising that Ted couldn't or wouldn't pull the trigger on the trade. I don't get it. If you think that your team is contender why not add Lynch and strengthen the running game?

I'm sure that Ted has a plan, so go with the flow. Certainly nothing we're going to do about it now.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

Ted's plan is the 2011 draft. He lives for the draft. GIving up a pick would be like cutting off his left hand.

NoWayJose's picture

The Seahawks got a very solid deal. In my opinion, up to a third rounder would have been worth it for Lynch. Hopefully, BJax and Kuhn prove me wrong, but I think this was a case where Ted made a mistake. Hope not!

Go Pack!

JImmySmith's picture

Its times like this that make it really hard to support TT and his vision. The Seahawks got the far better end of the deal so its not like the price was too high.

My only hope, and I realize it could be pure folly, is that TT is about to trade for D-Angelo Williams of the Panthers. Sitting on your hands when you have a real chance at the Superbowl is just plain stupid.

Tarynfor12's picture

Look people,there has to be a solid reason Jackson doesn't get the 20 carries some want him to get.Oh yeah,thats right...he gets the ball...runs to the LOS...dances a tappity tap...then falls down when the defender... huffs and the big bad wolfie.

Bearmeat's picture

I seem to remember that Seattle didn't get really hot in the middle of the decade until TT came here in '06.
No one can deny that TT builds a roster well through the draft. But I (sadly) doubt that TT will ever GM a SB champ, and this deal today is a good reason why.
Just 1 decent run would've won the Bear game. How many more games like that are upcoming? If this team doesn't at least win the division and go to the 2nd round of the playoffs, I say get rid of TT!

davyjones's picture

Ya--let's get Matt Millen to replace him.

Are you shitting me???

RickyBobby's picture

i agree w/ bearmeat.

i'm done w/ tt.

yes - he's brought in huge talent but the goal is to win the whole friggin' thing.

i don't think tt can do it.

just my opinion.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

TT builds well through the draft? Then why didn't we draft a corner and outside linebacker last spring (two positions of need) and instead are starting two UFAs? Why hoard picks if they don't get on the field? Half our picks get released years later after never contributing.

Jon's picture

Does anyone know anything about James Johnson from GB's practice squad? 3.9 yrd ave... better than Jackson's.. is there any player out there avaliable to sign or trade for?

Pack Attack's picture

Hey I completely forgot about James Johnson. Shhiiit, we're stacked!

PkrNboro's picture

Lynch may not have liked GB -- there may not have been enough of an opportunity to play bumper cars with ladies, early in the am. Therefore, he could have bolted -- just when the conditional/unknown pick comes due.

But considering his age, it would've seemed TTish to acquire Lynch, then ditch Grant (he'll be 28, turning 29 in-season, when he returns) to accommodate the all-popular youth movement.

hoogus's picture

I can't say i'm surprised by this turn of events. It would've been out of character for TT to make a trade, especially for picks.

Will anyone pick up Jamon Meredith?

FITZCORE1252's picture

WTF else is new? Now how 'bout shocking us all Ted and pulling the trigger on Williams?! I couldn't even type that with a straight face.


Irish Cheesehaed's picture

Mark my word. TT will sign Williams. Nick Williams, UFA running back from Butler College.

Barney's picture

I was reading in the Packer Plus from a reader that he was happy with what TT has done with the Packers. He said that with TT at the helm the Packers would be competitive for years to come.Competitive. Wow. How exciting. They will be competitive. The Packers are so close to doing something super and this guy is happy that they will be competitive? RUFKM? The Packers are not re-building. They are building for a serious deep run in the playoffs that may not come around for a while. You strike while the iron is hot. TT didn't want to give up a draft pick in the future for a chance to upgrade his team now? Really? I thought the Packers were a Super Bowl team. If so why are you afraid to give up a future pick for your team now that may not be in this position again? Ted Thompson wants so badly to win with just the guys that he drafted that he is willing to sacrifice this years team to do so? And if TT is doing such a great job why are the Packers consistently one of the youngest teams in the league? Really? A fourth round pick. He would not pull the trigger on the Moss deal 3 years ago and he is unwilling to pull the trigger on the Lynch deal. That is to bad because at some point you have to take a gamble. And Lynch for a fourth rounder seemed like a no brainer. Minnesota seems to have no problems pulling the trigger. And the last few years who have we always seen ahead of us in the standings? Ted, you need to step down. Bring Anderson back from Seattle. Or bring back Holmgren from Cleveland.Or hire Ken Macha. Can't believe it took Milwaukee that long to fire that idiot either. Now hire Willie Randolph or Yount.

mel's picture

Not suprised just pissed and wonders if this team can make a deep run with this team.... or out first round agaian??

Barney's picture

Ted Thompson is either a genius or a complete moron. No, he's a moron. If everyone says he should do x Ted will want to show everyone what a genius he is and do Y. Like the Moss deal.(no deal) Like Justin Harrell.(everyone thought he would have been there in the THIRD round) Like getting nothing for Aaron Kampmann. (could have gotten a second or third in a trade but instead just let him play out the year and as an unrestricted free agent left for Jacksonville) Like releasing Jon Ryan. Like hiring McCarthy instead of Sean Payton. Really? You must have been high during the interview. Have you heard MM speak? Have you heard Sean Payton speak. Notice any difference? Or were you sleeping. Did your own personality put you asleep? Or,like treating DB Bush like he was Deon Sanders.The list goes on and on. How many first round draft picks do you see playing for the Packers offense? Teddy. You really do suck at your job. Dude, just once admit a mistake. And just once do what everyone else thinks you will do. (Bulaga, thank you for this one time thing) And just once take a risk. Man you are pi$$ing us all off. And Mark Murphy. Grow a set would ya. Take a more active roll. Where'd they find these stiffs anyway.

Paulina's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

"And just once do what everyone else thinks you will do."

As in who? You?

"Dude, just once admit a mistake."

Has repeatedly done so by cutting ties with talent he's acquired. Name me 3 GM's that have publicly admitted mistakes, just 3. And please provide links.

"You really do suck at your job"

So you're not a fan of our ProBowl QB,S,CB,OLB, depth at WR (all TT except DD), emerging superstar in #88, back-to-back 1200 yard rusher (lemme guess, it's TT's fault his knee exploded, and every team has a back ready to replace that production), likely stud LT for the next decade.

I'm a little bummed we didn't bring Lynch in for that price, but in no way am I surprised. And if you are, you haven't been paying attention.

I do have great news for you however. Looks like the Queens are going to get Moss, look at how their FO is always bringing players in. I think their wagon has room for a couple more if it's so terrible over here. C-YA. And don't let the fucking door hit you.



PackerT's picture

Bravo FITZCORE Bravo!!!!...arent you glad none od these guys are in the business of running the Packers organization?...I AM!

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

Dude is just venting a bit. Chill out. Perhaps you should work in the Packers front office?

CSS's picture

Re-read it. It's vapid stupidity that's not even coherent let alone half-accurate.

Critics are welcome, this is just garbage.

Irish Cheesehead's picture

That's what venting is, dude. Look it up. No one said it made any sense.

Nononsense's picture

I would definitely have liked to see Lynch in a Packer uniform but its really not the end of the world.

Both Jackson Kuhn leave much to be desired in terms of speed and breakaway abilty buy they can be effective if the Oline does its job.

In case you didn't notice, against the Lions both Kuhn and Jackson had some very nice runs. Sure they also had some bad ones but if I remember correctly Grant was prone to 1 yrd runs and runs for a loss pretty regularly. He did have the ability to take it to the house though from a distance and neither Jackson or Kuhn really do.

At the end of the day I think it was risky not to go hard after Lynch, hes better than what we have and that should hve been enough to make it happen.

Unless TT has a plan B other than Starks this could turn out to be a huge missed opportunity.

Chris's picture

I don't think that this is the end of all hope for the Packers this year as some of you folks seem to think.
1. Jackson and Kuhn are not used properly yet. Maybe McCarthy or any of his assistants figure it out in a bit.
2. Statistics show that you don't need a great running game to get to the Superbowl or playoffs. You need a running game which complements your passing attack. Hell, look at what Addai has done for the Colts. And I am pretty sure noone is real excited about Addai's running.
3. In 2 weeks we might have Starks in the mix. Maybe he brings something different to the Pack running game (or maybe he just gets injured right away, who knows).
4. It's really not all about the back. The OLine has to be able to get some push, or the scheme has to be so good that it opens some holes even if your guys lose the battle at the line. Last week wasn't actually so bad as some seem to remember. Jackson had some runs for first downs (6+ yards) and at the end of the game Kuhn moved them for 6+ mins to finish the game off. And that against a Lions run D which was proclaimed to be much improved to last year.
5. Lynch is one miscue away from being banned for a year from the NFL. It's a pretty high risk. Plus it would probably be just a one year deal, becasue when grant comes back the Packers probably just want one of those guys on their roster. I understand TT for not giving up a 3rd rounder for that quick fix.

Afterall the NFC seems to be wide open anyway. I haven't seen a team which scares me until this point of the season. But the next 5 games until the Bye week will show us if this team has playoff caliber.

RickyBobby's picture

nope - this marks the end of the season.

mel's picture

But with this Oline there is no push.. Why not give someone else the time!!! Like TJ lang on the right side. ( need to leave Bulaga on the bench cause clify is going to get hurt so no more rotate 4 guys cause one went down!!)

hyperRevue's picture

Jesus, people. Get off the ledge. You make me embarrassed to be a Packer fan.

CSS's picture

You're trying to get them off the ledge, I would rather see them jump already. If they only get off the ledge it's inevitable they get back on it after the first sign of adversity.


hyperRevue's picture

haha. Very good point. Jump! Jump!!!

Overkill's picture

"WTF else is new?"

I mean.
Thompson should start off his next press conference singing "If you don't know me by now"

Ron LC's picture

I'm more worried about Rodgers dissing MM than the RB situation. As long as MM is coaching the RB's are on the same level as all new Olinemen. They are commodities used to manage the total player salary expense. If the Packers can't make it to Vahalla with what they've got,they will be back next year with the exact same approach they had this year, and last year, and the year before.

I'm more concerned about the 430 yards of defensive incompetence than the offense, however.

MM will never, ever, ever stress the running game. Get used to it.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

I could care less that we didn't sign Lynch, but I want them to do SOMETHING. What the hell is up with Nance? Maybe he can add a spark to the running game, but we'll never know because they never put him in. Why did we sign this guy? If we were deep at RB, go ahead and develop him slowly. With Grant gone, we need help NOW. What happens if Jackson or Kuhn go down? FTF?? Is Nance so stupid he can't learn a partial playbook in a month and take a few snaps? I don't get it.

Black Hawk's picture

FITZCORE 1252 - Very well said....however you forgot to mention that TT cleaned up the mess and restocked the cupboard that Sherman left him with. I am also upset they didn't land Lynch as well, but let's see how things play out, who knows...he may get picked up for a DUI next week proving he wasn't worth trading for. In the mean something TT!!

FITZCORE1252's picture

You're right Black Hawk, the cupboard was baron. And Ted has done damn well restocking it if you really step back and look at it as a whole.

That was just a quick rebuttal to what I found to be an uninformed post/poster. Had I taken the time... I could have absolutely decimated dude's take/arguments. Unfortunately, I just don't care enough to make stupid people 'get it'. Some people do, some don't. I'm thankful we're in the former.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Not a huge Colin Cowherd fan, BUT, he just offered some interesting perspective on the Lynch/GBP no-go (although TT was interested). Can't say I really disagree with anything he said. I think it was on ESPNU if you want to find a clip.

Black Hawk's picture

Right on FITZCORE 1252! Time will come to explain to the stupid ones that we are fortunate to have TT!

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