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Lions: 40 Packers: 10

By Category

Lions: 40 Packers: 10

Nick Perry, Mason Crosby, Tramon Williams

The Bad

The Bad

Matt Flynn, B.J. Raji, Marshall Newhouse

The Bad

The Bad

The Green Bay Packers



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Morgan Mundane's picture

The good. Rogers wasn't out there getting his other collar bone broken.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Finally. I've been waiting all day for The GBU.

TommyG's picture

LOL! I was waiting for it too!

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I just dont have a good comment after yesterday's game, and was waiting to see what Aaron was going to write.

Not sure how to handle this. Lash out, or just let it go.

jmac34's picture

thank god bj raji didn't take that 8 million a year offer

TommyG's picture

Normally I come on here and defend Capers and our defensive scheme, today I'm going to go ahead and call him out. I'm not calling him out on missed tackles or blown assignments, that's the players...usually. The lions figured something out with motioning bush to the outside WR position. This drew Hawk into Man V Man against effing reggie bush! As soon as that guy went outstide the D should've shifted a safety down to him (since the CBs were already busy with the WR). That's a scheme breakdown that Capers never changed to stop. Other than that I would agree with the good adding only Mathay to that list. The bad can just be lumped straight in with the ugly and put everyone on our club in that list.

jeremy's picture

Teams have had Capers schemes figured out for several of years now and he's got nothing in response. Even the Vikings with Christian Ponder stuck it to them.

RC Packer Fan's picture

To me the 34 is just fine. Just the guy calling it has to call it differently.

If your getting ran all over in the nickel defense, change the nickel defense. Change it from a 2-4 look to a 3-3 look or something...

The way the defense plays and is playing right now, it just feels like they are trying to play not to lose, vs trying to play to win.

That all being said, the loss isn't on the defense. Its on the offense. They had 50 yards of offense going into late in the 4th Quarter... They were pathetic. Flynn is/was not the answer yesterday.

The offense put the defense in bad situations all day by not sustaining any drives.

Derek in CO's picture

563 yards and 37 unanswered points? I think the defense might be a tiny bit culpable.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yeah, i'm not saying that the defense wasn't good or anything. But early the defense gave the offense opportunity's. They had 4 turnovers. Giving the offense momentum.

The offense was horrible. that being said, the defense was just about as bad.
But everyone is ripping on the defense, and it wasn't entirely the defenses fault. The offense was a big reason why they lost...

Nerd's picture

The defense got turnovers. Offense couldn't convert any of them.

Defense OUTSCORED the offense.

Bart's picture

Totally agree on Raji and Newhouse and the team in general. I'm sorry but $8MM/year for Raji is ridiculous. He basically just gets pushed around and it's embarrassing to watch a big tub in a Packer uniform on roller skates week after week. Why Sherrod isn't getting some snaps ahead of Newhouse is troublesome. I just hope he isn't worse than Newhouse. That's hard to believe that anyone can be worse than Newhouse.

cheesewhizzer's picture

I totally agree with Bart on the Newhouse/Sherrod thing. What the hell are they waiting for?? Play Sherrod or cut him and let him succeed on some other team that actually has an even average offensive line coach!!!!

Nerd's picture

Sherrod didn't exactly light it up out there.

Then again the Detoilet Dline is tough. Sherrod might need another offseason to really get into the swing of it again.

jack in jersey city's picture

nerd- sherrod actually never had a full offseason to get ready. remember he was drafted during the lockout season? now that he's finally healthy, it will be good to see how he develops with a full offseason of work.

Nerd's picture

Apparently he's rated well on PFF.

mike's picture

capers has no scheme. knor does he have game.

ebterp's picture

Wow not sure what to say about yesterday a couple comments.

1. This team is soft!!! there i said it again..I used to think this was somewhat bunk but we need to get some nasty dudes who aren't afraid to bring the wood.
2. Capers needs to go..honestly I am not sure if its him or the players but sometimes you need a change
3. McCarthy needs to strongly consider getting a offensive coordinator.

Nerd's picture

He has one. But I don't think Clements has play calling experience. He was the QB coach, who got promoted when Philbin left.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Good - Was there any good? Mason Crosby's 54 yard field goal was good. Nick Perry's strip fumble was Great. I would Say overall Sam Shields was good. Holding Johnson to 100 yards receiving is very good, and that interception he had was impressive.

Bad - Everything else pretty much...

Ugly - Green Bay Packers without Rodgers...
Is there anyone that doesn't believe the Packers wouldn't be 8-4, 9-3 or 10-2 right now?
Just let that sink in. If Rodgers doesn't get hurt, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are no worse then 8-4 and could easily be 10-2.
Rodgers is great, but even then, he is still very underrated. We are seeing that now in how that affects the offense, defense and special teams.

calabasa's picture

I'm honestly happy that we're seeing the Emperor has no clothes. If we have Rodgers, we keep concealing all these problems, reach the playoffs and get pounded AGAIN by a better-coached, tougher team. Then MM and TT, and the rest of the world, think that the system ain't broke, "hell, 11-5 is darn good" and TT continues to draft undersized, small-school players.

Maybe now there will be some changes at or near the top. Or at least a ton of scrutiny to realize this team needs a lot of work. I just hope when we look back on this season we don't blame it all on ARod- like everyone's been saying, "he doesn't play D"

Jon's picture

This is a great point and why I sort of hope AR doesn't come straight back and we win out the season. The last few games have really exposed the weakness in the team without AR as the crutch.

These need to be addressed for GB to become a standout team. Otherwise I feel we might squander the opportunity we have to get a few more SB wins with the best QB of this generation.

Uncle Louie's picture

GB has beaten: Wash, Lions/ without Megatron, Ravens, Browns, and Minn. Wow, impressive. Combined records of W-22 L-34 and of course 1- Tie. .393 WP

They haven't beaten a good team let alone a playoff team all season, oh yeah, Det or Chicago have to make the playoffs.
Does anyone think this team could win a playoff game even with Rodgers.

Randy's picture

My parents taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. Therefore regarding the game yesterday--No Comment

Jameson's picture

Let's see:

The Good: Crosby's 54 yard FG, JJ's two catches (the one where he basically had to catch it around a defender and his 50 some yard one), the sack fumble TD, and the Shields interception in front of Calvin Johnson.

The Bad: Pretty much every other play besides the above listed.

The Ugly: The play calling-Lacy Run, Lacy Run, Pass, Punt. Suh admitted they knew exactly what was coming and let's be honest a high school team could stop our offense when everything is about as predictable as snow in winter. Rodgers makes McCarthy look like a genius but without Rodgers MM looks like a lost and confused fool.

The Hideous: The 2013 Green Bay Packers Coaches and Players. You guys should have friggin walked home yesterday as punishment for putting out such piss poor effort on national TV.

Nerd's picture

Yeah, when the defense (and everyone else in the stadium) knows exactly what's coming, that's NOT putting your guys in a position to succeed.

Especially when you've got a journeyman backup QB and a bunch of backups playing for injured starters.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I had to still down for a meal after that game? Worst.Meal.Ever. Thank you Packers!

Idiot Fan's picture

Did any of the beat reporters ask MM about playing Newhouse at guard yesterday? That seemed very curious to me, especially considering that they have moved Barclay around in the past thinking he was good enough to play multiple spots. I'm not sure if that's more of an indictment of Barclay at guard or Newhouse at tackle.

I'm not too worried about Sherrod yet. Technically speaking he hasn't even been through a training camp yet.

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm guessing that mccarthy would rather shift around 2 spots on the o-line instead of 3

jyros's picture

Capers knows he's a lame duck at DC and has given up on his responsibility as such. Better to cut him loose now. Camera shot of Joe Whitt in booth w/ head in hands next to Capers is a bit of a tell.

Tarynfor12's picture

I just finished watching the game again on NFL Rewind and the 'only' thing that was 'GOOD' was the pain was over in 31 mins instead of the original 3 hours.

Uncle Louie's picture

How'd they look the second time around?

Tarynfor12's picture

Worst..if at all possible!

Tarynfor12's picture

I can't wait to hear MM say he seen positives from the tape he hasn't watched yet.

RunAndHyde's picture

When I saw Bush motion outside and AJ cover him..I was immediately yelling obscenities at the screen.

TommyG's picture

The first time I was like "what the H", the second time I just stayed silent. BTW we have a new drinking game in the house. Everytime our D blows a pass coverage or misses a tackle you have to take a drink.

Cow42's picture

It would be cool if the NFL could have some sort of team strength and speed competition.

Sure seems like Packer players are weaker and slower than players from most other teams (on average).

Do something like every player on every defense has to do the workouts they have the guys do at the combine. Compare team results.

I had to laugh a couple of times during the game... when Hawk was in the backfield on that Ross end around and couldn't even get a finger on him. Would not have been able to tag him if they were playing touch football (which most Packers defenders seem to be playing anyhow). And then there was a play where Bush caught a ball out in the flat and was 1 on 1 with House. Bush just dead-legged him and then ran right past him. Again - House didn't even get a hand on him.

Hawk dragging people down (with his helmet getting knocked off), Raji getting cleaned out. Neal being completely incapable of stoping and changing directions in a timely manner, opposing DL'men running right between G/C or G/T gaps.

Packers just seem to be such a "slow-twitch" team.

Is it lack of confidence?
Is it being unsure of their responsibilities causing them to think as oppose to react?
Is it a reactionary scheme/mindset as opposed to being the attacker?
Are they just not as athletic as other teams (on average)?

They just play slow.
They just play soft.

Strength and conditioning?

Longshanks's picture

Cow, have you or anyone else here considered one possibility to why they played bad coming off a short week? Has anyone discussed the possibility of "jet lag". It is a real condition that affects people.

Here's part of the symptoms I found on the internet:

Cognitive effects include poorer performance on mental tasks and concentration, increased fatigue, headaches, and irritability.

Just throwing it out there as it would explain things a little bit better.


Uncle Louie's picture

Thanks Longshanks, That explains my symptoms from watching the Packers yesterday. I have "jet lag"

Nerd's picture

From Green Bay to Detroit? lol

Maybe it was BioRhythmns.

Jameson's picture

OMG! We solved it. We figured out what happened. I cannot believe we've all been blaming Ted, Mike, Dom, Shawn, and the players. It wasn't them! It was jet lag!

Man that 1 hour flight must be BRUTAL! Not to mention the 1 hour time difference (49 minutes actually but we'll round up because getting on and off the plane takes time too) And 1+1=2. They lost 2 hours of their lives! 2 hours they will never get back. And the psychological toll it caused them was too much to overcome. They were confused, tired, and unable to process the changes.

See they thought it was really only 10:30 when they took the field. Plus it was Thursday. And they are used to doing nothing on Thursdays at 10:30 but getting massages and ice baths so really it was tough for them to transfer everything over. Had this been Sunday at 12:00 at Lambeau totally different story. See then the Lions would be jet lagged and confused about start times.

Give them all a break! It wasn't their fault. It was JET LAG!

Speaking of blame. I need a shrink for the PTSD I have experienced watching such a tragedy on national television. Can I see the Packers for that? Hmm….

Morgan Mundane's picture

Jet lag. Seroius? Jet lag? You don't get Jet lag on a two hour flight. Did you read the article and do research to find it effects people on lenghty flights changing multiple time zones the most. Like flying to europe. Two hour flights. NOT!
Just another excuse.

Longshanks's picture

Remember, they went into overtime and were beaten to death physically by the Vikings just to tie it. They then turn around and have two days to recover which none of them were.

I get "jet lag" is usually in cases of longer flight but based on their physical condition, a 1 hour flight was the same as a three to four hour flight.

I can imagine alot of them were dopey when they got off in Detroit. Then they have to play an early game. This game was bound to happen.

I am just throwing it out there as a possible cause. You need to remember the entire fucking team was dopey including the coach. I saw Slocum yawning at one time I believe. The entire team and coaching staff were affected.

I think MM needs to look into this crap next year and maybe hire some type of sleep management consultant along with new strength and conditioning people. Whatever it takes. We need to look at all avenues. I just find it strange the ENTIRE TEAM played like crap. Looking for the root cause that's all.


TommyG's picture

The root cause is that our offense is completely ineffective without AR, and that is forcing our already bad defense to spend too much time on the field. No doubt that they were all tired from that Vikings game but Detroit played last Sunday too and they were firing on all cylinders.

Longshanks's picture

Yeah, but Detroit didn't have to travel off a very short week, Green Bay did. It's a huge difference in my professional opinion.

Now having said this about a short week, I am just as concerned with the Packers coming off a long 10 day vacation. I am afraid the long time off might be just as bad and complacency will set in. I hate these asshole schedule makers.


Morgan Mundane's picture

Cow, now the excuse is they were tired. Gee Wiz. I did not know that all the other teams also play each week unless they have a buy.

I do know this. You NEVER hear a team complain of being tired when their winning. Never hear them begging for time off so they can recupe from that huge victory.

You get tired chasing players all day long who are bigger and faster than you and your on defense all day long while your offense goes three and out four times in a row trying to run twice pass once offence.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That is what i think what happened to be honest. I think the team was wore down. They just played 5 quarters 4 days earlier. No team will ever use the excuse of being tired, but you could see it did impact this team.

I will say that is the biggest reason why they lost to be honest. Have we seen this team play like this ever this year? No, we haven't. I personally feel its a direct result of playing a short week and playing 5 quarters the game before.

Just my opinion...

Stroh's picture

That's a possibility. If that is the case, they should come back from a mini bye much stronger and rejuvenated. Of course if Rodgers is back for Atl that will invigorate the whole team too.

I hope both turn out to be correct and we see a dominant performace against a not very good Atl offense.

jack in jersey city's picture

i definitely think this team was worn down from having just played 5 quarters on sunday. plus having a bye in week 4 is just brutal for any team. BUT that doesn't explain the rest of the suckage ever since rodgers went down.

yesterday (to me) it looked like the defense just all-out quit after they saw that the offense was totally incapable of putting up any points after the turnovers in the first half.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I really do think that is the case in this game.

The rest of the games they were close in. This one they weren't. I think it was just them being wore down from the previous game. Also the defense was on the field a lot, which further wore them down.

I really do feel like we will see a different team after this mini bye.
I am going to go out on a limb and say the Packers will beat the Falcons, with or without Rodgers.

Nerd's picture

So what's the excuse the past THREE games?

Longshanks's picture

RC, that is exactly what happened. They were wore down to the bone from the previous week. As I said I swear I saw one of the coaches (possibly Slocum) yawning. They were simply a tired and worn down team. They never played a game like this in possibly over a decade. I honestly can't remember a game this bad. Maybe the 1996 super bowl team getting throttled against a horrible Lindy Infante coached Indi Colts team that actually had Mandarich starting at right tackle. Every team has a clunker now and then. What can you do? It happens.


Sardog's picture

I started watching the Pack in 1960 and held on even through the lean years. I just don't get this team. So I'm laying 50% on the coaches.

Flynn was touted as being able to run the no huddle offense. Why very little going to Lacy or Starks on the outside. They didn't make the Det. front four move laterally to wear them out. That's on coaching.

The Defensive scheme by Capers of 1/2 man, 1/2 zone doesn't work. He needs to go, NOW!He's past his prime. Plus that toupee he wears is god awful. Any man that wears a rug or dyes his hair like that is lying to himself. He's a joke that we're paying for.

And to top it off, Hawk was quoted as saying he "supports Capers 100%". Is that why Hawk has been around with just mediocre play until this year? Definitely a brown nose.

I was so frustrated this am I wrote to Mark Murphy, respectfully though. I think everyone should, especially if you're shareholder. His address is [email protected]
There is an old Italian saying, "The fish stinks from the head down." It applies to the Pack now.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Well done, sir! Domfounded Capers, Mashed Potato Mike, and Tinkering Ted endorse this week's "GB,U." Which also stands for Green Bay, Ugly. That game was a series of consecutive blench, puke burps that go back down until you lost it for good after the Suh safety

Nononsense's picture

I have one major problem with Capers and that is his use of personel. Nick Perry has what 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles at ROLB where hes lined up maybe 25 times all year and 0 sacks and ffs on the left side. I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, Perry is a ROLB that's it, put him over there when hes on the field.

Also inexcusable is letting Hawk get isolated on Reggie Bush, if that happens in a game at least give the guy some help. Expecting him to cover a guy like Bush is just asking too much.

There are other reasons to want Capers gone but those are the two most prominent reasons in my eyes right now.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, i agree with you that Capers doesn't use his players the right way. I honestly think that all the Packer coaches don't do a good job of that to be honest.

For me the problem with Capers isn't just using players in certain positions or whatnot, its also that he doesn't do anything to change the defense when its getting ripped to shreds. When they are getting ran all over in the Nickel Package (2 DL, 4 LB) he keeps using it. Well maybe changing something around. keep the 3-4, and remove one of the safety's to put an extra CB in or something. The 3rd CB is better then the 2nd S anyways...
His inability to adjust what he does is what is killing the defense.

Honestly, I wasn't as dissapointed in Hawk covering Bush as I would have been a couple of years ago. Hawk was within 1 step of Bush. It took a great throw to beat him. Do I want him covering him all the time, Hell no. But I thought Hawk was pretty good in that one play.

My biggest reasons why I think Capers should go, is because he doesn't adapt to what other teams do. He doesn't use his personnel in ways that they could produce the most or be the most effective. (Nick Perry to ROLB). He becomes way to conservative and would rather play a bend but don't break defense versus a in your face aggressive attack...
When he first came to Green Bay it was an in your face attacking defense. Not anymore. He used to use various packages and personnel to confuse offenses. (psycho, big oakie etc...) not anymore, he uses base, nickel, dime and very few variations.
That is why I think its time for a change.

Stroh's picture

Preaching to the choir. Been saying for awhile now that Perry needs to play ROLB and Matthews LOLB. At the very least change it up to give the offense something to think about and plan for. But its extremely obvious that Perry can rush the passer from the right side. Matthews can on either side as he showed in the '10 SB season.

ben's picture

Best point ever. As I remember it perry rushed from the right side at usc. No f'n brainer. Matthews can rush from anywhere and is actually one of the best cover LB's in the game. Until lattimore comes back I'd really like to see neal and perry set and rush from the edge with Matthews shoring up our soft bleeding gut. AJ likes sucking up blocks too much for a 3-4 mlb.

BubbaOne's picture

UGLY---Green Bay Packer Fans!!!

I can't believe the crap written by so called Packer fans. Comparing MM to Forest Gregg and Lindy Infante...really?'re making Cow42 sound like a homer. MM/TT's record is .641 for regular season games, .600 for playoff games. Talk about fair weather fans. Don't break an ankle jumping off the bandwagon. One commenter yesterday said he was going to get hammered, I'm hoping it was a sledge.

If a fan from another team said to you his team lost arguably the best player in the NFL for 4 games, started 4 different QB's in 4 straight games, had lost for most of the season it's best playmaker on O and another difference maker 1/3 of the way into the season, didn't have at all its leading interceptor from last year and then lost its best defender for multiple games and overall had the most games lost by starters of any team in the league what would you tell him?

This team played 174 snaps on Sunday(Detroit 124) and then traveled on a short week to play Thursday. W/ the amount of injuries contributing to a lack of depth I wasn't surprised they played as bad as they did.

And for you Caper haters Tyler Dunne wrote this reply to a Q on his chat yesterday: "Capers had enough talent to field a defense that led the league in interceptions over a four-year span. The talent was there for a Super Bowl run. More than anything, the Packers haven't seen good players become great players on defense. That Super Bowl defense in 2010 had great players, playmakers. Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, Desmond Bishop, Cullen Jenkins were all in their prime. Certain players haven't quite ascended as the Packers planned. ...You talk to other defensive coaches in the league and they rave about Capers' scheme. Teams copy it. It works. So, yeah, maybe the Packers just don't have the right players in spots."

This team has missed 95 tackles so far and is on par to obliterate their record during Caper's time here. Is that Capers fault? Is he at fault that Burnett has not ascended to the level the team and most of us fans thought he would?

Look, I'm as disappointed in the team's record as probably any of you. And there's plenty of blame to go around. But this over-the-top calling for TT, MM, and Capers to be fired is unbecoming of Packer fans.

RunAndHyde's picture

*Quietly puts pitchfork away*

billy's picture

bet youll be singing a differant tune after next year...just my hunch.....if this was a corporation and was losing money badly the managers would be called on the carpet, if it continued someone would be fired....ask the Donald....

Cow42's picture

losing games is one thing. the product/effort the Slackers are putting on the field right now is something else, entirely.

they didn't just lose, Thursday... they played, quite possibly, the worst professional football game i have ever seen.

i tend to go overboard at times... but not this time.

i have never seen an NFL team be less competitive in a game.

that was more than a bunch of bad circumstances creating a bad game.

Stroh's picture

I agree for the most part. I like the way Thompson and McCarthy operate the Packers. No problems there in my opinion. I do think Capers time has come and gone in GB tho. He always has the same M.O. WHen he shows up his defenses make a very quick turn around just like in '09 when he arrived. It seems each year after it gets much worse. I don't know exactly why that is, but the pattern is very clear. IMO that points to a lack of respect or fear of repercussions for under-performing players. The D in '11 was historically bad, got moderately better in '12 and looked decent to start the year. IMO there is too many high draft picks and too much talent on the D to not be more successful. I understand the loss of some key playmakers, but more should be getting done and a higher level of performance expected. I definitely want to keep the 34, but think its time for some new leadership on the defensive side.

The TKstinator's picture

There certainly are a lot of high draft picks on this defense. I think that leads to us overrating the players. Or expecting too much. Maybe that's the same thing.

Stroh's picture

One of the problems w/ the higher draft picks is they are at positions that take a little time to develop. DL and OLB to be specific. Its not unusual for DL to take till year 3 to become standouts and really the same goes for 34 OLB.

In some ways you might think that should give Capers another year. But I think he's had enough time.

I do think fans expect too much and definitely too soon. Absolutely no doubt about that.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with you that there is alot of talent on our D. And I love the 34 defense, so I want to see that stay. But I'm thinking the play calling needs to be changed.

Everyone loves to attack McCarthy for his play calling. But no one really attacks Capers.

Capers seems to be playing the bend but don't break defense or the read and react defense, vs the I'm going to smack you in the mouth, aggressive, attacking defense.

Packers have players to do it. But I think Capers needs to put the players in position to do so.

One thing that is bothering me is how the CB's get up on the WR, and don't touch them. They hardly ever jamb WR's at the line anymore. That would be a great way to alter the timing of the QB and WR's, possibly allowing the pass rushers to get there for the sack.

My biggest problem with Capers is that he doesn't do anything to change. He doesn't change the nickel when its getting ran all over. He doesn't change his pass rush to create more pressure. He used to bring in the Psycho or blitz using other positions more.
He doesn't seem to put players in position to be the best they can be.

That is why I'm thinking its time for a change at D-coordinator. Not the Scheme, just the coach.

Barutan Seijin's picture

So there's plenty of blame to go around but fans shouldn't blame anyone?

Jameson's picture

I think the passion in which a lot of fans exhibit is the opposite of band wagon/fair weather fans. I don't recall seeing people throwing away their Green Bay Packer flags/gear and swapping it for another team.

People are upset about a horrific performance and are trying to rationalize how we got to where we are. People are sick and tired of the same problems week in and week out. People are noticing a rapid decline of the over all team and are pointing that out trying to answer the "why" question.

I don't think anyone-even unbiased reporters-can find much to be happy about from yesterday's loss. Why would expect fans to be happy and giddy either? People tend to post with emotions running high especially during game time. People are passionate about their team and want to see success. We're in the midst of a 5 game skid. Many of us have lost our patience.

Calling for the firing of coaches and management is usually a knee jerk reaction to seeing a performance like Sunday because it does start from the top. Is it always fair? No. In fact many reporters are trying to calm the FIRE CAPERS banner wavers by suggesting what Tyler Dunne did. It's not so much scheme as it is personnel.

We lack playmakers on defense and we lack guys who can man the trenches. We also seem to pile injuries up at an alarming rate.

Whose fault is all that? Honestly it's probably shared among everyone-TT, MM, coaches, and players alike.

It's an opinion. Much like an asshole everyone has one. Right, wrong, or somewhere in between, it's worth putting out there. We're all in this together so to speak. We all don't have to reach the same conclusion about why our team is in disarray but I think we can all agree things have to change. Whatever the change may be will differ but the path we are on is not working.

Fans aren't unbiased and we aren't paid to be objective. We're all about emotion and subjectivity.

But to suggest people who want to see their team do better and posting how they think that can be achieved is hardly unbecoming. To me bashing reporters or bashing other fans is unbecoming. Wishing death or ill will on players and coaches is unbecoming. But suggesting MM or DC or TT sucks at their job isn't unbecoming. It's an opinion.

Skippy's picture

"... calling for TT, MM, and Capers to be fired is unbecoming of Packer fans."

What a ridiculous statement!!

Fans are not robots. We have every right to want better out of the Pack. Fans are only talking about change. No one is talking about running over anyone's dog.

This isn't N. Korea or China. I don't like being told by some internet fool what I can think or not think.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

Who'd have thunk after last year that Mason Crosby would be in the Good category so often this season? At least he worked out his issues.

gmanB's picture

this is exactly why capers needs to stay. the guy did just forget how to call scheme. put better talent out there and watch the defensive numbers explode

larry valdes's picture

If you dont havethe players there is nothing that the coach can do one is the injuries the other is ted no signin any free agents there were a lot of fa that he shuld have sign lb ot s s db no to mention a back up qb sorry longshanks that teory wont fly is five games now

larry valdes's picture

May i add colts try out four players jets 3 players and kc five defensive players yesterday comon ted .

Sportspack's picture

I agree with Jameson. I also feel that the problems on defense yesterday have to be blamed on some area,players,coaches,Thompson,whoever, someone has to be held responsible.

RunAndHyde's picture

I honestly think 3 guys could fix this least make a huge difference. 1 a playmaker safety. 2 a hardhitting MLB. 3. A defensive lineman to replace BJs fatass.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think you're absolutely correct! we have some young, developing talent on the d-line: daniels, datone jones, josh boyd, and possibly jerel worthy. i would keep johnny jolly around since the guy is a playmaker and won't cost the team a lot of cap space. jolly is a guy i can see becoming the veteran leader on the defense. ted will probably have to draft 2 lineman to make up for the loss of pickett and raji. i wouldn't mind seeing him dip into free agency to pick up a veteran defensive tackle if a good one is available and is not too expensive.

the middle linebacker spot is tough because they just paid brad jones and hawk just restructured his contract and took less money to stay here. i've really liked what i've seen from lattimore and think he's a better player than jones.

outside linebacker- i like the matthews/perry combo but neither one of these guys can stay healthy for an entire season. palmer, barrington and mulumba are "just guys". i can't see them developing into anything special. i can see them drafting another linebacker this time around.

cornerback- they have to resign shields. he's hands down the best player in the defensive backfield. hayward should be good when he returns next season from the hamstring injury. i'm not sure if tramon will be on this team next year. he will be 31 years old and just isn't the same player he was before the shoulder injury. i think hyde is going to be a very good player for this team but the guy is a safety. i'm not sure why the packers refuse to play him at the safety position.

safety position- this is our biggest area of weakness. burnett is average at best but could be very good if he has a pro-bowl calibur player playing alongside him. i'm not sure yet what we have in banjo and richardson. banjo is a rookie and richardson has been injured. i can see them keeping both of these guys around for another season. they need to draft a safety in one of the early rounds and cut mcmillian and jennings. those 2 guys have no business playing in the NFL.

overall, i think we are 3 or 4 good players away from having a serviceable defense. i just hope ted can find these guys soon!

RC Packer Fan's picture

To add to your points.

They have a Hard hitting ILB right now, that they aren't using. Lattimore is the hard hitting, fast playmaking LB that we need. They don't play him though for whatever reason. He proved in the 3 weeks that Jones was out that he was a better player.

DL, they will need to add a big NT. Although I think if they end up keeping Raji, he should be moved back to the NT. His best year was at NT. I think he would be better in that role.

I think the biggest need on defense is Safety. Burnett hasn't played well this year. He did the first few games he came back from his injury, but the last however many games he hasn't played good at all.
They miss Nick Collins badly. I think Capers misses Collins more then anyone because of the way he calls plays. He doesn't trust his safety's and why should he, they have been the weak link on the defense this year.
They definitely have to upgrade that position in the off season.

James's picture

Not commenting on everything, Hawk is the perfect professional. He has done what no other ILBs have done for about 10 years on the Packer team. He is respected and admired. He plays nearly every game and is the key to the inside run. He does very very well. Outside? Matthews is blood perfect. He is and will always be a first round Hall of Fame linebacker. Perry needed to be ousted a year ago. Injured? Heal. Not ready next season? Out. Cornerback? That's why they don't play Hyde. He has no mobility. Look at him in returns. "I don't know what to do so I will just run into a pile of players". No, Hyde is not going to be a very good player. Get him off the team. Safety and Cornerback. Only two things that matter. Strip and intercept. We have no other need for these two positions if they can't do either of these two. Why would you? "I'm going to run with you until you catch it and then tackle you". Come on. Can we stop this? Please. Strip and intercept. If you can't do this, move on. We have a long way to go. We have to hire toughness that is NFL scary. Our backfield has to strip and intercept 50% or better of the time. We have to have a solid backup quarterback as shown BEFORE the season starts. We have to have solid backups at Guard, OLB(heavy), Safety, and Cornerback. Anyone not playing in over 12 months, gone. Look forward to you Packers next season. We love you so much!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Mulumba's measurables are very good. He is raw and came to football late. IMO he deserves a year to develop as I think he has a high ceiling. There's no telling though: lots of Ht, Wt, Speed guys never work out in the NFL.

James's picture

The season is over. I'll miss the packers until next year. Time to heal. Time to replace some folks. Time to fire some coaching. Let's get geared up for next year. Let's start with a winning preseason, showing our talent and our "backups". Then move on to a killer season. We need to do it with a new DC, OC, and manager. Keep MM. Drafts, free agency, and training. We have to get tough.

KennyPayne's picture

Sorry James, Hawk is rated 110 out 114 NFL linebackers by Profootballfocus. He has never been anything but below average despite one of the highest paid players on the team. His longevity is a testament to mediocrity.

I will say that many admire the fact that someone with so little talent and so little production could be paid over $30,000,000 by the Packers and I gotta respect a guy who both fooled draft experts into thinking he was better than a 5th round pick and somehow fleeced TT into giving him a second enormous and undeserved contract.

AJ is a marshmellow and the perfect poster-child for our soft, soft defense.

RunAndHyde's picture

I like AJ as a person he is a nice dude, but I.gotta agree. He is a bad tackler and just plays sloppy overall. I wish there was a way to replace him.

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