Let's Talk Football with Andy Herman: Offensive line answers

Aaron chats with Pack-A-Day creator Andy Herman about the Packers loss to the Chiefs, the protection issues on offense and the continued improvement on defense.




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November 10, 2021 at 05:06 am

Nice job. It helps when you agree with me!

I was interested in your takes on the OL (at the 16 minute mark roughly). I got slapped down on APC for suggesting:

A.) Jenkins to OC when Bakh returns.
B.) Lucas Patrick to RG.
C.) Patrick is a better RG than he is a center.

As a note, I posted the same thing on CHTV and dobber and Coldworld tended to agree, IIRC. On APC, Jenkins to LG with Runyan moving to RG was preferred (especially by Bmore, whose opinions I pay attention to closely). Interesting.

I also indicated that I used to think Jenkins' best position was center. However, Jenkins has been really good at LT, so now I wonder if long-term Jenkins isn't a tackle (plus OT is still deemed a more valuable position, especially in terms of moneyball). I will worry about what to do with Turner in 2022 sometime in 2022: for now, he is playing RT too well to move him, nor do I want to move Runyan for the same reason.

I think when Bakh returns and GB can plug Jenkins in somewhere else, probably no matter where they put him the OL should be improved (assuming Bakh is a reasonable facsimile of himself even coming back from the injury).

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