Let's Talk Football with Andy Herman after a beatdown of the Bears

Aaron chats with Pack-A-Day creator Andy Herman about the Packers dismantling of the Bears.

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KenEllis's picture

November 30, 2020 at 04:48 pm

MLF, ARod, the Oline, the 2 RBs, and the receivers (Davante with some help from his friends MVS, Lazard, Tonyan, and even ESB last night) are truly worthy of a Super Bowl.

(And who knows if MLF can utilize Austin and Ervin to help out even more going forward).

Cannot see a SB with the way the D is constructed and the way it has played this season, but there is talent on that side of the ball and no "great" team in the NFC this season, so who knows.

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FAN24583's picture

November 30, 2020 at 05:45 pm

Agree, the NFC is wide open this year. Hopefully Tavon Austin can pump some life into our return game and Anthony Rush can help the Run Defense. If both improve the team we will have a legitimate shot.

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fastmoving's picture

December 01, 2020 at 01:03 am

Dont know wich year the NFC was not wide open.....1972 (maybe in the 90s as Dallas had their runs) or something? Its always open and close, thats the beauty of the NFL and what is football all about.

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pacman's picture

November 30, 2020 at 07:10 pm

Another great show guys. I look forward to this weekly segment.

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veteranviewer's picture

November 30, 2020 at 10:40 pm

Great win over the despicable Bears. I would like to see more press man coverage in the Packers play as the defensive backs look confused on zone defense fairly often.

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Fabio's picture

December 01, 2020 at 05:30 am

Adding this player could be good and could make Clark perform better. But, as I said in another article, on Sunday I asked myself some questions after watching TB vs KC and in particular SF vs LA. How does Saleh get D to play damn well despite many players being injured? Does SF have that much talent in D? I do not believe. Now I think of the Packers' D and I seem to see so little aggression and so many hesitations and mistakes in tackles (it's my thought and maybe I'm wrong, but how do opponents WR always have so much time after the catch?) Maybe we will be without talent, but doubts arise.
A great answer maybe we will have it after the game with the Titans. Greetings from Italy.
If someone comments (even in a negative way) I am very pleased because it helps me to understand and learn more about the facets of this wonderful sport. Come on Packers

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

December 01, 2020 at 05:55 am

(17)Lamb: 48/74 64.9%, 13.1/rec, 8.5/targ, 62.9 yds/game. 629 yds. 69.7 grade.
(15)Jeudy: 33/77 48%, 15.9, 7.6, 58.9 yds/game. 589 yds. DEN. 68.6.
(34)Pittman: 24/31, 77.4%, 12.6, 9.7, 43.1 yds/gm. 302 yds. IND. 64.2
(12)Ruggs: 14/26, 53.8%, 18.3, 9.8, 32 yds/gm. 256 yds. Raiders 56.8.
(92)Duvernay: 15/20, 75%, 11.9, 9.0, 17.9 yds/gm. 179 yds. Baltimore. 66.
(57)VJefferson: 11/16, 68.8%, 13.0, 8.9 14.3 yds/gm. 143 yds. LAR 74.4 > ave.
(81)Edwards: 7/9, 77.8%, 16.6, 12.9 19.3 yds/gm. 116 yds. Raiders, 70.1
(21)Reagor: 16/26 61.5%, 13.2, 8.1, 42.2 yds/gm. 211 yds. PHI. 60.5
(46)Hamler: 25/44, 56.8%, 11, 6.3, 34.4 yds/gm. 275 yds. Denver. 57.7
(42)Shenault: 33/43 76.7%, 10.7, 8.2, 39.3 yds/gm, 354 yds, Jax 71.6
(59) D. Mims: 17/33 51.5%, 16.7, 8.6, 56.8 yds/gm, 284 yds, NYJ, 74.3
(33) THiggins 48/76, 62.3%, 14.0, 8.9, 61.2 yds/gm, 673 yds CIN 73.2
(49) Claypool 39/65, 60%, 14.3, 8.6, 55.9 yds/gm, 559 yds, PIT, 74.9
(25) Aiyuk: 35/56 6.5%, 12.7, 8.0, 55.8 yds/gm, 446 yds, SF, 79.0
(22) J Jefferson: 52/72, 72.2%, 17.7, 12.8, 83.5 yds/gm, 918 MN 90.1
(128) G. Davis: 22/35 62.9%, 16.1, 10.1, 32.2 yds/gm 354 yds Buf 67.7

A bunch of these guys didn't "fall" to Gute. So, those available to Gute were:
34)Pittman (232yds/302 yards came in the last 3 games: the light has come on),
42) Shenault - sign me up
46) Hamler. Already playing Jeudy and WR Tim Patrick is having nice yr. 3rd guy.
49) Claypool - sign me up
57) Van Jefferson behind Kupp, Woods, and Reynolds (I wanted in a trade)
59) Mims - sign me up
81) Edwards No snaps. Raiders playing Ruggs and Renfrow (2nd yr guy).
92) Duvernay: Balt is conservative. No fan of jackson as a thrower. 30.5 yds/KR
128: Gabriel Davis: behind Stefon Diggs, Beasley, John Brown. Doing well.
Love: No snaps, no stats, no PFF grade
Dillon: 49 snaps, 96 yds rushing, 4.2 ave., 1 rec for 16 yds. 69.3 grade
Not being asked to block or receive yet.
Deguara: 31 snaps. 1/2, 50%, 12 yds, 6 yds/gm. 56.6 grade

Lazard: 19/27 70.4%, 15.5, 10.9, 59.0 yds/gm. 295 yds. 64.6 grade
MVS: 25/51, 49.0%, 20.7, 10.2, 47.1 yds/gm, 518 yds, 57 grade
ESB: 4/8 50%, 18.5, 9.3, 10.6 yds/gm, 74 yds, 62 grade

Denver and the Raiders double-dipped. Den took Jeudy Jeudy 17th and Hamlker 46th. Raiders used the 12th and 81st on Ruggs and Edwards. Van Jefferson is behind Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Josh Reynolds.

I'd be happy with any of the WRs that "fell" to Gute, even the ones who aren't playing since I see reasons for that. Looks to me like Gute could have thrown a dart at those eight wide receivers and done well. When the overwhelming strength of a draft is WRs, it is silly not to take one. It's now apparent that the Packers didn't need to take a WR to win during the regular season in 2020. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have taken one.

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PackerAaron's picture

December 01, 2020 at 08:29 am

These decisions aren't made in a vacuum. There are other position groups and Brian clearly felt they presented better value when the Packers happened to be on the clock.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

December 01, 2020 at 06:15 am

The Bears were without:
Starting NT Goldman
Starting LDE Akiem Hicks
Starting RDE Roy Robertson Hicks.

So when the opponent is minus their entire starting defensive line, yes, probably should run the ball. Running against the Bears isn't the same as getting away from running even though Vita Vea was out for TB. The buccaneers still had Suh, Gholston, Levonte David and Devin White and some OLBs. GB sprung Jamaal for 25 but otherwise he was 3 for 9 yds. They sprung Dillon for 20 but otherwise he was 4 for 11 yds. They "sprung" Jones for 7 yds, but otherwise he had 9 carries for 8 yds (10 for 15 yds overall). Drive killers. 8 TFL on 19 carries. Or one can beat one's head against a brick wall some more.

Otherwise, I agree, LOL. I am listening to these podcasts religiously, after all.

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PackerAaron's picture

December 01, 2020 at 08:30 am

Huh? Goldman opted out and hasn't been part of anything the Bears defense has done in 2020.

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