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League Fines Collins 50k

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League Fines Collins 50k

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports the NFL has fined Nick Collins $50,000 for his hit on Roy Williams. Collins was warned that further offenses escalate "up to and including suspension."

The NFL has been cracking down on helmet to helmet hits the last three weeks. The league sent around this video to all 32 teams instructing players what would and would not be acceptable. At the time the league indicated they would not hesitate to suspend first time offenders but it would seem they chose not to do so in Collins' case.

You can see Collins hit here and judge for yourself.

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hyperRevue's picture


We're gonna need him against the Vikings.

Jmac34's picture

this seems like the right amount considering the other players that were fined

bogmon's picture

Can't lead with yer head, Nick....can't do it!

Just blowing guys up all the time is bad form and lazy football.
Fundamental tackling and good form have to come back to the game...or guys are gonna lose alot of money.

Ruppert's picture

I'm cool with this punishment. I would have been upset if he were suspended, though.

davyjones's picture

I heard they were doing something reasonably decent with all this fine money collected but can't remember what it is. Anybody?

SpartaChris's picture

Fines get donated to a variety of charities.

asshalo's picture

I would like it if the league discussed suspensions and fines a little more before these threats turned into actions. The collins hit wasn't necessary on his part, but I don't think the intent was there. I'm not saying there should be a drawn out appeals process with the players union because the baseball union completely abuses that process. You'de have the williams wall situation, even in cut and dry cases.

I liked the suggestion that it be similar to soccer where a player gets a formal warning before being ejected. Those fines can add up quickly. An outright suspension and a game-check seems to be too big of a penalty, especially since defensive players are in a way doing their job. There's obviously a limit to that, it's just there is a knee-jerk quality to these fines.

The process needs to be defined and discussed a little better (not as much as baseball) so players have something to go by. And fines shouldn't just be limited to defensive players. For example, the Hines Ward block on Keither Rivers and repeated taunting both at the game and in the media deserved at least one game.

Wiscokid's picture

It doesn't seem right that some other team gets the benefit of the suspension instead of the team the infraction was committed against. Meaning why should the next team on schedule get the benefit of an offending team playing short-handed. It should be an in-game suspension. Thoughts?

aussiepacker's picture

Thats a tough one, There is all ready enough bad calls in any given game to allow something like that to be left to the officials, especially something that could impact a game so much.

Chris's picture

Was said on the broadcast too by Collinsworth, and I totally agree: If a suspension is handed out it should be in-game. Otherwise the next opponent gets an advantage.
There are some problems with this though:
1. First offenders should not be ejected. Do you keep a complete list with you during the game as a referee?
2. Those plays happen in a split second. We as an audience can watch it on slow-motion replays, but to get that view the referee has to go under the hood and watch the replay, which leads to more game stoppage. Does the NFL want that?
3. It's tough to guess people's minds. What I am saying is this: How can you determine if a player actually hit another player "with intend"? You cannot read his mind, and there are only very few fouls which actually can be categorised as intentional (the Merryweather hit was probably the only clear intentional helmet-to-helmet hit this season so far).

I guess the league will go ahead and stick with the current rules and will evaluate if players behaviour changes accordingly. If not, we might see more rules changes.

bleedsgreen's picture

2 yellow cards = red card?
Save the red card for extra-curricular roughhousing. Yellows for unsportsmanlike. 2 = suspension from current game and next. Yeah, it'll have some problems, but it ain't frickin' rocket science.
What is more, and if I hear this again I'm bound to 'splode because it is the current stupidest idea in popular circulation, it doesn't mean "they can't even hit anyone anymore."

bomdad's picture

In-game suspensions would add to the rules that the officials already struggle to enforce. Contacting the helmet of the QB is supposed to be an automatic penalty too, remember?

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