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Last Year, They Don\'t Win That Game

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Last Year, They Don\'t Win That Game

Pretty simple, really.

Admit it, when NBC flashed the graphic about the Packers losing all those games by 4 points or less last year, your stomach turned. I know mine did. Credit Mike McCarthy for having a tremendous amount of faith in not only Rodgers but in his offensive line, to have the quarterback turn away from the pressure for a playaction fake. On a night where Rodgers could not be sure where the pressure would be coming from on one play to the next, to put him in the position of having to turn his back to the rush is a very, very big deal.

Needless to say, the offensive line delivered, not in resounding fashion as Rodgers still had to drift to his left after the play fake due to Alan Barbre almost getting beat again, but the job was done, leaving Rodgers to make what could become a season-defining throw.

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RockinRodgers's picture

I'm so happy for Rodgers. To hit that big pass at home to beat the Bears. Huge.

keeley2's picture

And despite all the pressure he saw all night long, Rodgers still showed enough poise to throw an absolute perfect strike to Jennings. Most of us can't fathom how incredibly difficult that is playing at NFL speed.

Jayme's picture

Like most others, I'm sure, my favorite part of the game was the last minute. To see the dichotomy between Rogers throwing the amazing pass to Jennings and the Cutler throwing a last minute interception was fantastic. I hope it ripped every Bears fans heart out the same way that every Packer fan had their heart ripped out with those missed field goals against the Bears/Vikings last year.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Cutler looked like Rodgers last year on that last INT. I'm so happy for A-Rod and as I said earlier, you could just see that last Pack drive coming.
Question for professor Nagler...why did we not use Finley more last night?? It seems to me, esp after Urlacher went out, that the middle of the field might have been a good place to work. Alternatively, I'm dying to see us hit Finley deep so we scare the snot out of D coordinators going forward. Put a DB on Finley and Driver/Jennings/Jones have to be more productive. Am I crazy??

Packnic's picture

aaron. whatta ya think about Finleys block on that last play. I cant really tell if he did the right thing in selling the run fake or if he just basically whiffed on a block that Ryan Grant had to help finish off? i mean who cares it got the job done, but i'd like to know if that was designed like that or if Finley got lucky.

Holly's picture

For me, the adrenaline rush following that TD kept me up until 2am. We needed that play so badly. Without it, I wonder how quickly people would backpedal from their picks of GBP as the SB sleeper. (Wonder how many still will.)

PackersRS's picture

Holly, the adrenaline was so intense that I hurt my knee from all the jumping around...
And the title of the article is dead on, Aaron. This team have guts. And the offense will improve as soon as next game. It may not be the offense some (me) thought it would be, like the Saints, but it will be very good, and with the D...

packeraaron's picture

AIA - Finley was frustrated after the game last night. Reports are he refused to speak to anyone. My hunch is that they had a lot of stuff in the gameplan for him, but things just didn't fall the way they wanted to as far as looks from the defense. Rodgers said they played some coverage they didn't expect, which is usual early in the year.
It happens. I'm sure Rodgers running for his life didn't help - when he gets out of the pocket, he's always looking for DD and Greg, which is no sin. Finley just needs to be patient. His time is coming.

PackerBacker's picture

I know I should be talking about the Packers here, but did anyone else notice the difference in the Bears D with Lovie making the calls this year. That and Rod Marinelli coaching the D-line has them looking impressive. I'm glad we were able to beat them this time around. Those guys are going to be beasts. Lovie gave MM a lot of game plan troubles last night.
Having said that, I'm even more excited to see the rest of the Packers season now than I was before the game. It's going to be fun.
Final thought, would anyone else have liked to see Al Harris put his shoulder into Cutler's chin at the end of his interception return last night? I don't know what it is about Cutler, but I hate that guy.

bucky's picture

I love Finley if only for one play. Can't remember when it was, or who it was he hit, but as he was coming off the line he hit the OLB before going out on his route. Knocked him clear into next week.

Holly's picture

Btw, Aaron, you're positively prescient about the article's title. See Tramon's post-game quote: ''To be honest, a year ago we lose a game like that.'' I'm very happy it's not a year ago.

Ruppert's picture

I think the reason they didn't use Finley is the same reason they didn't attempt (basically) any medium- to medium-long range throws--Chicago's timing on defense was very, very good--especially with the rush. Guys were not free when Rodgers still had time to throw. I hate to credit Chicago's defense, believe me...but if Rodgers has time to throw, I have every reason to believe he's making 20 yard-plus throws to Finley down the seam, deep-ins to Jennings, longer sideline throws to Jones and Nelson. You know the plays I'm talking about. The important thing is this team was knocked TOTALLY off their game plan...TOTALLY....and still won a big game in the fashion they did.

packeraaron's picture

bucky - the play you're thinking of is actually Finley knocking Ogunleye on his ass, shortly after he had buried Rodgers. Just wish we'd seen more of that instead of all the 3 and 4 WR sets.

bucky's picture

Aaron- sounds like the same play. Especially nice to hear that it was Ogunleye. You're right, it would be nice to see some more of that, especially if Barbre is going to need help every week.

ACDC84's picture

I think we can all agree that the Bear's defense gave us alot more trouble than we were anticipating. I hope Finley has matured enough to realize that he will have both big and small games, as far as the stats go, and if he did his job blocking and the team won the game then he should be satisfied.

bomdad's picture

The TE's cant get down field when max protect is called. I couldnt watch very close, I was in a bar someplace in Chicago's north side with an old college bud. I told those punks on the way out...Orton would have won that game.

nerdmann's picture

LOL. Orton.
I agree, with Bob Sanders as DC, this would have been a blowout for the Bares. The defense won this game, hands down.

alfredomartinez's picture

when i saw al harris int that cutler pass i had a glimpse of the infamous "We want the ball and we are gonna score" crap a few years back...fond memories!

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