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Lang In For Barbre

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Lang In For Barbre

That wasn't so hard, was it?

At the risk of becoming a parody of myself (too late?) I DID point out the fact that right tackle was the looming problem no one was talking about back in February. When T.J. Lang was drafted, I was pretty sure  he would at the very least be given a chance to compete for the seemingly wide open right tackle job.

How foolish of me.

Now, after mini-camps have come and gone, now that preseason is a distant memory, now that the Packers find themselves eight games into a season that is precariously close to becoming a, NOW McCarthy, Philben and Campen decided to give Lang a shot at right tackle. The sad part? They may just be resting Barbre.

May God have mercy on Rodgers' soul...

UPDATE: Knew it was too good to be true.

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RockinRodgers's picture

How bad is Breno Giacomni? I think Spencer Havner might get a shot at RT before Big Breno.

packeraaron's picture

Breno was running with the 2nd string at LT today. God help us...

cow42's picture

21 – 17 Packers.
With :16 on the clock, Rodgers plunges over the goal line from 1/2 yard out.
Season turns.
Rest of the way they beat the ‘9ers, the seahawks, the bears, the lions and 1 out of ravens,steelers, cardinals (who are resting because they have their division wrapped).
10 wins
Alas – the ‘queens rest everyone (with home field secured) against the giants week 17 and ny grabs the last playoff spot.
Book it.

PackersRS's picture

God have mercy on Rodgers' soul, neck, foot, arm, wrist...

It's stuff like that that makes people think this coach and management are a joke. Everybody knew Lang should be given the opportunity to be the RT. Everybody knew we should've kept Sutton and Smith (yeah, them again). EVERY FRICKING BODY KNEW THAT WE SHOULDN'T HAVE KEPT A SINCE 1921 LEAGUE RECORD 3 FBS! But it was for ST purpose. That panned out nicely!

Everybody knows that we should play the WCO, and not the run 'n' shoot, without the run. Maybe by week 16 MM will realize that...

greenbaypackerbob's picture

COW42 - here is what I think of your CHANCE of such a season as you posted above - given our current staff ---- lol

From a scientific point of view:
It’s ’science’ fiction.

From religious point of view:
It’s a ‘leap of faith’

From a philosophic point of view:
It’s ‘Romanticism’

From a realist point of view:
It’s ’surreal’

From an evolutionary point of view:
Given 14 billion years, ‘it might happen’

From a statistician point of view:
Odds are against you on every front

From a Divine point of view:
All things are possible

Choose whatever poison you like this season and shout yahoo…Go Pack Go –

or help put this team back on track to make good decisions for football by dealing with the facts (dang, they’re stubborn).

Keith's picture

Going with your 5 best olineman... what a novel concept.

Ron La Canne's picture

Resting Barbre? Why? He hasn't touch another person on the field of play for two months.
Breno running - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

green, gold's picture

In case you're just joining us:

Lang went from projected guard, to projected tackle to backup guard, to starting LT and now to RT.

Barbre went from starting guard to backup tackle to starting RT to the bench.

Breno went from staring tackle of the future to starting RT to backup RT to inactive list to backup LT.

Tauscher went from starting RT to the street to starting RT to the bench.

College went from starting RG to starting LT back to guard, supposively being benched for Lang and now back to starter.

Spitz went from guard to center to guard and back to center and then IR'd.

Wells went from starting C to bench to starting.

Meredith went from starting tackle of the future to backup LT to the practice squad to starting for Buffalo.

Moll went from starting tackle to bench to backup guard to starting tackle and then traded.

Any questions?

cow42's picture

greenbaypackerbob -

"or help put this team back on track to make good decisions for football by dealing with the facts"

like it or not how you feel about "the facts" will have no effect on the team or the decisions made by that team. we're all just along for the ride. i've decided to try and make my ride pleasurable.

why get "poopy" about it? won't change anything.

your post was awesome, though. lotta thought went into that sucker. i enjoyed it. made me laugh (just as the Pack did last weekend).

wgbeethree's picture

green,gold....and that was after the coaching made a big point all offseason about how important continuity was going to be for the line this year...''we are going to find the best position for our linemen and not move them around so much because it has hurt their development'' was something close to the quote about let's see...the coaches made continuity on the line, cleaning up the ''non agressive'' penalties, developing a more consistant pass rush, and special teams their top priorities for the season ... and half way through the season the things hurting us the most... inconsitent and constantly shuffling offensive line (AGAIN)... stupid penalties (AGAIN)... no pass rush (AGAIN)... and horrible special teams coverage (AGAIN)... seems to me MM forgot about ''and we are gonna fix it'' part of his ''we'll watch the film and figure out what's going wrong and we are gonna fix it'' mantra

FITZCORE1252's picture

Barbre's got a concussion.


fish's picture

You know that "Patty Cake" game kids play? Why does Barbre play that of the defenders chest and then just stand there, Perfectly Vertical, and lets the sack initiate? Or maybe it's that Hot Potato game.

Dave's picture

<a href="" rel="nofollow">This</a> is pretty cool, albeit depressing.

Jim in DC's picture

Resting Babre? I thought he only rests during the games.

nerdmann's picture

I for one am actually curious to see how Giacomini would look. They gotta be keeping him around for some reason.
I've been critical of the braintrust for keeping him over Meredith and losing Meredith, but I've also been critical of the "smaller quicker linemen" philosophy. So I guess I should be glad they kept the bigger guy. Hopefully he can play.

PACKERS's picture

Has anyone ever seen Babre get a good clean and efective block on anyone, and does anybody remember how good Lang was relatively when they put him in for one game. START LANG. It's not that hard.

Cuphound's picture

I'm coming to the conclusion that McCarthy sincerely believes this should be working, that if he finds some magic tweak, it will all fall together and we become a real football team.
I find it so strange that he should have so much faith in himself, yet simultaneously be so poor an analyst as to realize that <I>something</i> needs to change. He's dim, but he doesn't seem to know that he's dim. If he felt he were in over his head, he'd try something different out of desperation. He isn't trying anything.
He presents with a strange combination of vanity and dimness that I'd find fascinating if he were, say, coach of the Chicago Bears.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

cow42 - I admire the optimism!!
Jim - funny observ. on Barbe resting
Cuphound - agree 100%!!
Nerdman - I wish I had thought of using the phrase 'brain trust' (e.g. see the end of 'O Brother were Art Thou?)
It sums up it so well...

Anderson's picture

Neither should be playing. If Spitz weren't hurt, he should be right guard, and Colledge should be right tackle. Colledge just isn't a solid guard.

matthew's picture

Let's cross our fingers..... but Bedard just posted that Lang was still working with the 1st team at right tackle on thursday even though Barbre has been cleared to play.....oh please God let this be true.......

So Brad Jones is working at 1st team OLB? what happened to Jeremey Thompson? is he still injured?

Jim in DC's picture

MM's just toying with us fans, Matthew. Expect less and be pleasantly surprised if more is delivered.

Dilligaff's picture

At this point of the season toss out your original goals and ideas you had in the preseason about the offensive line

You play your best 5 guys and if that requires you to play the musical chairs game then so be it, every game counts now. At this point when Tauscher gets healthy I would start the following:

Clifton - Lang -Wells- Sitton - Tauscher

At this point I believe Lang is as good as Colledge and has more potential.

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